I’m really bothered by how many canon abusive lesbian relationships there have been in Dragon Age - Leliana/Marjoline, Branka/Hespith, and Briala/Celene. The only two canonical lesbian relationships that are happy, healthy and pleasant have been Charter/Tessa (only known if you read the comics), as well as Sera/Dagna (only happens if you aren’t romancing Sera, and even then, it’s just written in her book and never actually talked about). I hope the writers stop using this trope in future because it’s really upsetting and they’ve done it to death already.

The Oath

Oneshot Request by Anon: Can I request a one shot where j takes the reader to ace chemicals to take the oath and jump into the chemicals and when j pulls her out he tells her how beautiful she looks bleached???

Author’s note: (obviously) the dialogue is from the movie, but a) it’s perfect for the scene, and b) I wouldn’t know what else J would say in that moment, so I hope you don’t mind me using it 🙈😇

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

The Joker was unlike any man you had ever met. Thoughts of him intoxicated your mind. Since you met him, you couldn’t stay away. But neither could he from you. He wasn’t sure why, but soon enough the Joker found himself obsessed with you. Some would call it love, but you knew better. The Joker wasn’t someone who loved but there was no denying that he wanted you.

But despite all this, Mr. J wasn’t sure if he could trust you. The last woman he invested his time in, only ended up disappointing him. She wasn’t fit to be his queen. There was only one way to find out if you were worthy, and so the Joker brought you to the place where everything had begun.

The purple Lamborghini came to an abrupt halt in front of a large industrial building. Curious as to what was inside, you got out of the car, and followed Mr. J who was already halfway towards the entrance.

“Hurry up, doll.” Quickening your pace, you caught up with him, and he pushed the large door open.

“Follow me.”, he grunted and led you up a metal spiral staircase, which was followed by a narrow hallway. You could feel your heat beating faster with every step you took, anxiously awaiting what he had planned.
Mr. J opened another door, and walked through it, motioning you to follow his lead once more. As you stepped through the door-frame, a strange scent carried itself through the air. Slowly you took a few steps forward, and when you looked down, you saw several large containers, with some strange fluid mixture inside them. Your eyes were completely entranced by what you were seeing.

“Question.”, the Joker’s voice sounded from behind you, slowly returning you to reality. You turned to face him, waiting for him to continue.
“Would you die for me?” – “Yes.”

“That’s too easy.”, Mr. J was quick to dismiss your answer. 

“Would you”, he hesitated, “Would you live for me?” It took you a second, but in your mind, there was nothing you wouldn’t do for him, “Yes.”

“Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly!”, J warned you, keeping in mind that the last woman he let get close to him, betrayed him and had to be punished… The Joker covered your lips with his tattooed hand, giving you his smile, “Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes Power!”

Ever so gently, his finger traced over your lips, “Do you want this?” – “I do.”
“Say it, say it, say It. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty…” – “Please?” 
The Joker smirked, satisfied with your answer, “God, you’re so…good.” 

He stepped away from you, and finally you realized what you were here to do. The oath was just one part of what he had planned for you. The real test to prove your loyalty still lay ahead, or more precisely beneath you. The chemical bath captivated your attention once more.
This was it. There were only two possible outcomes. Number one: you’d jump, and would be reborn like him.
Or two: you’d jump and die. After all, this could all still be some sick joke. There was no telling if you would survive this.
But you didn’t care. You turned around facing the Joker, standing strong. He lifted his arms, as if to ask ‘What are you waiting for’. With a smile on your face, your spread your arms and let yourself fall.

She did it, she jumped, the Joker thought to himself. For a moment he debated whether he should save you or not. But luckily, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he couldn’t bear to lose you. In one swift movement, he threw his jacket aside and let himself fall.

You felt the strong grip of your lover on your waist pulling you up. Reaching the surface, you gasped, taking a deep breath. The first thing you saw were the Joker’s concerned eyes, but his stare quickly turned into something else. Pride.

You laid your hand on his chest, steadying yourself. That’s when you first noticed your skin looking different. “Am I…?” The Joker nodded, “You’re like me now, kitten.” He grinned, before capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. 

“Beautiful, you’re absolutely beautiful.”, he whispered, kissing you again, holding you tightly against his chest.
“I love you, J.” The Joker hummed in response, “Mhm, you’re not too bad yourself, doll.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck, “Can we go home? I want see myself completely.” Mr. J smiled, “Of course, kitten. Anything for you.”


Wishing my favorite tech guru @delightfullydecadentlight a FABULOUS BIRTHDAY! I literally cannot believe our lives and the shenanigans this past year has brought! It’ll be “nice to see you again”, when it’s time for our next tventure! From the stage to the green room, to the mansion parties, and everything in between- I am so lucky to have you (and @a-a-rontv8) in my life- even when we fight like sisters 😉! Thanks for always being there for me and for literally never being the voice of reason… it’s WAY more fun that way anyway! I hope this year brings you (and us) many more chances to enjoy Aaron and each other! Hope you enjoyed your beautiful day and had a wonderful birthday! 😊😘💕

Here’s some baseball Aaron to celebrate!! (I found all the photos on your tag! 😊 I’m so glad you’re so organized!)

bruises (stan uris x reader)

a/n: again, i’m sorry this took so long to get posted. i hope you enjoy!

reader uses gender neutral pronouns.

The mid-afternoon summer sun beamed down on Derry, casting everything in a golden light. Y/N made they way through town, heading towards the library where they had planned to meet up with Stan and Ben. They didn’t have time to go home before they had to meet them, as they didn’t live that close to the library, so they decided that they’d just walk around for a while to kill time. They weren’t supposed to meet for another 15 minutes, but they’d grown bored of waiting and decided to just head to the library and hang out inside until their friends arrived.

As they turned a corner, they heard yelling in the distance. It was worrying, as Y/N had grown to instinctively attribute yelling to Henry Bowers. However, if he was yelling, that meant he already had a target and they could hopefully slip by unnoticed and get to the library without hassle. They convinced themselves it would be okay, and continued to their destination, doing their best to ignore the voices that grew louder as they came closer.

Henry and his gang were up ahead, for sure, and Y/N could see them now. Henry was holding a kid by the collar of his shirt, staring menacingly at their face. Y/N examined the scene from the corner of they eye, and immediately recognized the boy that Henry was terrorizing. It was Stan, without a doubt; they’d recognize his curly hair and prim clothes anywhere. Suddenly, the desire to skirt by and go unnoticed was gone, and Y/N found themselves moving closer to the scene. Before they had time to think, they called out to Henry.

“Hey, asshole! Leave him alone!”

Henry turned to face the younger kid, annoyed by the interruption, “What are you gonna do if I don’t?”

“I’ll kick your ass,” they replied, not thinking.

They should run, and they knew it, because there was no way in hell they could even phase Henry, who was far bigger and far stronger than they were, but they didn’t run away. Instead, they ran towards him, tackling him full-force and only causing him to stumble. Y/N went flying, but he grabbed them, pulling them back by the hood of their jacket.

The ass-kicking didn’t last long and wasn’t as awful as it could have been, and after Henry and his goons left, Y/N picked themselves up off the ground and headed over to where Stan was sitting, staring at them in shock. His nose was bleeding pretty badly and a bruise was forming on his cheek, and Y/N immediately leaned down in front of him, using the sleeve of their jacket to wipe some of the blood away. “Christ, Stan, that’s bad,” they observed.

“You idiot,” he muttered through the fluff of the jacket, “you shouldn’t have done that. Now we’re both hurt!”

“That’s some kind of thank you, Stanley,” they teased, “I just have some scrapes.”

Y/N had a forming black eye and a busted, bleeding lip, and they knew it as well as Stan did, but they ignored it.

Stan reached up to wipe some of the blood from his friend’s lip with his thumb and rolled his eyes. “We should get to the pharmacy and get stuff to clean up with, yeah? I’ll explain everything to Ben later.”

Y/N nodded, and the two of them pulled each other up off the ground and headed to the pharmacy, bloodied hands intertwined and laughing at the encounter with Henry and Y/N’s reckless heroic behavior.

Until episode 17 I was actually extremely confused which boy to choose. None of the main three is my “type” so I tried to have all Leif ilus and depending on the episode Nevra/Ez ones.

Now I just hope they WILL give us an option to romance Leiftan. I am really interested in his character, it would be amazing!

Please. Don’t let me down Eldarya’s writers.

PR and controlling the media - the basics

I’m not going to try and unravel the boys / bands PR, we’ve been trying to do this for years and there’s no reason to think I have all the answers. I will try and explain the different tactics at a PR teams disposal and how much they can (or cannot) control the media. 

PR is not like maths, or science, or grammar, it’s not an exact science. It’s about people, and because of that no two situations will play out in exactly the same way. 

Another thing to remember is that it’s a balancing act. The media need PR people, and PR people need the media. So there is a lot of ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ / trading favours / and choosing battles so as not to ruin relationships you may need in the future. 


The basics

At the beginning of a ‘campaign’ be it a rebrand, an album launch, a single launch etc the PR team will put together a PR plan (communications plan, whatever you want to call it). This will be lead by the Business Objectives - in a commercial business this is invariably linked to their bottom line (profit/making money). These Business Objectives will be supported by Communications/PR Objectives - what specifically you are trying to achieve through your PR/Communications - these must link directly back to the Business Objectives you are trying to achieve.

You would then look at your Audience (the people you need to connect/engage with to achieve you Communications Objectives), these can be: customers/stakeholders/staff/the media etc. After doing audience segmentation and analysis you would then start to put together a Tactical Plan to reach your Audience>meet you Communications Objectives>meet your Business Objectives.

You would then craft a set/s of Key Messages to use in all of your communications to get across all of the points you want to convey. These will run through all tactics, although they may flex depending on the specific audience you are targeting. 

It is at this point that what we are calling ‘PR’ starts to be seen by us, the rest of it goes on behind the scenes. 


Tactics and control

Advertising / advertorials - This is the only tactic (other than your clients SM) you can have full control over (other than the specific placement in some case). The major downside of this tactic is that they lack credibility as you are paying for them to be included and therefor don’t come through the lens of a third party. 


A proactive press release - These are drafted either in-house or by an agency and are signed off by the client (Harry/Harry’s team  / Louis/Louis’ team etc) They carry all of the key messages you want to get across and traditional each paragraph should be able to stand alone incase the journalist only uses a small section of it. The audience for this is the media, who then in turn reach another audience for you (the public/specific segments of the public if the journalist is from a nice title eg NME/Cosmo etc).

Sometimes journalists are lazy/busy and use the whole of the press release as the article and don’t remove / add anything. In that case, in terms of ‘control’ it’s a big win as they have published exactly what you want to say. 

Sometimes they include their own intro text / exit text / opinion alongside your copy. Depending on your relationship with them and their perception of your client this can be a good thing or a bad thing. 

If they include something that’s factually incorrect eg get the release date wrong, the PR team can get in contact with them and ask them to correct it. They do have to, but if it’s factually incorrect they normally do change it as it could effect their credibility with their readership. If they include something you don’t like but is an opinion / a quote from someone else etc, again you could ask them to remove it, BUT they are unlikely to as why should they? It’s not in their interest. The PR team may be able to persuade them by offering them something in return / threatening to take away from them - eg offer an interview, threaten to take away access to the artist in the future. This is dodgy ground and should only be done if the reach of the title and the damage the wording included warrants it. 


Selling in a story - this is where the PR team specifically contacts a title to offer them a story (normally on an exclusive basis). Although not as ‘formal’ this is unfortunately what we have seen Rusty doing with the Sun. This tactic is normally employed when you want to have more control over how the story spreads than just issuing a press release gives you. It could be to reach a title you particularly want to target - eg one of the boys may want to expand their fanbase and their PR team may then offer the story to a publication they don’t normally work with - for example The Guardian art section / NME. In terms of control - again the journalist can add their own opinion spin, but in the process of selling the story in, you can build in checks and balances - for example the PR having access to it before it is published to approve it. Again this is not black and white, and will need to be negotiated on an individual basis. 


Reactive media lines - This is traditionally when ‘something’ has happened and a journalist contacts the PR team and asks for their response on that ‘something’. This tends to be one more contentious / unplanned issues that you can’t get ahead of and do proactive media work on. This is where a team can really get it wrong with the deadly ‘not comment’. Even on a reactive basis your response to the journalist should still cover off as many of you Key Messages as possible. In terms of control, a reactive line is hardly ever published in isolation - it normally sits within a bigger piece where they may have got statements / quotes from other parties, and include a lot of the journalists own opinion. 


A note on corrections

In print - Nine times out of ten it is not worth asking for a correction in a print piece. Invariably the original piece will have been large and read by many, many people. A correction will be tiny and barely read by any one. 

Online - This is more likely to be worth pursuing as the copy will stay on the website indefinitely and can be changed almost immediately. (Please see info above under ‘Proactive press releases’ re: requesting changes, the same caveats apply here.)


Shady things

We see more than our fair share of shady goings ons, the best way to differentiate between a ‘above board’ press release and a story that has been ‘sold in’ is to look at which media outlet it is in / how many media outlets it is in simultaneously. 

If a story breaks in one or two outlets only it is likely to have been sold in. (The exception to this would be it a story breaks ONLY in a really obscure title, in which case they are most likely making it up for hits)

If a story breaks in multiple titles simultaneously with pretty much the same core wording, it’s pretty much a sure thing that it’s a press release. 


I think that’s pretty much it. This got VERY long :/

  • Some things are shady, some things aren’t. 

  • You have to pick your battles. 

  • And don’t piss off people on your way up that you might need on your way back down. 

shades of byun baekhyun

➳ 2 / ; all shades of pink i could find for @my-bobohu

Shoutout to sapphics who take medications! Whether you take them for physical or mental health, there’s nothing wrong with it. If your meds improve your quality of life, then that’s great! Screw the people who say it makes you weak or that it’s a “crutch”. They aren’t worth your time! May you all find girlfriends who accept you and remind you to take your meds when you’re feeling forgetful.

th3mstrmind-deactivated20170607  asked:

Hey there. I was at the pet store today and saw a beautifully colored albino cornsnake; fall colors of reds+orange and a little yellow, with some white. It made me wonder, why are they called albino's if they come in such vibrant colors?

GOOD QUESTION! So basically, albinism is a condition that knocks out a pigment called melanin. This is the primary pigment in many animals, including mammals and birds. It colors skin, hair, scales, feathers, and eyes. There’s different types of melanin that produce colors on a spectrum ranging from deep black to sandy blonde. But while melanin is the primary pigment in mammals, it’s not the only pigment in reptiles! Reptiles actually have two types of pigment-producing cells. The first, melanocytes, produce melanin. In an albino animal, those are basically turned off and the skin is white or pinkish from the blood circulating beneath it. But reptiles also have what’s called chromatophores. Chromatophores produce many other pigments. Two of these are xanthophores (yellow) and erythrophores (a range of red to purplish, depending on the species). Some reptiles have iridiophores (which produce iridescent colors) and there’s two other common pigments known as guanophores and leucophores (two different versions of white). Each of these pigments is affected by different mutations! So for example, my Kenyan sand boa is anerythristic, which means that the genes that control red pigment (the erythrophores) have been turned off- giving me a black and white snake instead of a black and orange snake like a normal KSB. My ball pythons are both axanthic, which means that the genes that control yellow pigment (xanthophores) have been turned off. These snakes don’t produce these pigments, and so that changes their color!

So that snake you saw was an albino in that they don’t produce melanin! But their other pigments are unaffected by the mutation, so they can still exhibit gorgeous shades of red, yellow, and orange! 

Justice and vengeance are not the same thing. And vengeance is not the answer. But stories of injustice must be told. So I hope the truth burns. I hope it sears into us. For a twisted version of the truth only dilutes the lessons we must remember. It weakens our humanity, our love, our core beings. So speak the truth. Scream the truth. And only the truth.
—  Even if your voice shakes // Hina ( @abillionlittlethoughts )


Here is a new sigil for self confidence, this one is very important to me and I hope it’ll be useful for you! Remember you’re all unique and amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to! 

I’m sending you lots of love and positive vibes ♥

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chy_leigh Sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine to celebrate the last night of filming the #DCcrossovers for me 🍷 Friends… It’s been a helluvah journey. I haven’t seen much of my family the last few weeks, which as most of you who know me or at least know about me, that’s been the greatest challenge.
Second to that, there’s a lot of changes coming - And that, in and of itself, has required a lot of acceptance, embracement, and courage. Nothing we do in life comes without some sort of cost and at the same time, a glimmer of fulfillment. The stories we tell as creators, the emotions we portray are, for many of us, as real as it gets. There are a million questions to answer, I know. I take nothing lightly and in turn, nothing for granted. All I can do is my best with what comes my way. As a human being, I promise to do any and everything within my power to be honest and bold and (hopefully) inspiring to those who are willing and able to walk the journey of life and art with me. Being moderately cryptic here, I hope all of us can find solace in the fact that life is worth living, stories are worth telling, hearts are worth healing, and love is deserved. Change is never one sided… it’s reciprocal. So let’s make every change, every step forward, the one that brings us closer to peace. I love you all and am honored to represent 🏳️‍🌈 #HopeHeals #WeAllMatter ❤️