I just wish for a scene between Stiles and Scott while rescuing Lydia that would go somewhere along the lines of Scott being in a situation where he have to stay to fight or he can’t go further and they both know it’s only up to Stiles now.
So Scott is worried for his best friend but doesn’t say a word and just nod at Stiles with understanding because he knows that this girl means the world to him and even tho the plan didn’t go so well, backing away now to try again later is not in Stiles’ mind. Scott knows Stiles would do anything to save lydia including going solo to rescue her even tho it means risking his own life

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OMFG finally my fav. blog is making gif reactions aaaaaaah!!!! ChimChim, TaeTae and Sugabear cumming in you by accident.

you are too cute!!! this made me happy reading ahah. i srsly dont know why u guys followed me for so long with such little content lol. But im super happy to be making reactions again n.n I hope u enjoy!! 


Suga: HOLY FUCK that was not meant to happen 

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Jimin: im so sorry omg. babe we can fix this holy shit. 

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Taehyung: crap

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Okay i really need to make this post

when i see one of my friends having a bad time my first instinct is to physically comfort them (like hugging) but i cant do that through the internet and it really frustrates me cause i cant comfort through words but i really want to help my friends 

im just so bad with words and it doesnt help that i question what i say even makes sense half the time its taking me a long time just to type this out

that being said, if you ever need to vent to someone im pretty much available most of the time and you can message me. unfortunately i wont be able to respond with anything good but i can just reply with like a single letter message or something to let you know that i read what you sent me 

i just dont want any of my friends to think that they’re being ignored and no one is listening  cause i care about you guys so much and im always willing to lend an ear


Tatiana Volosozhar + Maxim Trankov + Stéphane Lambiel | Iron

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can you rec some 21p songs that are similar in style to truce? (basically like the always or northern downpour of panic!)

i’ll try my best!! i get what u mean but im not too sure but imo:

kitchen sink / regional at best

forest / regional at best

glowing eyes / regional at best

anathema / regional at best

implicit demand for proof / twenty one pilots

addict with a pen / twenty one pilots 

before you start your day / twenty one pilots

oh ms believer / twenty one pilots

taxi cab / twenty one pilots

theyre all either from regional at best or the self-titled lmao but yeah!!! hope this helps u friend :–)