Calling all rinharus

Its been almost a year since the mook came out and we all came together in one large group chat. We, the few of us still in the group chat, miss you all and we understand that things get in the way. We were hoping to set up a reunion day on the chat’s one year anniversary! July 29th we are hoping to meet up again! No particular time, just stop in! We want to see old friends and new friends too! even if you weren’t in the chat feel free to join us! 

We just want to ask to keep the ship hate very minimal.



Below i’m tagging anyone i can remember from the chat. I’m really sorry if i miss you and if you know someone not on the list, tag them!

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Beach City Drift was a great episode. Although I wonder how Stevonnie was able to drive.

I was hoping that Kevin would get redeemed or something, but I guess not.

But I’m glad Stevonnie made another appearance. They don’t get enough screen time.

So now we have to wait two days until the next episode. The next week will be an exciting one, I can imagine. I’m really looking forward to Monster Reunion and Alone At Sea.

I know Monster Reunion will be about you-know-who. I saw the clip, and I’m excited.

I know that there were leaks for Alone At Sea, but I didn’t see any of them because I decided that I was no longer going to be watching any more clips or pictures from unaired episodes. I know it’s the one where Lapis and Steven are on a boat and I heard somewhere by accident that it’s the one where Greg goes fishing. But I don’t think it’ll be just that. I have a feeling it’ll be something more than just fishing, but I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and “sea” for ourselves haha.(Honestly I really can’t wait to see this episode and the wait is killing me).

I really hope that soon Older!Wally is going to finally be able to tell Iris who he is. I need that reunion scene of having the first person to ever love him remember her most important person ever. I mean, Wally can have people remember him just by touching them thanks to the speed force (according to Titans).

I just really need it. We get to see Barry’s inner monologue of having Older!Wally back in his life (which gives me life because it’s so emotional!!!) now we just need Iris’s thoughts.

Also, Linda. Because last we saw her she was confused about the love of her life (who she doesn’t remember) coming out of nowhere and trying to get her to remember. From what I’ve read she needs more happiness in her life. Hopefully we can get Irey and Jai back at some point as well.

tricornking  asked:

A terrible thought occurs...what if, instead of Jasper, it's BISMUTH through whom we learn how a Gem becomes corrupt & a monster? It DOES involve some kind of "great trauma" after all...

OH MY GOD!!!  THAT IS TRUE.  I don’t know though, I still feel like if anything it would be centipeedle with how we learn how a gem gets corrupt and become a monster.  We’re gonna get an episode called monster reunion, and I’m just hoping we see centipeedle again and learn how they got corrupted.  BUT who knows!  It could be bismuth or jasper.

chiefhiccstrid  asked:

Haaaaapy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day, my long lost dragon friend. I mean how lucky was it that we were on the same study abroad trip? Still can't get over it! Miss you and hope to see you again soon! <3

HELLOOO!!! D’aww thank you soo much long lost hiccstrid fan, ahe! I know right? It was DESTINY! *Dory pun intended* I miss ya ever sooo much! Can’t wait till the class reunion and we can get together again. *warm hugs* ^_^

anonymous asked:

Feyre; reunion

I know what you’re wanting Anon. I want it too (so so bad, come on 2017 GET HERE ALREADY). Here’s my version of the Feyre/Rhysand reunion. If you were hoping for smut I’m going to have to disappoint you. I’m not in a nsfw mood. :) Some spoilers for acomaf under the cut.

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