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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are my spiraler-in-crime, whether it’s about Hamilton, One Direction, That 70s Show or Ben’s face and I’m sure many more things to come. I love yelling things at you every day. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy this monster I wrote. 

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This fic is best read with a beverage or popcorn because it’s really fucking long. 

Also, I split it up into two parts so you could take a break. Hahha. 

ALSO: Thank you to @ashishorny for being a wonderful beta. 

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Happy Birthday to the amazing, inspirational, and absolutely incredible @juleshawke! I don’t have your fic finished yet (sorry!) But I hope you’ve have an incredible day and have a great evening! You have been the best kind of inspirational and motivating figure for me in the Mass Effect fandom, and when I say that I see you as a kind of mentor, I really mean it.

I aim to write as well as you, and as creatively! You’ve always supported me and you’ve always been there to help me when I needed guidance. You set an example of how to write and review, of how to treat others, and of how to positively support the fandom. Thank you for everything Jedi Master Jules! ;) I could never have come so far without you cheering me on! Have a wonderful birthday!


I haven’t done any ‘edits’ but I’ve done some ‘fan art’ I guess…… Any way I just want to say “Happy Birthday Ian, your shit is lit, makes me think about dying a little less. So thank you, I’m not joking, it really does help me and mean a lot to me…. I hope everything is going swell and you are having the time of your life with your friends in Australia. Much love, Robyn” PS I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted or anything

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finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


The most splendid work ever built by the hands of men, a palace worthy of the gods themselves. Surely even the Father Above does not have such a seat.

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“He looked more alive in death”
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Ouuu if you're still taking drabble requests, can I request one where Natsu watches Lucy's relationships with guild members and other people and his thoughts on it. In canon I feel like by watching her, he became more empathetic to others.

Ahh this took long enough but HAPPY really belated BIRTHDAY, @stephicool! Here’s hoping you had an awesome one and have an even better year ahead! :D

“Lucy wouldn’t like this.”

Happy’s innocent comment came crashing down on Natsu freezing him right in the middle of a punch intended to land on the bastard who had just been trash talking her.

Now, having dragon slayer hearing did mean ensuring the discipline of being able to tune out irrelevant stuff - which tended to include most things he could hear - and it was something he was now good at. But these particular comments weren’t ones he could take lightly.

Especially not with the mood he’d been in lately.

“Eye candy, that’s all she is. Everyone knows celestial mages are weak as hell, why else would she be in that team? That twelve year old could fight better.”

That had been what landed him, Happy and this sorry excuse for a human being in the alley outside the bar they had been passing by, the guy now sporting a well earned black eye.

“He did apologise, Natsu,” Happy continued, his voice quiet but not any less piercing in the silence.

Growling, he lifted the asshole by the scruff of his neck so he was looking at him eye to eye. “You’re lucky Lucy is as awesome as she is, punk.”

He then proceeded to unceremoniously drop the guy in a corner before stomping to his cottage.

Once inside, he angrily kicked off his boots and shoved off his vest and gruffly wished Happy goodnight before hopping into his hammock.

‘How does she do this?’ he wondered, sleep too far out of reach at the moment.

Natsu wasn’t one to find it hard to forgive people, mostly because he was too busy to keep a grudge. Lucy on the other hand…she was a thinker. And yet she had a heart big enough to think of and worry about people who had been far less than nice to her.

Natsu shut his eyes, memories of her coming unbidden, but hardly unwanted.

“H-hey Natsu?”

“Hmmm?” He answered not bothering to pause his decimation of the roast boar he was enjoying.

“Do you think I’m a spoiled princess?”

That’s still bothering you?”

Lucy nodded slowly.

“Lucy, it’s been hours since we left her store! And that old lady doesn’t even know where you’re from or what you’ve been through.”

“Mmm, you’re right. I just…”

“No, you’re cool. Don’t let that cranky old hag’s words get you down.”

Two days later she would spend an entire post-mission free day helping the lady move her stuff into her new shop when noone else would.

Weeks after defeating Phantom, and Gajeel had still been sulking in one corner. He refused to join any of the guild brawls no matter how much Natsu goaded him, and with Juvia somewhere stalking Gray, he clearly had no company.

Natsu was about to walk up and instigate another fight when he saw Lucy timidly make her way to him.

He immediately noted how pale she was looking and the slight hunch in her form that wasn’t usually there - as if she was curling in on herself for protection.

As if she was scared.



He watched as she offered the metal head a very Lucy smile, placing before him a drink she recommended, Natsu deciding to not interrupt whatever she was trying to do, but not taking his eyes off the scene just in case.

She didn’t chat much, clearly awkward and more than a little tense, Gajeel’s stoic demeanour not helping matters.

He was about to walk over and offer some support when she gingerly stood up to walk away, seemingly having had enough.

Though she did stop to say one thing. And despite the distance and how softly she spoke, Natsu heard it clear as day, his own expression mimicking that of the iron dragon slayer.

Surprise. Awe.

“Just so you know, nobody holds anything against you Gajeel, least of all me. So don’t hesitate to make friends, okay?”

Natsu sat pouting into his pasta, lamenting over how he couldn’t pop over at Lucy’s that night.

An “All-Girl sleepover” apparently. 


Lucy, Erza, Mira, Cana and Levy were all enthusiastically discussing everything from games to food to drinks and Natsu began seriously contemplating barging in and hijacking the night.

Then again, she did seem so excited…

“Juvia, you want to join too?”

Natsu looked up, surprised.

Juvia? Why would she invite Juvia? Wasn’t she just cribbing out how the woman kept accusing her of being a “love-rival”? Even he could note how that could get really old really soon. Also, Lucy and Frozen-butt? Pfft. So why -

“You would invite Juvia?” the water mage answered almost hopefully. Natsu immediately felt guilty for his thoughts.

“Of course!” Lucy grinned. “You’re one of us! And it’s girls’ night!”

Natsu couldn’t recall ever seeing Juvia smile that way and not have it directed at Gray.

Then again, it was at Lucy this time, and that sort of did make sense.

It had been a bit of a struggle, but seeing the Giants of the village unfrozen, free and so happy did lovely things to Natsu.

Somehow happy families did tend to do that to him.

Maybe that would be him and Igneel someday?

And as he saw Flare happily reunite with her family, his sight unconsciously searched and landed on Lucy, only to find her tearing up. He marvelled over how she was feeling so strongly for someone who had hurt her so bad in the past.

But then she was emotional like that. He clearly remembered watching her tear up over Lisanna reuniting with Mira and Elfman too.

She was so weird.

In a way that only made him even more fond of her.

Natsu opened his eyes, the onyx orbs trained at the ceiling, but seeing so much more, his mood far calmer than it had been when he had come home.

He remembered Lucy after having saved Loke - tired, slightly battered, but proudly holding his key. It was only months later that he overheard Loke telling Gray the lengths to which she had gone to save him.

He saw how all her spirits celebrated their key-holder, even the demon-fish-lady being genuinely concerned when she was not okay.

He saw how she took care of Happy that one night he hadn’t been well.

He saw her help random passers-by, play with lonely kids, and read to kids from Cana’s orphanage in her free time.

He saw her for what she was, so much more than she saw herself.

She was kind, selfless, brave, loving, caring..

“Y'know what Happy?” Natsu called, aware his furry friend was still very much awake.


“Lucy makes me wanna be a better person.”

Happy smiled into his pillow knowingly. “Aye.”

Natsu grinned, finally closing his eyes and allowing sleep to inch closer onto his consciousness.

And he would ensure that he would be a person deserving of calling her his best friend.


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Happy Birthday to @tinysupervicki!! I wanted to draw Javi and Cyn together but I couldn’t figure out how up until I saw one of her drawings that called out to me (you know, because of puns that I forgot to add oh no) and her birthday was just coming up so perfect timing! I hope you have a great day and thank you so much for sticking around and being an inspiration to me and a whole bunch of people!

Jealous - Sam Drake x Reader

Hey peeps,
A few days ago some people said they would like a story where the reader is jealous of Sam and here it is.
I had written another but I wasn’t too happy with it.
This one is short but I hope you like it, the next one is jealous Sam!! :D
PS: English isn’t my first language and also, I really like Chloe :D
Aaaaan someone complained about how I write fics sometimes but delete them but it’s because I’m insecure about myself and my writing so I’m always nervous when I have to post my stories.

Title: Jealous
Words: 1,023

You were sitting on the passenger seat as Sam drove back home from Nathan’s house where you had just celebrated your birthday.

There was a box on your lap and you opened it again, checking the new camera you had got from him. He knew you’d love it because you were a photographer and what could be better than getting a new camera?

But even after such an amazing gift and the nice party, you were angry and worried.
You looked outside the window, watching the rain hit the car and you remembered the reasons why you were so mad.

It had been the first time you met Chloe, you had known all about her but you had no idea her and Sam acted so friendly when they were together.
 The woman would constantly touch his arm and hug him, she would talk about their amazing adventures together and the weird places they had to spend the night while running away from other treasure hunters and how many times she had saved him and Sully.

She didn’t leave out any detail, Chloe made sure you knew how close they were and she seemed to want to make you angry and the woman succeeded but you didn’t give her the pleasure of seeing you angry at Sam, he hadn’t done anything apart from being his usual self.

You were not the jealous type, but you were utterly worried about everything you had heard, they were so much alike and you couldn’t see a reason why they wouldn’t have been perfect for each other and the idea of losing Sam was unbearable.

He knew you were angry, you were always talking to him unless you were angry and he didn’t dare start a conversation at first.

The radio was playing some awful pop song and Sam changed it to his playlist, he loved 80’s and 90’s songs and even though you had tried to show him new bands he stuck to the ones he loved before spending time in jail, he used to say the new bands were too generic.
 You loved those songs too because they reminded you of him and every time he was away you would play his playlist.

“What did I do? Just tell me, babe” He finally said, bringing you back from thoughts and you kept playing with your camera “I did everything I could to make you happy today”

“And you did make me happy” You answered honestly

“Why are you angry then?”

“I’m not…I’m just tired”

“Did you like the party then? And the gift”

“Of course I did Sam…thank you” You said and pointed the camera at him, taking a picture. You were less angry now until he talked again.

“Chloe really liked you”

“Yeah?…whatever” You answered, putting your camera away

“I knew it” you saw him smiling “Are you jealous, babe?”

“I’m not jealous”

“Yes, you are. That’s adorable” he laughed

“Shut up” You said “I just didn’t like her very much”


He was still with that stupid smile on his face when he parked the car, you got out of it and ran to the house, it was raining a lot and when you reached the porch everything was wet except the box with the camera which you had protected.

Sam ran as well and once he reached the porch, he opened the door and you two entered the house, soaking wet.

You took off your shoes and put the box on the entry table and looked back at Sam. His V neck was completely wet and it clung to his body and you couldn’t remember him being hotter than he was now.

He must have thought the same about you because he looked at your body and he had that expression on his face you knew well; he wanted you.

Sam walked towards you and you didn’t move, he kissed you with need and you kissed him back with the same intensity. It was a mixture of anger and want at the same time. You put your hands under his shirt and touched his chest, you felt his hands on your ass bringing you closer to his body.

Things were getting too heated and you pushed him away slowly, you didn’t want to stop but you needed to talk and it had to be now.

“Have you slept with her?” You asked him

“What? No, babe…I didn’t. Come here” He tried to kiss you again but you moved away
“Seriously, Sam…if you have, just tell me”

“(Y/N), you have to trust me”

“I do…I really do, but the way she acts around you…”

“She’s like this with everybody…”

“But you two are so….alike” You said

“And aren’t we, babe? You even laugh at my jokes and I must admit, they are baaad…” You laughed because it was true and he got closer again, hugging you.
 All the anger you had felt minutes ago was gone now, Sam knew how to calm you down and you hated that you couldn’t be angry at him longer. Sometimes he deserved it.
 “Besides…” He continued “I wouldn’t exchange this, what we have, for anything”

“Not even another lost pirate treasure?” You joked

“Well…maybe that”

You gave him a slap on his arm and he laughed, you loved being so close to him but you started shaking with cold because of all the water in your clothes.

“I have to get out of these clothes” You said

“I can help you with that”

You kissed him slowly this time, trying to show him how you felt. You loved him and even though you had never said it to each other, you knew it was mutual.

“I’m sorry for being jealous like that” You spoke with your lips close to his

“I’m quite a catch, it’s understandable” He smiled and you did the same “But really, you don’t have to worry. You know how I feel, babe”

“Yes, I know” You smiled at him, giving him a quick kiss

“So…you mentioned something about taking your clothes off”


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Oh my prompt is 13 and you can choose these ship(s): Lams, Jeffmads, Burrcules, or Washette

Happy happy birthday, kiddo!! I hope you’re having a great one so far! I looked at some posts on your blog and since you seem to really like Jeffmads (and what a great ship!) here’s something so fluffy you’ll need to see the dentist afterward. In this I imagine them as post-college, engaged, and living together in a lil apartment, fyi. I hope you like it! <333

“Kiss me.”

“Mmm,” Jefferson groaned as he rolled over and stretched out his limbs. “Good morning, babe.” 

He wrapped his arms around Madison, pulling the smaller man close, breathing him in. Madison always smelled like cough drops since he popped them constantly throughout the day. Jefferson had never liked the scent much before, but now it was one of his favorites in the world.  

Madison coughed in response, clearing his throat before greeting Thomas. “Morning,” he grumbled. He wasn’t a morning person, to say the least.

“Want me to get breakfast started?” Jefferson whispered in Madison’s ear. 

Madison tried to laugh at how much it tickled, but a cough escaped his throat instead.

“I’ll go make toast and jelly,” Jefferson said, answering his own question. 

“Stay,” Madison mumbled. 

Jefferson kissed him on the forehead. “We’ve gotta get ready for work, babe.” With that, he got out of bed, leaving James tangled under the covers. He smiled down at his groggy boyfriend before going to the kitchen.

He threw two pieces of whole grain bread in the toaster and pushed the tab down. He hummed as he set some water on the stove for his coffee and Madison’s morning cup of throat coating tea.

Madison hated mornings, but Jefferson loved them. They were the calm before the storm of the day. They were birds singing the sun awake. They were sleepy kisses shared with his drowsy lover. 

Once Jefferson had covered the slices of toast in raspberry jelly, he set the plate of toast and the two drinks on a tray, carefully carrying it into their shared room.

“Wakey wakey! Time for a throat coat and toast!” He set the tray down on the nightstand as Madison blinked his eyes open, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

“Babe,” Madison whispered. 

Jefferson only grinned in response. Madison sat up and Jefferson placed the tray on his lap. Madison took a sip of the tea and sighed, leaning his head against the wall for a moment as they liquid soothed his always-aching throat.

Jefferson was crunching down on a piece of toast when Madison set down his tea and grabbed Thomas by the collar of his t-shirt.

“Kiss me,” he said. Jefferson could tell he was trying to appear passionate, and maybe even tough, but, in reality, he just seemed tired. His attempt only made Jefferson love him even more.

“Gladly,” Jefferson said. Tea and toast lingered together as their lips met.

Madison may have tasted like tea and cough drops, but he also tasted like gentle rays of sun touching the earth during dawn. Jefferson sighed, leaning into the kiss more. 

He loved a lot of things about morning, but there was no doubt that this was what he loved the most. 


((Congrats on 1 year of working on your blog… I personally really like your blog as I’ve said before, and I hope you continue to make great things in the future… Also happy Birthday!… And get well soon… Well either way… Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have a fantastic day!))

characters/pairing: dazai osamu/nakahara chuuya

summary: none, but this is very short and kind of cheesy

notes: happy birthday, @weakeninghope! as you’ve so nicely put it, you’re now able to read smut freely! sadly, this isn’t smut! it’s not long, and probably not the greatest thing, but i really wanted to give you something for your birthday, and i hope you will like it. (•‿•)

i hope you have a nice day, filled with happiness! *does finger gun* stay fab, old sinner, love ya -3-♡

Dazai stared at the ceiling, hands laying on his stomach. A soft buzzing was heard from the left, and the brunet sighed as the source of his troubles—a fly—repeatedly smashed into the pane of the window. He glanced at his right, gazing at the locks of red hair on the white pillow, and the pale, naked back of his partner, and a tender smile made its way on his lips. He turned on his side, propped his head with one hand, and caressed Chuuya’s back with the other, going up to thread his fingers through his hair, then tracing his spine with his forefinger. The redhead grunted, and Dazai stopped in his tracks, his hand resting on the small of his back. He stared at him, his thumb drawing circles on his skin, and his smile widened.

However, the moment was ruined by the fly, that (probably in a moment of despair), flew near Dazai’s ear, startling him. The brunet looked around him,  then groaned and buried his face in his pillow.

He was exhausted, he only wanted to sleep, but a fly had to get into their room and disturb the peace. He let out another sigh. Something swished at his right, but Dazai paid it no mind, too busy listening to the fly who had, once again, started smashing into the window.

‘Shitty Dazai,’ Chuuya suddenly mumbled, and the other turned to him. ‘It’s your turn.’

The brunet pouted, staring at the redhead’s neck for a while. The fly carried on flying dumbly, passing near the couple more than once.

Dazai sighed and sat up in the bed, briefly closing his eyes. ‘Did I wake you up?’ he whispered, glancing at Chuuya.

The redhead shifted slightly, and hummed (‘mhmmm’). The other grinned, interpreting the sound as a no, and he leaned down, pecking his shoulderblade.

He then stood up, slowly heading towards the window, slightly staggering due to the sleepiness washing over him. He opened the pane and pricked up his ears, trying to situate the fly, but nothing came. He gave up and instead gazed at the landscape, his hair ruffling in the night breeze. The streets were silent at this hour, and he felt his body relax.

So much better than this vile heat, Dazai thought, and he made a face at the mere thought of the day ahead of him.

The fly passed him as it flew out of the room, and he watched her fly towards the inky black sky. It disappeared from his sight, and the brunet stared at the stars for a while, then turned away from them, going back to bed. It would be useless to close the window: it was the only moment of the day a semblance of fresh air existed.

He had almost reached the bed when Chuuya moved, apparently trying to cover his back with the blankets with his feet.

‘Dazai, it’ll get cold.’

The brunet smiled, and the bed dipped under his weight as he lay down, slipping his legs under the covers.

‘Well,’ he started, and he wrapped his arms around the redhead’s waist, repeatedly poking his side so that he would turn around, ‘I’ll keep you warm.’

Chuuya sighed, and Dazai kissed his back, his forefinger still poking the other in the ribs.

‘You’re annoying,’ the redhead grumbled, ‘I bet you’re all sweaty and warm.’

Dazai let out a chuckle and pecked his back once again, this time a little higher. The other mumbled inaudible words, but he still rolled on his side, sliding his arms under Dazai’s tee-shirt and intertwinining their legs.

‘Oh dear, you aren’t,’ he muttered, and he burrowed his face in the crook of the brunet’s neck.

‘Of course, I was standing in front of the window.’

Chuuya hummed, and kissed his neck. ‘My own personal ice cube,’ he whispered.

Dazai chuckled at the nickname and tightened his hold around the redhead. ‘At your service.’

He caressed his back and smiled as his partner’s breathing slowed down, his arms loosening their grip around his waist as he fell back asleep. The brunet nestled against him, then kissed the top of his head. He closed his eyes, and buried his face in the redhead’s hair, inhaling his scent.

‘My very own sunshine.’