i made a supernatural family!

okay i just spent like two hours thinking of every possible supernatural character, item, variation etc.

  • mbf me
  • send me which character you would like to be from this list
  • you dont have to reblog this post but if you do, i’ll give you a little blog rate with your message c:
  • okay thats it ily

if you dont want to see any of this blacklist “spnfam”

Welcome to my first ever BOTM!

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  • Must be in the Supernatural fandom (multifandom is allowed)
  • Must reach 50 notes!
  • I’ll choose the winner and some runners up (depending on how many notes) on the 1st November.
What I'm looking for:
  • Nice url and icon
  • Organised, pretty theme
  • A nice person
  • Good quality posts
The winner will receive:
  • A link to your blog in my description and updates tab
  • A follow from me, if I’m not already following
  • Screenshot promo when I announce winner, and random promos here and there!
  • My undying love ♥♥♥
The runner-ups will receive:
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  • Some group promos here and there
  • A solo promo each through the month

okay I’m gonna do a thing

if you’re following me and you have a good band blog of bands I like and I’m not following you then pls like this post or reblog or send me a message

if you like or reblog I will check out your blog and maybe follow if your blog is to my liking

but you HAVE to be following me ik that sounds arrogant or whatever but I feel bad not following extremely good band blogs that follow me yknow what I mean bc it pisses me off when similar band blogs don’t follow me back so yeah

and that’s it ill reblog this a couple times so some ppl don’t miss out on this like who doesn’t want a follow from me???? haha okay yeah that’s it and have a good day/night lovely followers of mine

oh yeah and lemme add something (I forgot to while making this) I ONLY FOLLOW BAND BLOGS like serious straight up band blogs so yeah im not into other kind of blogs with quotes and stuff yknow and reblogging again for my followers that missed this thing yesterday