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Hello! I hope youre doing great ! I wanted to know what are you fave jimin pics of the blood sweet and tears Era please ?

Hello anon!

 All of the admins/translators (excluding one, since she’s on hiatus) have included their faves, so we’ve decided to make it as a read more (preventing an extremely long post on your dashboard). 
Before we start, bonus gif of our sunshine! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ
Hope you enjoy! ^_^

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I lost hope for SK. Again.

Episode 10 is one of Madie’s favorite episodes. Her other favorite episodes of this season are 4 and 7, both of which had fairly big sethkate moments. Her song for episode 10 is “nothing’s gonna hurt you baby” which can’t be anything but a sethkate song. Carlos Coto, Robert Rodriguez, DJ, and Madison all alluded to some great stuff happening with sethkate. They have a musical theme that we will definitely hear in the finale! Don’t lose hope. Sethkate is gonna rise.


So,,,, One of my fave artists of all time started following me ??
*Cough cough* Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the follow and say how much I admired you !! You’ve always been on my top artist list for inspiration and more and your art is just,,, 👀👀👀👌👌👌👌👌👌👌✨✨🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏
Good shit™
So thank you once again !! This just made my day !
I hope you have a great day as well, and enjoy your stay on this silly blog ! ❤


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why do i think he tian is going to go into the room with mo's mother and be like ''i did it, i was the one that molested that girl'' so mo is gonna be like ''wtf?? why are you doing this?'' and idk fuhsuhd

you know, i thought about this too, but i really REALLY don’t want it to happen (and im praying to all the saints that i know that it won’t), not only because i don’t want either of our boys to get accused of something that awful, but also because even if he tian took guan shan’s place she li would still win, and i really don’t want him to fucking win, nor for the real abuser to be able to walk free only because his family has money

i also think that he tian accusing himself wouldn’t really help or change the situation much, because she li constructed the entire story to have guan shan being framed for it (one of the girls talking about it mentions that there are eye witnesses, and if it’s true you can bet that they are she li’s people or that they were paid by him), so without having any proof to back up what he is saying, he tian’s confession wouldn’t even be taken into consideration

tbh it would probably be more useful if he tian barged in there like “why the hell are you accusing my boyfriend of harassing a girl, he’s gay, we’re lovers, i shoved my tongue down his throat just the other day in the middle of the yard”. i mean, he still couldn’t prove that, because apparently even if there were at least two whole classrooms out there no one saw anything (all these kids gossiping about guan shan now, but when he tian kisses him in public suddenly everyone had something better to do, like, what kind of bull–), but that could at least buy guan shan some time, help him create an alibi for that specific hour

im digressing here, sorry, but yeah, i don’t think he tian accusing himself will happen, because ultimately it wouldn’t solve the problem, but we’ll see!! old xian is unpredictable and likes to surprise us, so anything is possible!! 

Happy Friday!! 🤗

Good morning everyone! I hope ya all have a great day and an amazing weekend! My bestie and her family are coming to visit from Arkansas, so I am SUPER excited today!! 

 Also, I have to say, I love looking at my notifications and seeing someone going through my masterlist, one post at a time! It warms my little heart and makes me to a happy dance!! @blackcastiel and @relationshipyard, you guys have no idea how you’ve made me smile this week! 🤗 

 And to wrap up this post, I leave you with some SPN outtakes:

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Happy birthday Nocti! I hope you have a great day! I love your designs for the characters and one of my favorites is Nico. How did you come up with that design for her?

Oh ye ! Nico was one of the two first OTKids I designed ! I must have the first doodle somewhere.

For the teeth gap, which is essential to Nico, it’s actually a headcanon I have for her, even when I draw her in her canon appearance. Nico will always have a teeth gap in my style. It all started because I was curious to see how it looked like, and I kept it because it makes her even more Nico-like, see what I mean ? It makes everything about her more visible. I don’t know how to explain it.

Then, for the dress, well, much like the others I asked myself : What would a three year old Nico Yazawa wear ? And it seemed obvious that she’d wear the dress with the most frills, the brightest bubble pink, etc etc, she’s like a doll, y’know ?

She was designed in july 2015, at the same time as Maki. It was originally going to be about these two, but then I added everyone else and it got better. 

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PT 1.... Happy birthday to my prescious bean child. Me and you has been threw alot in the 6 months youve been my child. Good days bad days and many 3 am conversations (at least on my end

PT 2….I know right now you cant see me but one day your going to wake up on your birthday from a massive mom hug attack. I love you so much and i hope your day is great honey. - MOM =^.^=


Awwww mom! I love you so much <3 I didn’t notice it’s been 6 months and i’ve never been so happy especially with sis with us! Yeah, there has been sooo many bad days and thousands of awesome days. Maybe if you and sis and all my friends never came….I never would have lived long enough to see another one of my birthdays, maybe I wouldn’t have even see the sun again.

3 am conversations, bad jokes, inside jokes, random stories, bad days, good days, dreams, wishes, hopes, laughs, hashtags, tears, yelling, chatting, typing, we’ve done so many things together and maybe one day i’ll see you in real life and when we do, I want creamy coffee. Also I want a nice conversation, a hug, a picture, anything to remind me of how amazing and great you are and how sweet you’ve been to me even after all this time. I was always scared of annoying people but i’ll never be scared of talking to you.

A long, long time ago everyone would tell me to stay away from internet strangers that they were going to use me then leave me alone, so when people started talking to me, I was so hesitant and afraid but I wanted a friend and slowly, I made friends and I don’t regret anything i’ve done. Thank you so much for being amazing!!!

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Hi!! I just read Better Late Than Never on AO3 and it was absolutely amazing!!! I just wanted to say I loved it and thank you so much for blessing my life with all your work :D have a great day


that is ESPECIALLY LOVELY TO HEAR considering that I am sitting RIGHT NEXT TO @castihalo​, who collab’d with me and did the art that inspired that fic, and also the cover for it!! IT WAS OUR PROJECT and you LIKED IT and that just makes me!!!! FEEL THINGS



thank you so much for taking the time to send this message!! it means so much to me, heck. HECK. I hope you’re having a great day too :DDD you’re the best!!!

happy birthday linda! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

to celebrate getting 100 followers (THANK YOU ALL!!) i drew this meme. he looks way too kawaii but oh well (edit: kawaii phil here!)

Happy New Year!!

It’s officially 2016 for the world now so happy happy time!! I just wanted to thank you all for making 2015 one of the best years of my life. I met some incredible people and got to go to many places and see lots of cool stuff, I also got to meet thousands of you guys throughout the year and I’m very happy about it. Last year was a great year.

However! I plan on making 2016 even better! I have lots of big plans to work my ass off this year and branch beyond just youtube. I hope I can make you all proud and can bring you all along on this journey too like I always have. I still love doing what I do and interacting with all of you so nothing will change in that regard :)

Here’s to a great year for us all and the motivation to go do whatever it is you desire! YOU CAN DO IT!!


And they lived deliciously ever after!

This concludes Texts Between Gems’ One Year Anniversary “Choose Your Own Adventure” arc! Click here to read it from the beginning.

I’d like to thank the wonderful @jen-iii from the bottom of my heart for creating the art you see above!

While we’re on the topic of thanks, thank you all for reading this blog for the past year and being consistently kind, supportive, and hilarious. I don’t have future vision like Garnet, but I hope that for the entire duration of my online career I never take for granted how lucky I am. Here’s to another great year!


happy birthday 1004 jeonghan! #jeonghan1004day #윤정한_생일_인상적이네
you are the lemon to my lemonade, the headband to my hoshi, and best of all, you are our jeonghan to our seventeen. throughout the last 16 months of seventeen’s debut (+2 years of your trainee years), we’ve learned that you can be shy and timid, but you’ve grown to be so open and playful. your skills as an artist developed immensely, gaining lots of confidence in your singing! i hope you continue to increase your confidence so you can have your own solo one day. we’ll be waiting for that moment ♡ have a great birthday, bub!


one hundred marvel ladies


illyana rasputin (aka magik)


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3

Dialogue/Description Balance

Every writer falls into one four categories of capability. Either they excel at writing description (but not dialogue), at dialogue (but not description), at both, or at neither.

What I usually find is a person tends to be in one of the first two categories: either they have great description but their dialogue is lacking in some capacity, or their dialogue is great but the description is weak. I tend to fall in the latter category.

Nevertheless, I’m going to be talking all about dialogue and description, how to fake it if you can’t do one or both, and how to find a balance between them so that the story flows effortlessly (well, that’s the hope).

Before I start in, I just want to clarify that description includes not only of the setting and characters but also of their actions in scenes, how they move and react as they converse.

Also, as a general rule, if you are lacking in one or both of these areas (or any part of writing), don’t worry about it when you’re writing the first draft. Just get it down. Then go back in after its done, knowing your weaknesses, and revise the hell out of it.

Description Writing Tips

  • Study the art of good description: To improve your description writing skills, read description that you like, from any story or piece of writing. Really try to break down what exactly you like about it, what they do, where they put the description, what they don’t describe, etc.
  • Practice: get a photo you like—or better yet, go outside (gasp!)—and try to describe the scenery, every detail you can. Be excessive, over the top. Just practice noticing the little details.

  • Details make characters feel real: This is fairly obvious. But what may not be is what details should be included. Many writers do the typical hair and eye color (which I’m guilty of too). This is not a bad thing, but it is nice to try to move beyond that or at least add to it. In any case, any description you have of a character, try to use it for more than just a description. It should be incorporated into the story. Think about what details would be important. Why is it significant that his eyes are blue? Is it because they look haunting or mystical? Because they affect others or perhaps the main character? This is just a simple example, but hopefully you get the idea.

Dialogue Writing Tips

  • Study conversations: Similar to the description section, it’s helpful to study good dialogue in stories, noticing everything about it, like the things being said, what’s not said, and even how it’s being said. Also listen to people converse in real life…Listen to the way they talk, how they say certain phrases, their tones, facial expressions, body language. It’s all a part of the dialogue.
  • Practice: To start off, just try writing the same sentence/thought/idea, but have different people say it. How does it change if someone is shy? Bold? Angry? Bossy? Now pick one character, and try changing who this person is saying it to. Everyone speaks differently depending on the person and situation. For instance, if a character is at work, are they polite and respectful? Formal? Loud and obnoxious? This will say a lot about them as character, without you having to describe it!

  • Not everything has to be said: Whether they’re best friends or enemies, a lot is passed without saying a thing. Maybe two characters are close and read each other’s minds or finish each other’s sentences. One glance could equal not only a whole conversation, but also say a ton about the nature of the relationship between the two characters. Maybe two characters are in the relationship, and it’s clear that they’re not happy, not because they say they’re unhappy, but just by their actions and words (or lack thereof). For instance, if they’re angry at each other, they’ll probably avoid one another very purposefully and use very short, direct statements. It’s also important to note that some pieces of dialogue are just filler and can be taken out. For instance, if you have a scene with a conversation that takes place on a phone, you don’t want to include the formalities like “Hi.” “Hey.” “How are you?” “I’m fine…” Etc. That will just bog the story down and add clutter to the writing. We all know that people don’t just start right into the meaty part of a conversation. The only instance I can see these formalities being used is if it’s purposeful and says something about the characters’ relationship. For instance, maybe they were close, but now it’s awkward as they both clearly don’t know what to say.

How to Balance Description and Dialogue:

  • Placement of description is important: When it comes to describing scenery, there are separate paragraphs dedicated to it. Usually the details are broadly scoped, with a few smaller, significant details. As the characters move through the scene, smaller and smaller idiosyncrasies should crop up. Sprinkle them in with the dialogue and movement. When it comes to description of a person, it’s rare to find a large paragraph dedicated to just the outer appearance. Maybe a small, flash description (like the first one or two things someone would notice about the person), with more details sprinkled in as the scene/dialogue progresses. It’s important to find a balance so that it doesn’t feel like its separate chunks of description and dialogue. They should mix together a bit in a scene.
  • The point of view can change the balance: If it’s in first person, there will probably be a bit less description than when writing in third. Most people don’t think in such detailed descriptions, so it doesn’t feel quite realistic. Of course, there’s always room for breaking rules. For instance, if the point of view character is an artist of some sort and that’s part of their personality to be flowery and excessive in their thoughts and probably their speech as well.
  • EVERYTHING should push the story forward: it’s difficult to truly know what should be said, what should be described, and what should be perhaps left out altogether. My piece of advice is that whatever you’re writing, it should push the storyline forward. Basically, everything has a purpose in the story. We learn something important to the plot or characters or situation that is relevant. Of course not everything has to relate to the “main plot”, but it should be relevant in some capacity.
  • General things to keep in mind:
    • Conversations will say something about the relationship of the characters speaking. It just will. What that says can and should affect the plot, in some way.
    • The more detailed the description, the more the reader will think that place/person is significant. If you focus on it, you’re drawing attention to it.
    • Read your writing aloud! I can’t stress this enough. If it sounds/feels awkward. It probably is. Focus on that section, and work with it. Take your time to figure it out. If you can’t fix it or even identify those awkward parts, try to get some readers. Preferably not close friends or family as they can be biased or not what to hurt your feelings.
    • Everyone has their own style of writing. It’s not an exact science.
    • Test styles out. Try a new format. Experiment with a new point of view. Take the time to find what works for you.

Hope this helped. And I’m happy to answer any questions or clarify if needed. Happy writing.