Newt Scamander x Reader - Bow You Idiot!

Title: Bow You Idiot!

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 3146

Warnings: None

I know this probably isn’t what you wanted entirely but I hope it’s alright. I was having a lot of struggles with the plot because why would Newt not like you if you liked magical creatures too? But I did my best. I hope you all enjoy it!

Request - Anon: Newt x reader where the reader gives newt a run for his money with her knowledge of magical creatures. At first they can’t stand each other, but they eventually find themselves falling for one another.

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See You Soon | Yoongi

Summary: In which you live in a world where one stroke of a pen against your skin is a signage of forever, and Min Yoongi just has really good timing
Genre: Fluff with a touch of Angst, Soulmate!AU where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well
Word Count: 7,276
Author’s Note: I have officially joined the Soulmate!AU train of writers, and I hope this is worthy enough for that title. The original story was meant to be super short and super sweet, but of course I just kept adding more and more ideas into this and… this is the end result. Little warning, it is mainly Yoongi/Reader with a side of Jungkook/Reader so… take that as you will. 


The first time images appear on your skin, you are 12 and have absolutely no idea why. Questions spring up in your mind like wildfire—alarming and so completely out of your control that you perform what could only be politely labeled as a scream before you dash to the bathroom, rubbing roughly at the skin of your arm until the flesh turns bright red. The marks, however, do not fade away.

Taking in a few sharp inhales, you collect your thoughts long enough to carefully study the marks that have been embedded into your skin—ink underneath the flesh that you carefully run your finger across. The end product looks to be a night sky along your forearm. There is a half-crescent moon and lazy stars dancing across the way; twinkling lines and hazy shapes and thick lines like they had been drawn with a sharpie.

For some odd reason, the longer you stare at the drawing, you don’t feel the panic settling back into your nerves. Rather, you feel more calm, peaceful, as if staring at the face of familiarity, like these drawings of half-crescent moons and 6 pointed stars genuinely mean something to you. Or at least, they hold enough significance that you don’t scream or continue trying to rub away the spots.

Your mother comes bounding into the room shortly after, startled by your scream until she sees the source of your apprehension and her lips curl up into a soft and understanding smile. It is right then and there, when she takes your arm, soothingly running her thumb up and down the expanse of the night sky that she spins the narrative of fate, destiny, and the universe.

She tells you that the moment people are born, they are instantly bound with another, tied together by some predetermined string, gifting you with someone you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Someone who fit against every curve, someone who loved you in every aspect no matter what. Someone who would look at you, and you could just feel the weight of their stares like none other—set all your nerves on fire with just a single touch, leave you knowing without a doubt that that person was the one you were meant to spend your life with.

Your soulmate. Your other half.

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I'm probably going to word this all wrong, but I wanted to share my opinion on transgirl Marco. Like, you know how most of the stuff they're doing is normally seen mostly as a joke, such as them with their ballerina shoes? But IMO it doesn't feel like something we're meant to be laughing at, it doesn't give off that kind of vibe, to me it seems more as a "laughing WITH" kind of thing? What I'm trying to say is that I kind of hope that after Marco comes out (ask 1/2)

(ask 2/2) after Marco comes out (with however much detail that’ll be in), I kind of hope that they start to give off that kind of vibe again, the laughing WITH kind of thing but to make it relatable to trans youth? I’m a young trans person so I feel like it’d be cool to see something like “haha here’s some relatable ™ trans content” instead of “haha here laugh at this boy who thinks he’s a girl,” you know?? Sorry if this was worded poorly, I’ve just been thinking about this lately.

No I get what you’re saying, and yeah, I agree. The few times Marco’s Gender Problems are used to a comedic effect have felt relatable rather than insulting tbh. It’s the same sort of humor that’s present in Boy Meets Girl.

Which means that I can totally see Marco saying this:

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I really need more jin and joon blogs to follow please please recommend me some :)

of course!!

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OMG I loved the comforting headcanons ^ω^ Could I request how would Reaper,Widowmaker and Sombra would help their s/o to be more confident ? (First time making a request hope you can understand ':3c )

Thank you! And I wasn’t really sure what you meant by confident, so I kinda went to two directions, but anyway, hope you like it!


  • If you’re soft spoken, and bad with people, and go to him wanting help, he’ll be very straightforward.
  • He was a commander for years, so he’s used to talking to people with authority.
  • So, he tells to you talk to him as if he was a commander, and it is kind of hard, considering how intimidating he can be.
  • Ends up laughing when you’re still shy and stuttery, and mentioning how adorable you are.
  • The lessons end up kind of helping, but it’s mainly you trying hard to be intimidating while he just laughs.
  • It’s rare to hear him laugh too, but it’s warm and comforting compared to his edginess!
  • Regarding body confidence, he’s still very straightforward, but it’s supportive. For example, say you’re boobs are too small.
  • “I love your boobs, they’re perfect. Your body is amazing, now stop whining about it.”
  • Every time you try to put yourself down, he’ll pin you down or carry you away and kiss and compliment every part you don’t like until you’re smiling and laughing again.
  • Lots of compliments and tons of terms of endearment in Spanish.
  • People make him out to be heartless, but he’s so affectionate when you’re alone and feeling unconfident!
  • Likes to whisper more intimate comments in Spanish when you’re with others, and smirk under his mask when you go red and the other person you’re talking to is confused.
  • Takes time to drop little comments when you two are alone, complimenting your hair or clothes or anything that catches his attention at the moment.


  • Also very straightforward, but she has more of a way with words and with people.
  • If you’re quiet and bad with people, she’ll tell you need to be more attentive to emotions and behaviors, after all, she’s an assassin.
  • When you tell her you’re just shy, you don’t need to know how to do all that, she just tells you to be more authoritative, and stop thinking so much about what people think.
  • Also tries to get you to talk to her as if you were a commander of something, but doesn’t laugh as much when you mess up.
  • Still thinks you’re cute when you try to be intimidating though.
  • If you’re not that confident about your body, she’ll be so annoyed, and sad at the same time.
  • You’re beautiful, and she hates that you don’t realize that, so she’ll go on a small rant, saying everything she likes about you.
  • Kisses you with every compliment, and holds you close as she talks, overall so romantic and loving for someone who’s supposed to have no emotions.
  • Emotions are dulled for her (In my mind, for her to be dating an s/o, she would slightly regain her emotions), but she does love you, and reminds you of that.


  • A very loud supporter, when it comes to you being shy or timid with people, basically.
  • She’s the girlfriend who will yell, “Kick his ass, baby!” if you’re making a comeback or the threatening someone.
  • Her mentality is pretty much; ignore what people think and just say what you want to.
  • Regarding your body, she’s still very obvious about it, but it’s all compliments and encouragement!
  • If she sees you being sad, or you put yourself down, she’ll tell you to shut up and that you’re so beautiful and amazing!
  • Will kiss you all over your face and whoever else you don’t like, and it will probably turn into a tickle fight!
  • Lots of tickle fights!
  • Compliments you all the time and kisses your face constantly in public, expect to have purple lipstick on your face and neck every day!
  • Also likes to say  stuff in Spanish, compliments, and more intimate things, but she says it out loud or yells it across the room. I’m sorry doesn’t you when there’s people who understand around you guys!

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Yeah, whoever wrote that bar scene was putting in work. I have never seen a scene on tv where the characters were seamlessly saying what they meant by not saying it. In combo with the looks and nuances Mike and Ginny were giving each other, it really was a brilliant sight to behold. I can't stop rewatching it bc its so stellar. The subtext was really off the charts. I hope we get the advantages for that from next ep as well as whatever is gonna kill our Bawson hearts.

girl, yes!

This scene is a masterclass is outward focus. (Marco would be proud.)

Kylie and MPG listen to each other well, and deeply SO and you can see it in their every interaction because the subtext is so perfect for this moment. And what they say is not the only thing we hear.

I can’t fucking get over it to be honest. This show, y'all.

Excuse Me—Newt x Reader

Prompt: 8 I With Newt, maybe the words for the reader could be something funny like “have you seen a niffler?” Sorry this kinda sucks

A/N: I am super excited about this one. I was glad I was able to do this today instead of tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind the fluff and that it meets your standards!

You had always wondered why those words. Why did you have “Have you seen a Niffler?” written on your wrist? Why couldn’t it be “Oh that’s a lovely coat!” or “How was that movie?” or at least something normal?

Well you guessed you should have counted it as a blessing. You couldn’t confuse your soul mate with a person not meant for you.

Since you had absolutely no idea what a Niffler was, you decided to research, and to your absolute dismay, you found nothing. People didn’t know anything about this creature aside from the fact that it was small.

The lack of information on magical creatures is what had gotten you into your profession in the first place. You worked at the Ministry of magic as a liaison to different sentient creature groups, specifically Centaurs and Mermaids. And you were sent by the Ministry to see if there were any differences between the British and American species. Really, you thought they just wanted to be rid of you.

You had lived in the city of New York for two years, studying the Mermaid population in the coast. You were just about to go to the muggle bank to find a way to finance a boat for your own experiments. Magic could only go so far. Suddenly a person bumped into you, muttering something about a Niffler.

“Excuse me,” you found yourself saying. “what were you asking about a Niffler?”

The man’s head shot up, pure shock in his face. “H-have you s-seen a Niffler?”

If his face had been shocked, you were bug eyed. And then you smiled, wider than you thought possible. In that instant, your souls connected as your eyes met, and the loneliness you had had since your birth was filled, and the love in your heart for a man you had just met swelled.

“A-after we find my Niffler, d-do you maybe want t-to have tea with me? Oh, I’m Newt b-by the way.”

“I’d be delighted Newt. I’m Y/N and creatures happen to be my specialty. The jewelry store is just around the corner. And then a cafe in a couple blocks. What would you bet that’s where he is?”

Newt smiled, in both pure relief and utter joy. He’d found you, he’d finally found you, and you accepted him instantly; stutter, creatures, and all. His Y/N, Newt mused as he grabbed your hand and ran. Oh he only hoped Pickett wouldn’t get too jealous.


A year had gone by, with the two of you moving back to London. Sometimes, when your careers were pulling you in different directions, it was just nice to hear those beautiful words again. “Have you seen my Niffler?”

Finally, I think it’s time that we see each other for what we are. That we take off the masks and open our eyes to what we were and what we are. I was hopeless, stumbling on your every word, hoping a glance meant more than a glance. You knew all too well, and you took advantage of it. You led me to believe that I was worthy of your love, then you turned around and told me exactly the opposite. I never understood what you did. And maybe I never will. But I hope that if you do, you never forget.
—  a.m.
Goblin: 1

I (begrudgingly) liked the first episode, for the most part. I did laugh at a lot of the parts that were meant to be serious or dramatic, but what can you do?

Things I liked:

  • Honestly, it’s such a pretty drama
  • The bickering between the two male leads was funny
  • Most of the OST
  • The fairytale vibes

Things I didn’t like:

  • Another “Cinderella” plot…not very original
  • Already two women were fridged (plus all the unnecessary civilian deaths)
  • He’s gonna marry a high schooler???? For once I hope there’s another time-skip. Though we’ve already had so many…
  • Are we just not gonna talk about that dude having a dead girl in his car???
  • Can only women die in this show?
  • Too many motifs/symbols to keep track of, hahaha.

There’s that one OST song, tho, that gives me LOVE IS THE MOMENT vibes. I feel like it will play in really tense situations, and will continue to make me laugh.

As I’ve said before, I have very little faith in/affection for this writer, but I’ll probably keep watching until the drama does something to really piss me off. I gotta hold out for my love Yoo In Na. :)

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hey i have a Norwegian question 😆 so do you only read 'er' like 'a' (the german 'a') after а consonant or do you also read 'e' like this after a consonant ? also, im veery thankful for you and your blog and your translations; tusen takk 😆💗

Hi :) I don’t really know German, so I don’t know anything about German sorry :(( BUT we always say “er”. We don’t really every change the letter/word, it stays the same whether it’s placed after a consonant or a vocal :) .. Is that what you meant??? I hope this helped omg And you’re welcome, sweetie! ♥ 

A Whole New World

OMG IM BACK! Ok so I recently saw Fantastic Beasts and like I’m really in love with the characters and especially Newt bc he’s just a big sweetheart and I’m so in love with him and his awkwardness. So here is a super cute fanfic, I hope you enjoy it! 

Originally posted by abigailskanes

Isla was a the Scottish name of two rivers in Scotland. Isla also meant island in Spanish but what’s so important about two stupid rivers or the Spanish name for Island? Well that’s where a sweet little girl named Odette Langraab met the love of her life Alaric DeBlanco. She was visiting some relatives (she is from Scottish decent, that’s where her fiery red hair comes from) when she met Alaric. He wasn’t from Scotland but from London. It was a great summer for both of them, considering they were both eleven years old and they didn’t even know what love was.

Then they met each other in Hogwarts. Flabbergasted that they had met another wizard outside of their school. From there on out it was history. To say they fell in love quick was an overstatement. They absolutely, did not fall in love quick. Odette was a lovely young girl who dated around a bit. It was the 1800’s but it didn’t mean that Odette couldn’t see the people that interested her. In her 5th year, that’s when she realized that all those other boys weren’t really for her and she had her eyes set on someone else. Alaric. But Alaric was involved with some other girl at the time.

Odette waited. And waited. And waited even more until the winter of her 7th and final year where Odette and Alaric were reunited once more and where Odette confessed her attraction to Alaric. From there they both eloped and got married and had their first daughter.

A secret hidden in Odette’s family’s past was that her grandmother had a sister that she would never speak of. She had a problem with her heart. It wasn’t big enough and it was a rare disease that wizards could possess in their genes. Odette’s grandmother never spoke of her sister because she did not survive. Her heart gave out when she was 3 weeks old, and that was above the average time an infant could die of the disease. All babies who attain the disease usually die between 2-4 days. Odette’s grandmother buried the secret deep within her. So when Odette’s grandmother gave birth to Odette’s mother, she hoped that she wouldn’t have it. And Odette’s mother didn’t have it and neither did Odette. Then Isla was born and she was the color of the moon that night;blue as the color of delphinium flowers. Odette had not gone through an easy pregnancy, much less birth. Alaric feared for Odette’s fate. But Odette survived the birth of Isla.

Once realizing how blue she looked, Odette and Alaric could not make sense of it. Odette’s grandmother could sense something was wrong and she summoned herself into the delivery room where Odette, Alaric and newly born Isla were at.

“Where is the newborn?” Odette’s grandmother, Riyadh, appeared with blue and purple magic faded into the air around her.

“Gram-” Odette sobbed as she held Isla in her arms. Riyadh brought herself closer to Odette, hovering over Isla.

“Has the baby cried?” Riyadh asked getting a quick nod from Odette. Alaric’s hands were on Odette’s shoulders comforting her. Odette was still covered in sweat from giving birth. Isla had not cried once she was out of her mother’s womb, which was the first sign of the disease or stillborn. Riyadh got her wand out and examined the baby, quickly clutching her chest in.

“Gram?! What’s happening what’s wrong with Isla?” Odette worried, almost panicking.

“Isla…her heart. It’s too small for it to function on her own. I do not understand I thought the disease died with my sister. Penelope did not have it, niether did you. How-” Riyadh furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Gram is there anyway we can save her, how much time do we have?!” Odette started panicking.

“You only have maybe a couple of days. But to save Isla’s life…you have to steal the heart of a creature. And give it to Isla.” Gram explained.

“But all the creatures, they haven’t been seen in-in ages.” Odette’s breathing became staccato-like.

“What kind of creature?” Alaric asked walking up to Riyadh.

“It has to be the Queen of Dragons’ heart.” Gram slowly revealed.

“The…Queen of D-Dragons.” Alaric stuttered. Riyadh nodded in agreement and Odette was two seconds away from getting hysterical. Alaric’s fist tighten in his hand. “Say I find them, what do I do?”

“Alaric no-”

“The Queen of Dragons’ heart will be in a crystallized room. The dragon’s nest is not hard to find but…the Queen of Dragons’ heart is not so easily found.” Riyadh explained, showing what Alaric must do, with her magic using her hands.

“I’ll be back before the two marker day has hit. I will not rest until I have gotten this heart and I will return with it.” Alaric said aloud.

“Alaric please!” Odette cried.

“My love, I shall do it for our beautiful Isla. I will not let her die because of me.” Alaric looked at Odette.

“And I cannot let you die…” Odette sobbed.

“I have to try.” Alaric’s hand caressed Odette’s face as she nestled her jawline into his palm.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.”

And with that, Alaric set out to find the Queen of Dragons’ heart. Alaric had found the dragons nest but concealing himself had proved more difficult as it seemed. Alas, Alaric traveled through the forest and made it inside the crystallized cave where the heart was. The heart was glistening gold inside the freezing room. It was also covered with ice sculpted dragon to protect it. Using his magic, Alaric got ahold of the heart but when the heart was not in the dragon sculpture, the dragon sculpture was taken over by black smoke transforming it into a real life dragon. And the dragon was mad. A loud screech from the black dragon alerted all the other dragons. Alaric barely escaped, but he didn’t escape unhurt. One of his eyes was scratched by the black dragon, glistening gold before getting bloody and dripping.

7 minutes before the clock striked 2 days of Alaric being gon, he finally returned with the glowing heart in his hand. Riyadh used her magic to slowly and carefully put the heart inside of Isla. Her complexion became less blue and more of a regular skin tone. Earning a cry from the baby, Odette was relieved to hear her baby becoming normalized.  But it came to an abrupt stop when there was a loud screech heard outside the delivery room. Riyadh only got 87% of the heart within her. Alaric found a secret passageway under the bookcase to escape quickly. Riyadh gave Odette the rest of the heart and put it in an amulet. Without Riyadh’s magic, the heart could not be fully become part of Isla, but it cannot be taken out of Isla either. That’s why with the small part that was left, she put it an amulet so Isla could wear it around her neck, close to her heart, so she could function. Odette knew what it all meant. It meant that Riyadh could not come with them as she was willing to die for Isla and die knowing that Isla would survive and could not be touched by the dragons or anybody else for that matter. Saying their last goodbyes, Alaric, Odette and Isla made their escape through the passageway that led down to a tunnel. The tunnel led out to the magic train station. Alaric bought tickets to New York where Odette had family member live over there. Her half sister lived in Brooklyn. The train going towards New York traveled under water, making everything better then being seen by dragons on top.

Once they made it to New York, they took a regular train to Brooklyn and met up with Odette’s half sister. Her sister was a pure blood also and married someone of pure blood as well. But in one of those rare cases where two pure bloods can reproduce a mugel or “no-maj” as they say in America, but basically a normal kid with no powers. They spent their time doing normal things with their kid, that’s why they didn’t bother to finish school in Ilvermony. The Hogwarts of America.

June Drake, Odette’s half sister, was surprised by Odette’s visit. But then when she learned about what they just had gone through, June did not hesitate to take them in. But soon June realized that they would only have to take in Isla. Odette and Alaric were going to have to disappear in order to keep Isla safe. June promised to keep Isla safe and sound.

And just like that, Odette and Alaric were never seen again. June always wonders if she’s ever going to see them again,  and she often sets out two separate dinner plates whenever the holidays just in case. But they never seemed to come. June just hoped for the best and wished for them to not be dead. And that’s all June could hope for at the moment.

Growing up Isla would always wear the amulet her mother left her, around her neck as a necklace. Even though she was loud an such a troublemaker, she would never let it out of her sight. Isla became attached to it, she would even sleep with it on.

Of course knowing that she was a wizard because her aunt and uncle told her when she was around 6, she used her magic everyday for pranks and doing her chores instead of actually doing it herself. Then when she was of age, she was sent off to Ilvermorny, the school for wizardry and witchcraft. It was hidden deep within they woods of New York. It was magical and beautiful and all Isla could ever dreamed of. Of course though, she made friends rather quick because she was noticed after she had been sorted into a house.

When Isla was thrown inside the sorting room, it was standard, expected for one of the statues to light up to see what house you belonged in. Sometimes two statues lit up and then you could pick which house you wanted to be in. It was that simple. So when Isla was in the room she expected one light to go off. One light went off and it was the Thunderbird house. She walked towards it when she saw another statue light up behind her. The Pukwudgie statue. At the same time another statue lit. Horned Serpent. She squinted her eyes in disbelief as she got closer to the Horned Serpent before the final statue lit up. The Wampus. Isla did a 360 turn to see all the lights that lit up the room. All the houses wanted her.

It had been a long time since all the statues had wanted someone like that. It did happen though, once a long time ago. Isla was the second person who was wanted by all the houses. Alas, she didn’t know what to decide. That’s when she grabbed her necklace and closed her eyes. After taking a deep breath and letting it out, she knew what she wanted. Thunderbird. She felt it in her heart, that Thunderbird was the house she belonged in.

Isla throughout the years she was very involved. She joined most of the sports in Ilvermorny and finished all her projects in every class even if they were pretty terrible. Even if something that Isla did looking bad, she put her whole soul into it. That’s what people loved about Isla though, was that she tried. But boy, was she troublesome. Always got in trouble for something. She accidentally mixed the wrong ingredients for a potion and caused an explosion in potions class. Earning her the attention of all the class professors in the school. Although she was already recognized by the teachers due to the statues all wanted her, the potion she accidentally made, it definitely made it into the history books. What Isla accidentally made in the potions class, was an immortality potion. It was rare for another house to make the opposite house’s type of potion but I guess it wasn’t that strange because all the statues wanted her. This potion could give immortal life to whoever. The teachers debated whether it should be used to recreational use or to stow it away from the darkness that could come if gotten into the wrong hands. But Isla fought to keep it. She made it, it was her own. Isla never knew when she’d need it, and she didn’t think she would because immortality didn’t seem like the right way to go for herself. Not if she was going to see all her loved ones die eventually. So she hid it. Where not one could ever find it.

Finally Isla graduated Ilvermorny and worked hard to become a professor at her beloved school. She would TA for defense against the dark arts core class because it was her favorite, and something substitute on the side for potions or charms. People close to her would often ask her about the one thing missing from her apparent “perfect life”. Love. Of course she would respond with “I’ve got all the love a girl could need” in defense with her cute barely audible New York accent. But Isla knew what they meant. She wasn’t dumb, she just liked dodging the question. No one really struck her fancy growing up in Ilvermorny. And no one in the real world either at least. Secretly, she was a hopelesss romantic. Isla couldn’t wait for her knight and shiny armor to come and sweep her off her feet. But she just waited for the day to come.

That day had finally come, when she meets a former student from Hogwarts. They sought the creatures that were missing from Newt’s suitcase, along with Tina, Queenie, and a new friend names Jacob Kowalski. After finding the creatures, they try and help the poor soul that is Credence. Unfortunately, the MACUSA took care of that and killed the tortured soul finally setting him free. Alas it was time for memories to be erased and the inevitable to come. 

Isla wiggled around her fingers trying to think of something other then reality. Newt was going to leave New York and finally go back to England. She stood away from Tina and Newt as they talked and thought about the many things she could say but nothing sounded right. While he was here, Isla got attached to him. Starting caring about him. For an instant, she thought that maybe he was the one that she was looking for. All those years of thinking about the person she would meet so she can feel love and love back, were catching up to her right in this moment. Tina walked up towards Isla and smiled. 

“He’s all yours.” Tina rubbed Isla’s arm and then walked off. Isla walked towards Newt. His hair was in his face, covering one eye. Isla’s eyes were on the floor trying to avoid his gaze.  

“I guess this is it,huh?” Isla spoke. “I wish you could stay here, with us…with me.” 

“You know I can’t stay.” he simply whispered, his voice cracking. 

“I know…” she whispered back feeling some tears sting in her eyes. But she fought it. She fought to not feel this way. To not let weakness show. Again silence filled them both. Words lingering on her lips but nothing coming out. 

“I’m writing a book.” he said.

“I know it’ll be great because I know for a fact that the writer is amazing. It’ll be called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” she suggested. A smile formed on his lips as he loved her idea. But his smile soon faded after the sound of the boat’s horn was blasted. “Come with me.” 

“What?” Isla asked suddenly looking up at Newt.

“Being in New York and meeting you has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I still want to be around you. You can help me write my book. I can show you around Hogwarts…find your parents.” he rambled on. Tears finally filled her eyes slowly thinking about it. 

“But…my whole life…it’s been here.” she said. “I don’t know if I can leave it.”

He looked down and nodded. Newt was saddened by her response, he thought that maybe she would leave with him and maybe start the book together and find beasts and maybe, well just maybe…find Isla’s parents. Isla reached her hand towards Newt’s face and rested between his jawline and cheek. Slowly she brought his face towards hers and pressed her lips against his. It was a sudden surprise kiss, but Newt’s hands rested on her shoulders as he kissed her back. Finally they pulled apart, both smiling like a pair of dorks. 

“Send me a copy of your book.” Isla asked him.

“I’ll personally give you the first copy.” he agreed. Finally they let go of each other and he boarded the ship. He went towards the railing and leaned on it so he could get a good view of Isla. Isla stared back at him until the ship started moving away. Isla started to back away and walk further from the boat. 

Then something made her stop dead in her tracks. What life was waiting for her in New York? Aunt June, Uncle Jerry and Jimmy all left to go live in California where there was no chaos. Tina got her job back as an Auror, filling Graves position, and Queenie was always preoccupied with her own things and probably had no time for her. Isla couldn’t go back to her broken and uncertain job at Ilvermorny. When Newt arrived, all the excitement got to her and she knew that teaching wasn’t what she wanted to do. She wanted to be with Newt. Find the beasts with him, write the book with him, find her parents…with him. 

Finally she turned around and saw how far the ship was. It wasn’t that far, she could still see Newt leaning his chin on the railing with his suitcase next to him. Isla kicked her heels off and began to run towards the ship. From afar Newt saw that Isla had began to run and he cocked his head up. He didn’t know if he was just seeing things or that maybe…she was going to come with him. Isla hoped over the ocean and prayed that she would make it. She quickly waved her wand in the air and the next thing she knew she was on the boat next to Newt who was holding her. Isla saw the jump she had just made and looked towards the pier as it kept getting smaller. 

“Let’s go see a whole new world.” Isla panted as Newt held a big grin on his face. 

WOAH! DONE! I was actually thinking about doing this as a story but I know that I usually just lose interest really quickly so I was like I’ll just write it on tumblr! And look I finished! I hope you all enjoyed it cause I really put a lot of thought into it and I really loved it a lot! 


hmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont know how to think about this episode.

at the end tania and Ram lost more than anyone.

well charlie lost all of his souls and committed genocide.

i really enjoyed watching it,it was exciting.

when april told charlie that let me look at your eyes to know that i’ve been brave,i thought that meant that you have to  kill me.

honestly i dont know how can they all come back after this.

people will be still dead.relationship will still remain broken.

how can charlie make peace with what he has done?

how can matteusz forgive him?he is just not built for this life.

how can Tania and ram forgive charlie for not using the cabinet sooner.

dont get me wrong i’m not complaining.i love to see how they might worl in the second season.


I feel distant- so
Far away tonight
From my world and
Close to my thoughts.

Too close, I meant-
Lost in them, in fact,
And in particular
In the thought of you.

I’m probably not
Meant to think so much,
Especially these thoughts
About you all the time

And I hope you don’t
Mind all the names-
Sweetheart, my love,
That I shouldn’t say

But what can I do
When I dream and hope
So hopelessly of
A future
For me
And you.


People used to comment on the way I said your name.

They told me it was like hearing poetry recited
Or the lyrics to a song.

I never knew what they meant until you left and suddenly, your name was a prayer.

—  I never knew how much hope you brought
Times of Old and Young

A/N: It’s the darling @cladmented  birthday and I had to do a little something about it, and what’s better than writing about ol’ Grandpa Shade? :D the Hero’s Shade will be referenced as ‘Time’ to distinguish him and Link. I loved your characterization of him, and I hope you’ll enjoy this and that you had a beautiful day, my dear! <3

Summary: The Hero of Time and Twilight spend much of their days together, and Time had a new idea of ‘fun’ to share with Link at Zora’s Domain…

Clanging swords meant the fate of life and death on the line, the sound of steel clashing to further draw that line before it stopped on one side of the coin. One wrong move and victory would go to the undesired champion…

Or it could mean a young hero is trying to outmatch his mentor, if not wipe the cheeky grin off his face.

“Now I thought I taught you better than that, boy!”


Link gritted his teeth. “You did… but with that climb up the waterfall? And still having the strength for this?!”


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Personal Manifesto

I follow the heightened stars in the hope to always find my true north

and be true to the values that birthed me and formed me into the soul I’ve become.

I pull the cold steel trigger in this game of Russian Roulette because the chances we take

are what makes us become who we are meant to be.

I follow the darkness because so many follow the light, and I want to be the difference you see.

When the moon comes out at night blotting out the most powerful star, I want to be that change;

to push throughout the wintered winds and stand forth in the face of brutal adversity,

though the iridescent Aurora lights may remain as the only lights that ever guide me home again.

I follow the cobbled castle steps, though the scaled dragon is surely fire breathing at the top.

I do this because sometimes I’ve learned that the princess can only be saved by herself,

and the fairytales we learned are mostly faulty lessons and not true to real life

because surely shattered mirrors and poisoned apples tell more truth than we want to hear.

I follow the freezing rain for it cleanses my soul and reminds me of how small I am in the world,

where devastating tsunamis destroy cities and hurricanes level families.

The eye of the storm may be calm, but I will never be taken by surprise,

for I will always be the storm.

I follow the stars because sometimes the compass causes us to stray

and loss sight of the path that we have already plotted before us.

Yet I’ll never lose sight of the constellations within my heart,

for they guide me even in the darkest of dark.


anonymous asked:

"People will always find the het pairings, god even when the character’s openly gay/lesbian!! ._. (which, you know, it’s not right to do at all!)" - well many people ship hetero characters in homo relationships and I haven't seen anybody giving a fuck about that. I wish fandoms could care more about characters' sexuality and identity no matter which one and respect it.

Anon, do I really need to explain what I meant there?

Shipping a het character in a gay pairing and shipping a gay character in a het pairing are two very differents things.