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okay so i watched all of aos a couple weeks back and it kinda felt like it wasnt done? like it ended on a huuge cliffhanger so i was wondering if you knew which episode of aos was the latest, like which season and which episode? just in case the site i watch on didnt have all the episodes i mean..

AAAAAAAAH BEST SHOW EVER well the last episode is 2x10 - What They Become, and it’s not the end of the season yet, there was just a mid-season hiatus (for some reason idk *shrugs* america) and that explains the huuuge mdfking cliffhanger bUT THEY ARE COMING BACK NEXT TUESDAY AAAAAAAAAH i literally have a countdown


Its hard to go on…
when your missing someone.
Their hugs, love, warmth and beauty,
Taken away .
Just another victim to the countless lifes addiction takes.
You question why they didnt think of you?
Why your face wasnt enough to pull them though?
Well its not your fault…
Even when my mother told me to help her leave the hospital,
I tried to hold it together, I hoped that she would pull through.
I couldnt work a miracle but I so badly wanted too, what I wanted in that miracle was to keep my mum with us.
I prayed even though I’m not religious, would of done anything to fix this.
Yet I was only a little girl…
But for her,
I would of done anything,
to keep her in this world.

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I took a 6 month gap between high school and college and i dont regret it. I also didnt know what i wanted do to in college and i tought i wasnt ready, so i just "took a break"(i actually kept studying in that time lol). So i hope this helps!

It does help. I’m still confused cans have not made my mind yet but it’s good to see other people have done it and it’s likely that I will like it once I do it.

i just got attacked by a little mix account on twitter for talking about lm being problematic and i was not rude at all to them and they told me “get off your high horse and get the fuck over yourself” like BYE I WASNT MEAN OR RUDE TO YOU AT ALL YOU ARE JUST REALLY IGNORANT and this other one tried to belittle the problem and me being upset over lm being problematic then we started having an ok convo that isnt done yet so i hope they dont get mad at me in the end.