Wow! Reunion pic is the best!

Tricia, hope you are doing well surviving the snow we in Michigan were supposed to get today.  At least it is not below zero in PA.

I needed to definitely get myself together after this last reunion pic.  Personally, I did not see them posting anything at least until the end of March.  Needless to say, I have been smiling since yesterday afternoon!  I thought the pic she posted for his birthday was fantastic, but, this one, by far, is my favorite reunion pic.  It is just so wonderful in so many ways - they keep getting more beautiful each time they are photographed together, their happiness is so apparent and their comfort level is so genuine.  Two things that stand out to me this time are:

1) They are actually posing in an open location, in front of other people, not at a scheduled, promoted event.

2)  They connect with their regular fans.  It looks like they were at home working on a project of some sort and said, “hey, we need stuff, let’s run to the store.”  Just in their jeans doing the regular daily routine and still gorgeous and happy.

As my co-worker told me after I showed her the pic (she knows my shipper heart), “why don’t they just come out as a couple?  Everyone gets picked on because of their choices and decisions.  They certainly seem strong enough to handle it.  Look at how much they love each other, it is written all over their faces.”  Smart woman!

Love Anon Sue

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xoxoxo anon sue!

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I'm kind of satisfied for the moment with the amount Nalu in Fairy Tail. Like I'm obviously hoping for some cute moments or a confession, but I can wait for it. I'm actually feeling ridiculously starved of Lucy BROTP moments, I get that Natsu is the main character, but I want to see a little more of Lucy's other friendships (particularly female), Levy, Erza, Juvia, Mira-Jane (and I would kill for some fleshed out Lucy x Lisanna BROTP development) I hope we get more of that after the reunion arc.

Hehe yeah me too!:) Thoug a confession is still far away :’D We’ll enjoy the buildup until then, aye ;) Yess Lucy BROTPs all the way!! ALL of them :D

Would it be too much to ask that if/when the 46(?) get out Mt.Weather that the writers dedicate most of or an entire episode just to the potential reunions that would take place? Like showing reunions with Bellamy with Clarke and Miller with his father. Also so we can see how the delinquents react to Finns death and whether or not their parents made it safely to the ground. As much as I like the high intensity of this show and how it keeps me on the edge of my seat every episode, I do think it would be important to slow it down for a bit so we can see precious moments like the ones I mentioned. I’m not exactly sure, but it just wouldn’t feel right not to give any attention to the delinquents reintegrating with the rest of the sky people.


Curve, Clipped.

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving all the reunions. I bought my tickets to go see Swervedriver and I’m really hoping that Ride does a Fall leg and I catch them later in the year. Slowdive is currently in the studio. It’s a dream come true. However, there are a few acts that we are quite unlikely to see back into the studio and/or touring

Ah, Well…at least we have the music to ease the pain of knowing we can’t always get EVERYTHING we want. 

little tvd rant...

I really don’t understand why did they go with the SAME history again. Switching of humanity to deal with grief? You already did that! You already showed several times this “easy” ways to deal with bad stuff! I know, showing something different, showing how not-only-vampire-people could deal with death might be difficult, but you could at least TRY…

So we won’t get that steroline talk too soon, ‘cause Caroline don’t care anymore. And we won’t see any reunion Caroline with Bonnie, ‘cause Care probably will be like “oh, you’re back” and then go back to her own bussiness. There won’t be any more flashbacks with mama Forbes.

The only thing I hope that afterwards Caroline will be feeling so much guilty. Because she never wanted to be that person - switching off emotions, hooking up with random guys, feeding on people and generally don’t care about anything. And her mother, for goodness sake, didn’t want that for her either. She wanted her to move on with her life and be happy, but not that way!

I know that the way people deal with grief is their own personal stuff and no one should judge them because of this. Maybe it turn out good for Caroline, I really don’t know. I’m just so disappointed at writers that they didn’t even try to write this different way… And I’m so sick of all of this bad messages that so many tv series are sending to viewers this days…

I honestly think the worst and hope for the best.

The worst: Daryl’s breakdown will be the only reference to Beth in this episode.

This episode will be a huge disappointment to those expecting to see anything Beth-positive.

They separated Beth from her people. They cheated us out of a proper Bethyl reunion, they killed Beth in a shitty way, then after a two month wait we don’t get a funeral or any sort of clue where they buried her or what they did with the body.

Basically they have shit all over Beth, Beth’s fans, and EK, and they have no fucks to give about how they’ve treated the character, the actress, and her fan base.

Considering they’ve hyped the shit out of 5.10 you best believe it’ll be some lame shit revolving around water, a barn, Daryl crying, eating dogs, and meeting someone who will possibly take them to the ASZ.

Don’t let yourself hope for anything worthwhile concerning Beth. They obviously have zero respect for the character, her fans, and the actress. This show is complete shit.

We know the showdown between Cain and Dean is likely to be in Illinois, and Dean referred to it as “The land of Lincoln.” And Lincoln is associated with civil war, with themes of bloody strife as well as hope for liberation, of brothers fighting brothers, of the reunion of a nation, and the house divided against itself… But one of my favorite Lincoln quotes is this:
“When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.”

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Not sure if it's just me but your latest post is just a picture of Chester Cheeto lol

It’s the avatar of the last post i replied to. It might be a mobile thing because on the website, I see the text.

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What do you think “The End of the Beginning” means for the season finale? Do you think we will see another Brallie romantic reunion or a Stef/Lena separation? How do you Season 2B ending? BTW I find your posts interesting and insightful!!

I wrote this long post and I lost it, ugh, but um, in short. I hope no Brallie but the writers refuse to close the door. Callie tends to be the cliffhanger so I don’t think it will be adamfoster but never say never. The resolution to their story will be pretty close to the finale. They could hang them. Still, I am hoping that Callie gets adopted and we move on to a new phase. Still, think about this picture from 21:

Notice that Stef is in her uniform and Lena is in her pilot outfit. That is not a coincidence at all. This may be your last shot of the season.
Megan, a writer on twitter did say that they assumed there would be a season 3, that she doesn’t know what if anything a rewrite changed. So, this was not mean to be a series finale.

Anonymous said:

Love ur blog. Was wondering & sorry if some1 has already asked u this, bt do u only follow Foster related blogs? Like wht do u follow? I’m tryn to find personal blogs that make me laugh at the rite times and think bout life too.

Thank you! I actually follow lots of people. Adamsfoster fans who are into other things, and lesbian fans of many things who keep me updated on what’s happening. I follow, science, education and news blogs. Lots of things. I have made my follows public so you can see. You can also follow my personal blog to see what I like. If you like this post, I will follow you. 

Anonymous said:Can u write more fan fictions of Stef and lena Your one of my favorite writers!😘😌

Yes, right now it’s a matter of time. My house goes on sale this weekend, and then I gotta house hunt and job hunt! So, you know as time allows.

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This season of The Fosters is literally full of drama… for me is definitely too much. I do not understand why everything goes wrong. It is like a fate or something? I think they should more balance this… so many bad emotions and fears but where is hope or comfort? I think we all need this, even though a little. What do you think?

It’s almost too much yes, and I don’t know why they have to make everyone suffer constantly. Life has lots of joy too, that’s realistic. There’s drama and there’s DRAMA. Not everything has to be about crying. Hope and comfort, yep the show is missing that. Right now, if Stef and Lena were in a better place, all the shit around them wouldn’t seem as bad. But that’s what they want, they want you to despair and honestly I don’t get it. Another post I was replying to earlier talked about how all of TV loves misery and I have to agree. Walking Dead would be literally right up my alley, I love post-apocalyptic concepts, in books and movies. Yet, I am not going to commit my emotions to a show that is determined to kill characters. I am not here for that. I am not that kind of viewer. I get invested, I care.

When I was younger I used to always look up at my parents and think that I couldn’t wait to have someone to share my moments with like them. I couldn’t wait to have some one who i felt was my better half. I have that person now, it’s just rather unfortunate that 5,100+ miles keep us from seeing each other regularly. We are hoping we will have the funds so that Alex can come to my family’s reunion! (So he can meet the grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins!) If you are in a position where you can donate a few bucks we would be eternally grateful! And if you aren’t in a position where you can donate we would love love love if you would share the link and help us get the word out! The link to donate is on my profile, and it’s the same link you can share! #thankyou #help #crowdfunding #fundraising #fundraiser #familyreunion #family #longdistance #longdistancerelationship #longdistancecouple #gofundme #helpus #donations

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Is it just me or they started to ruin olicity? :( I mean they take a step forward and two steps back. And now they're neither really partners nor they have the cute funny conversations like the ones from the first 2 seasons

i think everything will be okay in the end, anon, i really do! :)

to me it seems like olicity has a real shot of being endgame, because if they weren’t, they would’ve already hooked up by now (or at least that’s how i see it). if they take this much time to play the ‘will they or won’t they card’, it’s usually a really big deal and they will end up together. 

but yes, i was really hoping for a great reunion moment when oliver returned from the death, and we didn’t get that. we got an argument. we got felicity telling him she didn’t want to be a woman he loved because the woman he loves usually end up dead or in trouble etc. 

right now they’re still arguing because felicity thinks oliver shouldn’t have gotten into bed with malcolm merlyn. that’s an opinion she is definitely allowed to have and i agree with her partially. but on the other hand… oliver is trying to protect thea - to not have her killed by ra’s. and like tatsu said: the only way to defeat ra’s is to think like him, to fight like him. and even though i’d rather have maseo train him: that’s not going to happen any time soon, since maseo’s loyalty lies with the league and thus with ra’s. 

BUT i do believe in the end it turns out ra’s won’t be the big baddie, but malcolm. and oliver will realize he’s made a big mistake - one way or the other. maybe it has something to do with felicity ending up in the hospital, i have no clue, we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

and maybe it’s good if felicity goes to date ray palmer in the mean time. she’ll realize she can never love him as much as she loves oliver, no matter how big of an ass he can be at sometimes. and i strongly believe that oliver won’t date anyone else before felicity. not gonna happen. like stephen amell said: “there’s only one woman in his life right now and that’s felicity” (i reblogged a gifset of this recently, of an interview he did at comic con). 

so, it might look like they’re taking a thousand steps back right now, but believe me anon, they WILL find their way back to each other, one way or the other. i’d have it rather sooner than later, but unfortunately i don’t have any influence on the writers…


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I don't know if im ready for tonight i hope we get the bamon reunion we all want. i just need them to get all cute and teary eyed at seeing each other again. like what if bonnie doesn't come back til the last scene and it's just damon still in the church all by himself just talking about how he can't lose anyone else and then he turns around to leave and he sees bonnie standing there and they just look at each other for a couple of seconds they there running and BOOM bamon hug and the last shot

is them holding onto each other (got cut off) sorry i just have so many feeling.

OMGGG you were so close!! It was just at the boardinghouse :D

Never apologize for the Bamon feels lol

I don’t ship Daryl with Carol, and I never shipped him with Beth. And while the moment between him and Carol tonight was super sweet (just like their reunion) I really hope they don’t get together. Please let them be platonic besties who have a really amazingly close bond but just don’t get together. It’s possible, even though on every show EVER the boy and girl get together, I really need aromantic/asexual Daryl. 

One Day

Fall 2014, I lost someone, 

my best friend, my nigguh

the pain of not knowing when i’m allowed to talk again is too much

because of one small mistake

but i’m going to change that in the future.

you’re still my boy but I have to patiently wait until it’s the right time to talk again,

can’t let another mistake come, i want this reunion to be smooth as it goes,

i miss all our times with being crazy to the serious moments. 

one day we’ll meet again and continue where we left off, 

'till then i have to stay in this prison of mine, hoping the day i get out

to that nigguh 4 life, i’ll see you soon

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so what i see happening tonight(or in the future) is bellamy is coming home from mt weather w the survivors or whatever, and clarke sees him, and their faces light up and they get so happy and out of no where bellamy gets shot and it's slow-mo and he falls to the ground and clarke is running to him and she catches him and hes dying in her arms and she starts crying and kisses him and he says "it was worth the risk..." and then dies oh my god i'm so sorry

gOOOOSH DON’T THROW UR FEELS AT ME feeling hella hurt 
Yeah cause how silly would it be from the writers to just give us a new happy reunion?? like nope not gonna happen. And I really think we’re gonna see them meet this season, so no good, we are getting closer and closer to the finale. And nothing good never happens there. I REALLY HOPE YOUR PREDICTIONS ARE WRONG CAUSE I CAN DEFINITELY SEE THEM DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS we need to pray


"Veni, Vidi, Amavi"

Nostalgia is a real thing, I do not want to deal with it, Milan Kundera said of nostalgia- the Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.
It does not do to keep turning one’s glance back, I hope we bump into each other again in some distant future. Wished you were here to see this other side of Singapore, when families get together during a festive holiday, there is a human face to the overpowering bubble of a capitalist/consumerist culture in Singapore. I am excited for the reunion dinners we shall be having over Chinese New Year, the laughter, sitting together at the same table, wine, hot pot, rice, home made noodles. A hot pot set in the centre of the round table, fresh ingredients (fishballs, abalone, fish slices, eggs) laid out around the hot pot, everyone with their own soup ladle, grandpa fussing over the hot pot, trying to get the electric stove cranking, grandma sitting on a stool in the living room, exhausted from the day’s preparations. I wish you were here. Going to Chinatown on New Year’s Eve to soak in the festive atmosphere, jostling together with thousand other people trying to put their joss sticks into the holy urn of one temple in Chinatown, and eventually getting home and falling into a contented and drowsy comatose until the next day. I wish you were here. Dressing up in our New Year’s best on the first day of the year, slapping on some makeup, visiting grandma’s house in the morning for the routine homemade vegetarian noodles grandma whips up, I wish you were here. Seeing families being together - laughing, smiling, carrying small paper bags of mandarin oranges as they shuffle from one house to another as one cohesive unit of love and joy. You should be here. “Wish you were here” is a phrase loaded with so much poignance, yearning and nostalgia.

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I'm just scared that in the end they'll screw us over and we'll get some last minute half-assed reunion between S/M and J/R will be left open ended in the finale. I really want S/R to be endgame. I hope we get spoilers that they're filming in the finale together.

Don’t worry. I don’t think that they will do that. In the end though, they will end it how they see is best and I trust that.