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Concept: nb saitama +Genosai snuggles

my sweet babies so gay so blessed

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Hey! May I request woojin finding out you a run about him?

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thanks for requesting!! 

- ok i hope u meant a blog about him bc it kinda cut off LOL 

- ok anyways, woojin is just going about his day 

- and suddenly he gets a text from daehwi!! 

- and he’s like ‘’what does he want’’ bc the last time he got a text from daehwi,, he tried to prank him but luckily woojin found out lmfao 

- and he checks it and daehwi is like

- ‘’hyung!! check this out [link]’’ 

- and woojin is like ‘’daehwi is pure and innocent it can’t be that bad’’ and he clicks the link and it takes him to this blog?? 

- and he’s about to text daehwi what it was but the title caught his eye 

- ‘’blogs about the boy i rlly love’’ (lmfao really cheesy go me) 

- and woojin is like ??? but scrolls down and he just f r e e z e s

- bc the first thing he sees is himself 

- and he is likes whaT THE 

- but then he reads the caption and it’s like 

- ‘’my boyfriend is super cute!! look at his outfit!! he looks really good don’t u think~” 

- and he can only think of one person who would do this 

- you 

- and lowkey, he’s flattered but he can’t wait to hold this against u LMFAO and so he continues to scroll down 

- and he seeS MORE 

- ‘’my boyfriend is so photogenic ??? how can a person be this attractive??” (ok deadass me too) 

- ‘’today i saw woojin!! he looked really cute and when he first saw me, he couldn’t stop smiling!! is this what love feels like?? whenever i see him, i get butterflies…’’ 

- ‘’i had a rough day today…but seeing woojin made it all better!! we got ice cream together and walked around the park when the sun was setting! it was really romantic~ but everything that gave me a tough time was forgotten when i saw woojin!! im so lucky to have him~”

- and he’s deadass blushing now bc as he scrolls down, u describe ur day and u describe how much u loved him and how he made u happy and that life was looking so much better now that he was in bc he made u so happy and for once, u weren’t sad and lost in ur life 

- and woojin,,, 

- he can only drop his phone and cover his face bc wOW u amazed him every time

- and hearing u say how much u loved him and how much happier u were made him rEAL happy 

- and that u weren’t so sad anymore bc woojin cheered u up and picked u back up whenever u fell down and just

- it made his body feel warm just reading that and he can only mentally scream LMFAO at how cute u were and how lucky he was to have u 

- ok but after he was done fanboying he went to text u lol  

- him: hey,, whats this [link] 


- him: kekeke someone sent me this *eyes emoji bc i dont have that on my mac rn* 


-him: why??? i think its quite cute actually,,,,

- you: its so embarrassing im sorry ill go delete it

- him: nOO!! i think its cute!! keep it,,, im glad i made u happy :DDDD 

- you: NDJKFNDKNDKFND pls but ur so cute i love u 

- him: i love u too <3333333

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(Okay question that has to do with characters more than the story itself) Who da heck is Howard?

((Howard the Spy in Hetalia . The Spy England met in Rome in season 1 or 2 ,i believe, and helped him escape from Germany by making England wear an Italian disguise.

 He also showed up in Hetaween 2013-2014 as a ghost 

So yeah, he does not represent any country. He’s one of the few non country characters in Hetalia)) 

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Headcanons for shiro and his s/o acting as space dad and space mom

(SPACE PARENTS ARE BEST PARENTS! :D )(I hope this is wat u meant ah)

- you two are THE power couple. Like when it comes to taking care of your 4 space children you two have got it down to a science

- Lance and Keith are arguing again? Shiro gets them to quit fighting and you talk it out with them to get them to apologize

- Pidge is staying up too late again? If one of you finds her and it goes 2 ways: one, you stay with her and slowly convince her to go to sleep (this is usually Shiro’s route) or two you drag her to bed (mom’s answer sometimes)

- You two have gotten the parent looks down too. It shuts the others up real quick (except Keith, it usually takes a bit more to get the point across but he catches on. It effects Lance and Hunk the most cause they know those looks all too well)

- But despite the troubles, you two are very loving towards your little family (and each other of course)

- Allura has also become part of the family as the one aunt (you two are like siblings it’s kinda funny)

- Coran has gladly taken the role of the uncle (and no one argues cause he just fits it so well with his energy, vast knowledge, and wacky stories)

- Shiro has used the dad jokes after Lance accidentally called him dad while they were visiting a planet (it’s how the whole thing started)

- Hunk called you mom after he hurt himself repairing his lion and that title just stuck like glue

- The others will call you these titles when they either did something wrong or are complaining (Lance: Uh, hey moomma (Y/N)? I think I broke it. Shiro: Lance, not again. Lance: I was asking for mom oh space father of mine.) i sometimes say to my dad ‘oh father of mine’ so i just threw it out there cause lolz