I can move in with you. We could get married too, go on our honeymoon. Maybe we should, finish this coffee first. It might sound a little weird, it’s like I’ve known you for years, so every word you hear might just sound a little over-rehearsed. The world keeps spinning, it won’t stop. It’s just beginning, ‘cause I got high hopes. High hopes. High hopes for me and you - and when we grow old, I’ll say ‘I told you so’, ‘cause I got high hopes. 


paintie commissions I’ve done so far! i’m slowly getting the hang of making these :>


hello hello hello!! my name is sam and i was //s u p e r// excited about this meetup bc my fave things on the planet are cats so i would like to show you my four babes!! their names are in the captions~~

so anyways i thank the creators of this meetup bc it’s amazing nd i hope you all have an amazing day!! OuO


Some sort of digital practice i guess ?? 

I mostly only draw portraits (as you can see) I should probably start practicing body anatomy again lmao

I’m sorry for the lack of art. i’ve been going through a major artblock lately and overall i haven’t been very motivated, but i do hope to get over it soon!!

anyways, i hope u like it!!

anonymous asked:

i just found your blog &i stalked almost maybe all of your art? i think im half way there and oh my god i cant help with the feels. your art is so amazing!!!! esp with the otps i cANT. the vmin one- w/ the caption saying 'pls dont make tae sad'?? if u remember ofc. that one was my fAV. im a writer, so i was hoping you wont mind if i use that as an insp for my story?? i hope its okay!! your art is rly, rly amazing!! i hope i can draw like u one day haha i rly like drawing too. bless u n ur art!!


Sure you can!
Also thank you

Nagi No Asukara -

A  l u l l  i n  t h e  s e a

Sayu Hisanuma.

Yep a minimalist since I can’t see any minimalists of her anywhere lmao hope you like this xD

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