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30 Day Tokyo Ghoul Challenge

 Day 9: Favorite location (The streets of Tokyo)

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Umm... Hi! I really love your blog! It's my most go to blog for scenarios 😁😁. I was wondering if you watch anime? There is this great anime called Tokyo Ghoul! So, can ask what kind of kagunes each member have if they were ghouls? Thank you soo much! Sorry, I was nervous when writing this, excuse my shyness 😁😁

I also included what the kagune would look like! *^^*

Jungkook: bikaku - It’d be a thin, single, tail-like structure, black in color and forked into a rounded trident shape at the end, the tips razor sharp. On the whole structure, there’d be red line designs. It’d be reminiscent of lightening. Overall, it’d have a very sleek look, which would fit Jungkook’s style. Not to mention those colors also fit him. He’s good at a lot of things, and bikaku kagune have a little bit of every skill, not over excelling in just one. The shape would also help him with speed, and he seems like the type who’d have more speed than strength in his attacks. 

Taehyung: ukaku - They’d come out of his shoulder like fiery angel wings, full of different colors, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, violets, the whole rainbow basically. The colors would ripple along the wings. They wouldn’t be stuck in one place. He’s a spontaneous person who’d be a little reckless and quick with his attacks, so he’d be the type to have the speed oriented ukaku kagune. The physical appearance of them would also represent his personality. The angel wing shape would reflect that element of childlike innocence he has and the colors reflect, well, his colorful personality. 

Jimin: rinkaku - There’d be two main tentacles, but from a third of their length onward, they’d extend into claws. They’d be fiery red, but sometimes they’d reflect a sky blue. The two colors would represent Jimin’s two main personalities: sweet and spicy. I feel like he’d be the kind of person who’d love a lot of power, perhaps to the extent of becoming a kakuja ghoul, making rinkaku kagune perfect. He could be a little reckless so it’s a good thing that type has good regenerative abilities. 

Hoseok: ukaku - They’d extend from his shoulders like rays of sunlight, like an aura. They’d be translucent with a slight yellow tint to them, and they’d be almost blinding, twinkling even in the daylight. It would be the most beautiful at night, shining like the aurora borealis. Just like light, the attack would be fast, making ukaku kagune a good fit. Hoseok is also a bright person, a ray of sunshine himself, so it’d make sense that his kagune would take on this appearance as well.

Namjoon: koukaku - It’d be black and gold, strands of each color roped together, and it would be wrapped tightly around his arm, almost against his skin. It’s main defensive purpose would be repelling an attack, not protecting his body in general. Over his hand, the ropes would uncoil into five thin, but razor sharp blades. Namjoon is smart, so he’d think a lot in battle. Koukaku kagune would allow him to think first but the design of his wouldn’t be too restricting in movement. I think he’d depend on strength and speed equally, and the light design paired with the razor sharp blades would be good for that. Also I think those colors would fit him.

Yoongi: koukaku - It’d be metallic, a bronze color. It would coil tightly, but loosely around his arm to be able to cover as much of him as possible when used as a shield. At the end, a thick, long, large double edged blade would extend from his wrist, pointing at the end in the middle. Even though it’d be heavy, he’s not the type to want to move a lot. I feel like Yoongi’d be a calculated person in battle, making sure to evaluate his opponent thoroughly before striking. The large shield would allow him to defend properly while plotting and the large blade would allow him to make a powerful attack. He seems like he’d be strength over speed in attacking. 

Seokjin: rinkaku - There’d be four pure white tentacles. They’d be curled, very wispy, like ribbon. There’d be intricately detailed markings on them in a light blue color. They’d look so elegant and delicate that you wouldn’t expect their great power. Jin also seems like he’d be strength over speed in attacking, and the appearance of his kagune would reflect the kind of elegant aura he has. Jin is known for his waist, which also made me think of rinkaku kagune for him, because it extends from the waist. 

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Hp gif battle vs nymphdoras

Round one : One hogwarts house - Slytherin

We Slytherins look after our own. The corridors of Hogwarts can throw up surprises for the unwary, and you’ll be glad you’ve got the Serpents on your side as you move around the school. Once you’ve become a snake, you’re one of ours – one of the elite. Because you know what Salazar Slytherin looked for in his chosen students? The seeds of greatness. You’ve been chosen by this house because you’ve got the potential to be great, in the true sense of the word.

No one ever asked for Ethan getting flustered while he and Danny try on each other’s clothes, but… Well, why not?

??Art trade half for roundndesperate 


while public, discreet inflation is not a situation I’ve worked with before, it was worth a try. If you don’t like it I will def draw u a new one since ur really sweet. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ went w poor Ilya trying to go to a fancy restaurant feat. an aquarium cos u know those pumps are good for somethin. 

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Shizuo wakes up and notices he isn't in his own world anymore. He finds out he's in "Angry Birds" and became one of them while cursing Izaya because he thinks that's all his fault again. xD

i’m not entirely sure what lead to this situation but izaya definitely hasn’t thought it all the way through 

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Ok so I was discussing my love for Krystal with my mother because she knows the feels and she said "She's your Krystal meth" and I just needed to share that with someone because it is like the best thing I've ever heard

Community College Gothic
  • There is a group of men who sit in the back of the cafeteria. They are always on PC laptops. You do not share a class when any of them, but they are there every day, until the last days of the semester. You never see their laptop screens. You begin to wonder if they even attend the school. 
  • You have a professor who talks about her late husband having helped to found the school. You dimly recall the school celebrating its 75th anniversary a few years ago. You wonder how long ago her husband died. You wonder how old she is. She never understands how to turn on the computer.
  • There is a middle-aged woman who sits in the back of your classroom and wears a motorcycle jacket. She’s always there, in every class. Maybe it is a different woman in different classes. You cannot tell. They all wear a motorcycle jacket. They all wear the same motorcycle jacket. You have never seen a motorcycle in the parking lot.
  • “You can check your grades online”, a professor tells you. You log in to your account and hit the button to select the previous semester. It loads a blank page. The page is fully loaded. There is nothing but white space on the page. You stare into this pale void. You will never know your grades.
  • There is a club room off of the main building. The sign reads “Do Not Enter Unless Permitted By Dean”. You are not sure why it is a club room. Clubs do not meet there. No one meets there. It has no windows. Sometimes you think you hear voices from inside, but no one has ever entered that room. No one has ever left it, either.

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I have missed you too umma !! Really I did /he hugs you for the moment as long as his powers allow him/. Yeaaah~ something like that or more just hanging in the air /snickers/ what about you ? How have you been ? Did any cool things happen ? Good to hear ! Nobody wants to mess with a evil Taeghostman! They better keep being nice to you hehe ~ /giving your cheek a peck/ well I am as good as a ghost can be ~ having a lot of time to think and stalk people’s hehe

/Kibum wrapped his arms around you quickly, hugging you back until he felt your body dissapearing into his embrace which made him sad, but still, he was glad you have developed your power. The memory of your story was still brining him pain but he tried his best to take his mind off of it and he smiled. Having a ghost friend was not that bad/ Have you been stalking me as well? /he tried to glare at you but he ended up laughing/ Ive been working and travelling a lot lately but I’m here now…no, nothing cool happened but I have my on show now! Have you watched it? /he smiled a little when you pecked his cheek because it felt like like a soft warm summer breeze. He never expected a kiss coming from a ghost to feel this way/ Where are you living now? Last time I tried to visit you were gone…