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From the five word prompts list: "don't you dare walk away" and Yoongi? I saw your tag saying to send one and I hope this is what you meant haha :)

Fights were becoming increasingly common between you and your fiancee. Your once blissful relationship had somehow gone terribly wrong, and you weren’t even sure how. What should be the usual argument about whose turn it is to take out the trash somehow always turns into a screaming match. But the fight tonight was different.

“I’m going to the studio,” Yoongi said picking up his keys and jacket. “I can’t fucking deal with this shit tonight.”

Don’t you dare walk away, we need to talk about this!”

He spun to face you. “Talk about what? About every single fucking problem we’ve ever had? Because I’m tired of it. It’s become a thing every night this since I’ve come back from tour and I can’t fucking stand it!”

“Well let’s talk and work it out then.”

“No, I can’t do this anymore. Every time we try it just ends with us at each others throats.”

You felt your heart shatter at his words. “W-what do you mean you can’t do this anymore?”

His voice was soft as he spoke. “I’m tired Y/N. My job is straining and coming home to this is becoming too much. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Tears began to blur your vision at the thought of things ending with Yoongi. You’d been together for so long. You’d even been planning your wedding in a few short months. But now everything seemed to be crashing down around you with such a simple phrase. “You can’t me-”

“I do.” His back was turned toward you, he didn’t even look at you because he didn’t have the strength. He knew what he was doing and he knew what it would do to you. “I want to call off the wedding.” The truth was he loved you, but he didn’t love the relationship. It had changed and you were no longer the happy couple you once were.

“After five years you just want to end it?” You felt hurt, betrayed and confused. Was this really the end?

“We aren’t the same anymore.”

“I still love you,” you whispered.

Yoongi’s heart broke at your confession. He wavered for a moment wanting nothing more than to take your pain away. A tear slid down his cheek, “I love you too but sometimes love just isn’t enough.” And with those final words he walked out of your life.

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Would you ever consider doing a simple furry tutorial? Maybe just even the bust? I love love your art and smooth lineart, I just always have troubles making my faces (furry or otherwise) look "whole" and not just pieced together :/ You rock!

Oh boy I hope this was what you meant haha. I’m still leaning how to draw anthro furries myself, I just plop a dog head on a fuzzy mans body lol Also thank you! Any other questions feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to answer!

It's a Start//A Newt Imagine

Anonymous said: “Can you do a Newt imagine where he notices you’re subtle self detective behaviours and tries to confront you?”

Anonymous said: “Newt imagine where he says I love you while fighting.”

I thought these made sense together and I’m not sure but I think, first anon, you meant self-deprecating like you’re always cutting yourself down? I hope that’s what you meant, haha.


Title: It’s a Start

Character/Celebrity: Newt (Maze Runner)

Word Count: 753

Rating: T

Warnings: language, self-deprecating behavior


You didn’t do it on purpose.

Sometimes you wondered if this was how you were before the Glade or if this was something WICKED programmed into you, the self-deprecating things you couldn’t help but say any time someone complimented you.

In your defense, it was little things. Like saying “I was slow today” when one of the other runners told you good job in the Maze, or “Someone else would have thought of it” whenever you had an idea in a Gathering.

You really couldn’t help it. It was just something you did.

One day, Newt had requested you bring him some dinner because he was going to be working in the Map Room for a bit. You grabbed a plate from Frypan, who was used to Newt not bothering to come to him for it himself, and headed in that direction.

When you got to the Map Room, Newt was bent over some papers near the model of the Maze.

“Hey.” You said softly, trying not to bother him as you set the plate down near him. He barely looked up.

“Thanks, Y/N.” He said. “You’re amazing.”

“Hardly.” You commented. “It’s not a big deal. See you later, yeah?” You saw him pick up the sorry excuse for a roll (physically, of course; the taste was surely incredible) and tear a piece off as you turned to leave. You were almost to the door when he spoke.

“Why do you do that?” His mouth was half full of bread and he sounded ridiculous, but he was your superior and you kept your face straight as you let go of the door handle.

“Do what?” You asked, turning back to him. He was looking at you now, swallowing the bite he’d taken.

“Cut yourself down like that.” He said, shrugging one shoulder like you should have known what he meant. You raised your eyebrow.

“I didn’t cut myself down.” You said, laughing a little. “It really wasn’t a big deal.” He rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t necessarily mean that, Y/N.” He said. “I mean any time someone compliments you, or says you did a good job, or says anything positive to you in general.” You chewed on the inside of your cheek.

“Dunno.” You admitted. “Just something I do, I guess.”

“That’s not really a good answer.” He said. It was your turn to roll your eyes.

“Why do you even care, Newt?” You didn’t ask it as a jab, just a genuine question.

“Why do I care?” He repeated the question, standing from his chair and walking closer to you. “Don’t you know how hard it is?”

“How hard what is?” You asked, confused about how this could possibly be about him now.

“Being in love with someone who doesn’t even love herself.” He said. He didn’t look like he’d said it by accident, more like he was trying to gauge your reaction to his confession. “Because it’s really hard, Y/N.” He reached out for you, finger tips slipping over your skin so he could hold your face in his palm.

“Newt.” You said, so surprised you didn’t know what else to say. He brushed his thumb over your cheek.

“Hmm?” He was distracting you on purpose.

“What’re you doing?” You asked. He smiled down at you.

“Trying to show you that you’re beautiful.” He said, fingertips playing with the hair at the back of your head a bit.

“I’m not-”

But he cut you off, mouth seeking out yours in a kiss that, all at once, knocked the wind right out of you and made you feel like you could finally breathe.

Your arms wrapped around his neck of their own accord, lazily resting on his shoulders.

“Okay?” He asked, making sure you didn’t mind him kissing you and you fought the urge to roll your eyes at him.


“Good that.” He whispered, kissing your forehead. “You know you’re amazing, right? There’s no reason to cut yourself down all the time.”

You sighed but didn’t say anything in response. He smiled.

“You didn’t correct me.” He commented. “It’s a start.” You smirked, reaching out for him once more.

“I guess you’ll just have to keep trying.”

You swallowed his laugh easily.


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This was requested: “A mix about unusual heartbreakers?” I hope this is what you meant, haha. Enjoy!

Listen Here: Unusual Heartbreakers.


Lolita // Lana Del Rey

Girls // Marina & The Diamonds

Elastic Heart // Sia, The Weeknd

Criminal // Fiona Apple

Girls // The 1975

Acapella // Karmin

Here’s To The Heartbreakers // Katy McAllister

How To Be A Heartbreaker // Marina & The Diamonds

Lonely Girl // Tonight Alive