I went to a superhero party last night. On the left is the first version of my “costume”, changed the shoes later and added my new CROP TOP (finally got one!! It says “Part Time Unicorn” to boot, haha). I lost the contest to Super Mario and a Banana (both were awesome) but I had tons of fun and received lots of compliments. :)

Hope y'all have an awesome weekend! \m/

Haha! It looks like you had a blast!! Great costume and great crop top!!


“We are inseparable.” Oliver Imagine

Requested:  Hii’ Can you do an Oliver wood imagine where the reader and him have been dating for a long time and they’re known as the king and queen of Quidditch and its all just fluff? Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Word Count: 690

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you all enjoy! I was actually kind of stuck on this one, but I think it turned out great!

It’s been three years that Oliver and I have been dating. We met our first year, we were both sorted into Gryffindor and we sat next to each other in Potions and instantly connected. We both made the Quidditch team our second year and we worked so well together. We would do drills with each other whenever possible, we would practice together, I would help him put his gear on, and we would give each other pep talks before games.

During Third Year, we were basically inseparable; and right after our win against Slytherin, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We are the King and Queen of Quidditch, or at least that’s what everyone says. We are now in our 5th year and he was made captain of the Quidditch team. I was so proud of him!

I was never given any special treatment by my boyfriend, he hounded and yelled at me during the practice just like he did everyone else.

“C’mon Y/N! You’ve done better.”

“Make them scared of you Y/N!”

“Work harder Y/N, you’re losing energy and kick.”

“Pretend that ball is Marcus Flint when he tries to flirt with you!”

Those are just some of the things I hear, but they make me train harder. They don’t hurt, I know that he only says them to make me better.

And then we go right back to be the lovey-dovey couple we are. Walking down the corridors holding hands, kissing, hugging, studying together, everything you can think of.

Before dinner, Oliver and I were quizzing each other on our DADA exam tomorrow.

“Y/N?” Oliver asked

“Yes?” I replied.

“You know I love you, right? And that I don’t try to be mean during practice?”

“Of course I know that.” I reassured him as we kissed.

“I just want to make sure that you’re not getting any special treatment during practice.”

“I know, Oliver. I know.” I kissed his cheek and then returned to studying.

It was the day of the biggest game of the year, Slytherin vs. Gryffindor for the house cup. Oliver gave us a huge pep talk before we made our way to the field.

“This is the biggest game of the year, we can’t let our fans down. Remember what we have been drilling every night for two weeks straight. I have no doubt we can win, as long as we all stick to the plan and don’t let the Slytherin’s cheating get in our way. Got it?”

We braced ourselves for the cheating that would be going on today. Slytherin’s only tactic is to cheat their way to the top. Well it won’t work tonight.

It was a battleground in the skies but nevertheless, Slytherin started to cheat. Marcus flew up right next to me.

“Hey baby, how about after the game you come to my dorm and I can show you how a real winner rocks a girls world.” Marcus said with a wink.

“In your dreams, Flint.” I said as I kept chasing the ball.

He was not going to stop, was he?

“C’mon. Oliver only wants you for your looks. I want you for so much more.” Marcus kept persisting, so I did what I had to do.

“Flint, when I say back off, you better back off.” I said as I kicked his broom, sending him spinning in another direction.

I was not proud of it, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was pretty sure the ref was going to call it but luckily, the ref thought it was his fault.

“You’re going to pay for that!” One of the Slytherin beater yelled as they flipped my broom.

I was holding on by only my hands at this point. I was terrified that I was going to fall. I struggled to get my broom upright, I was about to fall. Suddenly, Angelina got me upright on my broom again and we continued to play even harder than before.

Once the game had ended, we had won the cup! Oh how glorious! Oliver and I shared a kiss before we had our Quidditch team picture with the cup.


Who and What I can write

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A/N: hey everyone! This was requested by an anonymous, and I think you’ll like it. It takes place in a modern au. There’s some implied NSFW, but that’s all. Remember, my requests are always open! Hope you’re all having a great day😊

“Kiss me. Kiss me hard.” You said those words, but you definitely don’t remember saying those words. All you could remember was the music pounding in your ears and the strobe lights illuminating little sections of this handsome stranger’s face. At least you’re pretty sure he was a stranger. One thing’s for sure, he was most definitely handsome. You had flashbacks to the previous night. His thick, curly hair, pulled back from his face. Dark, defined features, and a jaw line that could cut someone.

Now, it was morning. You could tell from the pounding headache and the alarm clock that read, 1/1/16. You were lying in bed, but it wasn’t your own. You turned to see who it really was that you had gotten into bed with last night. You couldn’t believe your eyes.

“Hey…” He stumbled over his words, yet they were still undeniably suave. “So that happened.” He chuckled, and you were immediately overwhelmed with rage.

“What do you mean that happened! That can never happen! What on earth did you do!” You howled at him, yet he seemed unfazed, as usual. “Hello? Earth to Lafayette?”

“Listen. I tried to stop you, Y/N.” He put his hands up, as if you were threatening him.

“Yeah right, like I actually approached you and started pursuing you. I would never do that.”

“Maybe not sober. But you were about three drinks in when you came up to me, mon cher.” Why was he being so sweet? Was it some kind of trap? Who were you kidding, everything Lafayette did was a trap. That’s how you fell for him the first time. “I think we should talk about what all this means for us.” He got out of bed and proceeded to change, right in front of you.

“First off, put some clothing on.” You looked away from him, shielding your eyes.

“Y/N, don’t pretend we haven’t seen each other nude before.” He was acting so normal. You just didn’t understand.

“Next, we don’t need to figure out what this ‘means for us.’ Because it means nothing. We aren’t getting back together. We’re just gonna pretend that none of this happened. I won’t tell people. And you won’t, either. It’s just better that way.” You huffed, and Lafayette put a hand out, to help you out of bed. Ignoring it, your climbed off the other side. 

“Mon cher, what you said now sounds very different from last night.” He followed you into the kitchen, as he spoke in a taunting voice.

“Well then what did I say?” You grabbed the coffee pot from the counter and poured some that was already brewed.

“You definitely didn’t say ‘Can I have some coffee, Lafayette?’” You glared, and he continued, “You told me that us breaking up was so wrong, and that we should be back together.” 

Pausing for a moment, you pondered over what to say. “Well it’s not like you actually think that,” Stopping, you noticed that your ex was shyly looking down at the floor “Laf, you don’t think we should get back together, right?” You stepped closer to him, but you didn’t realize how close you were until he looked back up. Your noses were so close, the distance was microscopic. Both of you locked eyes with the other.

“It depends…” His words were airy. “Do you want this again?” At that moment, Lafayette put his arm around your waist and drew you even closer. He kissed you passionately. At first, you were so confused as to what you should do. This was your ex boyfriend. He broke your heart. But now you couldn’t seem to resist him. Kissing back, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and he picked you up, carrying you to his bedroom.

Unlike the previous night, you don’t think you could ever forget what happened with your boyfriend.

we-sailed-an-ocean  asked:

hi there! i know i may sound weird and im sorry about that, but i read your post about that condition you have (synthesia, right?) and i have so many questions because when i first read the post the first thing i thought was 'oh wow shes so lucky i wish i had it too' but then i thought 'is she, tho?' like... is it hard? does it get annoying? or is it as cool as it sounds? im so sorry.. it's the first time i hear of it and i found it so interesting. i hope you're doing good and have a great day!

Hi! You don’t sound weird at all and I encourage people to ask questions. “Why” is one of my favourite words, opening doors to some sort of infinity. Like the great astronomers! Anyway, enough with the pompous and on with your question!

It’s actually not hard! For me, at least. It doesn’t hurt you or hinder you in any way. It’s just there… Sort of like an ability to see things a bit differently. I’ve heard of people connecting names and taste, though. For example if they hear the name “Felicity,” it’ll taste like…bacon or something that revolts the person. I’m glad I don’t have that, but then again it might not be as terrible as it sounds.

The only thing that’s been bothering me since I was little is that I’ve got numbers fixed at a certain point in my mind. It’s very hard to explain but imagine a ladder that stands upright. Every step is a number from 1 and up. When I think of my age I see the numbers in my head. I can “see into the future” this way by “looking up” and spotting the ages I will reach. 30. 32. Etc. But here’s the creepy part. I’m not able to find a spot above 40. It is nonexistent! 

This has actually led me to believe - jokingly with pals but seriously with my therapist - that I won’t be alive after I’m forty. Obviously I was just paranoid! But it bothers me that there’s no room for when I’m above forty. What happens when I reach it? Is it like floating through space (in my head?)

There’s a lot of technicalities regarding synesthesia and you can read all about it here if you’re keen. I haven’t bothered going far into the facts and whatnots about it cos it’s just…how I perceive things? I actually discovered what it’s called through this singer years ago who said she had it. I’m very into psychology so I looked it up and dropped my jaw. 

I think I’ve got it the strongest with music, though. They call it sound-to-colour synesthesia. When I hear a sound I instantly “hear” a colour, or a million of them. My favourite music is purple. But it’s not just this bland purple. It’s like the purple/pink colour of a nebulae. Like this one:

Originally posted by dimensao7

Originally posted by c4dexperiments

It’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry! One Direction’s What A Feeling is this exact colour, easily making it a favourite off that album, while Walking In The Wind is a greenish yellow, A.M being orange. I remember standing at a gig once and telling someone “this song is purple!” and this guy turned around and gaped, saying, “I know! It’s so fucking purple, it’s amazing!” I thought he was pulling my leg at first but turned out he was serious.

Harry is actually the first person to me who’s a purple kind of one - like the nebulae - but also yellow and green. 

From Wikipedia: “There is a great variety in types of synesthesia, and within each type, individuals report differing triggers for their sensations and differing intensities of experiences. This variety means that defining synesthesia in an individual is difficult, and the majority of synesthetes are completely unaware that their experiences have a name.

I hope you understood my terrible way of explaining. I haven’t actually put it in words before as I’ve always shrugged it off as something everyone experiences. And thank you so much for asking!! If you’ve got more questions I’m here! :D 

i-am-avacado  asked:

Hey um, for drabbles, if youre still doing them, could I have some Septicbang in the grump space with Dan flirting with Jack to no end?

I love writing flirty Dan. It’s a great test of my creativity, haha. Hope you enjoy!

Drabble prompts are open!

Jack had decided that playing around on one of the Grump’s computers would be a good idea. He didn’t know what led him to thinking that- hell, he didn’t even know whose computer it was, but he was right in the end. He was having a good time surfing the web.

From the corner of his eye he saw Dan walk in, all cool like usual. Why couldn’t he be that cool? Or that sexy?

Dan smiled at him. “What’s with the pout, Jack? Something got you down?”

Shit. Jack quickly fixed his expression. Smile, be happy. “No, that’s just what I look like when I think.” Lame lie, but hey. You try doing better under pressure.

“Oh really?” Dan leaned against the desk and gave him a cheshire grin. “Must’ve been thinking hard about me, then. Like what you see?”

“Uh…” Jack’s mind was reeling. Was any of this real? It couldn’t have been. This all had to be some weird dream. That’s why he needed to stop eating sweets before bed!

“Turning red to go with that green,” Dan commented, fluffing up the dyed part of Jack’s hair. “Must mean it’s Christmas. Got a present for me?”

The hamster in his head finally started turning the wheel again.

“Er, no!” Jack said a bit too quickly. His lips were dry, so he darted his tongue out to wet them. “I mean, I forgot. Can I make it up to you?”

Dan’s eyes glinted victoriously. “Of course you can…”

My Tumblr Update (1)

Hey guys. .OHMYGOD!!! 400 FOLLOWERS?!. .First off, I just wanted to say thank you guys so much, you guys are the best. Man, I can’t believe it. .Wow! 

But in all entirety, I just wanted to let you guys know some stuff that’ll be happening to my Tumblr, so let’s start.

So I know it’s been a while since my last fanfiction. I’ve been dealing with stress, procrastination, loss and also school coming up. I wanted to update my Tumblr since then. I will soon be posting more fanfics than usual as well as more fanart for you guys, from some of the most talented artists out there and I wanted to mention that as well as school. I just wanted to wish all of you out there (who have school coming) that I hope you guys have a fun and great year and to look out for one another, have the best year you possibly can. I also wanted to point out a few people you guys should DEFINITELY check out. My pal Epicnau, he’s created some fantastic Undertale fanfiction and is a VERY talented guy you guys need to see. He was my inspiration to start writing fanfiction, to entertain with my own ideas. He’s talent beyond ranks with other master writers such as Phemon and McMania. I also wanted to point out the VERY underrated and amazingly talented SU (Steven Universe) YouTuber WickedGeek. She’s created some of the best AMVs these eyes have ever seen and ALL the better for it! Her talent reaches up there with others such as Mkatwood, Purview Productions and Datis Ausum. I also wanted to mention Judgement Boy, a fantastic YouTuber and Tumblr user who’s created fantastic animation and art for both Steven Universe and Undertale and I HIGHLY recommend his stuff. Lastly, (here it is, unleashing the MEGA movie nerd in me), I wanted to mention stunning movie critic Chris Stuckmann, he has such a wide knowledge of movies, but not for what they are, but what they can be as well as delving deeper with his wide arrangement of skills. He’s a very talented man and deserves more attention among other critics such as Jeremy Jahns. Just to recap, I want all of you to stay safe and have a fun and amazing school year as well as the fact that I’m gonna get more fanfiction and art pieces out there, and PLEASE check out these people: @epicnau, @phemon, @mcmania332, @wickedgeek, @mkatwood, @datisausum, @purviewproductions, @chrisstuckmann-blog, @jeremyjahns. 

Thank you for a great start to a great year and have a good one!!!    ;)

tagged by @wonwooshh tysm!!! urs was goals

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- Go to this website: www.random.org/lists
- Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into
- Tag five or more people
- Have fun!

Mine is: bts and exo!!!! i’m super sad bc i had to take out the last one (j-hope) because in all there are 16 members :((( apologize to the sunshine <3

  1. mom/dad: chen - yessss he’d totally be the kind of dad who would make sure you were okay and always ask how you’re doing!!
  2. sibling: taehyung- OMG I WISH he would be the kind of sibling who would always tease you but be a great brother who would protect you :>
  3. grandma/grandpa: yixing - idk he’s not very granpa-y :’(
  4. haunts you: suho - with money???????
  5. boyfriend/girlfriend: jimin - WELL LOOK AT THAT I GOT MY BIAS :’)))))))
  6. your ex: suga - yo he’d totally be that ex who texted you everyday to tell u that he livin fine without you
  7. your best friend: kai - personal dance coach y e s 
  8. proposed to you: jin - omg we can eat together ALL DAY LONG
  9. your boss: kyungsoo - rip i’m dead
  10. random person you meet at a bar: jungkook - HAHA i can imagine him jamming to gdragon l o l
  11. your rival: namjoon - noooo i refuse
  12. gave you your first kiss: xiumiin - hehehehehehehe 
  13. drunk and singing karaoke with: baekhyun - HOLY SHIT YAS i can imagine this ahahah
  14. played 7 minutes in heaven with: sehun - :))))))))))))))))))))
  15. gave you your favorite dessert: chanyeol - ty for food <3

anonymous asked:

I am currently having a pregnancy scare (I hope it is one) and also treating my depression with alcohol instead of my meds, which worked great before, due to my recent breakup and complete social isolation. Please show some kindness

alcohol mention tw

Hi friend!

I’m so sorry to hear this. Depression is awful, and pregnancies scares definitely are too, not to mention break ups,so dealing with the combination isn’t easy, to say the very least. I know all of this is hard, but you can, and will get through this.

Have you tried taking a pregnancy test? If not, I would recommend doing that. Figuring out whether or not you’re pregnant, can definitely help with stress if nothing else.

Is there anything we can do to help? If there is, please let us know, and I will happily do everything I can.

Please alse know that you are amazing, and that although all of this sucks, you matter, and your feelings and experiences are completely valid. Dealing with so many things at once is incredibly difficult, and you have to cope in the way that works best for you, and that isn’t a bad thing. Please be as safe as possible with your drinking, and be careful not to over do it, or mix is with medicine. We’re always here for you, if you ever want/need someone to talk to. <3

Hang in there, friend


10 Facts About Me

I was tagged by @yeswevegotavideo to do this. I’m to write 10 facts about myself and tag 10 others to do the same. You have written so much so beautifully and I can not even hope to live up to that, so I’m saying right here this is going to be very basic. (sorry).

1. My Dad is my best friend. It sounds sad but I have the best relationship with my Dad and I’m so glad. He influences almost all of my personality, my humour, my music taste, my style, even my art. He’s also the one who introduced me to Comic Strip Presents and other Britcoms he used to watch, so he’s pretty great.

2.I want to be an artist, but I barely draw anymore. It’s been my childhood dream to be a full-time artist, though I have such a lack of motivation that I know it could never be possible, and it kills me.

3. I rode and kept horses until I was 11 and miss it so much. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to go horse riding then do it. Horses are amazing animals, it is such a cool hobby to have done.

4. I have a fear that I speak my thoughts out loud, but that nobody wants to bring it up because they’re afraid it’ll offend me. I have absolutely no idea why, but whenever I zone out I wonder if I’ve ever accidently said anything I didn’t mean to aloud.  

5. I’ve told people I can’t hang out so many times, so I can stay home and do absolutely nothing. I mean this doesn’t sound that bad, but I do it all the time, all the time.

6. As I’m writing this I’m realising how insanely boring my life is. I need to get out more.

7. I take a sketchbook with me wherever I actually go out in case I get bored or see something to draw but I’ve never, ever drawn anything out. I dislike drawing in class too, I can draw much better and much more confidently when I’m at home. I mean my classwork is horrendous so I'm redoing most of it at home.

8. I was raised by a heavily Christian Romani mother and an agnostic father and somehow ended up Norse Pagan. How does that even happen???

9. I’m very very insecure about my height but at the same time, I love it. I’m 4′11 and almost always wear platform shoes so It makes me a little taller. Half of me is annoyed that my height makes me very easily intimidated or pushed around, but also how cute are small people???

10. I absolutely adore accents and speech. I could listen to almost anyone speak about anything for hours, especially if something about their voice stands out. Mads Mikkelsen is a perfect example of this, his voice is gorgeous. 

Sorry this wasnt that great. I tag @hippiebirdmom @mrffahrenheit  @queen—of-the-queers @creepy-rain-creature @millionhawkes @the-thimbleberry-witch @runefaerie @marilyns-mechanical-bride  @anotherpun @rbertsugdens . Enjoy!


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3


Happy 10th Birthday to my handsome Tucker! <3

We were told when he was 8 he had a few months to live. I prayed for a 9th birthday… and here he is at 10. It’s a very emotional one for me since I thought I was going to lose my best friend. I am so very happy and thankful to be able to share his 10th birthday with him and to see him so happy for all of it!

Happy Birthday handsome!! I hope you had a great day <3

I have tons more photos to share, but I could never get through them all today!

I hope you all have an amazing day today~ I’m cheering you on

Amedot fans out there!

You’re all beautiful, amazing, talented, important and badass! And I hope you have a wonderful day, week, and so forth. And ignore those haters because at the end of the day, they don’t matter. Your friends are the ones that do.
Stay great, my friends 💕💕


14 to 17 aug — 8 to 11 days of productivity

havent been posting much bc of my upcoming exams which im supposed to be studying for rn oops anyway, i remade notes for one of my modules for the past 3, 4 days or so and i think they look amazing!!!! and yes, they are inspired by @asazora’s notes!

hope you all have a great day ahead! (っ˘ω˘ς )

I’ve had this blog since the end of May 2016 and I wanted to do this Follow Forever as a thank you to all those beautiful blogs (and beautiful people behind them) that I follow. I’ve bared witness to so much kindness, unity, love and quality. It makes me extremely happy to see all those amazing people on my dash that make the experience on tumbler (yes) so pleasurable. I’m grateful that I’ve found all your little corners on the web and that in some way I can be a part of you having a great time here (I hope, because I surely do).

Also, I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of my followers. I honestly have no idea why you decided to follow me, the ultimate dud, but really thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are so many more amazing people than me and it’s obligatory that you follow them, listing them below. Sorry for the lame ass graphic, and failed animation I promise next time, it will be better.

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