i really hope kassting sucks it the fuck up and casts me for bb17 because my whole audition tape was about how im a gigantic super fan and how i wanted to do a girls alliance and how i hated that the guys always form together and get rid of the girls bc they think the girls are weak and how i hate how girls always seem to work against each other until its too late and how i wanted to be the strong female of the season like janelle daniele and rachel like it would be A SHAME IF THEY DIDN’T CAST ME

BBFFF GHG i can’t believe this happened WOW i’m so…

ok i dont even know where to begin, but its only been 5… 6 months? half a year? ahh, im flattered.. i hope you guys dont mind me too much. !!! ??? im so glad i could meet so many people and - and - i feel like i’m slowly improving my art too so that’s fun and - you know what im stopping typing before i get emotional and embarrassing, thank you everyone. you guys have been sending me so many nice messages too lately, and  i feel bad for not answering all of them BUT I REA DTHEM AND APPRECIATE THEM AND HOARD THEM IN MY INBOX LIKE PRECIOUS LITTLE DROPLETS OF LOVE

sorry for not drawing something more interesting, i’ll actually have something when this video finishes rendering (whenever that’ll be, it’s been like an hour and camtasia already crashed mysteriously once, save me)

she dreamt too grand to be made of sand



I’m starting the process of uploading the remaining tracks for the free album! you can check out the songs for the next album as i post and add them to the playlist

when they’re all posted, i’ll put the album up for download! hope you guys all enjoy it

Am I the only one that doesn't want an Olicity wedding?

Hear me out, like it just seems too soon? If they DO end up getting married, I have a feeling they won’t last and that breaks my freaking heart!!

I mean usually couples that get married this soon, usually don’t last in shows. It’s too early in their relationship and in the tv series I personally believe. I know they’ve been building them up since season 1 but it’s too eraly in their romantic relationship!!

I know the facts are all there… but idk I REALLY hope its not an Olicity wedding. We deserve movie dates, and dinner dates, before the whole marriage thing. Plus Mark the troll guggenheim said he wasn’t sure he wanted the marriage to last all of season 4, guys that freaks me out!!

Idk what do you guys think??

You guys ever had such a long day at work/rotation/school

that you just feel like you’ve gone insane temporarily

and you start laughing and talking to yourself

because I think that’s me

point is,

don’t let tough days get you down guys

laugh about them

eat something yummy and get some sleep

you deserve it

Derek Shepherd

I dont know how after killing George, Lexi, and Mark I am the slightest bit surprised that they killed off Derek but I am . I am both extremely surprised and extremely hurt by the lost of Derek Shepherd. 

The show has been on for 10 years,  I was 12 when it started. I have grown up with the doctors of Seattle Grace. Derek and Meredith taught me about love. That sometimes the guy doesn’t always instantly get the girl but if its meant to be. it will be. Derek taught me to always look for the best in people and to find hope in the hopeless. There was never a surgical case too big for mcdreamy. He always made sure that he did everything that he could for everyone. Watching him die because the doctors of this mystery hospital were unable to treat him properly hurt and hurt a lot.

i realize that greys is just a fictional tv show and that all of them are fictional characters but i like to believe that there are people like derek shepherd living out there in the real world, people that believe in love and believe that anything is possible no matter what. people that wake up every morning believing that it is a beautiful day to save lives… 

rest in peace mcdreamy.

I hope all of you find someone who loves you and takes good care of you and listens to you and trusts u as much as u trust them and makes u laugh and makes u so so happy honestly i am so so so blessed to have that and i cant wait for u guys to experience it too whether its rn or in 5 yrs u all deserve at least one good love

When a woman has a one off fling she gets called a slut. If a guy does it, his friends call him a legend? Wtf is up with that, I’d just think he’s a man-slut. There are these two guys at my work who were talking about their… Sex life one time. One was like, I haven’t done it in a year and the other was like, six months, or some shit like that. Then one of them said how he did it when he was 16 and the other guy was like, “Cool man”. I just thought to myself, that’s fucking disgusting. So how come a girl has to save her virginity for a guy, but a guy thinks he doesn’t have to save his. I’m waiting until I get married one day, if I ever do, and I hope my whoever-would-be partner would have waited too. Its not fair.

anonymous asked:

hey lil'buddy just wanted to let you know your gender is your buisness, if those people laugh and call you names fuck them i know its hard not to listen to those people but sometimes people are going to knock you down but you have to get back up again and this is one of the most important things in self discovery -your pal kashmoney p.s. have a great day you are beautiful and deserve it

you guys are making my heart swell so much its gonna explode i swear

Im gonna do baby steps though I really dont have it in me to take too much persecution for coming out

you have a great day too and i hope you find 20 bucks on the ground and get all As on your grades 

and thank you so much ♥♥♥

Sorry if I don’t post much. Not too many accounts have Castiel imagines. I just kinda reblog as I see them. I also try to the avoid “Imagine if they see you self harm/noteat/look down on yourself/ etc” or the short ones like “imagine making cas laugh”. It takes time to find the good ones :) I don’t want cliche ones.

I hope you guys can understand <3

Another thing! I realized I didn’t have my ask on because I’m a nerd that forgets things. So feel free to ask me anything or suggest something (like an imagine or a prefrene, or if you just want to ask something)

*not my gif

dainesanddaffodils replied to your post:humanityinahandbag replied to your post:Can we…

I feel you - I’m still trash for my 50’s AU of them! They fit period stereotypes so well it hurts me in the best way. I’m scared to see you top this - I have no doubt you can but at what price (to our ovaries)? AT WHAT PRICE!?

Oh God, they do, they truly do! Mark of a True OTP, there…

Oh man, I really hope that I’m not talking up the fanfic too much and you guys will end up disappointed, but…I mean, it’s a new step in their relationship, it was gonna happen sooner or later (it’s not the Deed, but…yeah, it’s pretty up there). 

Hopefully not too many ovaries will perish. Or maybe they will. Who knows, who knows…

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my nigga this blog is trash its too damn pink for one. where is ya real pic? who is this anime bitch? you probably spend ya weekends beating off to hentai including pikachu you weebo ass nigga. this blog gets a 2 out of 10 and youre going through an identity crisis that i hope you get fixed soon. btw cartoons are just drawn by some 40 yr old white guy and youre wasting your time obsessed over them. fuck ya blog and fuck you nigga. westside


I’m trying to find a new apartment and it’s so freaking stressful but I buckled down and sent a text about one of them and now I just really hope no one else takes it because it’s cheap and near work and I’m poor and can’t afford a bus pass

Guess what? I’m a responsible adult who can control her own living situation!

mister-epic-kennxdy asked:

I hope somebody has told you lately how ridiculously fantastic you are. If not, then consider this message me doing just that. Have a great day today! Or tomorrow. Whichever makes most sense in your time zone.

Holy guacamole? Thank you very much?! This is one of the sweetest things ever, you are amazing! I really can’t express how happy you made me!
It’s tomorrow for me, thank you very much :DD
Have a great day too, stay safe!
(And thank you for the follow, I still can’t believe it!)

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Hii !! Im super super sorry for bothering you but i was hoping if you could tag flashing/static gifs like the shots and gifs from pvris' white noise music vid as 'tw; epilepsy' or just 'flashing gifs' will be fine as well. I have bad epilepsy and i get seizures whenever i see them so im hoping its not too much of a bother. Again sorry for troubling you, hope you have a great day lovely :-)

Omg I’m so sorry I’ll start tagging them from now on. You’re not troubling me at all don’t worry about that and I hope you have a lovely day as well xx
// guys if I ever post something that triggers you and didn’t tag it please message me about it!! It will only take me a few seconds to make sure you’re okay and well!


&& —–—- maybe she should have pulled
 them off minutes ago; jaded orbs  anaylzing the way
 their bickering quickly escelated to a mid fight between
the two,  and it was only after the blonde stormed off
with a bloody lip did slender  brows arch in  ( FEIGN ) 

                       ❛ –——– One of these days  you guys
                                   are going to break something severe, y’know that ?
                                   Ne, sasuke-kun, you couldn’t have gone a little easy
                                   on him ? He’s probably going to complain for a week
                                                                                 now.  ❜

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although its a real issue, that anon was super passive aggressive about it... i hope you don't feel too bad about it, and you handled it very well! keep doing what you're doing, and thank you!!

Oh I’m cool w/ her tho. Sometimes I do feel same that pix from this news agency (Star Seoul TV) always edit their photos as well as Starjn_news. It’s understandable she could be mistaken that I edit them. Especially Hakyeon’s photo since he looks too pale than usual.

Thanks for your cheer anon! p^v^q

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while we're on the subject of fearing when ex MCR members will take a final bow, what about the rest of the guys? I know Gerard said he's going to make another album and that's insanely relieving (as long as he stays healthy) but like how many after that? and then what's next for Ray after his album? and I worry about Mikey with EC since touring is so hard on him and my god why is it so hard to be in this fandom. I love these guys way too much

gerards working on stuff thank god and i know ray is but its mikey im most worried about like oh god. i just really hope hes okay and doesnt feel like he has to do anything because touring must be difficult on him w/ recovery and everything.

idk i just hope everything works out but im scared of the idea of any of them not making music.