Things I want to see on GMW

This was inspired by the overwhelming need to see Mr Turner reunited with Shawn, which Tony himself wants! It got me thinking about other reunions between characters from Boy Meets World I still really want to see on Girl Meets World. I hope we I check many off by the end of the season. 

Shawn and Mr Turner - Its upsetting that there have been two episodes filmed with Mr Turner and Shawn hasn’t been in either. But with Turner the Superintendent of Manhattan Schools, it shouldn’t take much to get at least a third appearance from him. The most logical context for me would be Shawn needing some guidance regarding Maya and his relationship with her. Who better to help him figure out his role in Maya’s life than the person who filed that role for him?

Shawn and Jack - With Jack returning already once, again without Shawn, we need to see the Hunter brothers reunite. I hope we aren’t supposed to think they’ve been out of contact for 15 years…

Shawn, Cory, Topanga, and Minkus - The original core 4 circa BMW Season 1 despite what the writers say about none of the current 4 fitting into any particular role it would be fun to see an episode paralleling them and see the 4 adults together. Maybe a parent/teacher conference gone wacky?

Shawn, Cory, Topanga, Minkus, and Mr Feeny - The only thing topping the original scenario would be a appearance of their teacher. Everything is better with a little Feeny!

Shawn and Minkus - After seeing the Farkle/Shawn interaction in Home for the Holidays, this one is overdue. They had such a funny dynamic back in the day. I’m sure Minkus would have some fun with Shawn like he did with Cory and Topanga,

Shawn and Jennifer - “SPOILER ALERT* I guess that I should preface with that since this technically is spoilerland. I love that Jennifer Basset is Farkle’s mom. The reason its so great is because of the conflict between her and Cory and Shawn. How fun to see the exes cross paths! I have a feeling with seeing Farkle being a surprise for him last season, Jennifer would be a big surprise to him. It would be priceless.

Shawn and Eric - As notorious as it that these two couldn’t handle filming together, their characters had a hilarious though somewhat tense dynamic.The actors are great friends. Why can’t we see them in a episode together.

Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric - Most of this is because I love the friendship of the four actors. The onset pictures alone if they had both Will and Rider in the same show with Ben and Danielle would be such a treat. Their enjoyment of working together would be very obvious on the screen.

Eric and Mr Feeny - I think this goes without saying and the Feeny call alone would be good reason why. Feeny and Eric were very close the whole series, it just has to happen. I’m sure Feeny would still be very proud of Eric. Will and Bill are still very close which is the sweetest thing.

Eric and Tommy - Before two weeks ago when I found out about this, it would have definitely been on my list but it doesn’t need to be on it anymore. I still can’t believe it actually happened and with such secrecy!

Eric and Josh - We’ve seen Cory interact with both brothers but we need to see them interact with each other. Something goofy seems obvious but seeing that despite being so much older that Eric still really cares about him. No doubt it would be wonderful!

Eric and Amy and Alan - There were so many funny scenes between them in BMW. It would be really lovely to see Will and Rusty share scenes again as well as Will and Betsy.

Eric and Morgan - At least with original Morgan, who he affectionately called Weasel, there were some amazing scenes between the two of them. If we see Lily play Morgan, I would be so happy if we could see Eric greet her by calling her Weasel again and with a big hug, because he would.

Eric, Cory, Morgan, Josh - This may fit better with second Morgan, though I prefer original Morgan, since she was the one around when Josh was born. Either way I would love to see more sibling dynamics, especially concerning Morgan and Josh. 

Eric, Cory, Morgan, Josh, Amy, and Alan - I just want lots of Matthews Family moments. I would love to see any and all combinations but most importantly all of them together. Maybe if they have a Christmas episode this year. It would be like last year but more. Shawn would be there and of course Maya. Katy also regardless of the status of her relationship with Shawn. I hope Christmas is always a family one like Season 1. If only one episode a season would have BMW feels everywhere it should be for Christmas. 

Josh and Amy - I loved all of the great moments between Alan and Josh in Home For The Holidays. It was great to see that Josh was proud of Alan, as much as Alan was afraid of that not being the case back in BMW. However, Amy was always close with her children, and I imagine that would be equally true with Josh, especially with how he was born. I figure she was extremely over protective with him for a while. Plus despite the whole Ma bit but I think he’s very sweet to her.

Coming out

Today I’m thinking about coming out: why we do it, what we hope for, what we get, and what we do next.

When I came out to my mother as bi and poly, I expected her to be supportive.  She had loved me all my life.  I thought of her as open-minded.  (This was the woman who accepted a transgender classmate at a reunion with nothing more than, “Well, I see you’ve changed!”) We were so close. Or at least we had been, until I started hiding part of my life from her.  

And of course that’s why I came out to her.  I wanted to be close to her.  I wanted to share the important things in my life with her, rather than distancing myself from her by hiding them.

My mother’s initial reaction was, um, not positive.  Painfully so.  We ended up agreeing to disagree.  For several years, I didn’t mention the issue to her again. I thought she was growing more accepting, since she didn’t bring it up to harangue me to change my ways.

It turned out that, actually, she was constructing an elaborate story in her mind.  She thought I’d been led astray from friends, and if I could just get away from them, I’d go back to being the person she wanted me to be.  When she realized that wasn’t true, one dramatic, traumatic Thanksgiving afternoon, she reacted, um, poorly.  So poorly that I refused to alone with her for months, because I was too afraid of being hurt by what she might say to me.

Now, finally, years after that Thanksgiving, eight years after coming out, I’m beginning to wonder if she may be starting to soften.  She’s asking me about my love life.  Doing the “nosy mother” thing she did when I first started dating in high school.  I wonder if she might be ready to accept someone else in my life, someone else important to me.  But here’s the big question:  am I willing to take the risk to find out?

Do I open myself myself up, let her in, and risk being hurt again? Or do I keep my distance, forget about trying to forge a close relationship with my mother, and just limit the time I spend with her instead of, maybe, enjoying it?

And will I regret it if I never try again?

Edit: And after I posted this, when I called my mom tonight, after chatting for a while, she asked, “So, how’s your love life?” 

I paused. Blinked.


“That’s good. Whatever makes you happy.”


I just finished Vesperia! I loved it so much! I think Abyss still takes the cake for my favorite Tales of game so far, but I plan to playing more of them when I get a chance so we’ll see. (Raven, however, takes the new trophy for being my favorite Tales character. Sorry Guy :c)

I was just a little sad with the ending, a little. ONLY because the ending scene wasn’t what I’d hoped for. I kinda wanted to see a reunion with everyone years later, including Duke too, and maybe have them hint at what everyone was up to now cause it was kind of hard to tell throughout the credits exactly what was going on. (Those end credits were adorable though holy cow!!) Oh well, I guess just Duke isn’t all that bad, I’m glad he didn’t die anyways.

tl;dr: The ending wasn’t as big of a tear jerker for me as Abyss was, but I still really liked it.

Anyways, it’s a good thing I finished it tonight because now I can spend tomorrow putting together my portfolio for my interview on Thursday without wondering what will happen next in that game heh.

RExp.: Desperado, Chap.1-2

Journal of GoingToTheTardis’s FF reading experiences (x):

Desperado, by BubblyGal92 (Chap.1-2)

This is a story I’ve read at least twice now, and I think it’ll always be one I enjoy rereading.  It’s a fascinating take on a reunion fic, and there are some really brilliant elements that make it stand out for me.  I’m not sure yet how I’m going to break up the chapters; the first half is in Pete’s World, while the second half explores Rose in the primary universe.  So we’ll see.  Let’s get started!!  I hope you enjoy these reading experiences!  :)  

Warning: Major spoilers under the cut.  (This RExp is a bit long.  Oops.  The words got away from me.)

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dust off your highest hopes by takeittothestars

For this prompt from Niamh:
“Yes I know we all love the pretend-boyfriends trope but why aren’t there 100 more stories of Derek or Stiles pretending to be someone else’s pretend boyfriend and the other getting really fucking jealous about it - because one-night-stands are one thing but seeing someone they’ve been in denial about crushing on act all affectionate and boyfriendly with someone they’re comfortable around is a new brand of hell.

Like Erica taking Derek to her high school reunion as a little fuck-you to all the idiots who never noticed her, or Lydia recruiting Stiles to some smart people convention still stuck in the Dark Ages and only taking men’s research seriously, so she uses the most convenient boy in her life as a gateway to get in there and shame all the closed-minded assholes.

Like of course it’s all pretend but they’re a little TOO good at acting it out and then whoever isn’t in on it is at the hotel bar angrily ordering ice cream sundaes and looking for someone to hit on to take their mind off it and failing miserably.


You know, one of my fav reunions/first meetings has been the Jane and Nannasprite one

I’m so happy Hussie didn’t forget about her. I wasn’t actually expecting them to meet up or talk at all? Like it was somethin I always WANTED to happen but for some reason I just didn’t think it would.

Now if Jade would just wake up… and meet Jake… my happiness would skyrocket

so I went to a small high school. I just got invited to a facebook group for my graduating class planning a class reunion a year from now. it’s all like “what will you be doing on august long weekend 2016?” and we’re all like PROBABLY NOTHING IF I’M GOING OFF OF EXPERIENCE BUT IDK MAYBE THIS IS MY YEAR - also weird: it hasn’t been 10 years yet, so it will be our 7 year reunion? sure hope I graduate this year like I plan to because there’s no relationships on my horizon (for good reason!) and I’ll need to feel successful because SOMEBODY said one time (behind my back) that I’d “never get a boyfriend” and that same SOMEBODY said another time (to my FACE) when we had a crush on the same guy that she “didn’t see me as competition” (and she was wrong btw because he never dated her and when we all went to the movies he insisted on sitting beside me and our hands/arms touched in a very intentional way so there) and I swear if her husband was cute at all I would flirt with him so hard