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There have been some silly outfits in Homestuck, but can we just appreciate for a second how totally ridiculous the Page outfit is (and Jake in particular)

He’s got a tiny cape, tight hood with a duck butt, three-quarter sleeves, some type of batman-esque  utility belt, underwear, no tights for the underwear to go over, and SOCKS

In a beautiful shade of egg yolk yellow, no less


Character Close-ups Part II.


Yeah, especially after a hard day of everyone almost dying…" "…which doesn’t happen everyday, right? It’s an anomaly. An irregularity. Not the norm.


Together just one beating heart

All around us quiet now

We hear the leaves fall to the ground

real talk honestly though if next season jasper is still really mad at clarke about Maya (i get it you are heart broken im sorry for your loss but its not like she wanted to do that - Monty too) and is like a dick about clarke leaving i will reach through the tv screen and strangle him bc you know what his ass would be fucking dead without clarke and tbh im just sick of people being assholes to her bc shes not perfect like she does the best she can and if thats not up to your standards then why the hell don’t you lead and see where that gets you, clarke gets shit done, one way or another and it plagues her, and breaks her down and thats why she left in the first place and its not fair that people are just - uGH I JUST GET SO WORKED UP ABOUT THIS LIKE SO MUCH I HOPE NO ONE IS LITTLE SHITS ABOUT THIS OR I WILL BE SO PISSED. I HOPE BELLAMY PUTS THEM IN THEIR PLACE IF THEY DO. 

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on Instagram I know you've stated not to answer questions directed at you specifically but what if someone misgenders/uses the wrong pronouns, would you mind if someone quickly popped in and corrected them? :00

mmmmm yes because some of those people are my teachers/fellow students who im nOT out too directly and like they know SOMETHING is up but i kinda dont want ppl blasting them or correcting them and confusing them bc its awkward for me to explain and augh ^^’’’’’’’’’ also i ALWAYS see those comments because im lurking always so I can answer them! 

I really apprciate you guys wanting to look out for me its super sweet but especially personal stuff, its best to let me answer.

also I hope you dont mind me publishing this! this happens alot and i want others to see my answer.

Lost: Request--Dean x Reader

Request by yuisheart : Can you do a  Dean x Reader one-shot based off of Lost by Michael Buble? «< Me paraphrasing

A/N: I am sorry if this is too short, its just I have legitt 3 projects in different subjects in the next 2 weeks. If I do not finish them I will have my ass mounted on a stick before I am done this school year… JOKES! (Kinda screwed). I have meaning to post this for a while and I FINALLY finished it now… so yay… I guess. Welp, here ya go! Hope you guys like it!!! (Y/N/N= your nickname xx



You got home from the hunt exhausted. Throwing your bag down from your weary shoulders near the front door, you hobbled into the kitchen of the bunker to grab the two bags of peas from the freezer. One for the beautiful shiner that Sam got, the other for your foot that crumpled beneath you as you were thrown by the witch from your hiding spot. It had felt like it was on fire the entire time you put pressure on it to save Sam’s ass. Dean had gotten back from the last hunt while you and Sam were halfway through this one, so he gave you the luxury of hunting a witches’ coven with your boyfriend’s brother. Right now, Sam was your first priority, as he could barely see out of one eye, his face was so swollen. The last thing you needed right now was Sam knowing that you were hurt as badly as he was as that would only give him more stress. God forbid you get hurt on a hunt while on Sam’s watch, Dean would have his ass mounted on a stick before you could even say ‘Shit.’ You force yourself to put pressure on your foot as you heard a pair of boots coming closer from the direction of the library.
"Here you go, Sam." You say as you coax him into one of the kitchen  chairs. "Tilt up." You instruct him as you put the bag of frozen peas gently on the side of his face, hearing the younger Winchester hiss in pain.
"Hey Y/N? Sammy? Where are you guys?" You heard Dean call out, and a small shiver was sent down your spine. You couldn’t wait to feel his loving embrace, or the softness of his lips against yours.
"In here!" You answer Dean as the clunking of his boots stopped at the doorway along with a huff of breath. Dean would never tell you,  but he was always secretly glad that you took care of Sam after most of the hunts. It saved him from emotions was his excuse, but deep down it was the fact that you took the time to deal with every single scrape and kissing it better for both brothers. He came up behind you and his arms carefully wrapped around you, heart skipping a beat, yours as well.
"So, how did it go?" Dean asked you as you slowly turned around, masking the immense pain with a small smile and a kiss to Dean’s left cheek, leaving your head cradled in the dip near his collar bone.
"It could have gone better, but you know, it’s all the same in the end." you whisper, and you could feel the corners of his mouth tug upwards, into a smirk of sorts. "Sam, you good?" you call from behind your shoulder not looking back also being careful not to shout in Dean’s ear. A muffled "Yeah!" was given in response from Sam. In reality, you were tired. Tired and done, more than usual to boot. You slowly pull away from Dean. "Well, I’m going to shower, hopefully the scent of dirty bitch face will come off." You put on your best tired smile and walked away from the Winchesters, pain searing in your foot with every step. Slowly but surely, you entered your room, your steady walk turning into a noise-making hobble as you tried to keep the pressure off of your foot. Moving to your bed, tears started to flow freely from your face. You pulled off your boot that was still tied up tight on your hurt foot. You felt a sense of relief as you pulled off the boot, but the pain that had slowly subsided had now made its way back and it was worse than ever. The tears fell at a rapid rate as you pulled off your cardigan and placed it on your bed. The pain in your foot had taken over your body, sending its small, but intensely annoying and hurtful, wrath throughout your body. You were so concentrated on your small tasks, you didn’t hear Dean’s boots clanking down the hall into your room. You looked around for your own bag of peas, and the realization of leaving it in the kitchen made you a little frustrated. You turned on the radio that sat beside your bed, it was left on a alternative station, one that you wouldn’t usually listen to,  meaning Sam must have been in your room earlier, but you didn’t mind. Lying down on your bed, the pain becoming a little unbearable, someone knocked on your door. You turned your head, not even acknowledging the older Winchester at your door as you answered "Come in."
"You left your bag of peas, Y/N/N." Dean’s voice came from the door frame, a slight mocking tone in his voice. You sat up on your bed quickly and turned towards him, eyes wide.
"Oops." You whispered, silently cursing yourself. Dean tossed the bag to you as you swung your legs over the side of you bed, making room for your boyfriend to sit on the side of the bed with you. You caught it, feet hovering just above your shoes. You placed the bag of frozen peas gently on your foot and Dean took a seat beside you.
"Lemme see it."
"I’m fine, Dean. Promise."
"Nope, I insist. Lemme see it." He carefully grabbed your foot as he tentatively placed it on his lap, looking at the bruising that had taken forms on your foot.
"Seriously, sweetie. I’m fin—AH!" You tried to respond to Dean, but ended up hissing at the pain as he started to poke and prod at your foot. His brows knitted together as he examined your foot more closely moving the bag of frozen peas where ever his eyes had been. Concern flooded across his face every time you hissed with pain, knowing it was causing him as much to see you suffer. You tried to pull away so he wouldn’t see you suffer, but you didn’t want to risk further injury so you succumbed to Dean sitting on your bed, the room lit in a light green glow from your lamp, your foot in his lap, and the radio beside your bed playing soft music as you sat there in silence. You decided that you might as well lie down and get some sleep while Dean made sure there were no other injuries to your body. Your head hit the pillow and you stretched your body out slightly as you got ready to embrace sleep. Eyes closed slightly, you turned away from the green lamp’s glow and you felt Dean slowly let go of your foot, gently placing it on the bed as you felt the weight shifting on the bed as he got up, his boots echoing on the floor as the bed shifted again, signalling that he had gotten on the other side of the bed. You felt an arm wrap around you, and Dean’s hand on your back. A slow smile spread across your face, as it always did when you boyfriend took you in his arms.
"Now, it wasn’t THAT bad was it?" Dean’s freckled nose brushed yours as you looked up, locking Y/E/C eyes with his sharp, yet soft emerald green eyes.
"It was HORRIBLE," you stated in an exaggerated tone as he laughed a little. He moved his head up and planted on a soft on your dirty forehead, but he didn’t mind at all. It was one of the many, many things that he enjoyed about you. Next he brushed his lips against your tear stained cheeks and pressed a little kiss on both as well. Finally landing on your nose, which he usually teased you about because it was about as big as a button on a teddy bear, he kissed it and planted a trail of kisses down to your lips. A new song had come on the radio, one of your favourites too boot, but you just couldn’t pay attention to it as Dean pressed one of many soft kisses on your lips and you responded to it with a tired energy, and he knew you were going to fall asleep soon. The playful smile that caressed his lips grew slightly as he rubbed your back as you found shelter in his body, resting your head on the crook of his neck by his shoulder, you steadied your breathing to fall asleep.
'Cause you are not alone
I’m always here with you
And we’ll get lost together
'Til the light comes pouring through

'Cause when you feel like your done, and the darkness has won. Babe you're not lost." you sang the last few lines of the chorus along with the song as you shut your eyes for good this time to actually try to sleep, with Dean by your side. And you prayed that you would be able to stay like that forever.

Reign 2x17

okay okay… i NEED to express my feelings about reign right now… 
i actually had some hope… i thought that MAYBE mary would realize her mistakes and leave conde after she found out that he was also thinking about marrying queen elizabeth… but nope… all he had to do was apologize and change how he felt and then she fell right back into his arms. too bad its not so easy for francis to regain her trust and love. ugh. 

i need to say some things to people who ship monde…
i am not gonna hate on you guys for shipping them, everyone has the right to ship who they want, and if all you want is for mary to be happy and you dont care about how many things that she does to hurt others as long as she is happy, then i can see why you would ship monde right now… but you need to admit that what she is doing is WRONG. Francis has made mistakes in the past, but he has always always always done everything he could to make up for them. and he loves mary SO much, and he has always done what he has felt was the right thing to protect her. literally every single step he has made has been to protect mary. 
here is the story of francis and mary-
they were engaged since they were kids and they were childhood friends, when they met again at an older age when mary came to court, they fell in love so easily and so quickly. they were really amazing together right away. francis could not marry mary right away because he didnt know for sure if it was right for france, even though he did want to marry her… when she needed men to help her country, and france couldn’t give them to her, francis was willing to let her go and marry someone else so that she could get the men she needed from a different country. even though he loved her, he wanted her to make the right choice for her country… he wanted to make sure that she would end up marrying a good man though, so he looked into the man that she was planning on marrying and found out that he actually was a horrible man… and he did everything he could to stop the marriage, which resulting in him actually killing the man… which was the first man that he had ever killed. that was hard on him, but he did it for mary. they ended up resolving her problems and she ended up being able to have hope with francis, which she was sooo happy about. after all this is resolved, a girl that francis had loved before mary shows up at the castle, francis is a little bit confused about his feelings cuz he never got closure with this girl… they end up kissing, and he tells mary about it immediately and says that he stopped it from continuing… then mary ends up kissing his brother bash… which francis sees and then mary does not tell him about for a long time. because of this, francis’s jealousy gets a little out of hand and he ends up seeking comfort in olivia, the girl from his past, and acts a little out of hand. this hurts mary, and he should not have acted out like that. but you can tell he is trying to protect his heart from being hurt… he loves mary so much and he knows that they cannot be together yet, because it isnt right for their countries, and he is trying to stop himself from caring so much… but it doesnt really work. he ends up coming back to try and save mary from men taking over the castle, because he cannot leave her to possibly be killed.. even though she told him to lead their people out of the castle. he does that, but then also comes back for her. thats when he realizes that it doesnt matter what is right for their countries, he LOVES this girl, and he cannot live without her. they decide to get married, but francis’s mother is very upset about this because due to nostradamus’s visions, francis’s union with mary will cost him his life, and she doesnt want to lose her son. she shares these concerns with mary, and mary finally believes them after a little proof, and she leaves francis, in order to save his life. francis is completely heart broken… through a series of events, mary ends of engaged to his brother bash who is now also taking francis’s spot as the next king of france. francis is so hurt by this because he does not believe in the prophecies… but the only reason bash and mary are doing this is because they want to save his life. mary ends up trying to open up her heart to bash, thinking that hes the one shes gonna be with for the rest of her life… and she does fall for bash too, but as you find out later, she still loves francis more… and as soon as the prophecy is proven to be false, she goes back to francis and marries him. francis is still very upset with bash at this point and is taking out all of his pain on him… this isn’t really fair of francis to do.. again he is letting his jealousy get the best of him. this is definitely his biggest problem, and its something that he needs to work on. which, if you continue to read this, i will explain how that happens. but as much as francis does let the jealousy get the best of him, and it causes him to act like an asshole a lot during this time period, its just because of how much love he has for mary. anyway, francis and bash do end up making up because they are brothers and they both love each other a lot. they both loved the same girl, but bash does end up moving on and is happy for francis and mary. francis and mary are happy together and married. their love is so strong and you can see it every single episode. they face a lot of troubles because they are married and they are king and queen… but they always work through them. marriage is hard by itself, try being married and in charge of two different countries! i respect the fact that these two have problems, but always always work through them. its part of what made their marriage REAL… because no relationship is perfect. it was their love for each other that kept them going. anyway, at the end of season 1, francis’s father, the king, ends up going completely mad and ends up wanting to kill francis and marry mary so that he can continue being the king and rule over france, scottland, and england. he grows power hungry and dangerous… francis ends up having to kill his own father to protect all of his people and to keep him from marrying mary. this was a horribly hard thing for francis to do… but he did it to PROTECT mary. to me, this was the defining moment where francis really became an amazing person. he grew up completely and got over his childish issues that he had before. he knew he was now king and his love for mary was so strong he would do anything for her. this brings us into season 2… where you meet one of the nobles named narcisse. he suspects that francis killed his father, and ends up figuring it out for sure… once he knows this for sure, he uses it to BLACKMAIL francis. he turns francis into the exact kind of king that he doesnt want to be, because if anyone finds out that francis killed the king, it could cause his death. francis spends this time having to lie to mary about it because he wants her to be able to swear in front of god that she had no idea that francis killed his father, so that she wouldnt be charged guilty and killed as well. he is doing this because he believes it is the right thing to do to protect mary. as always… but eventually he cannot handle constantly disappointing mary by his choices, and decides that he is going to tell her the truth… but then narcisse tells him about how he also knows that mary and his mother tried to poison the king before francis killed him… they tried to kill them first, so if francis comes clean about what he did, they will be punished as well and probably killed. that stops him from doing it because he cannot stand the thought of mary getting KILLED. because he LOVES HER. in the process of francis trying to figure out a way to beat narcisse at his own game, the people that francis has upset while ruling the way narcisse wants him to end up breaking into the castle… and that is the night that mary ends up getting raped… after this happen, francis is so upset with himself, he keeps saying it is all his fault… and finally tells mary what has been going on. he should have told her before, so anyone who tries to say that, i agree, he should have, but i also understand why he didnt… he was trying to protect her, and it ended up backfiring on him, but that doesnt change the fact that his intentions were real… when mary finds out about what was actually going on… she completely blames francis for what happened to her. she cannot be with him anymore because of this… she also cannot be with a man at all really because she was raped. i actually did understand all of this… she needed time and i thought that was understandable, and francis did everything that she wanted and needed…. blaming himself the entire time. living with the fact that the girl that he loves and has always tried to protect, blames him for the worst thing that has ever happened to her. he sleeps on this couch type thing in mary’s room for as long as she wants him to.. because she cant stand sleeping next to a man, but she wants him close to her still. she even tries to invite him into her bed one night just to sleep there, but she cannot handle it. but francis is willing to sleep on the couch for as long as she needs him to… this is all so incredible, and i understood both sides. i understood mary needing time, and i was so happy that francis was giving that to her and trying to do everything he could to be there for her in any way that she needed him to be… now, this is where things get TOTALLY FUCKED UP. conde, francis’s cousin, has feelings for mary, and has had feelings for mary… and then SUDDENLY OUT OF NO WHERE… mary begins to have feelings for him too. one minute she was in love with francis, and then the next she was opening her heart to someone new. she barely could talk about opening her heart back up to francis and being with him again because of everything that had happened, and then the first time she finally starts being able to be close to a man, its conde…. francis is so hurt by this, and he forbids them to be together… which I TOTALLY DONT BLAME HIM FOR. mary is his WIFE and he loves her so much and she is completely breaking his heart right now… after he had been doing everything to try and make her happy… but, after a little bit of needing to cool down and relax about the topic, francis tells mary that he will set her free and let her be with conde if that is what makes her happy… because all he wants is her to be happy. he says that he will not only set her free to be with him, but do anything he can to protect them so that they dont get caught having an affair and end up getting themselves killed. he is allowing the love of his life just be with someone else right in front of him, and hes protecting them while it happens. THIS WAS SERIOUSLY SO SELFLESS. i have always liked francis, i have always seen him as a character who has such an amazing heart… hes had some struggles along the way, but you can always just tell how much he loves mary. and i’ve always loved him for that… but this was the moment that he became one of my favorite characters ever… it amazed me that he could do that… because idk about you, but i dont think that i could! it just really amazed me that he could do that… and i am sure he is still HATING himself for the mistakes he made.. the mistakes that were only made because he was trying to protect mary… UGH IT JUST MAKES ME SO ANGRY. damn if i lost everything i loved over my biggest mistakes and i had to live with that forever… i’m not sure that i could actually. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES SO STOP BLAMING FRANCIS FOR HIS! its the people who make mistakes and never get better and never show redeeming qualities that are the problems… but francis has become such an amazing and selfless character. its literally breaking my heart to see him so completely heart broken… and now if we fast forward to what is happening now… he spent the entire episode super upset and heart broken over mary, unable to focus on anything else… and then at the very end, he passes out from having an ear infection, it looks like hes literally DYING… hes by himself, in bed, looking like hes gonna die, probably is gonna die, and mary is LITERALLY IN BED WITH CONDE AS FRANCIS IS LAYING BY HIMSELF DYING. also, mary just forgave conde for doing what i said at the very beginning of this super long rant… and is sleeping with him now… while her husband that literally loves her so much is dying… like what? what is happening right now?! idk if i can bring myself to keep watching this show if francis dies, and mary doesnt care, and keeps being with conde like it doesnt matter… idk if i can handle that. we will see how the next episode goes… but i havent been this upset about a show in a long time. it literally makes me feel sick. i loved mary so much in the beginning of this show, i loved her all the way until she found comfort in conde’s arms… and i might have even been able to get past that… she was hurting and she needed someone just to help her heal and forget… but the fact that she literally wants to run away with him and have a life with him… its just soooo crazy to me. she was so in love with francis, or so she seemed, and now she is just fine with completely breaking his heart and moving away with conde to live with him and have a life with him. it literally makes me sick. i feel so bad for francis. he is literally probably going to die heart broken and having to live with his mistakes costing him everything he loved. no matter what he did to make up for those mistakes, no matter what his intentions were… it doesnt matter… he couldn’t fix it. at this point i was almost hoping him and lola would get together because at least she realized how much love was in his heart and appreciated him. i have never been so disappointed in a character like i am in mary. she literally went from one of my favorite characters to one of my least favorite of all time. ugh i am so upset right now i can barely even focus on anything else. 

i guess that is all i really have to say. sorry everyone for how long this rant is. if anyone actually reads this feel free to let me know how you feel about it all! what are your opinions on what is happening in reign right now?

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Yes Matt being tipped for the role of the lead of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is now an actual rumor. Radio Times has a poll called 'Do you want to see Matt Smith as Newt Scamander?' and 94% said YES of course there are some dissenters. An online petition for Matt (now closed) to be cast was set up by a group of Potter fans so the support is there so far. Right now its just a rumor.

Yeah, that’s kind of why I don’t want to get my hopes up.  Doing a little reading, he might be too old for the part (a guy who should have been in his early 20′s being played by someone in their early 30′s might be a stretch for some Potter fans who want militaristic authenticity…) but he would be so fantastic and I could literally listen to him talk about anything all day, so hearing him talk about discovering the magical world.  Ugh.


if you’re in the mood for a nice, uplifting song with a happy video, this is it!

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You live in Canada, right? (aha I hope this isn't creepy) I was up there recently and my friend and I were having a discussion about Canadian candy. Which one is your favorite? (If you are not Canadian please ignore this)

I am Canadian.

And? Well? Idk what candies you guys (i.e. the rest of the world) don’t have so… its hard to answer this question actually. Do you guys have wagon wheels? I know wagon wheels are also available in other countries too but do you guys have them in the U.S. or whatever country you’re from?

i like wagon wheels.