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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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Request: Hey! I just wanted to request a story about the reader having the worst day, like so much worse than even getting struck by lighting-worse. Maybe into an accident and break a few bones? Team rushing over jus tin time as the ambulence’s arrive to take the reader away and they ride with them to the hospital, well, one of them, while the rest of the team follows in their cars. Sorry if this isn’t somethin you’re willing to write, btw

Summary: Fem!Reader just has a really long day. Much angst.

A/N: HEY GUYS! I’m baaack! Didya miss me? No? You didn’t even notice I was gone? Same. Anyway, hiatus is over (until finals week probably lol) and now I’m back to writing! I was so excited to post today that I accidentally woke up at 3am oops. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this one! I had crazy writer’s block when I tried writing this one, took me the whole weekend while camping + Monday to finally finish this one smh Enjoy!

Wordcount: 887, meh not too shabby for my first post-hiatus fic

Warning: mention of blood, car accident, angst

Requests are closed for now, very sorry friends :(

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How would BTS Sound in Bed

How would each member of BTS moan in bed

Oooh, that is a very good question. Let’s see what we’ve got here:

Jin: He’d be pretty vocal in bed. The room would be filled with the harmony of your and his moans, he’d constantly be telling you how good it feels and he’d remind you just how much he adores you. Once he’s about to reach his climax, his breathing would become hitched and heavy. He’d probably bury his face into the crook of your neck, letting his heavy breaths show you how close he is.

Suga: Out of the members, he’d be the most quiet one. You’d know how much he’s enjoying it with the string of low curses and heavy breaths that would escape his lips. Soft grunts of pleasure would begin to be audible when he is close to his climax. Since he’s the silent type, he wouldn’t hold back one bit when it come to pleasuring you, that is one of the ways he’d show you how much he needs you. Once he finally reaches his own climax, a low, throaty moan would escape his lips followed by your name.

Rap Monster: Namjoon wouldn’t be very vocal but he won’t shut up either. During sex soft growls and grunts would escape his lips, an occasional moan here and there. He’ll mostly talk dirty about all the things he’ll be doing to you, trying to drive you to your edge with just his words. Just as he becomes more involved, he’ll stop talking and he’ll let the sounds of pleasure wash over his body. When he is close to his climax, his grunts would become more audible, followed by an occasional bite here and there. Once he reached his climax, a deep groan would escape his lips followed by a string of curses as you both ride your orgasms.  

J-Hope: Hoseok would be slightly vocal, uttering low moans and groans. When completely engulfed in pleasure, he’d attack your lips and growl against them. He’d break away from the hungry kiss and begin attacking your neck instead. He’d be checking constantly if you are enjoying everything he’s doing to you or if you want more, you’d have to beg for him. As the pleasure becomes unbearable, he’ll begin to moan out your name in a deep husky voice, making your body shudder underneath him. As he get closer, his voice get louder to the point that his moans become inaudible. All you can hear are his grunts and his heavy breath against your skin. Finally, when he reaches his peak, shortly after yourself, both of your bodies shudder in sheer pleasure as you both ride your orgasms.

Oh my, three to go…I need a moment.

Jimin: He would not be able to keep the sounds to himself, no matter how much he tries. Both of you would be moaning messes right from the start. Just like Jin, your room would be filled with the harmony of pleasure sounds escaping both of your lips and every once in awhile, Jimin would compliment on how good you feel or how much he’s enjoying everything. From whimpers of pleasure to audible moans; these would signal how close he is to reach his climax. When he finally reaches his peak, a shameless, loud moan would escape his lips, followed by your name, but not because he reached his peak means he’s done. Oh no, his thrusts would become frantic as his body shudders in pleasure, but he’d continue to pound into you, making you ride off your orgasm as well.

V: Taehyung would be pretty verbal. His sounds of pleasure would change depending on how he’s treating you. If he is treating you with all the care in the world, soft grunts and growls would leave his lips. He’d enjoy listening to your mewls of pleasure, but if he is being completely dominant and rough, his moans and groans would become very audible. He’ll watch as your body squirms underneath him in pleasure, and he’ll begin to whisper dirty things into your ear as he pounds into you merciless, his deep voice would become even deeper as lust overcomes him. Knowing that he is close, much like Namjoon, he’d begin to leave bite marks all over your body, adding up to the pleasure. Finally, with a final and powerful thrust, he’d reach his climax with a breathless moan or loud gasp as he tries to control his shuddering body.

Jungkook: Very much like Yoongi, he’d be silent, a rare moan or an occasional whimper would be the only sounds to escape his lips as he strives to drive you to your edge first. He’d whisper your name in a soft and gentle tone making sure to not forget that you are extremely important to him. When peaking close to his climax, his whimpers of pleasure would become much more audible and his whispers would turn into harsh grunts of pleasure. As soon as he reaches his peak, any noise emerging from his lips would turn into heavy breaths against your neck, the occasional kiss and soft bite once he finally rides his own orgasm.

Well this took awhile to write and I am feeling proud about it. I hope this is what you were expecting anon! I need a moment to breathe, this is too much for my poor soul.


BTS Reaction 2 Their s/o Being Chubby

Anon asked: bts reacting to you being chubby bc i’ve read some of these but they describe it as thick thighs and a small waist but not all “chubby” people are shaped that way jsjsjjs

Honey yaaaaaasssssss I saw this and I instantly knew I had to answer this right away. I hope I accomplish what you were expecting

*gif are not mine*

Jin: He wouldn’t mind your pudgy stomach, and thunder thighs. He will love you endlessly because you were beautiful to him and anyone who said otherwise will get an earful of threats from him.

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Yoongi: When you were feeling insecure about being chubby and round he would be there to lift you up, kissing you all over your body, making you feel loved and wanted. He would absolutely hate it whenever you would try and put yourself down.

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Hoseok: Uhm hugs galore because you were his heart. When you’d go out he’d proudly show you off because he was not ashamed to be with someone who was chubby nor was he embarrassed to be seen with you.

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Namjoon: It was no secret that you weren’t skinny or “thick with a small waist”, so when people would call you out on that it would hurt your feelings sometimes. When you’d hide your body whenever Namjoon wanted to take a pic he’d be confused. When you finally told him that you felt like he should be with someone of a smaller size, he’d give you this look. He would be so upset and he’d make sure that he let you know how much he loved and appreciated your body.

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Jimin: Yeah you were chubby,.and? Was he supposed to run away and look at you in disgust? No. He loved you and your size. And if you got to talking crazy, he’d give you a million reasons why he loved your body and you. He would look at you with so much love and tenderness in his eyes. The love he showed you would make you feel all tingly and special inside.

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Taehyung: He wouldn’t mind your size at all. BIG IS BEAUTIFUL! It doesn’t matter what size you are, he’d treat you like royalty. He’d be very attentive to your needs inside and outside the bed ;). Kisses all over your body and he’d show you off to the world because you were his, and he was yours.

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Jungkook: He’d look at you like you were the only thing that mattered in this world. He wouldn’t hold back his affections with you in public because he wanted to let you know that being with you and being seen with you is nothing he was ashamed of. He would look at you up and down giving you those looks that said he wanted you.

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JB Imagine - First Kiss

A/N - I hope this is what you were expecting anon! I wasn’t too sure how to go about doing it but hopefully it’s good regardless - sorry it’s a little short~

Can I request a scenario where JB finds out you haven’t had your first kiss yet and wants to be it but is shy? thanks so much ily!!! 💖💖💖

“Yes, Jaebum?”
“I don’t want to sound like I’m rushing things at all, but we’ve been on a few dates now and well, can I kiss you?” The question completely caught you off guard. You had been dating Jaebum for a few weeks now and still hadn’t kissed, mainly because you were yet to have your first kiss and was nervous. What if you weren’t very good? What if he thought badly of you because you’d never kissed anyone before?
“Um, well, I…”
“It’s okay if you don’t want to! I don’t want to force you into anything, (Y/N). We can forget all about it if you’d like,” he said as he smiled warmly at you and held your hand comfortingly. 
“No, it’s not that. It’s just…I’ve never kissed anyone before and well, I’m nervous.” Jaebum smiled brightly at you, taking your other hand in his so he was now holding both of them. He looked at you sincerely before saying, “(Y/N), if you’re nervous about not being a good kisser or whatever, don’t be. Everyone has to have a first kiss at some point and frankly I like the fact you haven’t yet.”
“You do?”
“Yes, because it means I can be the first one. Maybe even the last,” he added cheekily, winking at you and making your cheeks blush pink.

Smiling up at him, you nodded and moved a little closer to him. He took your clear hints and leaned in slowly, building up the tension for when your lips would actually collide. Your heart was racing in your chest as your lips touched. The kiss was soft and sweet, everything you had imagined your first kiss with Jaebum would be like. He broke away from the kiss a little too early for your liking and, feeling a wave of confidence, you brought one hand up to his neck and pulled him back in for another kiss. This time, it was more passionate, led by you. He smirked into the kiss before mumbling against your lips, “You really got the hang of it quickly didn’t you?”
“Shut up and kiss me, Jaebum,” you said, wanting to savour the moment. You wanted to catch up on all that time spent without his kisses. The moment was just perfect.

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Hiya! Could you do RFA's reactions to MC falling into to each members bad habits (ex: Jaehee working too hard, 707 never eating or sleeping, Yoosung playing games and not studying) ? Thank you and I'm really enjoying your writing! ❤

AHH I finally got around to finishing what I started for the answer! I hope I wrote out what you were expecting <3 I’m glad you like my writing!

  • He knew you were a student and you were supposed to be studying for exam
  • But he never actually saw you studying
  • And he didn’t say anything because you always played LOLOL with him so he wasn’t exactly catching on
  • But you came back from class in low spirits and when he asked you about it you refused to talk
  • He saw that there was an essay in the garbage bin with a large F on it
  • When he brought it up, you tried to avoid talking about it by mentioning LOLOL
  • But he didn’t let it slide and you confessed that you started falling into his bad habits
  • “MC! Don’t be like me! You have to study!”
  • He, from then on, made at least an hour everyday to put towards studying
  • And he made you two game less as well
  • Well, tried to
  • So, he always had fun with you when you went out because you were okay with drinking a lot, even if you regretted it the next day
  • And he thought initially that you weren’t otherwise drinking really
  • And he wouldn’t let you smoke
  • So you didn’t
  • But you did drink a lot
  • And you made sure that the fridge was stocked with some beers
  • But he noticed your changes in behavior when you were intoxicated, and there was an increase in these times
  • And he immediately stepped in and helped you stop falling into his bad habits
  • He was godly and could handle it but he didn’t want to come home from work to find you’ve died from alcohol poisoning.
  • She had been working a lot to make the café successful
  • She appreciated that you helped a lot with the paperwork
  • She noticed that you were finishing all of the paperwork with her faster than she expected
  • She hadn’t noticed how little you slept, and how much work you were truly doing
  • She had been making breakfast one morning, and you practically fell into your chair
  • “MC? Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah… fine… just tired…” you mumbled, your face slouching into your hand as you leaned against the table
  • “MC how long have you slept?”
  • “Uh… 2 and ½ hours I think?”
  • “MC, as soon as we’re done with breakfast we’re sleeping”
  • “But Jaehee there’s so much work to still do for the café”
  • She wasn’t taking that
  • She made you sleep for the day while she made you meals in between
  • She would never let herself get so caught up again
  • He had finally figured out how to have emotions
  • And he loved how tender-hearted and empathetic you were
  • There were some days when he would be a little more clean-cut/emotionless
  • And eventually it started wearing you out
  • And you started to also make black and white decisions
  • He noticed a change in you but he wasn’t sure what it was at first
  • It got to the point where you would barely ask him anything about work before you went to sleep
  • He had no idea how to bring back your emotion
  • So he consulted the one person he trusts more than you
  • He asked RFA what to do about your recent lack of feeling
  • Yoosung told him that you were acting that way because he wasn’t around enough
  • Jaehee told him that perhaps you weren’t feeling so well and that you had a cold
  • Zen rubbed it in Jumin’s face that he was asking for his advice before telling him that he wasn’t emotional enough around you
  • Seven told him it was because you were trying to plot the best time to run away
  • So Jumin took Zen’s advice (as much as he didn’t want to) and he was more emotional than before
  • He hoped you would take change
  • And you did
  • He definitely told you how worried he was once you were back to normal
  • He was determined to make you sleep enough regularly
  • You began falling out of it, but he prevented you from losing too much sleep
  • So he didn’t notice when you weren’t eating much
  • You were always around him, making sure he ate at least 2 meals a day
  • And he was happy to have you around, helping him make meals
  • But he noticed you weren’t eating as much as usual
  • He figured “Maybe they’re not feeling well”
  • He brushed it off as you headed to bed
  • After about a week of you not eating he called you out on it
  • And you shrugged it off, trying to eat a little bit more
  • He yelled, but not because he was upset with you
  • He was upset with himself because he hadn’t caught it sooner
  • So you made a deal to eat more food together, and to not let it get that bad again
The Draw

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Hi! Can I ask for a BTS fic with JungKook when he joins a dance academy and the reader is already one of their top dancers and he starts to fall for her? They end up being asked to do a partner dance for a competition and before they perform it on stage JungKook confesses? Thank you so much! I LOVE your blog❤️💕🌸

Genre: Dance Prodigy!Jungkook, Fluffy Angst

Word Count: 1,662

A/N: I always say this but ion really know what I’m doing lmao, I hope it was what you were expecting anon! By the way the song I had in mind while writing this was “A Change of Heart” by The 1975, Enjoy. Your name: submit What is this?

Jungkook was hailed as a prodigy his entire life. He had a good voice, he was a good dancer, charismatic and charming. He could be the perfect star. So, it came as no surprise that he’d want to pursue the arts. He had no problem getting accepted into a prestigious dance academy, and just like that he was closer to achieving his dreams.

On the first day there, the newcomers had to show what they were made of. He didn’t fail to impress all but one. He was good for a new comer, but the mysterious girl didn’t seem impressed. Her expression impossible to read, nevertheless, she shot Jungkook a smile. Soon after, formal introductions were made. From the beginners to the intermediates, to the top dancers; here he found out her name and who she was.

“(Y/n), leader of the advanced dancers. Welcome to Joffrey Academy of Dance”

After introductions and a quick rundown  of the curriculum, everyone was sent to their respective teachers and groups. It came as a pleasant surprise for Jungkook to see (y/n) in his group, she would be assisting his teacher certain days and he wasn’t complaining. She always kept a stern look on her face, professional, calm and collected. When she danced her mien changed, she conveyed the mood of the dance through her varying expressions. She made everything look effortless and perfect. She oozed confidence, and Jungkook couldn’t get her off his mind. Just everything about her screamed flawless.

He tried his best, he gave his all, but she never seemed fazed or impressed which only frustrated him more and more. Everyone could see how good he was, why couldn’t she even give him another smile? Had she done it to be polite? Why was he stressing about her anyway? There were plenty of other girls that’d bend to his will, he didn’t need (y/n). So, why was she on his mind? Jungkook was determined to get her attention, at least once. He started practicing any chance he got. Soon whenever he was needed he could be found in whatever practice room was free.

Be it fate or be it some divine sign, one day while looking for a place to practice he found her in one of the rooms. He stood in the doorway hidden from view, and just watched her. The finesse in everything she did made her look like an angel, so effortless that she made it look like magic. She was almost too good to be real. He tried to take a closer look, only to stumble into the room. She looked at him, but said nothing. Jungkook’s cheeks flushed red as he looked at her. He got up as quickly as possible.

“Sorry, I was looking for somewhere to practice.” He hoped she wouldn’t notice that he’d been watching her.

“You can practice here, I was about to leave anyway.”  Her voice was a sweet melody to Jungkook. He felt both relief and embarrassment, he didn’t mean to just kick her out in middle of her practice.

“You don’t have to leave, I can just find somewhere else to practice, I mean it’s not-“

“You need to practice more than I do. By the way you should go over the moves from Monday’s lesson, you’re still a little stiff.” She cut him off, but as soon as she finished talking she packed up her things and left. Leaving Jungkook alone.

“Still a little stiff,” He muttered “I’m not fucking stiff.”

He went over the moves anyway. Maybe (y/n) was a little right. Just a little. He went over the whole lesson plus everything he’d learned as many times as he could in that afternoon. He couldn’t get the image of her out of his head, her voice, just everything about her. Jungkook wondered how she could dance so rigorously without even breaking a sweat. On his way back to his dorm, he thought about how good his name would sound if she said it. He could guess it was such a sweet sound. Maybe if he ran into her more, she’d eventually say his name.

The weeks went by, and Jungkook had yet to impress (y/n). He was still invisible to her. Until, dance season was nearing. Tensions were at an all time high, everyone was feeling the stress of the competition on landing good parts. It was no struggle for (y/n) to get something good, but he could tell she too was stressing out about everything. Nothing had been announced yet, but everyone knew it’d be a showcase of the new talents as well as a farewell to those who will be leaving. The weeks leading up to it were hectic, everyone rushed to practice rooms after lessons, which meant more awkward encounters with (y/n). She offered to help him with whatever he was struggling with, but Jungkook’s pride made him deny the help every time.

One Monday, four weeks before the showcase, Jungkook’s teacher began assigning dances to the class. Some were group dances, other solos. One was a couples dance. Jungkook desperately hoped he’d get either a solo or a group dance, he couldn’t do a couples dance. There was no way. But the universe is cold and unforgiving, and he wound up getting the couples dance; with none other than (y/n). How ironic. He pleaded with his teacher to make a change, he couldn’t do it, especially not with her. However, his teacher refused, “You can’t? If you can’t then you can finish this semester and not come back the next.  That’s up to you, though.” Basically, a friendly ‘no pressure’ which just had him fuming. From here until the showcase he’d be seeing (y/n) every day, for hours on end. He had to put whatever was happening inside his head aside and focus. This was be all end all of his place in the academy. The first day of their practice was ultimately the most awkward. His movements were still stiff and awkward, he was overthinking his movements; which only made things harder for himself. Soon, (y/n) noticed why he was dancing like his limbs were made of stone.

“You need to stop thinking about it so much, Jungkook. Just listen to the music and lose yourself in it. Your movements will flow better, just don’t think” Just don’t think, easier said than done. He tried, he really did, but he was still intimidated by her. She could feel him tense up whenever they touched, she stopped the music.

“What’s wrong with you today? You dance great every other day! Why are you so tense now? Have you never danced with a girl? You can’t keep dancing like this, it can end you.” She ask, half mad half disappointed.

“So what if I’ve never danced with a girl! It’s not like I’ll always dance with a partner!” If she wanted to make him mad, she was succeeding. He couldn’t believe that she’d even be mad, it wasn’t easy and she treated it like it was the simplest thing.

“You know, maybe we should call it off for today. I’ll make arrangements tomorrow to get you a dance that’s more up to your skill. I can tell this isn’t for you.”

‘This isn’t for you’? Really? Was she really doubting his skills? That was it, they were getting this dance done by the end of the day. She was gathering her things and getting ready to leave when Jungkook turned the music back on. This caught (y/n) by surprise, what was he playing at now. She looked at him, he stared back expectantly. She made his way over to him, and they began the routine again. This time, it went over perfect. By the end of it, (y/n) was impressed by the change of character.

“What changed, shy boy? If you can keep this up everyday, we’ll make a good impression on everyone. Maybe you’ll move to the next course sooner.” (Y/n)’s tone was different, she sounded pleased.

“Yeah, maybe.” Jungkook said, quietly.

The weeks flew by in a daze. Practice with (y/n) had gotten progressively better after the first day. It wasn’t as weird as he’d been expecting. They grew close in the few weeks leading up to the showcase, and soon, it was already the night they’d been preparing for. (Y/n) didn’t seem stressed at all, Jungkook on the other hand was really feeling the pressure. Before he knew it they had to begin preparing for their performance. She noticed him standing there all tensed up, with a look on his face like he’d just seen a ghost.

“You okay there? We’ll do fine, yeah?” Her voice was warm and reassuring, but he couldn’t shake off the nervousness. An impulse of stupidity came over him, and his mouth moved faster than his mind.

“(Y/n), I really, really like you. I hadn’t told you because I was kind of intimidated, but I really do like you. I think you’re beautiful and fun and smart. I’ve thought so ever since I saw you and-“

In that moment, everything was too real for (y/n). This explained his shyness to touch her, the loving gazes he gave her when they danced. Every unscripted touch and look suddenly made sense. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest.

“I like you too, shy boy. But we’ve got something to do.”

Without any words, they made their way to the stage. It was the perfect stage, every move was hit perfectly, every look they gave each other only further solidified the mood they’d set. It was electric, and everyone felt it. By the end of it, they’d captivated the audience. They received a standing ovation from the crowd. As soon as they made it backstage, Jungkook pulled her into him by the waist and kissed her softly. (Y/n) put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Maybe couple’s dances were Jungkook’s thing.


Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff <3

Word Count: 1588

Anon Requested: “Omg I just found ur blog today and I’ve already read each and everyone one of ur fics!! when I saw ur request box open I’ve never clicked so fast~ I was wondering if I can request a yoongi highschool au where he’s a badboy and he’s only soft to y/n who’s a shy artist that loves to sit down anywhere and watch people and draw them, pls make it very fluffy if u do end up writing this! I love your writings sm btw~”

(A/N: to all that is holy I have retyped my author’s note like 3 times bc tumblr has decided to curse me and everything I try to post keeps getting deleted from my blog :’) But if you are reading this now then I have managed to succeed,, Anyway thank you so much for the request lovely~ I hope it is what you were expecting and please don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts!! I will most likely be writing a part two to this because it feels somewhat inconclusive,, Happy reading <3)

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Greaves x younger reader- possibly something about how the reader feels that she needs to live up to his level, so when she fails at something she has been trying to achieve for a long time, she breaks down and Graves fluffs us all up <3333

It’s finally done!! @effleurermonamourgravel I am SO SORRY this took so long, but the story turned out longer than I expected! I hope this story is what you were expecting, and that it’s not too bad!! 

So This Is Love (Percival Graves x Reader)

“Hey.” You felt a gentle shake. “You need to wake up now.” You mumbled something incoherent and turned your head, but the voice was persistent and it (maybe it was a he?) was now calling your name urgently, but it was still soft, and was that… was that amusement? Your eyes snapped open and your attention was caught by the weight on your shoulder, which turned out to be Percival Graves’ warm hand. His slightly amused gaze met your embarrassed one, and as he motioned for you to focus on the terribly boring meeting, you couldn’t help but notice how the slight crinkles at the edge of his dark eyes added to his attractiveness, to his charm. You noticed that his body was subtly angled so your sleeping form had gone unnoticed by everyone else in the room, something you were extremely grateful for and you made a mental note to get him one of those apple pies he seemed to love.

When the meeting was finally over, you made a beeline to the door, hoping to escape any questioning or beratement about why you chose what was perhaps the most important meeting of your fledgling career to fall asleep. You cringed however, when you felt a light tap on your shoulders, and hanging your head, you immediately followed your boss to his office, praying to the gods that you weren’t about to be fired. Because that would suck. A lot.

The heavy oak door closed behind you with a thud that sounded disapproving, and you shifted uncomfortably while you waited for whatever scolding you were sure you were about to receive from Mr Graves. Bracing yourself, you were surprised when a cup of hot cocoa was placed on his desk in front of you. You cocked your head confusedly at the director who sat down comfortably, sipping on his own cup of cocoa. Gesturing for you to sit, you did as he asked, and he scrutinised you, though not unkindly. It was silent in his office for a while, and you sipped tentatively at your hot drink, unwittingly letting out a quiet moan because it was just so good. You peeked over the rim of the cup to see Mr Graves with a slight smirk on his lips as he watched you enjoy the cocoa and you reddened, which just made his smirk grow.

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Monsta X reaction to: You almost fainting.

Thank you so much for your request! I hope that this is what you were expecting, if i missed something you wanted let me know and i will re-write it! Sorry for this being a little shorter than it normally is, i am not used to angsty requests yet…


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Shownu looked at you and he knew something was up. He noticed you weren’t feeling well but he didn’t say anything and just made sure to keep an eye on you. Getting ready for anything that could happen, He saw you fall and immediately rushed over to you. After this incident he would ask you to sit, He brought you a glass of water and asked you what happened. He would try to look calm as if he had everything under control.


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He would be shocked. He probably wouldn’t be there to catch you, but when he saw you falling he ran to your direction desperately. And when he got close to you, you didn’t fall. It was all so fast, scary and confusing to him that he would feel sick too. He sat down by your side and took a moment to breathe. No excuses, he would take you to a doctor.



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Minhyuk is also someone who would notice something was different right away. He’d be quick to catch you before you hit the ground. But different from Shownu, he couldn’t keep himself calm, he would hold your head and pat your hair  repeatedly asking  what happened,  how you were feeling and how he can help. He wouldn’t get away from you the whole day. He would hold your hand and try to be less nosy as possible.



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He would freeze. He couldn’t bring himself to go to you because he got so scared when he saw your expression. You didn’t fall and took a deep breath, he finally moved to your direction with a sigh that sounded like as if he was going to cry. He would just kiss your hand in fear that if he hugged you, you would run out of air. He did everything for you the whole day like cooking for you and doing chores for you. He felt guilty for freezing in his spot instead of being quick, because it was his obligation to protect you.



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He is the type of person that when he gets really nervous he turns the stress into anger. So don’t take him by heart if he actually sounds annoyed at you asking “Are you eating well? Are you sleeping well? Are you over working yourself?” He would think it was your fault in general when it really wasn’t, But he would expect you to go to a doctor and would also do a lot of things for you. If you didn’t tell him why you thought you passed out, he wouldn’t know how to make you feel better and wouldn’t let you do anything in fear that you might pass out.



Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Oh, poor Jooheonie you would scare him so much and I think he would still be in shock with wide eyes even after you told him you were okay. Of course you weren’t okay, and he wouldn’t know what to do. He wanted to suggest you to see a doctor, but he thought “Of course s/he is already planning to do that.”
And he wondered if you didn’t want to see a doctor, it would be wrong if he kept insisting on it. It never crossed through his mind that you passed out because you weren’t taking care of yourself. He just thought something bad happened to you out of nowhere. He would be oblivious to this situation.


Originally posted by squishwonho

Nope. You, me, doctor: NOW. He would look at you with wide eyes scared and when you said “I’m okay” he would give you an angry frown. No, of course you’re not okay. He would grab your hand and take you to see a doctor right away even if the closest one wasn’t available. You could see a lot of affection in his eyes even though his expression wasn’t soft at all. He would stay serious and only send you caring glances, drawing circles with his thumb while holding your hand, While keeping his serious face. If he saw that you weren’t feeling well he would feel frustrated at you for not telling him, and at himself for not noticing earlier

Mark Imagine (ft. JB) - Cheat

A/N - This one was requested by the lovely @xxsimplycutexx so I hope you enjoy and that’s it’s what you were expecting! This one’s kind of different from the previous cheating scenarios but I really liked writing it~ btw requests are still closed!

Hi! Can I request a GOT7 Scenario where Mark cheats on me but I never forgave him? So I end up with my best friend JB(happy ending please).

“I can’t believe you would do that, Mark!”
“I was drunk, I didn’t mean for any of it to happen!”
“I don’t care if you were drunk or sober, you still slept with that woman!”
“But I didn’t know what I was doing.”
“That’s a lie, Mark. Even when you’re drunk you still know what’s going on You knew exactly what you were doing you just didn’t think.”
“Exactly! I wasn’t thinking.”
“But that is no excuse for cheating. Sorry but our relationship is over.”
“(Y/N), please…”
“No, Mark. You did quite possibly the worst thing you could have done to me and I can’t forgive you.”

That had been two weeks ago now and the pain of it all still affected you deeply. Mark cheating on you had just ruined any kind of trust you had previously felt towards him. The only thing helping you get through the past two weeks had been your best friend, JB. He had been by your side through thick and thin and was more than happy to stay with you and cheer you up over your horrible breakup. Part of you did suspect that JB had feelings for you which now that you were single, was something that appealed to you. He had always been good to you and through the time you spent alone together, you had realised that you held some romantic feelings for him as well. You could easily see yourself dating JB even though it was so soon after your breakup with Mark. You needed change and this would be a good way to get it. Besides, JB could treat you way better than Mark could.

A couple weeks later, you and JB had already gone out on a few dates, enjoying the other’s company. As the two of you walked through the town, hands intertwined as you chatted mindlessly, a familiar face caught your eye. Mark was sat outside of a little cafe the two of you used to go to. He recognised you immediately and called you over, not realising that you were actually on a date with JB.
“(Y/N), it’s been a little while.”
“Yeah..I guess it has.”
“How have you been?”
“Alright. You?”
“Not so good. I miss you. A lot, actually.” As Mark confessed this, you turned to look at JB who now seemed rather awkward. 
“Oh. Right well, um.”
“Sorry, was that too forward? I guess I still haven’t gotten over the fact we aren’t together anymore.”
“Uh, okay. Mark sorry but we are kind of busy right now. It was nice chatting though.”
“Oh are you two headed somewhere?”
“Yeah, we have a table booked somewhere for lunch that we don’t want to miss,” JB said, looking mildly annoyed now that you were both still there talking to Mark. Ever since you told him Mark had cheated, JB had just completely cut off all ties with him because of how badly he had hurt you.
“Oh of course. Go ahead you two. Maybe we could meet up for coffee sometime, (Y/N)?”
“I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon,” JB answered for you, his arm now around you protectively. 
“She can make decisions for herself, JB. You’re not her boyfriend.”
“Actually he is,” you then said, feeling rather awkward as you saw the disappointment hit Mark’s face. 
“Oh, well. Okay. I’ll let you carry on with your date then,” he said, sitting back down and looking away, face now full of regret and sadness. You couldn’t help but feel bad as you and JB walked away. Even after everything he had done, you still had some feelings for him. Not romantic feelings at all, but just feelings that naturally existed between people who had known each other for as long as you two had. But you couldn’t dwell on it. He hurt you so much more so he deserves this, right?

Stay With Me

Requested by: @jade-dupree

Request : You’re somehow are friends with GD, you’re from America and are a year older then him. You keep him at a distance, making sure to only be friends, because you are sole guardian to your four-year-old niece and two-year-old nephew. And while you know he is wonderful with kids, you don’t want to risk the kids getting hurt if things don’t work out.
A/N: So, I won’t lie, I got a little carried away with this. It got long without me noticing and so it is a beast, but I truly hope this is what you were expecting or close! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 4236
Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owner!

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anonymous asked:

For the moodboard thing, if you have time, a music themed, dark purple Verge one?

there it is, friend!! i hope it’s what you were expecting 💜


Tyler Seguin #2 - “Don’t Judge Me.”

Anon asked: Could you do a Tyler Seguin imagine using the song Please Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown?

This is my first attempt at a song prompt but I really enjoyed writing it. I just hope it lives up to what you were expecting anon. It definitely has some angst but I rewrote the ending so it isn’t as dramatic. I hope you enjoy this!

You thought you knew what you were getting into when you started dating Tyler. He had a bit of a reputation as someone who got around a lot but he assured you that it wasn’t like that anymore. In fact, despite his apparent need to have a different girl on his arm every night, he was quick to decide that he wanted to make things official. Or well, so you thought.

It was when the two of you were out for breakfast that everything started to fall apart. The diner you were in was part of a tradition. If you spent the night on Saturday then on Sunday, the two of you would get up and get pancakes. It started when you had woken up craving pancakes and found out that not only could Tyler not make pancakes, he didn’t even own the materials to attempt to make them. He brought you to the diner and well, that was that.

The two of you had just ordered when you heard a noise from behind you and someone squealed, “Tyler!”

You turned around to see a beautiful brunette make her way over to your table. She was incredibly put together, in a way that seemed impossible for the early hours. You turned back to face your boyfriend who had an unreadable expression on his face.

“Who is that?” you whispered.

The brunette approached the table before Tyler could respond.

“Hi,” Tyler looked up at her. “What are you doing here?”

“Here? In the diner, I introduced you to?”

“I mean right now,” he clarified.

“I’m with someone,” she gestured out the window to a man on the phone. “It’s a bit of a tradition of ours.”


She looked over at you, “and it seems you kept the tradition alive as well Tyler. Good for you.”

You didn’t have the time to ask for clarification besides shooting Tyler a confused look because the man on the phone entered the diner and the mysterious woman turned to meet him. She squeezed Tyler’s arm, “it was good seeing you again.”

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Satan’s Admiration

Title: Satan’s Admiration

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,288

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: It’s Satan Sunday! Satan all day! I hope you enjoy this! This was requested by the fantastic @fayemenelmir ! I hope this is what you were expecting! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! If you’d like to see more Lucifer, you are more than welcome to request something! You can also request from my Christmas Drabble List!

Lately it’s been rough around the bunker, with you hinting at liking Lucifer and all.  Gabriel has been around more often, along with Castiel as usual.  When you first met Lucifer it was like fireworks had gone off.  He even saved you on that particular hunt.  You tried to talk about your feelings with Lucifer, but he wasn’t having it.  He would always leave for weeks at a time.

Gabriel opened your bedroom door, snapping you back to reality.  When you turned around you were greeted with a tight hug from the archangel.  “Hey [Y/N], what’s up sweet cheeks,” Gabriel smirked, peering down at you with his champagne eyes.

“Lucifer won’t talk to me,” you pouted.  You knew Gabriel was most likely tired of hearing you whine about Lucifer, but he was the only one who would help you.  He’s always been quick to help you; that’s what made the two of you such good friends.  He helped you with Lucifer, and you helped him prank Sam and Dean.  “I don’t know what to do anymore..”

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yorulun  asked:

I absolutely adore your DamiJon work and couldn't help but wonder if you're up for an angsty fic where Dami and Jon are on a mission together but a mishap happened and it looked like Damian died to save Jon. Jon was devastated because he was actually planning to confess/propose to Dami after that. Though Dami is not actually dead. Would have been more heartbreaking if the song You're my sunshine was playing at the back

First of all, thank you very much! :D I played a bit with the prompt and I ended up with a very long, very mushy story. I hope it’s something similar to what you were expecting :D Jon’s 16 here and Damian’s 19 and they’re both huge dorks.

Read on AO3 

It’s a long, boring, frustrating mission. And Jon knows Damian’s hating it as much as he is, even if Robin’s never going to admit it out loud because he was the one who choose it, so complaining about it now in Damian’s brain would be like admitting to a mistake, and of course mistakes are a thing that only happens to others.

Jon sighs and flies around the decrepit building one more time, monitoring Damian’s position with his x-ray vision. Once established that the place was empty, Jon had let Damian explore the inside of the building by himself as a punishment for his pride, but now he’s getting bored with the wait.

From the outside the building is shabby just as much as its surroundings, and doesn’t reflect Jon’s expectations of a cool criminal lair at all. Then again, the guy to whom it belongs to is equally, if not more lame.

For a start, he calls himself the Travelling Thief, which is already flimsy enough on its own, in Jon’s humble opinion. Add to it a flashy glittery costume, a monocle and a top hat, and you have the most embarrassing Arsène Lupin copycat Jon’s ever seen in his life.

Worst thing is they’ve been chasing after this guy for almost three weeks now and discovering his hideout is their biggest accomplishment so far, even if Jon can’t begin to phantom how a loser like that had managed to play them for so long. And yet, here they are.

“I found the stolen goods”, Damian says over the comm - which are completely useless to someone with Jon’s powers, but Superman himself has told him not to bother with the Bats because there’s just no way to win some arguments with them.

“Any trace of your friend?”, Jon asks, lazily flying around to scan the neighborhood. There isn’t much to see there either, only abandoned warehouses and a playground that has probably seen his last child before Jon was even born.

“He’s not my friend”, Damian snaps at him. “He’s our case.”

“Whatever, Batboy.”

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