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Translation(I don’t know the kids’ name so I’ll call them Mini-ao and Mini-kise =.=‘ )

Kise: Why are you crying too, Aomine-cchi?

Aomine: Our kids have grown up…

Mini-ao: *trips* uwah!!!!

Mini-kise: uwah!!!

Mini-kise: I miss papa-cchi and mama-cchi

Mini-ao: Let’s go…we’ll play basketball together when we get back.

Mini-kise: 1 on 1!!!

Mini-ao: 1 on 1 for sure.

Aomine: Papa will play wan wan wan (111 but it looks funnier they other way) with you guys later!!

Kise: It’s one on one Aomine-cchi, calm down…

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I'm a fat (and I mean it) contralto and I NEVER GET PARTS. It's so frustrating and upsetting because the girls who get parts over me are usually not good singers or actresses but since they're pretty and thin and NOT BLACK, they get chosen over me. I'm so sick of it and I'm lw considering giving up performing because it's just too upsetting to get passed over all the time for things that are out of my control. It makes me super upset tbh.

^^^  Another story of somebody who felt that their talent wasn’t the biggest deciding factor in their casting, and who feels like a career may not be in the cars for them.  This is a huge issue, guys, and I hope it’s starting to become apparent to those who are denying its existence.  Nobody should have to give up their dream because of people’s narrow mindsets.

hi there everyone! my name is aria, and this is my lil introduction for the save the bees network. i’m 16, and probably the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet. i prefer she/her pronouns but if you use they/them thats okay too. i try to take a very spiritual perspective on all aspects of life, and so for its gotten me through more hard times than i ever got through despising existence. im always here as a helping hand to anyone who needs a neutral point of view, or validation. my personal interests are nature (this 🐝🐝🐝 is where 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 things get 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 serious), politics/feminism, steven qUARTZ universe, hannibal, video games, and paganism/witchcraft. i hope you guys have an amazing day!

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Who would you like to visit from tumblr IRL?

There are some guys whou i would love to visit, and deffinitly i will one day lol hmm well i would love to meet punkrockdragonrainbowhipster, dandalf-thegay, bacon-dragon, bartthrettan, probablynotyourtherapist, fuckbears and pizzaotter. I think i forgot about couple guys, but its only because my brain dont works too good when its late. All of them are so awesome and i hope i wil get lucky enough to meet them one day :D

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im 24 and a Tajik from Afghanistan and my parents are pressuring me into marrying an Afghan guy (fellow Tajik) but I dont want to and I want to marry this other Muslim guy but he's not Afghan (we haven't don't anything bad or began a relationship, we both know its not right) what shuld i do?

Tell your parents you’re gonna be living with the guy after marriage not them so let you decide who u wanna marry… Fight for your love if you think the guy’s worth it. And make dua too. I hope Allah gives you what’s best for you.

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Hi! I've been following you for weeks now and I love your outfits! Maybe because the outfits you post are something that I could actually wear and I can avoid being overdressed to an occasion. Anyway, since it is summer, will you please do an outfits that I would wear at the beach with my biases Kai/Kris/Sehun. If you feel that bathing suits are too close to lingerie (ik its against your rules)then pls just do outfits when walking on the boardwalk with them! Thank you! I'll always be a fan! <3

Hi! I’m really sorry that this one took so long >~< But anyways, thanks for saying that about my blog, I really appreciate hearing feedback from you guys c: You can find Kai’s here [x], Kris’ here [x] and Sehun’s here [x]

Thanks for requesting and I hope you like it!

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shashaaussi You started the commentary off so hopeful then read the rest and I ruined everything haha I love how you guys (most of you) don’t mind Colin and Rae. (Small secret I kinda like them too) a lot of you are saying its the first story where you are okay with her being with someone else and I feel like I must be doing something right because after all we are all team Rae as long as she is happy and it is done in a healthy way not a stripping and depressing way (*cough* season 3 *cough*) but thank you for reading you are lovely!!!

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While you're discussing boobs, I know 'all boobs are good boobs' but I'm a 32aa and I'm 17 so done growing and I feel so insecure about it. Like I literally look like a guy. 0 boobs. It stresses me out with guys too. 😕 but like is defo a boob guy.

Aww I know boo. Its so easy to say “All boobs are good boobs” but its so hard to accept it because we are taught that boobs that are of this size are hot, anything less is terrible and boyish and anything more is provocative and slutty. And its the most horrible thing because honestly actually all boobs are good boobs but it isn’t the easiest thing to accept. It’s too deeply ingrained into us what “good” boobs are supposed to look like but I really hope one day you feel comfortable with them because boobs are honestly great, no matter what they look like or how small or big they are. It’s a long hard process to really accept it so just get comfortable with yourself okay? Wear what makes you feel good, buy yourself push up bras if they make you feel better and dont give a fuck about “false advertising” or whatever bc you aren’t advertising shit, you are a normal human being wearing something that was meant for the very purpose of making your boobs look better, watch tutorials on how to make your boobs look better and do it, do anything that makes you feel better with what you have until you’re fully comfortable with who you are some day okay? I love you boo xxxx

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idk??? like, i sincerely hope Denko's ok. apparently those boards were from 2011. how many of the boards did you read? i think there were like 5 separate ones.

Yea i read all 5 of them ans Holy Fuck this guy is unreal
But then again theres too many guys like him so its so :^

This is the most current one I have of me~ it was very recent but my sis is sleeping right next to me so I couldn’t turn all the lights on lol~
i found a really amazing lady that does custom lenses and is willing to do them for me [very expensive though] but i love leo so much i am trying to see how to save up for it ~

I’m also selling my Asuna, kagome, Alibaba cosplays 
I think that some wigs will go too
I won’t sell kouha just yet because I wanted a photo shoot with my Kouen
but afterwards I will be selling it
Also~ I might start to do videos for youtube which I hope you guys enjoy
Its won’t be until next year because of my studies and some health complications, some personal problems including sexuality and being single now… BUT hiatus will be off pretty soon …that I hope~

so here anon the picture you wanted plus a little update
I love all of my followers and thank you so much for your support even after me disappearing from the cosplay scene

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IM LAUGHING KIYOSHI WOULD JUST. BE GONE. its him wondering why all his friends end up so hecking attractive.

red and white probably don’t even care much for him though that’s. sO SAD.

still i can’t believe kiyoshi’s boyfriend is like. two guys in one.

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IF MILA ENDED UP TALKING TO THEM SHE WOULD BE SO DAMN CONFUSED LIKE “i’m a zombie. i’m too fucking nice for this shit”


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Honey I am so sorry this person hurt you. You deserve so much better. For a story I recently took in two neglected ferrets who are severely underweight. And so far people have donated 75 to help me save them, so I can get what they need to get them back to their full health and its being put towards a vet visit. I have to feed one of them with a spoon because she is too weak to eat on her own. I am so thankful people are helping me save their lives. I could not do this without their help.

Aww, that’s so awesome! I remember I vaguely saw you were posting some stuff about them the other day! That’s so great of you to help them, and of others to donate! I really hope the little guys end up okay. :) 

Send me some stories of good/kind people/deeds!

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Eyyy I know I ask for a lot but could I maybe have one for Patrick Stump with BDSM and Daddy kink where hes like my professor and I find him really hot and he finds me hot but we don't say anything. He sees me around campus with this guy and he brings me in when he sees me to him classroom. He asks about him and like states that I'm his and then rough secks ;) sorry if its too much

Will be up tonight :) I love all your requests they make my day when I see them in my inbox :) I hope you like this one…

I am so so so sorry that I haven’t written anything these past couple of weeks. Lately, I haven’t been able to gather my thoughts and put them down on paper, much less anything that I would be willing to upload. 

Too add onto that, I am stressed about school starting soon (doesn’t help that its a new school which just stresses me even more for a million reasons). I just can’t sit down long enough to write anything. 

Once school does start, there will be even less (is that possible smh @ myself), as I get a ton of hw and have no free block this yr. 

Anyways, I hope to get you something soon and I really, truly am sorry. I hope you guys understand.  

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“Some days have to happen to us so we can realize, if we can get through that, we can get through anything.”

As thanks, here’s a highly detailed photo of (well I think it goes without saying its pretty obvious whats happening in the photo but I guess I’ll tell you guys anyway) me signing the Deceleration of Independence with my good pal Kinzie Kensington from Saints Row 3 & 4

Funny photos aside, all of the messages mean so much to not only me but my boyfriend too. I showed all of them to him over text and it really cheered us up last night. Thank you all so much again, I hope you all enjoy the pictures

Hey guys! my shining diamonds <3 

I’m so sorry that I’ve been away for nearly 8 weeks! 

I’ve been on holiday and all I wanted to do was to enjoy it with my family not because of the slow internet but its because my family mean a lot to me and I haven’t seen them for years and I love them so so much x

I hope I haven’t let you guys wait too long but now I’m back and hopefully going to get active again x

The internet there is slow so Tumblr wasn’t that good? or lets say speed and loading problems lol x

See you guys very very soon! <3 (I’m sooo soooo jet lagged so gonna rest now baii xx)