Ludwig: ”One way or another, I usually find out what goes on while I’m not there…”


A while ago someone asked how I draw faces and I gave a rather lackluster answer. And recently someone asked 1d-artists-community how to draw Harry so I decided to whip this up as a response to both. I am by no means an expert on drawing Harry but I draw him so much these days that I thought I’d share my techniques. 

The tutorial by rockitrocket that I referenced.
Photos found on Google.
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The Ghost of You

(sort of 10x09 coda with a hint of christmas, Mark of Cain, Hurt!Dean, Unstable!Dean, very slight Deancas, Team Free Will)

They make it to Whitefish, Montana around nightfall. They thought maybe it’d be good to step away from the confining walls of the bunker for a bit. From how it was just echoing all the words that were never said and ringing louder with each second spend in silence. Sam has been sleeping in the backseat at least for the past 3 hours as far as Dean can tell and Cas - angels don’t need to sleep - tiel has drifted off to dreamland about an hour ago as well. His head hanging mightily close to Dean’s side, almost touching his shoulder. But not the one he once gripped tight to raise him from perdition. He feels like laughing, but the sound gets caught in his throat. Isn’t it ironic? Everything Cas tried, everything Sam tried and all he himself tried – nothing worked. There is nothing that will save him, he knows that now with a defeat that drags him down like an anchor sliding to the ocean floor. Maybe Cas never should have bothered with trying to get his ass out of hell in the first place. It’s where he’d belonged.


He turns off the engine and just sits for a moment. Enjoys that there aren’t any worried glances. Now he’s the one looking. Looking at them. Not with worry, but with fondness and something like envy. Sam’s features are relaxed like those of a child. He can’t remember the last time he slept, the last time he had a good night’s rest, the last time he didn’t wake up drenched in sweat and his heart beating as if it was trying to get away from him as fast as possible, trying to leave his body, running away. Running… And Cas – still so new to sleeping – seems to have developed his liking for it, that much Dean is sure of. He looks so peaceful, so at ease. It’s been a long time since he’s felt that. At ease, at peace. Maybe he never has.

But he’s been trying to come close. Drown out the voices, black out the pictures with a sip here and gulp there.

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Dany & Minho

He slowly opened his eyes and let out a groan, still feeling tired and wanting to sleep some more, but the beams of light burning through the gaps in his curtains were a clear sign to get up and get ready for his day; he practically rolled out of bed and trudged his way over to the window, opening the curtains, allowing sunlight to flood the room, wincing at the brightness and squinting, momentarily blinded before his eyes adjusted to the new light “ugh.. What time is it..” He murmured to himself, heading over to his bedside table, checking his phone for the time and accidentally dropping it when he saw the time. “SHIT. SHIT. SHIIIIT! I’M GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY SCHEDULES!!!” Minho hastily got dressed, skipping breakfast and quickly brushing his teeth, making an attempt to fix his hair before grabbing  his stuff and heading out the door.

He sprinted down the pavement and across the road, causing a driver to honk their horn at him “SORRY!” As he reached the town he noticed how busy it was and huffed out a sigh, having to push past the crowd to get to his location. A few people grumbled at him for being so rude, thankfully none of them actually stopping him or recognising him. He was an idol after all and sometimes while he was on the street people would stop him for a photo or autograph, but today he had no time for that, he knew how angry his manager would be and only ran faster. Finally managing to break from the main crowd but accidentally knocking someone over. “Ahhh! I’m so sorry, here let me help you!” He leant down, helping the dark-haired woman up, his expression one of concern and his mind forgetting that he had somewhere to be “are you okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”