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Ok so I’ve just started semester 2 at uni and I saw that @sourcrown and @estudiyante wanted to know how to handle your first few days at uni (i hope this is what you guys wanted!). As someone who went through a lot of anxiety regarding starting uni, I know how it feels. So, here are some of the things I did to prepare myself:


· Think positively about this whole experience. You are in for potentially some of the best few years of your life, where you can meet loads of new people, be independent, study something fascinating and really explore yourself and your interests

· Do not over think it

· Maybe watch some vlogs about people’s first days or move in days?



· Make sure you have everything you need: if you are moving into halls do you have all the kitchen/food/room things you’ll need

· Make sure you are prepared academically: take a look at your course website, email your new professors and ask for a reading list if there isn’t one online, do some general research if you don’t have a reading list

· DO NOT SPEND ALL SUMMER DOING NOTHING! if you can keep up your studying habits in between school and uni, you won’t have as much of a shock when you start back up


· Do not shut your door and cry because you miss your parents. You may be homesick, but you’ll feel a hell of a lot better if you start talking to your new flatmates. Maybe offer to make them a cup of tea and go from there?

· Go to your orientation/introductory lectures. They are boring as fuck but extremely useful if you don’t know anything about uni life

· Go to all the freshers fairs: often they’ll give you loads of free stuff and its an opportunity to sign up to societies and make even more friends


· Do not slack off in your first few weeks. Yes, it will take some adjustment, but the quicker you get into a studying routine the better

· The first few weeks are seriously fun though, so take advantage of that before all the assignments hit

· Try an establish a work-life balance now before you have assignments/exams and you’ll find it a lot easier

 Good luck to anyone who is starting uni or coming back for a new semester (this can still be applicable to you!). The most important thing academically is to always be studying something, especially now that your work will almost entirely be self-motivated. If you fall out of the habit of studying, you’ll find your life is quite difficult when you have to revise for your exams!


Harry Potter Moodboards: Magical Creatures for @petalstofish

“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle.” // Newt Scamander

Taking Requests

A kind person asked me to post some of my older works so here’s a little compilation! The top row is “frontal, hands behind back, pencil only” drawings, middle is the dawn of digital art, and bottom are my most recent pictures.

Leonardo DiCaprio Pregnancy Preferences

for the anon who requested this

but, I think @sylviebell & @mrsdavidspade will also like this a lot

His reaction to you telling him you’re pregnant with his baby;

Imagine him going up on stage to receive an award, and happily announcing that the two of you are expecting;

His reaction to hearing your baby’s heartbeat on the sonogram for the first time;

Imagine him being all concerned all the time, and getting you anything and everything you need throughout your pregnancy;

Imagine him kissing your baby belly;

His reaction to feeling the baby kick for the first time;

Imagine him being by your side throughout the delivery;

Imagine him holding your baby for the first time;

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Thanks sweetieeee! I hope you’re feeling way better now that it’s been a little while😘😘. And I’ll take you up one the ask box offer~ I really need some fluffy Dad! Baks taking his kid out to do cute dad and kid things. Have a great day!

Please check out this post and this post for more dad Bakugou goodness and pls forgive me bc I am not good at writing kids. Read the posts above for more about his angry little baby girl

“Daddy, daddy! I want to go to the park!” she was always so demanding, especially with him, and her glare was one to rival his mothers. She wasn’t asking him for anything really, she was informing him that she was going to the park with or without him. 

“Oi, Brat face. Don’t go running off now.” Bakugou challenged her, knowing that his words would cause a lightning fast bolt for freedom. This was their favourite game.

As she made her move towards the door he leaped over the sofa, scooping her up in his arms and holding her up high. “MUWAHAHAHA. You’ll never escape the claws of the Expldo-king. You must stay with me and be my princess for all eternity”

Nobody could ever find out about his amateur dramatics. He’d kill anyone who witnessed him being so silly, but there was nothing more he loved than hearing his baby giggle as he twirled her around, briefly throwing her up and catching her. He tucked her under his arm and marched over to the door, making sure she was within arms reach of the handle so she could open it like she was planning to. The door clicked open and she began pulling herself against the door frame until she “slipped” out of his grasp.

She barely made it halfway down the hall when she stopped in her tracks and turned to face him, pulling her sweetest pout as she did so. “I suppose the Explodo-king could come with me to the park.”

Bakugou’s expression softened; she was still too nervous to ever leave his line of sight (which he thanked any and all gods for with the amount of trouble he knew she would be capable of). He straightened up, making a step towards her when she suddenly held up her hand.

“Stop right there!”

“Huh? B-But I thought you said I could come with you?” He feigned shock and heartache, slumping against the wall only to burst out laughing when she immediately responded with; 

“I never said there wasn’t a price. Go fetch gold and buy me ice cream.”

He took his wallet out of his pocket to show her that he definitely had the money before walking over and offering his hand, silently hoping she wasn’t going to reject him once more.

“Alright, but just to make sure you’re safe, Daddy.”


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