because with the age of ultron upon us, tony stark is not the most popular character in the fandom right now. so to anyone tired of seeing so much tony hate on your dash, and to anyone interested in a community for tony fans: this is for you!


  • send me your name, a description for the members page, and a 100x100px icon
  • track the tag #tony stark defense squad
  • and you must love tony stark
  • that’s it that’s all you have to do! :)
  • optional: reblog/like this post to spread the word
  • optional: post a link to the members page on your blog
  • optional: follow the tonystarkdefensesquad tumblr
    • if you’re interested in posting to the blog, send me your email and i’ll add you as a member! 
  • optional: follow other members’ blogs for a tony-positive dashboard :)


  • spot on the members page so other fans can find your blog
  • a supportive community to defend tony stark with 
  • meet more tony fans!
  • this isn’t a network; there are no membership limits or deadlines!
  • there are no admins either; everyone is welcome to open discussion posts or post challenges or anything else in the tag :)
  • if you have any question feel free to contact me