A short exploration into Harry and Louis’ sexuality pre-Xfactor

First of all, let me just say that this is a presentation of some facts about both Louis and Harry’s sexualities before the time of the X-factor. I’ve been around in this fandom a while and I feel like there are a lot of things newer fans probably missed out on back in the day.  Whatever you make of this is to your own opinion. Cool? Cool. Okay, let’s get into it. 

Exhibit 1 Harry & Tumblr
(Found via Harry possible old Tumblr) 

Subsection a)  Harry dating friend from his band White Eskimo

For this you can seen how Harry breifly details about being in a relationship with one of the members of the his old band White Eskimo. He goes on to state that they broke up but still remained friends. As you can see this post was made July 2010, though by the way Harry speaks it is an event that is a little ways back in the past. 

Subsection b

Harry’s ‘first kiss’

Here are a few other photos of Harry and the lads previously mentioned(and some others maybe?)  together… 

 Exhibit 2 Harry (on left) and boyfriend in middle school

This photo was circling around the internet a while back, I’m not exacally sure of the sorce or if it is infact Harry but it is a pretty convincing look alike if it isn’t.I reverse image searched this thing to no bloody end and couldn’t find anything that matched it, so I’m not sure if that gives it more or less validity.  

Exhibit 3 Louis’ Friends’ story 

(Via Louis’ Bebo) 

(Where photos like this came from- it has since been shut down)

This shows three of Louis’ male friends which he has dated. Jack, ‘we dated’ Samuel, ‘Fate brough us together. We  hooked up’ Jamie, ‘We hooked up. We dated.’ 

So there you are, I hope you feel slightly more enlightened on the subject and you can make you own assumptions from this. 

ps. The FBI should hire me for dragging these babies out of the pits of internet oblivion. 

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1. How old are you?
- 20 and does anyone 21+ want to mail me their old driver’s license

2. Current job?
- i work expo at a fine dining restaurant which is that person every restaurant at kitchen nightmares needs instead of just a really apathetic chef/manager/owner who yells at the kitchen until they give you food

3. Dream job?
- uh. sitting in my basement writing involved theory-based criticism of film and television OR american politics with a focus on history and foreign policy. emerging to work with horses. ezra klein, do i gotta suck your dick or??? is there an underling who receives the applicant blowjobs

4. What are you talented at?
- i can write pm anything? i can read theory without my eyeballs falling out of my head? i can make some of the meanest jokes. ever. uh. idk i’m great at getting fired

5. What is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?
- i really need a bachelor’s degree, y’all. like. really. i don’t wanna do it. but i need to do it.

6. What’s your aesthetic?
- IDK WHAT THIS MEANS. man idk i’m southern i like old, big trees and manor houses in the neo-classical style with colonial interior design? and well-coordinated tack on horses and like. rich bitch east coast Minimalist fashion. but then my worst instincts betray me and i also love like every photo of new york in the 70s. i would like to grow up into something refined but until then i’m doomed to be a tiny gremlin

7. Do you collect anything?
- i have a lot of old breyers and uh. shoes? books on terrorism and political revolt in the 60s and 70s? i keep all my movie ticket stubs

8. What is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?
- irl it’s about how one of my friends has devolved into a Full Communist alt-left authoritarian idiot bc i want to complain about his social media. i also do the j/o motion too often does that count??

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours?
- being told facts about myself (“you’re skinny!” “you’re young!” “you’re smart!” “wow you have resting bitch face” insert that gif of mean girls damien saying “don’t look at me” here), being treated like i’m dumb as a rock, uh. people watching me while i do things if i don’t want their opinion on how i’m doing it. i’m an egomaniac

10. Good advice to give?
- “that sounds like a whole lotta their problem” - my mom calls it stresspassing when you fret over someone else’s shit that you can’t do anything about it and it’s such a waste of energy

11. Recommend three songs!
i’ll give you three songs to play in specific situations so you know how i live my life
- “c.r.e.a.m.”, wu-tang clan, when you are working more than four hours and you are doing mental math to count the money instead of quit like you want to
- “superstar”, jesus christ superstar obc, when you are thinking about the power of historical narrative and legacy and feeling like a nerd but do not feel like crying like a bitch @ who lives who dies who tells your story and also you feel Funky
- “white room”, cream (second cream-related song), when you need the drive to your dad’s to go through two cigarettes instead of one

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lightningflash55  asked:

5 facts about yourself you haven't already said

i don’t know what i haven’t said, so have some really obscure ones:

1- i hated middle school cus all of my friends left throughout it to go to other schools

2- i don;t like wearing socks, and in the summer i often wear no shoes outside, which usually leads to my feet getting burned by the asphalt

3- i don’t like marshmallows or nutella

4- my family used to own three dogs. when they died we got a cat. when he died we got another cat and two sugar gliders (flying squirrels). the sugar gliders have since died, but we still have our cat and lots of fish

5- i am good at catching snakes