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Today I have a Collecton of white Blankets in different fabrics for you.

Its a S2 to S4 Conversion of Jonesi Bed Blanket by MTQ. I just recolored them. I hope you like them!

You need the Mesh - get here

Edit: I made the Player-Verson too. Now you can use both. Please note, that you have to click the Bed and NOT the Blanket to let your Sims go to Bed! If you have any issues, please let me know!

Download Player-Version

Download Decorater-Version

TOU - Please don`t claim as your own! If you want to recolor this stuff, please follow the TOU of the original Creator and the Converter. When you use my Stuff, it would be great if you link back to my Tumblr and/or tag me. I would love to see what you do with it! Thanks :)

So, uh… are we supposed to be rooting for Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, etc to kill Reiner and Bertolt? Cause if that’s the case—and I have this sneaking suspicion that it is—I’m still reading this manga wrong. The latest chapter feels, to me, like it is trying to push the Titan Trio back squarely into “bad guy” territory after hinting at something more complicated. And yet my feelings towards them haven’t changed. I actually find myself caring less and less about the “good guys” with each chapter. For so long I’d kept thinking there was going to be some kind of major twist that would turn everything we thought we knew on its head, but I grow less hopeful. I really should be better at preparing myself for disappointment by now. I fear it will happen with Episodes 8 and 9 of Star Wars, too. I get too invested in imagined possibilities and am let down when things are adequate but predictable. I wish I were a normal person whose real life wasn’t so dissatisfying that fiction means way too much to me.

I feel like I am always going through some shit these days, which is remarkable for someone with no social life who never does anything and has pretty much given up.


Me (INFJ): WoWy zOwY this short story is due in 2 days and I still haven’t established a plot or structure for it mmmmMMYGOSH I’m like really stressed right now guys.

Ni: We’ve been cycling through plots for the past 5 days yet I foresee none of them having a lasting impact on our readers. We need depth and meaning… But this is too short of a time for me to construct a whole story!

Fe: We also don’t want our story to sound stupid and have people secretly laughing at it :(

Ti: What MAKES a good story anyway? Good is completely subjective so your worst could very well be your best in someone’s eyes which is something I could never understand in english class because the teachers are always grading your work based on their subjective view of what’s good so– 

Fe: Yeah but we want most of the class to like our story! Not just someone!

Ni: On one hand, If we can create a plot today then there’s still a chance that we can complete it by the due date. On the other, I see no way how we’re going to get this story done in time and am already accepting our demise. *lays on floor in fetal position*

Fe: I can already feel our teacher hating us and our classmates thinking we are uncreative and shouldn’t even belong in this class! D,: *goes in the corner to cry*

Ti: –ALSO, this entire creative writing class needs to properly define creativity before we can even DISCUSS the writing part because what’s creative to me, is certainly not going to be creative to everyone! PLUS– *continues to ramble*

Me: …

Me: …

Me: …Screw it. Come on Se we’re going to waste away the money on my credit card for food and games we don’t need.

Se: *pops up from the dusty corners of my brain* Holy crap, yes!

*The faint sound of Ni screaming “but the consequences!” can be heard in the distance*

Junko finding a sleeping s/o by her bedside by libradusk

Hey I’m here to fill one of the requests in the contributing section. I hope this is ok and the person who requested the scenario enjoys this.

Mentions of #alcohol Mods feel free to place this under a cut if its too long (keep up the good work btw guys) ~ libradusk

If it had been anyone else, she’d have used them as her personal footstool.

And yet despite the confusion (and embarrassment) the blonde had felt upon discovering you sleeping soundly beside her bed, she couldn’t deny that there was a warmth that spread through her chest as she gazed groggily at your sleeping face.

 Eyes shut tightly with your mouth hung half-agape, you looked so vulnerable her initial thought had been to shake you awake and wipe that gormless expression right off your face. But as she raised her immaculately painted toes towards your side, the urge melted away as quickly as it had surfaced. She sighed in irritation before a sharp twinge of pain flashed across her temples, instantly transforming the impatient gesture into a groan of displeasure.

Hangover. The feeling was all too familiar.

But what exactly had happened last night? The model squinted through the pounding in her head and glared at the empty vodka bottles littering her bedside. Her clothes from the night before were scattered around the room in a haphazard manner, some of which you were currently using as a makeshift pillow. Instinctively, her hands fumbled to pat at her torso, pale digits meeting with the silken material of her nightdress. A flush spread across her cheeks, not at the thought of you seeing her in her skimpy nightclothes, but in humiliation at the thought of you being forced to dress her in the intoxicated state she’d evidentially been in the night before.

Sheesh, she needed to stop doing this to herself.

Besides her feet, you let out a dreamy sigh, unconsciously snuggling your cheek deeper into the crumpled folds of the dress you rested upon. Your sleepy gesture momentarily snapped Junko out of her lamenting, attention once again focused on your slumbering form.

Impulsively, she reached a slender hand out to brush away a few unruly locks of hair that had fallen into your face at some point in the night, scarlet nails lightly grazing against the flesh of your cheek.

Just like a peach, she thought, before quickly scolding herself for being such a sentimental fool.

And yet, the longer she stared at your huddled form, the more she longed to curl up beside you on the plush carpet. How long had you been lying there? The creamy-haired teen racked her brain for some indication of what time she had gotten home, yet her memory was as blank as the ceiling she was currently glowering at above. The throbbing in her skull wasn’t doing her any favours either.

Grunting, Junko’s pale eyes drifted towards the bedside table. She needed something to kill the headache currently assaulting her frontal lobe, and to her delight, she found a packet of painkillers sitting neatly next to a tall glass of water. Without hesitation she quickly washed down the little white pills, gagging as the bitter coating hit her tongue in her rush. Grimacing at the taste, it wasn’t until a few minutes later that she noticed the hastily written note that hung haphazardly off the side of the table.

“Morning Junko,”

Oh man, here we go.

“hope you slept better last night than I (probably) did. You looked like you’d had a good time when you stumbled in at 4am, I’m sure you’ll fill me in with all the details later.

Congrats on not throwing up this time, I appreciate it.”

She rolled her eyes at your sarcastic comment, fully prepared to make you regret it later. Though the stubborn blonde’s expression softened as she finished your note.

“Wake me if you need anything, I’ll be right next to you.

Love you x”

You really could be despairingly saccharine sometimes.

And yet as she looked at you, she couldn’t help but smile.

rileyomalley asked:

Is okay it took a bit! Gives me a chance to learn more about your OCs! :3 also sdhfkasjdfhskgdi ISCREAMED about the slight shipping its okay I kindaquietlystartedcrushinglikehelloverJaeloops. Tam I am going to read stories too and gently massage his hands and pet his head. Malik seems like a neato guy I would love to hang with! All your precious babs help my heart. Sorry if this double sends but AAAA AUGUST 23rd IS MY BDAY TOO Ahkdshfd

hueee I really do ship u with them I think its really cute. Jael thinks you’re super gorgeous but it’d have to be an au of course cause like, canon Jael likes Kira im sorry :c aaaa. But I hope thats okay! Tam would love to have a close relationship with you, too. 

and Malik is a fuck too but I love him. He would love to hang out with you hehe. Watch movies and stuff with him, he loves that.

ALSO thats so funny that your bday is August 23rd too cause I made that up on the spot for that ask. I stated it as something else in a diff ask but changed it because August 23rd kept popping out at me. What a coincidence :’)

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Second sabolu anon reporting! I've never written anything before and I'm super nervous haha. First anon's fic turned out really nice. It's /5961562 on AO3! (Don't have a tumblr, sorry). Thank you so much to both you and first anon for the idea!

the sabolu fic idea

ooooohhh, you’re done as well??? awesomeness!!! i shall check it out straight away!! thank you for writing this, and wow it really must be your aesthetic if you were inspired enough to write your first fic :D dont be too nervous tho!! like i was saying before the fact that you guys wrote this makes me so happy, no matter what im gonna love it :D

and yyyyoooo, wasn’t it??? frostbert’s fic was 10/10 its so good omg and they were all like “omg i hope its okay” and i was crying in a corner over how much i loved it lmao

tbh you and them are the real heroes here, i just happened to tag something that was seen by two awesome people :’) 


edit: so here’s the link for anyone who’s too lazy to copy and paste the numbers, time for me to legit read it now lmao

Guys get emotional too. I don’t why there’s this big stigma about not showing feelings,it’s normal and healthy. Today’s society has taught us that being crying portrays its as weak but it’s the exact opposite. It takes alot to open up to someone and show them who you are , all of your deepest darkest secrets,your desires,your aspirations. I hope some guys out here will be able to read this and feel better about expressing themselves because, long story short, it’s human nature.

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The only reason i can think as to why Louis suddenly is all hands-on parent and finally acknowledging that he has a kid, is so that they can get him out of the stunt by painting him to the public as a great dad, not a dead-beat as Briana's family seem intent on saying. So my thinking is that this is all to paint Louis in a more positive light, allowing them to then say Briana's the bad guy if/when they release that it's not Louis' kid. It's happened to other celebs so it may happen here too :)

yeah that does make a lot of sense ! especially then the public will feel more sympathy for him when they announce its not his (or however they do it). the situation is stressing a lot of us out though. i just hope it ends soon

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🐾 🐾 send 👂 to overhear my muse talking about yours 🐾 🐾

It was one of those moments where he impressed himself and if he could pat himself on the back in public, he so would. Sure, it was only faint but, he could hear them over the room. His currently ex-girlfriend and some way-too-buff-to-be-useful-in-a-fight kinda  guy were in a conversation on the other side of the crowded room and Kiba could hear the whole thing. 

But, how to distract her? Sure, he could do the ‘sorry I spilled my drink on you’ thing or make out with a girl in front of her to make her jealous but, honestly those options would probably just make her mad. Hanging his head in dismay Kiba chose instead to join Ino from where she was watching over Sai like a hawk.

Y’know what? I wish I could keep this up like you do, girl of dreams is right there and its like I don’t exist.” Seems like that was all it took for the pair of them to start rambling on about poor love lives accompanied by the loudness caused by too much tequila.

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well yeah, everyone tells me that its 'just how sisters are' and i have 3 other older sisters and i've had my bad times with them too but never really the way i had with her. because with her, she was literally controlling my entire life and i was practically brain washed. i looked up to her so i believed everything she told me. ive actually made my peace with it, and we get along now but its still left a permanent mark on me. and its not just me, my other older sister suffered from her too.

in fact shes bullying my sister right now. 

well that’s very horrible, maybe you guys should try talking to her ? not just you but like all of you. because no matter what she’s still your sister and you guys wont be able to get through this as long as you don’t talk it through so like try talking to her, tell her that you don’t like what she’s doing. that what she’s doing is wrong and unfair. fuck i feel like an idiot cause i can’t think of a better solution but like try it out ? maybe it’ll make a difference hjsdujehsadbjkihdas i’m sorry i can’t think of a better solution i’m crying :”)   

so i just went to see ‘Room’ and no-one told me i was going to see half the acting talent of Orphan Black, Saving Hope, [insert name of Canadian TV show here] in it and tbh i could have used a heads up that fucking MARCI COATES/very gay Michelle from Seed was gonna be the cop who helps them and that Dr. Evil Worm Nealon was gonna be a super nice guy and that’s just the ones that come to mind

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for the cap with the sag co-worker: honestly most of us know when its time to take things seriously(going off my experience with them and I am one), but sometimes they can get a little carried away and have trouble focusing on work if they're really just not feeling it. sorry you have a sag whose a little insensitive to your work ethic! i usually try to go out of my way for people who care more about the work, but thats just me. hope you guys have an amazing day!!!(you too juli!!!!!:DDDD)

My best friend is a Sag and he is that way too! In general I find Sags pretty considerate people. :) I hope you’re having an amazing day too, sweet Sagittarius!!

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1 - 6

1. Post a picture of u?

- I havent taken a selfie since my birthday but here’s one of me in my monokuma wig~ I hope its okay;;

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?

- Ummm Im only 20 so I think it would be okay!!

3. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?

- Hmmm Maybe girls since I don’t do well when there’s too many guys in the room. It makes me very anxious tbh since I’m not very masculine I suppose.

4. Would you ever smile at a stranger?

- I do all the time!! Sometimes i act over polite I feel because I want to brighten up strangers day. It catches them off guard sometimes but idk … why be mean yknow??

5. Can you commit to one person?

- 100%

6. How do you look right now?


Day 35

I seen you today, I seen you looking at me dont front that you werent i saw them eyes aha.. i said hi to your man today too.. something light man gave me no acknowledgement but its whatever.. lowkey you guys make fun of me on the lows, you just dont wanna say anything to me.. aha i miss you so it was nice seeing you today..

I hope youre doing well, i want you happy no matter what, i want you smiling at some thing.. ill be here honestly ill be here.. if you think he’s the one im serious just message me and tell me that you dont want to deal with me anymore you dont want me around.. just say it cause if pushing me away is your idea of saying something im not moving.. you too weak to push me anyways.. i just need you to tell me you dont love me anymore so i know youre truly happy w him.. the moment you say that i think ill break but ill slowly pick up my own pieces.. I love you dont get me wrong, I’ll wait for an answer or a call or something but I’ll wait cause who wouldn’t wait for you.. i told you im in love but as long as your happy tell me, tell me youre truly happy with him, tell me your going to break our promise with each other.. because i dont want to break anything with you.. i promised you we’d find each other in the future and i will.. but tell me are you truly happy with him even when you look at me?.. or is it scary that youre going to push me away? i told you i step out your life gets better.. no? hasn’t it or do you feel more empty when im gone now.. aha i love you and youre the only one i think about and I know youre thinking of me too.. even after everything i know youre thinking of me too..

Tell me please I wanna know honestly i wanna know if you still thinking of me.. i was watching you today.. i didn’t see your necklace on so I don’t know what you see in me aha that necklace means a lot too me because it was my first genuine gift to someone so please don’t throw it away.. at least keep it somewhere if your not going to wear it.. i caught feelings when i didnt see the necklace on you.. oh well, i know you have a heart for me somewhere you have mine you always will im just asking you questions cause i wanna know I miss you everyday even if you decided to shut me out.. I love you, and everyone may judge me for it but i love you my feelings for you are still true and they always will be.

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hi its the tag anon again, i messaged them and asked if somethings happened and well... turned out they werent feeling so well mentally and were having a hard time. so we talked abt it and they feel better now, im really glad i messaged them bc i dont feel that scared anymore

See ?! :) I hope its not too bad, but im really glad everything is okay between you guys!