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Lana better not ruin LFL by adding g-easy. he is so fucking wack.

I hope she doesn’t either.. like just please no. I literally saw a comment on Instagram about how Lana is added even more collabs to the album and they said she should just call the album “Lana and Friends” at this point and I had to laugh

Defeated Lawrence put his head in his hands. Mira let some of the tough charade fall. 

Mira - “Please Lawrence. I’m doing this for you too. So you can know your daughter. Maybe you’ll even be able to move on and find someone who can completely devote themselves to you. You deserve that.”

Lawrence - “There isn’t anyone else Mira. It’s you, it’s always been you.” 

His voice began to crack and she could tell he was holding back tears.

Lawrence -  “I can’t wait to meet her. I hope she’s just like you.”

Mira - “I don’t. Not who I’ve become.”

Lawrence - “Call me when she’s born? We’ve both known this was wrong from the beginning, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you with all my heart. I’m so sorry you’ll be dealing with the aftermath of this mess alone…“

And with that he walked away. Mira’s heart felt like it had been ripped out and Lawrence was dragging it on the ground behind him. This wasn’t even the hardest part. She headed home to come clean to her husband once and for all.

Some Belated Valentines 2k17 Highlights from Flower Land

- The giant Russian man who stormed through the door while we were quite busy and shouted “Whoooo is helping me? I need BEST FLOWERS in the WORLD because I have BEST WIFE!!”
- The old man who picked up his roses at 8 AM and when I said “I hope she likes them!” giggled and said “These oughta keep me outta the dog house for at least a week!”
- At 3 PM: “I need a delivery of tulips to the south side today.” “We aren’t doing any more deliveries to the south side today.” “I should tell you that this is on behalf of my client {Redacted Football Player} of The Bears and he is willing to pay literally anything.”
- “Hey, boss, I have an order from FootballPlayer of The Bears and he is willing to pay literally anything.” “Don’t you mean FootballPlayer of The Bears FOR NOW?”
-“Okay tell him we’ll do it but he has to buy all our remaining tulips.”
- One guy wanted to buy a teddy bear holding a real rose so I made a teeny tiny rose bouquet for the bear to hold and it is easily the cutest thing I have ever made.
- This same guy grabbed a 55 dollar
arrangement from my table and brought it to me and said “Add flowers to this until it is 200 dollars.”
- Valentine’s Day makes some men crazy.
- When the last man came in to pick up his arrangement twenty minutes after we were supposed to close everyone who was working shouted his name in unison and it was Hilarious.
- All the parents sending flowers to their single professional daughters. Almost all of them made me teary. People from all over the country have daughters who live in Chicago and are single and they all wanted to send their single Chicago daughters flowers.
- “A man is calling and he says you are his best friend?” “What?” “He has an Eastern European accent?” “OH! It’s the man who has the best wife!”
- “I would like 100 roses.” “That will be 600 dollars.” “I would like 12 roses.”

By Way of Spontaneity (Part 4)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 1,184

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: This part is a little longer and filled with a few details. I hope you all enjoy :) 

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Raising a brow, you turned to face Bucky when you felt a few seconds and he wasn’t helping you out with your stuck zipper. You nudged your head up. “What’s wrong with you, huh?”

Bucky suddenly cleared his throat and shook his head. “Nothing! Turn around.”

Without waiting for you to do so, he grabbed you by your shoulders and spun your around himself, quickly zipping you up. You couldn’t help the impressed whistle.

“I’ve been fighting with the stupid thing for the past ten minutes,” you said.

Bucky smirked, waving his fingers. “I have magic fingers.”

You laughed. “Shut up. Let’s go.”

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i posted a few days ago that my mother is having some trouble lately with her old phone- an ancient iphone 4!! and i wanted to surprise her with a new one so i ordered her an iphone 6 plus- it was delivered today!! ive wrapped it all up and put it in a little gift bag. she comes home from work in ten minutes and im going to give it to her 😊 im so excited!!

I drew @commanderholly in a cute/witchy outfit. I was planning on drawing her in one of her Looks™ but that just…didn’t happen?

Things have been blowing up recently with YouTube and it’s genuinely upsetting. But Commander Holly is honestly such a role model. She marches, she uses her platform to speak on real issues, and she’s just an all around incredible woman. So I highly recommend watching her content, because she’s a genuinely good person with a lotta’ heart.

Well here’s the card I made. It’s only a card for my use. So please don’t use it anywhere for anything. I made it special…I am sure you all can guess what inspired this card. I don’t expect a yes but I hope this makes her smile. I just wanted to do something special for her. I want her to know how much I cherish our friendship and show her I appreciate all the times she’s been there for me when I was sad or mad and needed a good friend. So, Valerie happy Valentine’s day. Even though I hate this day…it’s not so horrible when I know I have an amazing friend like you by my side. Also you know that post I wanted to reblog a while back? It was that post about lavender tea and how you’d date someone who slid lavender tea over to you. ^/////^ gosh it feels good to finally get that off my chest. Though I wanted to reblog it to just mess around like everyone else was too hahah. I just didn’t know if you’d take it that way. But hey you’re a chill person, so I think I was just getting myself worked up and embarrassed over nothing. Anyway….if I lived closer to you I would totally be that cute gf you wanted. I didn’t expect to fall this deeply in love with you. I hoped it was only a little crush but nope my heart had to go and fall for you. But, I understand and respect your feelings and I know you want to just be friends. So even though my feelings for you are more than just the feelings of friendship, I’ll put it aside to stay friends with you. I’m pretty sure you don’t feel the same and that’s okay with me, really. : ) You’re my best friend Val and I couldn’t imagine not being friends with you. Or never having you in my life. I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day today. I’m not gonna let this day ruin my good mood, even though I am single I still have awesome friends with me. Valentine’s Day can mean more than just having a significant other. It can be about the love we share with family and friends. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Val. ((And to everyone else, if you’re alone this day then treat yourself to a day of snacks, movies and self care. ))

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@instishoot he’s ready for his date with mary :^)

injuries - auston matthews

requested: sort of

warning: like two swears

word count: 1378 (i just kept writing omg it’s so long)

a/n: i based this off of the tor/tbl game where auston got hit and his cute mama wanted a call (his injury will be exaggerated)

*lowercase intended*

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it all happened way too fast.

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How to Flirt with a Dog Demon by TouchofPixieDust

I’m so excited for more of this!!!