There’s also the argument ‘Books are supposed to challenge you!’ which is an interesting argument, but I don’t actually like it very much. Most of my books aren’t actually supposed to challenge you, they’re supposed to comfort you because life is a hard country and we all need a little kindness along the way. (It is totally fine if other people’s books are supposed to challenge you, just…err…#NotAllBooks or something.) I do not actually feel bad about this, because I think comfort is hard to do and generally worthwhile.
—  Ursula Vernon, and as if speaking directly to me
Harvest Moon Mystic's 30 Day Grimoire Challenge

I’ve seen a few challenges out there that are fantastic for starting up a grimoire, but I’m hoping this challenge will help out the witches who already have a grimoire and want to continue it.

This challenge combines journalistic elements with practical applications, and I hope you will all find it useful and enlightening! Of course, feel free to ask questions or skip entries if you don’t like them.

If you’d like to post your entries or photos of your book, tag me (@harvest-moon-mystic) so I can see and share your beautiful handiwork!

And if you’d like to post to the collective tag where I’ll be posting mine, tag it as #mystic grimoire challenge

This can be started whenever you’d like! Doesn’t have to be consecutive or over the course of a month.

°•☆~Day One~☆•°
What is your favorite herb or plant to work with? Sketch it if you’d like, list the correspondances and why you love working with it.

°•☆~Day Two~☆•°
What are your tarot birth cards? Do you agree? Disagree? Why? If your given birth cards don’t resonate with you, what do you feel are your significators?

°•☆~Day Three~☆•°
What are your thoughts on “pop magick?” (Emoji spells, spells based on movies, etc)

°•☆~Day Four~☆•°
Create your own blend of tea based on an intent of your choosing. List the ingredients and journal its flavor and effects.

°•☆~Day Five~☆•°
Have you ever had an experience with ghosts or spirits? Talk about them. How did it make you feel?

°•☆~Day Six~☆•°
What have you found to be the most effective means of self protection? Does it vary on the situation? Explain.

°•☆~Day Seven~☆•°
Have you ever scared yourself with your own power?

°•☆~Day Eight~☆•°
What is one magickal thing you’ve done that you never thought you’d do?

°•☆~Day Nine~☆•°
Write a glamor spell. If you don’t do glamor spells, write another sort of perception spell.

°•☆~Day Ten~☆•°
How do you incorporate color into your craft?

°•☆~Day Eleven~☆•°
Find your favorite recipe. Copy it down and add magickal elements to incorporate to it next time you make it.

°•☆~Day Twelve~☆•°
Write a small blessing for your living space.

°•☆~Day Thirteen ~☆•°
Do you keep your craft secret? Are you overt in your practice? How does your magickal transparency lend itself to the efficacy of your craft?

°•☆~Day Fourteen~☆•°
Write an incantation for motivation to use on those days you feel down. If you’d like, add some ideas for crystals or herbs to use alongside it.

°•☆~Day Fifteen~☆•°
What’s something that makes you a little nervous? Do it. Write about your experience. (Be safe and legal!)

°•☆~Day Sixteen~☆•°
What are your thoughts on the spirit world? Do you believe in ghosts?

°•☆~Day Seventeen~☆•°
Do you believe in past lives? Why or why not? If you do, do you think you are an old or new soul? Have you seen into your past lives? Talk about them.

°•☆~Day Eighteen~☆•°
Draw a diagram of your ideal altar or magickal workspace. If you’re not an artist, list out what it would include.

°•☆~Day Nineteen~☆•°
Do you have a familiar? Write a letter to them. If you don’t have a familiar, write to your spirit guide.

°•☆~Day Twenty~☆•°
Are you a day or night person? What is the magickal charge you feel in both?

°•☆~Day Twenty One~☆•°
What is your favorite lunar phase? Why?

°•☆~Day Twenty Two~☆•°
Research and list 5 herb/candle/crystal associations (ex. lemon balm, yellow candles, and citrine are good for happiness)

°•☆~Day Twenty Three~☆•°
What element do you work best with? Why?

°•☆~Day Twenty Four~☆•°
Do you put much faith in astrology? When do you feel your placements strongest? (Ex, I’m a Taurus but feel my Aries mars when I’m angry)

°•☆~Day Twenty Five~☆•°
What type of water are you most drawn to? River? Ocean? Lake? Etc…

°•☆~Day Twenty Six~☆•°
What is the style of witchcraft you feel most removed from? Try a spell in this style and journal your experience. (Ex, I feel most removed from urban witchcraft. Next time I’m in the city, I’ll do a spell there)

°•☆~Day Twenty Seven~☆•°
How important is aesthetic to you? Draw or talk about yours if you’d like.

°•☆~Day Twenty Eight~☆•°
Do you incorporate music into your craft? If so, how? If not, why not?

°•☆~Day Twenty Nine~☆•°
Are you in a coven or do you work alone? What are the benefits and challenges of it?

°•☆~Day Thirty~☆•°
Write about your mindset when you started this challenge and finish with how you feel about yourself and your practice now. Include any closing or important thoughts you have now, or had along the way.

frighteningflash  asked:

5 facts about yourself you haven't already said

i don’t know what i haven’t said, so have some really obscure ones:

1- i hated middle school cus all of my friends left throughout it to go to other schools

2- i don;t like wearing socks, and in the summer i often wear no shoes outside, which usually leads to my feet getting burned by the asphalt

3- i don’t like marshmallows or nutella

4- my family used to own three dogs. when they died we got a cat. when he died we got another cat and two sugar gliders (flying squirrels). the sugar gliders have since died, but we still have our cat and lots of fish

5- i am good at catching snakes