You know, I think this is my favorite Magic Anon so far…


TASHIGI: Thank you very much! I don’t think I need a vacation, Smoker-san needs m–

HINA: Oh yes you do. 

TASHIGI: But I have work to d–

HINA: When was the last time you went on vacation?

TASHIGI: Um, euh… never?

HINA: Let’s go to the beach. That’s an order.

TASHIGI: Y-yes, Hina-san!


[ From now on, Tashigi is on vacation. Sorry Smoker! ]

The first step has been accomplished, Todd has addressed, signaled he heard us and voice that our problem makes sense and that they are working in it.

The only problem I have with his tweet is actually the “Shadowhuntersseason2B” hashtag, but he always uses that and I think that’s simply because we are in 2B right now.

Working on it can only affect Season 3A and Season 3B as of now. 2B is done with and since it took some time to pubicly address this, the “working on it” we are hoping for might not take place yet in 2B at all, at least not constantly.

So try to understand and don’t tweet Todd “You guys said you were working on it” if you feel let down by a 2B episode again. That is not what Todd meant, he can only mean that they are currently working on that and as I said before, that can only affect Season 3A and 3B.

But this is a step in the right direction and they realize they need to voice our problems if they want to fix things. Now, Todd took the time to read that post and let us know that he understands our problem, that’s a very good thing. The reaction under his tweet has been nothing but understanding and positive as well and that’s something I’m very happy about.

Positivity achieves way more then negativity does and for know we need to trust their words when we talk about Season 3.

This is a step in the right direction and the only way from here is up now guys.

Honestly all the support from my mutuals, especially my white ones, has really made my day??? Like I could cry honestly??? but I am also so very tired

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I fucking can't. Marlene said they never decided who gave Ali that blood lip when she went to Spencer's and that she "assumes" Cece did it. HOW. THE FUCK. DO YOU JUST "ASSUME" SHIT ABOUT YOUR OWN GODDAMN SHOW THAT YOU WROTE. I literally have zero hope for the finale. I'm done.

This is what I mean when I say they just create plots to add to the mystery and then just forget them!!! It’s so infuriating. Deducted fans have based entire theories on these details, but they never meant anything. It’s wrong.

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In camila's interview about IHQ i feel like she almost say "she" and then pause for a while and say "they". I don't know if I'm hearing it right tho. But i hear she said "i hope sh... i hope they know tho"

I didn’t hear her say “sh.. Or she”, but I did notice her big ass pause like she almost let slip something that she didn’t wanna say out loud, and the pronoun “they” was just out of context, like it’s when you use “they” to be gender neutral.

I know some people interpreted what she said as being “more than one person”, but IMO, I think she said that she wrote it for one person, but it could be more than about that one person. She probably meant that it’s about one person that’s more than one aspect of their relationship. Like maybe, she lost both a friendship and a relationship with that person. Or like if it is about who we think it is about, then that person could also represent the group, as a symbol of what Camila lost in the process – which is not only her friendship/relationship to that person, but also the friendship of the other girls because of what “that person” represented.

That’s why, I thought that “they” was used in the context of being a gender neutral pronoun, to avoid using HE OR SHE. I really think it’s one of the girls. Probably her ex-lover Normani. 😂

It’s just my interpretation.

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monsta x hyunwoo - 4187

4187: for the number of messages it takes for him to realize he’s in love

normalverse. one wrong text sent the right way.

To put it bluntly, the first message is a mistake. Really, you swear. You’d meant to send a message to Hyunbin, your coach, but stupid Messenger and the stupid new features resulted in you accidentally selecting the wrong Hyun-guy: Hyunwoo.

You: Hello! Sorry, I am unable to make practice tomorrow due to family complications. Hope that’s okay.

Hyunwoo: Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that :( hope ur fam is doing alright!

Hyunwoo: Wait

Hyunwoo: What practice

You blink at the screen, confused, until you check the name and realize your mistake. Fuck.

And, to make matters worse:

Hyunwoo: Wait

Hyunwoo: Who are you o__o

Yeah, no, fuck–quickly, you unlock your phone, go into the app, copy-paste the message you sent to Hyunwoo and send it to Hyunbin, and then go back to your “conversation” with Hyunwoo and–and–succumb to embarrassment and an anxious awkwardness. Luckily, right as you fall into the depths of morbid embarrassment, he at least has the decency to remember you, sort of. You actually didn’t know you were friends on Facebook…until, well, now.

Hyunwoo: O wait I remmeber you! We were in the same math class last year

Hyunwoo: remember* fuck lmao

Flustered, still beyond embarrassed, you send him a blubbering, apologetic reply.

You: omg i’m so sorry! That was meant for my coach HyunBIN… and yeah haha last year we did trig in that freezing room together

Okay, maybe, hopefully, it didn’t come out sounding too bad. It’s all about keeping it cool. And casual. Because really, he could’ve said worse things; he at least sounded mildly concerned. Up until he actually well, registered the message.

Hyunwoo: oh lol i thought that was kinda strange. It’s chill lmao (like our classroom bc who the fuck puts on ac in the winter i’m still mad af about that) what sports do you do

Hyunwoo: also i actually hope your family is fine didn’t mean to sound shallow there i just saw “family complications” and yeah

He’s surprisingly friendly. And not dismissive. Which is, well, peculiar, because you’re pretty sure 99% of the time these situations usually just end up in a short, dismissive conversation. And that’s that. But as far as you can tell, he’s actually trying to… get to know you. Or something. Whatever–an extra friend isn’t going to hurt.

…he’s also kinda cute.


You: idk! It makes me mad

You: esp bc my friends and i sit on the radiators in the mornings and sometimes its warm but most of the time its fucking freezing @ admin why

You: and thank you!! Haha it’s actually fine. Family complications = my pet is having surgery and i need to be there lmao but my coach gets kinda strict with excuses so yeah

Hyunwoo: ah i know that feel


The thousandth message is a meme sent from you to him involving student problems and medieval art pieces.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t really a message message, but still, sending memes to one another is a sign of a deep friendship. It is, undoubtedly, a step forward from the whole “shit-wrong-person” debacle a while back.

Hyunwoo doesn’t respond immediately–it takes him some time to and you don’t mind–so you decide to lounge around, contemplate turning on Netflix to watch the latest House of Cards. The last few episodes have been pure evil and savagery and almost seem a bit too real.

Hyunwoo: lmao me

Hyunwoo: have you seen that one smosh post where they compiled a bunch of snapchat art memes those were hilarious lemme find them


Message number two-thousand-and-ninety-three is a three-paragraph rant sent from him to you regarding parents, school, and life in general. You’re not sure how exactly to respond, so you’re stuck in between letters and words, typing and retyping and just trying not to say something bad on accident. A part of you is scared that you’ll destroy the trust between you two.

Finally, you manage to send something out. It’s a mere sentence, but it’s okay because you’re sending him message after message, everything broken down into small bits and pieces as your thoughts come to you one by one. Soon enough, the entire screen is filled with positive messages from you, his negative ones having been pushed up.

He doesn’t say anything particularly meaningful or memorable, and maybe you didn’t either, since expressing strong, positive emotions over text has always been difficult. But when you meet him at school his smiles are brighter, he sidles up to you closer, and he opens heart up wider. And that’s how you could tell that changes were happening.


“Yo dude, Hyunwoo, it’s your turn to judge,” Minhyuk says, shoving him on the shoulder. Startled, Hyunwoo drops his phone onto the carpet, thankful that they’re all seated on the ground (rather than standing in the kitchen). “What’re you even looking at anyways?”

“He’s texting someone,” Hyungwon replies, sounding tired. “Anyways, go.”

“Who? Is it a girl? Ohmygosh what were you guys talking about?” Minhyuk suddenly seems more invested in Hyunwoo than in the card game.

“Uh,” Hyunwoo says. He awkwardly flips a card off the deck, faceup, then picks up his own set of seven cards. Rifles through them. Places one down. “Stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” Eyebrow wiggles. Hoseok snickers at something while Changkyun and Kihyun look extremely uninterested, shuffling through their own cards.

“Nothing, really.”

“But you’ve been on your phone ever since you came in here!”

And, before Hyunwoo can even blink, Minhyuk’s snatched up his fallen phone, triumphantly clutching it to his chest.

“Now you gotta tell me! I’ve taken your phone hostage.”


“You like her, don’t you?”


He? Likes you?

Hyunwoo buries into his mattress, resting on his elbows with his phone clutched between his hands. What does it even mean to like someone? What’s the difference between a romantic versus a platonic crush? It’s so hard to distinguish at times. One moment, you think it’s romantic–but then the next, you may realize it’s much better being friends with the person rather than being their partner… only for the reverse to happen later. And so the cycle goes.

You: yo wanna get some pizza later

Hyunwoo: idk

He’s too busy thinking for pizza. Unfortunately.

You: …okay

You: dude r u okay? You’ve only been sending one word answers

You: is something wrong?

So. Now the key is to pinpoint his own feelings. You? And him? It’s not something he hasn’t thought about before; rather, he just hasn’t really factored in the whole feelings thing in. Imagining going out on a date with someone is an entirely different concept from imagining being in an emotional contract of sorts.

Hyunwoo sighs, groaning into his sheets.

Hyunwoo: actually

You: ?????!

Hyunwoo: I need to tell you something…

Fair Tickets (MC x Zen)

BRIEF MOD 222 NOTE: I did something tonight that I normally never have the courage to do, so I took the time to write this out to help me sort out what I felt. I hope you guys enjoy (also sorry that there isn’t really any context i just wrote it to write it) xx

P.S. Written from MC’s POV

That’s all we were there for. Fair Tickets.

You’d gotten lucky enough to snag a job at the annual fair that drops by every single summer, and that meant that you had unlimited access to tickets. So, you being the smart man that you are, you took an entire pack and offered to sell them for $10 each online, and you knew that I would’ve hopped at the chance to get them that cheap.

And so you told me to meet you.

I drove as fast as I could to the parking lot of the movie theatre, anxious to get to where you were, and it wasn’t just because of the tickets. This would be the last time I would see that silver hair that fell in front of your forehead and down your back, those pink eyes that I drowned in every single time I dared to look into them for way too long. Hear your voice and the way you spoke with such a slow and peaceful tone that it was like listening to honey, your lazy smile topping it off and making my heart skip a beat. Not the last time, but it would be a long time before I saw you in person again.

So no, I didn’t get cut off while driving twice just for three tickets to the fair, and I didn’t almost get blinded by a few car headlights just for those thick pieces of paper. The thirty dollars I had with me felt like three bricks inside my pocket, and it showed as I parked my car and texted you to let you know that I had just gotten there, starting to grow anxious because I was going to see you.

Funny, because you’d just pulled in right next to me, unaware until I’d gotten out of my car.

My hand reached into my pocket, shaking because I had a sudden idea, something that I would never, ever do unless my life depended on it. But I talked myself out of it only for a little while, because I knew that you wouldn’t want that from me. At least I thought I knew. So I pulled out my hand, shaking fingers grasping the money so tight that I thought it would rip just from my grip, sending a shy smile while you handed me the tickets.

“Put that money away; you’re special. I’m not charging you.” My own voice slowly started to chant the idea in my head as soon as you said those words, my smile turning into a grin as I stuffed the money back into my pocket and embraced you as hard as I could. Your grip was strong, and I felt safe; I didn’t care that we were in the middle of some dark parking lot while people stared as they walked by.

“I’m going to miss you so much. I love you.”

“I love you too. I promise that I’m going to visit you.” Neither of us wanted to let go, it seemed. But it was 8:47 PM, and I had to go home, and so did you. So I was the first to pull away, slowly, with my hands dragging from your shoulders down your arms and to your fingertips.

“But before you go, I need to do something first. Close your eyes, it’s not bad, I promise.” My heart started to pick up, my own voice chanting louder in my head as you furrowed your brows with a smile but closed your eyes anyway.

Kiss him. Kiss him. Kiss him.

And I wanted to, so badly on the lips as I stepped closer, close enough to smell the same cologne you always wore as I took a deep breath. You mirrored my actions, the faint smell of weed and mint gum fanning against my face as I closed my eyes and leaned in. It may have only lasted a second, but it felt like an eternity to me as I pressed my lips as gently as I could against your cheek. I heard you gasp, and I pulled away quickly, all courage that I had now gone as you stared at me.

“I’m sorry,” And I turned, keys jingling against my leg and the tickets held tightly in my hand as I ran back to the driver’s side and got inside, slamming the door behind me and quickly turning on the car. I didn’t give you time to react, and I don’t know if I’ll regret that or not, but I know that I didn’t regret how fast I pulled out of the spot and sped off to get as far away from you as possible.

My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would burst right out of my chest, the feeling of your skin still against my lips as I reached one hand up and touched my own mouth. I’m afraid; I’m afraid that because of my actions you’ll never want to speak to me again, even though deep down I know that’s not the case. Because yes we said goodbye, but it wasn’t forever, and I don’t think it ever will be.

There are a lot of ways that I could have said goodbye to you tonight, but I think the method I chose was the best one yet. Please, don’t be angry at me, because I know that I will never be angry at myself for what I’ve done.

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*
I don’t know if you ever loved me. I don’t know if the late night drives and hands held meant anything to you. But I like to think they did. I like to think that a tiny smile formed on your face when you imagined the way we laughed together. I like to believe that whenever you felt sad and alone, I was the one who made you feel whole again. Because that’s what you did for me. Without ever knowing it you were making my life better. So even if you never loved me like I loved you, I hope that I still made your life better too.

I did it again. Sigh. Can’t stop drawing him. ;u;

I’ve got a pretty cool AU/ Theory for Anti that goes along with this piece! Very proud of both, haha. Basically (and very shortly told); In my AU Jack is hallucinating himself being controlled by something and uses the ‘Anti’ persona as an excuse, to kind of blame someone for what bad stuff his mind is coming up with. Murder and all. At some point, I imagined what his head/ his dreams would look like in that scenario and - tada! This is what happened. :D

Obviously the theory is just a little plot idea I had. I know Jack is not actually a lunatic who goes on murder sprees, oml. I was just like; what if he really doesn’t want to believe that he could potentially become a murderer? Or maybe doesn’t want to believe that he already is one? And THEN blames a non existent character for the bad stuff he does? Craziness, haha! Gotta love them psycho-thrillers, amirite?

The theory isn’t meant to offend Jack or anyone else in any way! I hope you like it, though. I might draw some more stuff about it in the future. C:

Thanks to @therealjacksepticeye and @pixlpit for sTILL MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING ME SO MUCH URGH! I can’t wait for the amazing stuff those two will come up with in the following months! :D

Now I will go and get me a salad. A nice salad and some ice coffee. Nom.

Note; please don’t repost/ reupload my art! C:

Also, I suggest y’all go listen to ‘MISSIO’! Amazing musicians, way too underrated! I listened to them a lot while drawing this and bOI it is good!

Ok so I’ve just started semester 2 at uni and I saw that @sourcrown and @estudiyante wanted to know how to handle your first few days at uni (i hope this is what you guys wanted!). As someone who went through a lot of anxiety regarding starting uni, I know how it feels. So, here are some of the things I did to prepare myself:


· Think positively about this whole experience. You are in for potentially some of the best few years of your life, where you can meet loads of new people, be independent, study something fascinating and really explore yourself and your interests

· Do not over think it

· Maybe watch some vlogs about people’s first days or move in days?



· Make sure you have everything you need: if you are moving into halls do you have all the kitchen/food/room things you’ll need

· Make sure you are prepared academically: take a look at your course website, email your new professors and ask for a reading list if there isn’t one online, do some general research if you don’t have a reading list

· DO NOT SPEND ALL SUMMER DOING NOTHING! if you can keep up your studying habits in between school and uni, you won’t have as much of a shock when you start back up


· Do not shut your door and cry because you miss your parents. You may be homesick, but you’ll feel a hell of a lot better if you start talking to your new flatmates. Maybe offer to make them a cup of tea and go from there?

· Go to your orientation/introductory lectures. They are boring as fuck but extremely useful if you don’t know anything about uni life

· Go to all the freshers fairs: often they’ll give you loads of free stuff and its an opportunity to sign up to societies and make even more friends


· Do not slack off in your first few weeks. Yes, it will take some adjustment, but the quicker you get into a studying routine the better

· The first few weeks are seriously fun though, so take advantage of that before all the assignments hit

· Try an establish a work-life balance now before you have assignments/exams and you’ll find it a lot easier

 Good luck to anyone who is starting uni or coming back for a new semester (this can still be applicable to you!). The most important thing academically is to always be studying something, especially now that your work will almost entirely be self-motivated. If you fall out of the habit of studying, you’ll find your life is quite difficult when you have to revise for your exams!

A kind person asked me to post some of my older works so here’s a little compilation! The top row is “frontal, hands behind back, pencil only” drawings, middle is the dawn of digital art, and bottom are my most recent pictures.

Long Live Octopus Pie

Three cheers!

I check the webpage out of habit, but Meredith Gran’s comic work Octopus Pie is over.  I feel like this is how sports fans feel when a jersey is retired and lifted to the rafters, forever in its untouchable place, time divided between when it was active and whatever comes after.  

That might sound grandiose, but in my mind, nothing tops the ten year run of Octopus Pie.  And in the lifespan of what we call Webcomics, 2007-2017 is a granddaddy of a run, worthy of names like “pioneering,” “influential” and “groundbreaking” because in the space of those years, in this new medium, there was room to be those things without any hyperbole.  The comics landscape of the past decade needed filling out and Meredith carved her space out with precision, showing a polish and drive and a talent from the beginning that set a high standard.  

I’m guessing that I started Hark a Vagrant about six months after Octopus Pie began, but Meredith’s was already a name to be reckoned with, due to the solid reputation of her previous comic Skirting Danger and because she was an honest to god trained animator in a sea of stickmen comics or two-dudes-on-a-couch comics (RIP forever *kisses fingers, holds them to the sky*). I was intimidated by her sheer capability.  But inspired too.  I did not need to be intimidated, she was one of the first people I met in comics, and easily one of the best.

Meredith and I briefly shared an apartment and a studio, and I can tell you, she can draw circles around everyone you know.  I later shared a studio with Mike Holmes, who could also draw circles around everyone, and now the two of them are married in some sort of talent supernova.  I am happy for them, even though I feel like I make grade three crayon pictures next to them.  But the other thing that being friends with Meredith for a long time has shown is the cutting wit, the care for stories done right, the love for a medium that will take you through highs and lows that come with comics, and lately through her job as a comics professor, the nurturing of upcoming talent.  I see all of this in Octopus Pie, a comic where character was paramount, where plots were expertly moved, a fine balance was found between the messiness of people and the fun you can have with stories, where subtle emotional movements where rendered with room to breathe, where I felt like I could reach deep into the hearts and minds of the characters on the page because they had been fleshed out so well over the years that they seemed as real people, people that I loved.

I don’t really like that phrase “comics will break your heart,” commonly attributed to Schultz, or Kirby, it doesn’t really matter.  You see it all the time, mostly when people are reckoning with the fact that they work in an unforgiving medium.  I don’t even know what it is about the saying that I don’t like.  Maybe it’s because we all know that comics are hard work, we all know that you might put your life and blood and heart into something and you might get nothing back.  There are no surprises to be found there - it’s not a bad day you had, it’s a life you’re well aware of living, if you do.  But we love the perserverers in comics.  The people who live the phrase are the ones who inspire us the most.

I’m saying all this, and pardon the segue, because I have seen Octopus Pie, some of the finest story work of my generation, passed for recognition time and again and it confuses the hell out of me, truly.  I don’t want to turn a tribute to a work I hold dear into sour grapes, that’s not the intention here, but lord above, if I can’t point this out now, then when can I?  We all know that there are no guarantees in this life (comics will break your heart) but I’ll say this once and then leave it: this is a comic of quality that was miles ahead of so many of its peers, and it deserved better, industry wise.  To wrap up the earlier point, maybe I don’t like CWBYH because it implies that you should shrug your shoulders and not ask for better every time, that a short end of some kind of stick is expected even.  That’s easy when it’s yourself, but speaking as a fan now, I say to heck with shrugging, I want to put Meredith on my shoulders and parade her around and dump her into a Scrooge McDuck thing full of awards.  

Actually that sounds pointy and bad and the Ignatz awards are bricks to begin with so maybe forget that analogy but you get the idea.

I hope you read Octopus Pie, I hope you buy the books.  I hope the legacy of it is long and full, because it always will be for me.  And I think readers will agree, because I know this devoted fan base pretty well.  I read the comments, I’ve sat next to Mer at comic shows, I’ve listened to some of the emails that touched her.  I know this is a comic that meant a lot, to a lot of us.  In this world of work we put our hearts and souls into to begin with, that is a wonderfully worthy thing.

I do not know what Meredith will do next, but whatever it is, I am here for it, seat pulled close to the stage.  The retired jersey is in the rafters, the game is still being played by the people who dreamed better because it was there.  Aw what can I say, I’m sentimental!

 Thanks, Meredith. <3