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Ohhh hold up I think I get you now. I think a big thing left out of our conversation was context. I meant that I dont get offended when the queens say dyke cause its not being used as an insult but a joke, theyre not actually trying to like cuss anyone out or whatever just using the word a like a punch in the joke or trying to be funny, which i'm cool with. I totally agree that you have the right to be offended if someone, no matter their sexuality, calls you a dyke whose trying to offend you.

i mean the issue i have w queens using it “jokingly” is that it normalizes the use of the word therefore more ppl use it &not understand why its wrong ykwim?? and imo if ur using a slur for shockfactor as the punch of ur joke u should prob reevaluate ur joke lmaoo. but basically what im trying to say is tht obv queens using it jokingly isnt the root of the problem but it has a hand in creating spaces where non lesbians feel comfortable and okay to use the terms when they shouldnt be using them at all. 

  • y'all: i hope 5sos never change, always trust us and love us. they deserve the world, happiness, everything
  • 5sos: are comfortable enough to post pictures with their girlfriends
  • y'all: *send hate to the boys, their girlfriends* lol their relationship is so fake he is obviously not happy

a while back someone made a post about how arya has “internalised misogyny” since arya thinks catelyn wouldn’t want her back because she’s not feminine enough. i didn’t contribute at the time but i’ve been thinking about it and it’s just such a simplified interpretation of how arya is thinking and feeling

i remember the op was saying how arya believes that she is less valuable as a woman because she isn’t traditionally feminine like sansa, which would translate to internalised misogyny, but this isn’t really the case. arya doesn’t think that she is somehow lesser because she isn’t good at sewing, she knows that the world thinks that she is lesser. this, and of course the bullying, is where her insecurities come from. she’s not struggling with her own misogyny, she’s struggling with it in the world. this has been the point, like, the whole time. why would arya’s idol be princess nymeria if arya thought it was ‘bad’ to be a leader and a warrior. 

arya thinks catelyn won’t want her back because catelyn valued all the things that arya wasn’t good at (and was therefore bullied by septa mordane, sansa and jeyne poole). this is shown again when arya thinks of sansa. she thinks: “i’ll kiss her and beg her pardons like a proper lady, she’ll like that.” the key phrase here is: “she’ll like that.” arya isn’t saying she would do this because she thinks its the better way to behave or whatever, but because sansa thinks it is. all of arya’s insecurities and doubts are rooted in her feelings about her family’s (i.e. sansa’s and catelyn’s) values, and not her own. she is trying to be herself and please her family at the same time.

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i rr like ur art and i was wonderin how you pick out your color schemes when you draw? like do u just kind of yolo it or do u have like a thing u do lol

thank u !!! actually i already tried to explain one way i pick colors here , tho thats pretty old and only refers to analogous color schemes so… im gonna try to update it a lil bit! (btw everything ill say from this point on is just based on my own experience, im no art student and im sry if anything i explain makes no sense….!! ANYWAY moving on)

1) probably the thing i use the most are analogous color schemes bc theyre easy to do and look very calm and harmonous:

the two colors i show on the color pick thing are the ones farthest to the left and right, every other color is somewhere between them! bc of this the drawing looks calm and natural. most of the different colors u can see are created by playing around with the saturation!

2a) something i only recently started using frequently is the analogous color scheme with a highlight:

the most part of the drawing is done in analogous colors, but i added a highlight to kinda of… “break open” the closed off feeling that analogous schemes usually have! for that highlight i tend to use a higher saturated color on the other side of the color wheel, or at least one that doesnt “match” the other colors.

2b) most of the time i do the highlight not like this tho, but in the lineart:

thats a lot more subtle !

3) and sometimes i just do…..whatever lmao

Flip the script

I’ve been pondering. Pontificating. Another P-word.

I’ve seen a lot of people noting that season 12 is a rehashing of season 6, a rehashing of season 7, a rehashing of season 2, 3, 5…

And I realized, it’s not a rehashing of anything. It’s a rebuild, of everything. Dabb has always had an affinity for taking a thing from earlier in the show and making it his own in some way (See: “Bloodlines” usage of Dean/Cas dialogue for that Het couple). So, I think it makes a lot of sense that once he got the chance to really be in charge of this show, he took bits and pieces from everything and he’s flipping them one by one, and turning them into his own thing.

There have been so many things since he took over from the huge decisions like bringing back Mary Winchester, to the small details like using B-roll of a restaurant from season 2 and making it fit in with this season (not to mention the use of the exact same sound bite of Cas yelling “HEY ASSBUTT” from Swan Song - which was also used in a Dabb ep last season [11x10[ but we wON’T TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT REALLY BOTHERS ME LOL).

Anyway, it got me thinking about what exactly he’s trying to accomplish, and what it means for my main interest in all of this: Destiel.

After 11x23 aired, I was pretty distraught about the whole “you’re our brother, Cas” line because to me, this was Dabb’s moment to tell us where he was going with the show, and that’s what he chose. As time went on, I just kind of moved past it and told myself there was so much time before the show ends and anything can happen (which is my normal mantra when i get discouraged about destiel). I was upset about the line, at first, because it felt like such a huge regression. It had been so long since Dean had referred to Cas as a brother; family, sure - but brother? I was upset that instead of moving forward, we were moving back, and my worry was that it was where we would stay.

But as the season progresses, I’m starting to see things differently. Dabb was taken us back in MANY respects. With the revival of Mary, he’s essentially brought us back to the starting point of SPN. It’s not the same, of course. Things are different, it’s not 1983, it’s 2016. Dean isn’t 4 years old, he’s 38. They’ve been through a lot since then, but in a way it IS a regression, and just like Mary has to learn how to live in this world, and Dean has to learn to live with having a mother again, he is brought back to a time in his relationship with Cas, regressed to that time, and Dabb has brought us there so that he can rebuild it, just like he is going to try to rebuild a relationship between Dean and Mary, and Sam and Mary, and probably Sam and Dean as well.

I know there are other examples to back up this theory, but it’s 2:30AM and I am tired. Maybe I’ll add them later. But for now, I’m going to leave it here.

ETA: Also the title of this post is inspired by Metatron’s line in 9x22, written by Andrew Dabb:

Well, that’s an old writer’s trick – flipping the script. You start by building up a seemingly unbeatable enemy, like the death star, or a rival angel with a bigger army. That way, I look like the underdog. But then, oh, no! The competition gets greedy. He starts pushing things too much. With the help of my combustible double agents. And then, after a rousing speech, his true weakness is revealed. He’s in love with humanity. And now…I’m inevitable.


UGHHHHHH! @FuckYoLife1_87 is a serious POS who’s pinging off the charts with misogynoir and ableism. This woman is GORGEOUS and deception has nothing to do with it. Everyone should probably block this user… :|

Thanks goodness for @JennnVeee though 💖


more white locks featuring cl0uds wow spectacular

these r not mine btw just edits!! i’ll make original ones soon (including color swatches !!) it’s just that my exams start in like. a week’s time soo yea lol. at any rate i’ll be working on requests (…those that are interesting/doable at least) once my exams end in 2 weeks time so LOOK FORWARD!!! cos i am. hope everyone is doing well ~ positivity is good for ur health!!!!! u can do it ✨ make the most of ur little life

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Hi Hi, I wanted ask request that what if MC got amnesia and doesn't remember her significant other that much but still feels her heart flutter around them, how would the RFA react to that? Hope that makes sense (my internet cut when i tried to send so this might be a double message lol sorry)

MC got into one accident, but i’ll not mention it, because it’ll change all the focus of the HC.
Thank you for your request, and i hope you’ll like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He was sleeping by your side every day at the hospital.
  • He cried so much in that room…
  • But you never responded to his tears.
  • Seven convince him to go home, Yoosung doesn’t want to, but he needs to be calm, so he goes.
  • After some days, Seven said that you were good now.
  • He runs to the hospital, smiling, looking at you and you look at him.
  • He runs to you and hugs you, while you were sitting on the hospital bed.
  • “MC!” he said , hugging you so tight, and you just look to Jaehee that we’re by your side “…Who is he?”
  • Yoosung froze, and he looks at you with tears in his eyes, “You…You don’t remember who i’m?”
  • “No…” You said, looking at his eyes…You don’t remember his..But those eyes make you feel so calm…
  • “MC…This is your boyfriend…” Jaehee said, a little surprised by that situation
  • “It’s me…Yoosung…” He said, smiling while tears fall from his eyes, you’re still confused, but that name made your heart beat faster.
  • You feel confusion looking at him…But also…Love.
  • When you explain what you were feeling, Yoosung just smile and kiss your forehead “I’ll make everything work out…”
  • Yoosung spends every day there, telling you all those memories.
  • If you don’t remember them, that’s fine, you guys can make other ones, even better memories.


  • He was going to be strong for you.
  • This is the promise he made for himself.
  • Zen would visit the hospital every day, he’s almost living there.
  • When Jaehee called him and said that you were fine, but you had forgotten some things.
  • He doesn’t even question it, and go to you the faster he can.
  • He stops by the door looking at you, smiling, “Babe you’re alright?!”
  • You look at Jumin that is by your side “…Who’s he?”
  • “You must have luck to forget Zen” Zen look at him, with an angry expression 
  • “THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER YOU TRUST FUND KID!” He looks at you “Babe…Stop with this joke!”
  • You look at him, confused, you don’t remember him, but your heart is racing just to look at him, you look at Jumin “He…He’s my boyfriend?”
  • “Yes MC…You have a poor and peculiar taste…I’ll let you guys have some privacy” And like that, Jumin go away.
  • Zen can’t believe you forgot him “I think…It’s better if i go…” When he was walking away you call him.
  • He looks at you “…I don’t remember who you are…But…My heart goes so fast when you’re around…”
  • When you said that, he just smiled.
  • “Want me to tell you everything?”
  • Zen was going to keep his promise.
  • He’ll be strong for you.


  • The best doctors of the world are here for you.
  • When they said to Jumin that you were going to be alright, but you might forget some things.
  • When you woke up, everybody is there, you smiled, looking at everybody “Oh, hi….Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen, Seven, Saeran, V–” You stop at Jumin, looking at him confused, the smile that faded in his face away.
  • It can’t be…Did you…Forgot about him?
  • “…Who are you?”
  • You did.
  • Everybody looks at Jumin and you after that, you look at Elizabeth since he was holding her “Oh Elizabeth!”
  • You remember Elizabeth…But not him?
  • Jaehee told everybody to go away, she goes,  Jumin puts Elizabeth on the bed, you’re already playing with her, smiling…
  • Oh god…he missed this smile, you look at him while he was lost in his own thoughts “Were you, my boyfriend?”
  • You’re not dumb, you can see the way he looks at you, you figure things out, and your heart…It’s so fast.
  • He looks surprised “…Husband” you froze…Are you married?
  • “Oh…So it must have been hard for you…All of this” He suddenly starts to cry and hugs you, your heart is even faster, and you hug him back…His smell…It’s so familiar.
  • Even if you never remember anything about him again, you’ll happy to meet him “again”.


  • She’s calm, patient.
  • She’s waiting for you to wake up, and when you finally do that, she’s stroking your hair smiling
  • “MC…? Oh thank god you’re awake…” She’s smiling, her prayers have been answered.
  • You look at her, confused “…Who are you?”
  • Looks like you must have forgotten about her, but she wasn’t down by it.
  • Of course, it hurts, a lot.
  • “I’m Jaehee…Don’t worry, i’ll explain everything to you ok, but not now?”
  • “Can you explain it now?I’m so confused…I want to know why my heart is beating so fast when i look at you…”
  • She smiled by that and laugh “Ok…So i’ll tell you a history, about two friends… That was actually two soul mates.”
  • Everything will be fine, she’s praying for that.


  • He’s so worried, he’s sleeping in the hospital now, and he’ll not go out of there.
  • When you woke up, was on a visit, everybody was there and when they saw you open your eyes, they’re so happy!
  • Seven goes next to you smiling “MC you’re awake!”
  • You find it a little confusing, but you laugh “Yeah…I’m glad to see all my friends” You said smiling, looking at everybody, except Saeyoung.
  • So when you look at him, he’s crying, smiling, looking at you, so close to you “But…Who are you?”
  • His heart broke.
  • Now the tears that’s coming out of his eyes, it’s from sadness.
  • Maybe this is good, now you’ll be away from him. So he goes to the other members “…Let her believe in that…It’s better” he whispers to them.
  • And with that he goes out of that room, you look confused “Why is he like that? Looks like a dork” You laugh,“I just wanted to know…My heart is pretty fast after seeing him”.
  • When Saeran heard that he runs to his brother “STOP” He holds Seven’s arm and he looks at Saeran, ready to say something “She said that her heart beats faster with you…Stop being stupid! She loves you! Go back there idiot brother!”
  • Seven’s froze, thinking, and then he decides he’ll be with you, and if you don’t remember all these things…That’s ok, there were a lot of bad memories there.
  • You save him in a confusing moment of his life, he’ll pay his debts.
  • He’ll be patient.
  • Just like you were with him

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Hey Emy, I don't think this is a popular opinion but I sometimes wish that Brian never said "I love you" to Justin because he has always shown his love through actions, which counts more than words. Maybe it could be their own unique way of saying "fuck you" to conventionality, and of celebrating their love for one another? That being said, I still love that scene and the proposal even though I wish they took a different direction with the execution of the final season.

I get it, I do. I think one of the things that makes the Brian/Justin relationship so special is we could feel how much they loved each other, even without saying them saying the words, which isn’t the case for a lot of fictional relationships. Their love for each other shown through in every look, touch, and action, and that’s something really special to get to witness.

But I still think it was important for Brian to say those words, for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it was important to Justin to hear them, which is entirely valid. But also because it’s really about more than just the words themselves. Everybody knows Brian loves Justin, including Justin. Everybody sees it. But so long as Brian doesn’t say the words, he has an escape. If something should happen – if Justin leaves, or if Brian fucks everything up, or their relationship somehow implodes and leads to the type of pain he always said love induces – he can continue to hide behind the “I never loved him” facade. He can pretend Justin never meant anything to him, that he’s entirely unaffected by their relationship, that he’s still the same man he always was. 

But by explicitly telling Justin he loves him, Brian is taking a huge step in his emotional growth. All his fears he’s had about love, all his anxieties about relationships… they don’t matter anymore. Neither does his need to always be the one in control nor his desire to smother any sign of weakness or vulnerability. Brian is completely, utterly, irrevocably in love with Justin, and he’s not allowing fear to force him to keep that emotion hidden any longer.

That’s why I personally think it’s super important Brian ultimately said the words. Not because romantic couples need to say “I love you,” because as we’ve already established, everybody and their mother (literally) knows Brian loves Justin more than anything. But because it showed that the last of Brian’s walls that prevented him from fully opening up to another person. Brian’s entire journey in QAF was about getting to this point, where he can truly drop the Brian Kinney Persona and just be Brian, a man with a huge heart who learns to trust people in ways he never has before and be emotionally vulnerable with them and not care about the consequences. 

I do totally get what you’re saying, even though I respectfully disagree. However, I have no doubt that even though the words have now been exchanged, Brian and Justin will continue showing each other just how very much they love each other every single day for the rest of their lives. <33

unraveled (saeran x reader)

summary: saeran’s halloween costume is a little more than problematic.

rating: 13+ (mildly sexual situations, 707 name spoilers)

notes: ah. so i started writing this when i saw @riko-os​ post some mummy Saeran fanart earlier this month. It was originally meant to be longer and shorter at the same time if that makes any sense. LOL. 

Happy Halloween friends, hope you enjoy! (both the holiday and the fic LOL)

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Placing Differences Aside (Cassian Andor)

word count: 816

request: If you’re still taking requests, I found a sentence prompt! “I make bad decisions? You got stabbed in the stomach and *I* make bad decisions?” For Captaaaaaiiin Cassian Andor pretty please! If you would like to make it an x reader too that would be great but you do whatever you want lol (I rambled sorry)

requested by: @theoinkypiglet

a/n: Tweaked the prompt a little bit but I hope this works! 

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So i decided to mix two requests for this, I hope you all like it! Also Im really stoned so I hope it makes sense lol and Snooki was the only short girl gif i could find lol. 

Request: Can you write an imagine where you are married to Jax and when Tara moves back she tries to sleep with Jax. You find out and beat her ass!! Which makes Gemma like and accept you finally.
And :  Jax had ending up with a short girl, like 5ft or so, she’d be such a cute little spitfire, fierce and loving and she’d totally put Tara in her place when she came back to charming

“Hey shawtay.” Tig called as you walked into the clubhouse.
You raised your middle finger at him, a smirk on your face.
“Hey darlin,” Jax said, a smirk on his face as he leant down to kiss you.
His lips sent fire through your body and you stood on your toes to reach his lips.
The boys laughed and you glared at them before breaking into a smile.
You were 5 foot two, a tiny girl with a huge attitude. The boys loved giving you shit for your height and you truly didn’t mind.
You had been married to Jax for two years now, dating for five. Things were good, he loved you and you loved him. You were happy.
The club loved you and you loved them too, you had embraced the life and even Gemma had been impressed. That didn’t mean she liked you, though. You were married to her son but she still had her opinions. It was Gemma, after all.
You were loyal and fierce, and you’d put plenty of the crow eaters in their place over the years.
They knew not to mess with you now. You might have been small, but you were definitely fierce and you always stood your ground.
“Will you be home for dinner?” You asked, looking up at your old man.
He smiled down at you and moved the loose strands of hair behind your ear.
“Yeah, babe.”
“Good,” You smiled, “Im making lasagne.” You said and he grinned.
Your lasagne was his favourite and Gemma had not been impressed when the boys had agreed on how good it was. She had made her own and started a lasagne war, both of you perfecting your recipes and cooking for the whole club. You had won, of course, maybe that was why she disapproved of you so much.
You squeezed Jax’s hand and he leant down to kiss your lips again before you turned on your heels and headed for the door.
“Bye boys.” You called, a smirk on your face.
“See you at dinner!” Tig called while the rest of them yelled their goodbyes.
You raised your finger at him again and left the clubhouse.

You spent the day cleaning the house and it was the early afternoon when you started making the lasagne.
You had just diced an onion when there was a knock on the door.
You frowned slightly, and wiped your hands on the towel.
You walked slowly into the hallway, grabbing your gun out of the drawer of the hall table and holding it down by your side.
You hands heard any bikes and Gemma always called before showing up.
You weren’t sure who else could be at your house mid day and Jax had taught you to be extra careful, at all times.
You sidled up to the door and peered out the peep hole.
A woman with brown shoulder length hair stood on the doorstep. You could tell she was nervous but you didn’t recognise her face. She was pretty, though.
You held the gun behind the door as you opened it.
She looked surprised when she saw you and she fumbled with her hands.
“Can I help?” You asked calmly, your voice cool.
“Is uh, is Jax here?” She asked nervously.
You slid the gun into your waistband and lent against the doorframe, crossing your arms across your chest.
“Whats it to you?” You asked coldly, running your eyes up and down her body.
She frowned slightly and looked down at you.
“Im an old friend. I didn’t realise he’d gotten a maid. Ill try catch him at the club house.” She said.
You raised an eyebrow and smirked.
“Oh honey, you think Im the maid?” You laughed and dropped your hands, standing tall- well as tall as you could- and straight in the doorway.
A confused look crossed her face and you smiled at her coldly.
“Whats your name?” You asked.
“Uh, Tara. Knowles.” She said slowly.
“You sure about that?” You asked, smirking at her awkward posture.
“Im sorry, who exactly are you?” She asked and you could tell she was annoyed now.
You leant against the doorway once more as a smile spread across your face.
“(y/n). Teller.” You dragged out the last name, watching her expression change into shock and you smirked.
“Ill tell my old man you dropped by.”
She turned abruptly and marched back to her car and you watched as the black cutlass drove down your street and you made sure to wave her off before slinking back inside.

A few days had passed and you had told Jax about your encounter with his ex. You knew the history between the two and he had assured you that there was nothing between them.
You believed him, but that didn’t stop the rage seething through your body when you pulled into the TM lot and saw that same black cutlass parked in your spot.
“Stupid mother fucking bitch.” You cursed as you pulled up in a spare spot and got out, slamming the door.
“Why are short girls always so angry?” Tig asked Juice as they watched you march across the lot.
“Cause their closer to hell.” Juice laughed and Tig joined them.
“Blow me!” You yelled as you neared them and swung the door of the clubhouse open.
You stopped in the doorway and scanned the room.
Tig and Juice walked up behind you and poked their heads over your shoulder, one on each side.
“Who ya looking for, shorty?” Tig asked playfully, enjoying seeing the anger in you.
“That plain-jane looking bitch.” You muttered and crossed your arms over your chest.
“The doctor.” Juice confirmed and the boys exchanged looks.
They rested their heads on your shoulders.
“You gonna fight her?” Tig urged in your ear.
“Naww, she’s too widdle.” Juice said, earning himself an elbow in the gut.
You eyes landed on Jax, who sat at the table with a bored look on his face.
And there she was, sitting with her back to you as she flung herself at your husband.
You watched with narrowed eyes as she leaned in closer and laid her hand on his knee.
He looked at her, his blue eyes full of coldness and pushed her hand of his leg.
“Oooh whatcha gonna do?” Tig said in your ear.
“Shes not gonna do a thing.” Juice responded.
They were like your own personal little devil and angel on your shoulders, guiding you through situations.
“You want me to hold your earrings? Your necklace?” Juice asked but you ignored him as you walked into the room, your eyes full of fire and your body full of rage.
“Get the popcorn, she’s going in.” You heard Tig say as you crossed the room.

Jax met your eye as your stormed across the room and you saw him gulp at the fire in your eyes.
You neared the table and she turned towards you.
The second you saw her face your fist collided with her jaw, sending her head snapping to the side.
She stood and tried to shove you off but your fist collided with her left breast and she gasped in shock, giving you enough time to roundhouse kick her right in the gut.
She doubled over and you grabbed her hair and yanked hard, dragging her to the floor.
She fell and rolled onto her back and you jumped on top of her, swinging your fists.
Each move collided with her face and you barely noticed the blood coating your knuckles.
She swung her fist and clocked you in the jaw, splitting your lip.
Your mouth filled with blood and you spat it at her face which was swollen and bloody.
Her nose was broken and you raised your fist and clocked her in the jaw one last time before Jax lifted you off her.
Tig dragged lifted her off the floor and you escaped your husbands arms, moving in front of Tig.
“You ever, try to hit on my old man again, I’ll kill you.” You muttered and she nodded slowly, avoiding your eyes as blood poured down her face.
You watched as Tig passed her to the prospect and told him to drive her home.
Jax came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you, turning you to face him and lifting you up.
He carried you to the bar and sat you on top, his hands brushing the hair out of your face as he examined your lip.
“God I love you.” He whispered, a smirk on his face.
You smiled back at him, leaning back on the bar as Tig and Juice approached.
“You punched her in the titty!” Tig said, disbelief on his face. “The goddamn titty!”
You all erupted in laughter and you caught Gemmas eye, standing at the doorway.
She raised an eyebrow before smiling at you and nodding approvingly.
“Looks like you got mommas approval.” Juice winked at you and you smiled up at your husband.
He grinned back at you.
“What the fuck did we miss?” Chibs asked as the rest of the club filed into the clubhouse, looking at the blood on the floor and your split lip.
“Its okay, brother, I videoed it.” Juice called and they all sat round the table.
Jax wrapped his arms around your waist.
“You know, its pretty hot when my wife fights over me.” He whispered in your ear and you smirked at him.
“Why don’t you show me how hot it is, Mr Teller.” You purred and he lifted you onto the ground.
“Lead the way, Mrs Teller.” He smirked and took your hand as he followed you to the dorms.
You had reached the hallway when you faintly heard Tig yell,
“Wait for the titty shot! It is unbelievable”

Everything For You - RickxDaughterxNegan

Originally posted by frickinkai

Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long to post another imagine, I’ve been really busy. But I’m back! This one is a requested one so I hope you like it ♥ 

Requested by: @lost-in-the-stories   
Can I make a request where the reader is Rick’s daughter and got separated and got with negan before the get Rick’s group then when she sees her old group she has to pick and she kills negan to save her family? Thank you if so not I get it

(A/N) I had to change some parts, I don’t think it would make sense if the reader killed Negan, they were surrounded by saviors so she wouldn’t have a chance. Neither her or the group. I hope you don’t mind.
In this story the reader is also 18+
And I’m completely Glenn Rhee trash as you can see from this imagine, so… enjoy it ♥

Word count: 2,378 (get used to it lol)
Warnings: it’s an emotional one, people. But with a happy ending :)

It was all his fault. The Governor. He destroyed our home, separated me from my family. After the prison was attacked, we all ran away to different directions. Carl told me to stay close to him but there was too many explosions, too many gun shots. All I remember is seeing the prison bus driving away. After that day I never saw my dad again, or my brother. Or Judy, my little sister. She is probably dead by now. The only difference between me and the walkers was that I still had air in my lungs. But my heart and soul were as empty as theirs.

I tried to keep track of days but some of them passed incredibly fast, when all I did was run from walkers and hide from people and others were agonizingly slow, with nothing to do besides missing my family.

It was around noon now, the sun was high in the sky, making me dizzy from the heat and the lack of food and water. I hadn’t found anything in the last 3 days. Not even a packet of stale chocolates or an expired can of beans. I don’t even care anymore if I die today, to be honest. I don’t  have a reason to keep going. I just want to see my dad again. My siblings. Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Hershel. And If I can’t do that I might aswell drop dead right now.

I continued walking down the road, stumbling, with nowhere to go. That was when I saw them. A group of men with a shitload of guns, dressed in black, walking towards me. I panicked and tried to run but I was too weak. I felt my knees growing weak by the second and finally collapsed on the hard ground. I was already starting to see dots on my vision, everything was spinning until my eyelids were just too heavy to keep them open. I felt a pair of arms lifting me off the ground and a distant low voice that echoed in my head.

“Take her back to the Sanctuary, Dwight. And be. careful. Remember  we don’t  hurt women.”  

I felt relief. At least I knew I wasn’t going to be raped or attacked by whoever this guys were.

I tried to open my eyes a little and the only thing I could see was a glimpse of a baseball bat and a tall guy with a leather jacket. Then everything went black.

—— 2 months later ———

I’ve been living here now, in this awful place with the Saviors and Negan. After they brought me here I was offered food, water and shelter. I hesitated at first, but it was better than having no place to stay or starving alone. I also met Negan who gave me one condition to stay at the Sanctuary. To be his wife. I almost punched him when I heard the words. Who did he think he was? I’d rather die than marry a guy who I have never met in my life and that was at least 20 years older than me.

After flipping him off a couple of times and trying to punch him in the face again, he finally explained that I didn’t have to do anything with him If I didn’t want to. He also made sure I knew that I would have a lot of privileges if I did so. If I didn’t, I would only have to work for him and guarantee that I wasn’t going to start anything with another man. I considered the offer for a moment and decided to say yes. I would be his “wife” but would only work for him and nothing else. It was better than ending up dead on a fence or back at the road.
He seemed disappointed with my answer, but accepted it anyway.

Even If I was here two months already with Negan being all nice to me, I knew he was a fucking psychopath. The more I realized how different he was from my dad the more I hated him. He kills innocent people to get what he wants and terrorizes and controls everyone in a sick and twisted way.

After coming back from a run, Dwight came to my room to let me know that Negan wanted all the Saviors downstairs and that we had a different task to do tonight.

Negan explained that recently a new group was discovered and that they were a threat to us, that they had killed a bunch of his men at one of the satellite stations. My mind immediately went to my family. Could it be them? I wanted to cry just thinking about the possibility but decided it to let it go since I didn’t want to be disappointed if that wasn’t the case. It probably wasn’t, actually. I don’t think I’ll ever see them again.

Even If I was disgusted to be a part of this, having to scare and oppress other groups, I didn’t have a choice. Negan told me to wait for him in his truck, along with some other people.

After arriving at some kind of forest, we waited maybe half an hour until the Saviors arrived with an RV and kicked a short guy out of it, punching him right in the face. The man had a mullet and was shaking with fear, blood and tears drippind down his face.

“But just one man? Where’s the rest of the group?” I asked Negan, confused.

“They’ll be right here soon, sweetheart.” He answered, a sarcastic grin on his  lips.

Why did I had I bad feeling about this? My heart suddenly started to beat faster in my chest. I took a deep breath and tried to shrug it off. Negan went into the trailer and told me to wait outside with the other Saviors, just before going inside the RV and closing the door behind him.

I was lost in my own thoughts, my grip firm on my gun, standing by the trees when suddenly everyone started whistling. What was happening? I have never seen they doing that before. It was a creepy sound that sent shivers down my spine.

I heard rushed footsteps behind me when the whistling stopped and bright lights appeared I turned my head to look and my heart stopped.

It was them. My group, my family. I had no reaction, I couldn’t even cry. I felt everything at once. I wanted to run and hug my dad and never let go but at the same time I wanted to take him out of here, protect them from the perversity and evil of this goddamned group. I knew something bad was about to happen. Why weren’t they more careful? They shouldn’t have messed with these monsters.

“D-Dad?” I called him, my voice trembling with fear and emotion. How would  Negan react when he finds out that these people are my family?

The Saviors stopped everything they were doing and stared at me. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“(Y/N)? Is-is it really you?” My dad stepped slowly towards me, his eyes watering and his hands trembling, touching my face gently, as if I would disappear at any moment.

“It’s me dad, it’s me.” I answered already sobbing, burying my face in his chest and hugging him tighter than ever before. He was here, finally. Him and my brother were here. I could see Carl from behind his shoulder and immediately ran to him, hugging him with all the strength I had left. The three of us were together again. We were crying, comforting each other when suddenly Simon grabbed my shirt and pushed me back, away from my dad and Carl.

“Oh my god! This is even better than I expected! The prick here is your father?” he shouted laughing, like it was the funniest thing in the world.

“Negan! Come see this! You’ll love it!” he announced, his voice echoing in the dark forest.
He pushed me to the floor and I felt the dirt and branches on the ground hurting my hands with the impact.

Looking up, I saw Negan coming out of the RV, Lucille on his right shoulder and a devilish smirk on his face. Immediately I stood up and faced him, I wouldn’t back down now after everything I’ve been through. I will protect my family no matter what happens to me.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He asked, eyeing my dad up and down and taking a good look at everybody. Just in that moment that I realized Maggie was on a stretcher, her face pale and her body shaking. Something was seriously wrong with her.

“The asshole here is the father of your little sweetheart. And the group is her family.” said Simon again, enjoying all of this mess.

“No way!” Negan replied, instantly looking at me and smiling, “This is gonna be more fun than I imagined!” he clapped his hands together like a little kid.

I lifted my head up and didn’t break eye contact with him. He had to know that I wasn’t afraid.

“Careful with the way you look at me, honey. You might regret it later.” He leaned closer to my face, his voice low and threatening, his breath tickling my cheeks.

I still didn’t break eye contact. And I knew he hated it.

“You have to let them go. They are good people. If they killed your men is because they deserved it.”

I was answered with laughs and claps from all the people standing around us, the saviors acting like I had just told the funniest joke.

Negan laughed too and touched my shoulder, making me stare at Carl, Maggie and the others.

“I doubt that, (Y/N). They screwed up and one of you is going to pay for it. Now I’m gonna need everybody, on your knees. NOW. Dwight, bring the others!”

Dwight opened the doors of one the vans and the rest of the group stepped out of it. Michonne, Rosita, Glenn and Daryl, who was shot, apparently. He was pale and his clothes were soaked with blood. My stomach dropped and my eyes were already watering.

My dad hesitated and finally kneeled to him. It was painful to watch. He was one of the strongest men I knew. But he did it for us. And then the rest of the group followed.

I was going to kneel along with them but Negan stopped.

“Nuh-uh. I didn’t say for you to kneel, honey. Just them.” He smirked and looked at my dad again. There he was with the mind torturing and twisted way of making people do what he wants.

He then went on with a ridiculous speech about how he was the boss and how my dad worked for him now and how he was going to punish somebody.

“Oh geez, I simply cannot decide”, he said, pacing the ground and rubbing his forehead, “I think I may have an idea.”

“Eeny-meeny-miny-moe…” he continued, pointing Lucille at their faces. He didn’t even need to go on for me to know what was going to happen. I had to do something before he picked somebody. At least I had some seconds to come up with an idea.

“And you. are. it.” Negan finished, pointing the bat at Glenn. No.Not him.

“NO! NO, PLEASE!” I launched myself in front of him, desperately trying to save a part of my family.

Negan laughed, arching his body back and putting his hand on his stomach. He was a monster.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know you had it in ya’, missy. Willing to sacrifice yourself for the asian guy. But you’re not even related are you?” He asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“It doesn’t matter! He’s my family too.” I replied, my voice loud and clear. I could hear Glenn’s muffled cries from behind me. My dad had a terrified look on his face. Everybody was shaking with fear.

“Please Negan, I’m begging you.” I cried, getting down on my knees. I was willing to do anything to protect them. Even If I had to beg like a dog.

“I’ll do anything you want, anything. Just please don’t hurt them, they’re all I have.” I was already struggling to breathe, I couldn’t control my tears anymore.

“Hmm, anything? Really?” Negan stepped closer to me and crouched down to get on my eye level.

“Yes. I promise. I-I… I can be 100% your wife this time, if you want me to. I’ll do everything you want.” I spat the words, trying to ignore the humiliation I was putting myself through. I could see my Dad tense up from the corner of my eye.

“No, no! You don’t have to do this (Y/N)!” My dad begged me.That just made me cry even harder.

“Everything I want? Jesus, that’s a rather tempting offer!” Negan smirked again, looking me straight in the eyes and considering his options for a second.

“What do you think of that, Rick?” He laughed again, just to see my dad breaking down. Glenn was crying too. I was sure he was gonna blame himself for this. But I didn’t care.

“Okay, okay. You convinced me. JUST because I’ve been wanting to hear that from you for a long time. Otherwise Lucille here would already be painted in red.”

I sighed with relief and closed my eyes. It’s okay. Nobody was gonna die. I did it.

“I hope you got the message, Rick. I’ll see you next week. Welcome to a brand new beginning, you sorry shits!” Negan yelled and grabbed my arm, lifting me up the ground and pushing me inside his truck.

I was crying because I couldn’t even say goodbye to them, but I was happy because they were okay. I looked at them one last time before the doors of the truck closed, giving them a sad smile, while everyone was crying.

The truck’s engine started and Negan drove away. It was goodbye for now, not forever.
I would get back to my family, it was just a matter of time. For them my tears were worth it, being miserable was worth it. Everything for them.

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