can I request a Halloween themed teen wolf preference? like how u spend ur night together or something? if that’s too much then can I request a amusement park and/or haunted house drabble thing from the Halloween prompt list with Liam Dunbar or Isaac Lahey? ilysm and I hope this was understandable 😁 - @gravoty

A/N: I’ll link this to the other one as well when they’re both out, hope that’s all right for you.

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For those who haven’t seen it the log in screen pic is from when Jensen wrote on the chalk board at AHBL convention during his meet and greet.

It says “Welcome, I’m Mr Ackles” and he signed it underneath, it seems appropriate given that he’s one of the most reblogged celebrities, it’s likes he’s welcoming people to the place he rules over all.

Might as well say “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, you will be subjected to fan fiction green eyes, freckles and adorable bow legs and will never leave this place”

Or maybe I’m just easily amused today.

After Midnight - Snowbound Extra

Does this count as a blurb? it’s the shortest piece yet, that’s for sure, so maybe. Thank you as usual to everyone who reads and enjoys and to those who don’t – you’re part of this all, too – and thank you for writing in when you’re able to, because you make me smile. Thanks as usual to @inkedferns who helped me figure out what I was posting this week. 

Update August 2, 2016: If this were released in line with the rest of the story, it would come about now, just after Memory Bound. Take a peek if you haven’t before and let the rest of the story fill you in! x

This borrows the setting for another yet-to-be-posted story, so now you’ve got a sneak peek at something that’s coming down the pike eventually. There’s fluff, there’s smut, and there’s allusions to Harry having a family (Dad Harry ftw). It stands well alone, though, and I hope it amuses. x. 

Harry freezes almost the moment he steps into his apartment. It’s quiet, but there’s a very lived-in hum floating through it, and he’s instantly on guard. This was his weekend to have you and his son over, but he’d found out he had to be in studio late and had called you with a heavy heart as he told you he wasn’t going to be able to make it. You hadn’t sounded very disappointed, and he had sworn to you that he’d make it up to you both on Saturday and Sunday, and you could even stay an extra day if you wanted (he sorely hoped you would – five days was starting to stretch and feel impossible).

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“I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will.”

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Reaction (EXO): When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument

Kris: “Touche, you sarcastic little shit.”

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Luhan: “No fair, you can’t make me want you in the middle of a fight.”

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Tao: “Well fuck, I didn’t expect that from such an innocent being.”

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Xiumin: “The fuck was that? You can’t be more sarcastic than me during a fight.”

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Lay: “Girl, where did all that rage come from?”

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Chen: “You just started a war, I hope you know.”

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Kai: “Girl, I will… Just kidding, I can’t stay mad at you.”

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Chanyeol: “Two can play that game baby.” 

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Baekhyun: “Chanyeol, do you find her amusing?”

C- “No, I don’t think I do.”

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Suho: *doesn’t even know how to reply* 

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Sehun: “Girl, don’t even try. I will win this.”

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D.O: *reading a message from you* “She said what now?” 

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First Dates (Olicity fic)

A/N: This started off as a dialogue-only fic, and…well, it wasn’t working as well as I wanted it to, so I tweaked this and played with that and it ended up here. 

Full disclosure – the idea for this came to me as I was bored at work and browsing the arrowtags blog (guys, you do stellar work – thanks for entertaining me!) and came across this gifset and the comments underneath it. I don’t know if anyone has actually written on this idea before (I haven’t seen anything), but it amused me so much that I just had to pen something. So, in a way, I suppose you can all blame fernlicity, susannahmccormick, fiacresgirl and thecolourpurpleinafield for this one. 

Tagging chronicolicity because you asked. :)

First Dates

Summary: Oliver and Felicity’s first date didn’t end as well as they’d hoped. A year later, they reminiscence, and consider how much has changed.

Read on AO3 or below. 

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Person A is talking to a mutual friend of your OTP, when Person B approaches and asks what they’re talking about. The mutual friend says (jokingly or not) “We’re talking about [A]’s obvious crush on you”

  • If they’re not together yet, Person B replies “Oh, yeah, it is pretty obvious” Cue embarrassed/panicking A and a very amused friend.
  • If they are together, Person B says “Well I hope it’s obvious! We are kind of together, you know! Bonus if no one knew that they were dating yet.
Lost Stars (Jungkook, You) Part 6 "The Finale"

Author’s Note:
This is the final chapter to Lost Stars and i jsut wanted to say thank you to everybody who read and went through this journey with me. it’s been a beautiful and emotional ride for all of us with this fanfiction and I hope you all find the ending to be satisfying. To be honest, this wasn’t the first ending I had in mind and was a last minute thing but well, change is the only thing constant in this world, right? keke~ Have fun reading and thank you once again.
To sassy-rabbit, I hope you liked your request. :) 

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2 weeks later - October

California, USA

You sighed in amusement as you watched your band mates fooling around in the studio. Your guitarist, Jackson was currently being bullied by Kenny, your drummer, teasing him about chickening out in asking out the girl he liked.

“Come on man!” Jackson whined. “I totally panicked, alright?!”

Kenny ruffled his hair then gave you a face, which made you chuckle. “That’s what you said last month!”

You shook your head as you went back to your notebook, writing the current song you were working on. Since returning back from Korea, you had been writing nonstop; in the car, in your room, over dinner, and even in the middle of the night. You were so inspired that you had written about five songs within the week.

“Yo, Y/N.” Kenny called, interrupting your silence. “We’re taking a break for dinner. Coming?”

You waved a hand at him, “You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

“Okay.” He said and everyone moved out of the room, leaving you in quietness. Once everyone was out, you sighed and ran a hand over your face. You looked at the piano at the corner of the room and a sudden though hit you. 

It’s been two weeks. 

Two weeks since you cleared everything with Jungkook.

Two weeks since you ended your relationship with him, had some proper closure which you knew was the one thing that has kept you up at night for the past five years. 

Looking away, you grabbed your clear book from underneath the desk, in search for a scratch paper you can use. As you flipped it open, you found yourself staring at a page with a familiar handwriting.

The handwriting was evidently not yours. 

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You know those people who made What the Fox Says? No? Well, they’re a Norwegian comedy duo called Ylvis and they have a very Norwegian talk show plus a quite amusing collection of parody songs. Ready to give them a chance? No? What if I beg you? The thing is, my little sister is obsessed with those guys. She’s a tiny little nerd who just made her first tumblr to fangirl about this obscure Norwegian duo and you’re all going to welcome her. You can check one of their songs here - don’t worry, it’s in English, with subtitles and everything - and if you’re the tiniest bit amused, you can go say hi to my sister on @ylviscomics. Fill her inbox with some kindness, will you? I mean, now that I’m going through the effort of linking it directly, you might as wellI hope that my sister grows to like tumblr almost as much as I do and that there’s some potential Ylvis fans out there who will give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a follow and a little message or something. Thanks in advance!

Secrets - (Daryl Dixon Imagine)

Imagine: You have a crush on Daryl, Rick knows your little secret and he likes to tease you about it.

A.N: Not a request but I fancied writing, I feel like Daryl is a little OOC but I’m trying to keep him as realistic as possible. I hope you like it, enjoy!

Word Count: 1473


“Heads up nerd!” I shouted, tossing a ball at Carl as he sat reading his comics on the porch. Daryl chuckled behind me, removing his backpack and heading to hand over the supplies to Olivia. Carl huffed and picked up the ball, shooting me a look from under his hat, this only made me laugh harder. 

“One of these days he’s gonna kill you Y/N,” Rick retorted from the front door, an amused smirk on his face, Judith in his arms. 

“Well, I got him a gift, and I’m the reason his comic book collection is growing so fast, so he better be nice!” I joked, Carl shook his head, reaching out to take Judith from his Dad. 

“Thanks… I guess,” Carl mumbled, but I still saw his grateful smile. 

“Judy, will appreciate it too,” Rick added, stepping aside to let me inside, following after me. “Guessing the run went well?” He checked as I headed for the kitchen, desperate for some water. 

“The usual, we’re gonna have to hope some food and medical goods just fall from the sky at this rate though…” Rick didn’t take this news too well, but he maintained his positive outlook with his constant spouting about the law of averages. 

“Something good’ll come around, I know it,” he placed his hand on my shoulder, shaking me gratefully. I placed my hand on top of his and smiled, I believed him. 

Daryl entered, huffing and throwing himself on the sofa, “water would be great, thanks fer offerin’ Y/N,” he smirked with his eyes closed. Meanwhile, I grimaced at his blood splattered clothes dirtying up the clean sofa cushions. 

Rick had that amused glimmer in his eye, the one I had to keep under control. Shooting him a knowing glare he only laughed, raising his brows. Before he could make another comment I begrudgingly made Daryl’s drink and handed it to him. 

“Anything else, your highness?” I quipped, hands on hips.

“Foot massage wouldn’ hurt,” he peaked through one eye at me, cheeky lopsided smirk growing up one side of his face. The very smirk that would cause me to flush and cower. 

“There ain’t no chance in hell I’m touching those things, Dixon,” I tried to hide my blush and maintain my sass as I ran upstairs to take a shower.


Coming out of the bathroom, feeling fresh, I was met with the sight of the redneck sat against the wall opposite. Feeling exposed, I attempted to rearrange my towel, make sure it stayed firmly in place. Not missing his usual scowl shift into something different, something new I hadn’t seen on him before, as he took in my appearance. 

His gaze dropped as he got to his feet, letting out a small cough as he made his way to get into the bathroom, past me. I’m certain my cheeks were glowing and I scampered quickly to my room, risking a look back, only to see his head quickly disappear into the bathroom and the door to slam in his place. 

Frozen outside my room, another cough caught my attention… Rick. I’m sure by this point I was actually aglow, bolting into my bedroom and slamming the door myself, only to be followed by Rick’s taunting laughter. 

After lying face down in my pillow and cursing my existence, I dressed and headed out to hunt Rick down and fight him but as soon as he caught my eye he started laughing again. I sighed, throwing myself down onto the sofa beside Glenn, who looked puzzled by Rick’s inside joke. 

“Uh, what’s his problem?” he piped up, much to my dismay Rick seemed more than happy to reply, until I snapped him a look. 

“That’s it…” I clasped his arm and pulled him behind me to the porch, which thankfully gave us space. “I’m going to kill you Grimes.” 

“I just find it amusing, you both are so clueless,” this was new to me.

“Both?” I questioned, and Rick’s smarmy smirk slowly shrunk. 

“Just, you’re both socially awkward, you know?” He attempted to backtrack but I’d caught him off guard. 

“First, that’s low, even for you… and second, has Daryl said something to you?” I felt idiotic, talking like a schoolgirl about her crush with her pushy friend. Rick stayed quiet for a couple of seconds, as much as he teased, he was an honest and loyal man. He sighed, fingers tapping on his hip, head cocked to the side. “Forget I asked, just please… I’m begging you, stop making it obvious when I’m around him,” with that I stepped back into the house and ran up to my room. 


Sleep eluded me, unable to get the look in Daryl’s eye from earlier today out of my mind… That and Rick’s obvious secret he was keeping. I wanted to talk to Daryl, but I knew how he was, how he handled being cared for. I remember when I met him back at the prison, and how long it took for him to warm up to me. We are close, I’m one of the only people in Alexandria that makes the fool laugh, especially recently but I doubt he even would be interested in me. 

I’d decided to stay quiet about my feelings for him after witnessing Beth’s tragic death, the emotional turmoil that put on the group, him included. I couldn’t focus on my selfish feelings when I had lost one of my closest friends and family member. A sudden wailing bolted me upright, but my heartbeat slowed once I figured it was just Judith; teething was a bitch. 

Rick and Michonne could use a break, and as I was already awake I decided to see to Judy, ushering both of them back to bed when they came in half dazed. I picked up the crying bundle, happy to see her ease a little once she saw me. 

“Hello Judy, what’s the matter huh?” I spoke softly, bouncing her a little on my hip. She complied somewhat and her cries had reduced to sniffles, for the apocalypse she was one of the best behaved babies ever, Rick had been blessed. After catching a whiff of her, I concluded that tonight the teething wasn’t the problem and quickly set her down to change her diaper. 

“Wow, that smell is loud,” the familiar gruff voice came from behind me, making me jump. As I threw the stinky diaper away, I shot Daryl a glare over my shoulder, picking up a much more pleasant smelling baby and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Daryl, ignoring my glare, stepped closer with his arms out, asking to pass her over. 

“Lil’ ass kicker still creating some mean smells huh? Proud o’ ya,” he spoke much softer and higher than usual every time he was with her and it melted my heart. I was curious why he was up too, but I decided to enjoy the moment for now as he rocked her in his big arms. 

“She’s already asleep, you’re a natural,” I chimed, this earned me a full Dixon smile, not the usual devilish smirk but the smile that brought a happy glint to his eyes. It was a rare sight but a much welcomed one. 

“Ya think?” He scoffed, but I could see he accepted my compliment. 

“Yeah, she loves you,” he looked up, the smile gone, but a glint remained in his eyes. Similar to the one during our awkward encounter in the hall, earlier that day. I looked down, my cheeks red as he placed Judith back into her crib and tucked her in. “Daryl I-” 

I was cut off, he stepped across the room grabbing my jaw and brushing his nose against mine. I could feel my heartbeat pounding, my breathing had come to a stand still. I had to be asleep, this had to be a dream. “Y/N…” I looked up into his eyes, and the intensity was back. I swallowed hard, the small space between us felt alive with electricity. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I closed it. I was kissing Daryl Dixon. I felt the deep growl rise from his chest, and I ran my fingers up his neck and threaded them through his long hair. So many unsaid words seemed to be spoken through our actions alone. I slowly withdrew, keeping somewhat close to him as he ran his thumb over my lips. 

“’M sorry,” he stepped back, retracting his hand and seemed bashful suddenly, appearing as if he were about to flee. 

“Hey,” I grasped his hand, trying to keep my voice down. “It was a team effort Dixon.” 

He gave me a once over, and paused. Nodding after a while and breaking into that cursed smirk. “Ya, and we make a damn good team.” With that he kissed me again.


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“Hey could I ask you something?” Wanda asked, catching your attention.

“You just did,” you pointed out, a little smirk on your face.

Wanda rolled her eyes, but you could tell she was amused and trying not to show it. “I swear, you act like Pietro sometimes,” she said, shaking her head. “Makes me wonder if the actual question is a good idea.” You could tell she was teasing back.

“Why don’t you ask it and we can both figure it out?” you prompted.

“Would you like to go out with me?” Wanda asked, a hopeful expression on her face.

“Well, I would, but I don’t think my girlfriend, Nat, would appreciate it,” you replied, an apologetic look on your face.

“What won’t your girlfriend, Nat, appreciate?” Natasha asked, walking over and putting an arm around you.

“Dating me,” Wanda replied shyly, with a little wave. “I’ll go ahead and disappear before you do anything to me.”

“Nah, go ahead,” Natasha said with a shrug. “I’m not the jealous type.”

“Wait, what?” you asked, surprised, looking to Natasha.

“Dating is for trying out who you like,” Natasha replied with a shrug. “Just because you really like her doesn’t mean you can’t still really like me. Date whoever. Now, if and when marriage comes up, then you might have to make a couple decisions.”

You nodded, understanding Natasha’s point, and turned to look at Wanda. “So, are you the jealous type?” you asked.

“Not sure. But I guess we’ll find out,” Wanda replied with a small smile.

Rowaelin Snippet #5

A/N: Decided to write a short Rowaelin snippet before starting ACOTAR. Hope you enjoy :)


Aelin stared at her reflection in the mirror, searching for more. She’d been hiding in the bathroom for over half an hour, trying to keep it together. There was only one.

“Aelin, what are you doing in there? Are you feeling well? Is everything okay?”

She took a deep breath before opening the bathroom door. Rowan was leaning against the foot of the bed, arms folded across his chest.

“I found a gray hair.” She looked so serious, so devastated, so upset. Rowan merely looked amused.

“So?” He said, trying not to laugh.

Finding the gray hair had reminded her of her mortality. She was mortal, he was not. Sometimes, she let herself think about it. And every time, her heart broke into a million pieces. She had no desire to live forever, it was the one burden she was not willing to carry. But what tore her apart, what destroyed her, was the thought of not being with Rowan. It could take an immeasurable amount of time for them to be reunited in the afterlife, and while she would be waiting for him, her carranam, she was afraid of being alone. It was the one subject they never discussed, for she knew that her eventual death would destroy him as well.

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togetherwewillrisedancingqueen  asked:

Hey, I've got a prompt for you, if you're up for it :) In "'Til death do us part" Castle describes his date, but before he's able to tell Beckett that it's Alexis, Kate leaves the room, bc she can't handle the fact that he has someone new. Have a nice day :)

“You’re bringing a date?”

To say she’s caught off guard would be an understatement. Any lingering amusement at Esposito’s antics disappears, and she turns to Castle as he responds.

“I am.”


“Oh. Well, she’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s funny, the way she smiles at me sometimes just melts my heart…” 

She pushes her chair back, the sound of it dragging against the floor loud and grating. 

“I need to file this,” she grits out, gathering up the half-finished paperwork that’s spread across the break room table before standing and leaving the room. 

She drops the file on her desk, falling into her chair with a soft groan. 

How is he bringing a date? 

They’ve been… getting closer, and she really thought there was no mistake as to where they’re headed. Three days ago she was looking over her shoulder and promising him that the next time they’re handcuffed together there won’t be a tiger involved. Now he’s dating someone new?

Logically, she knows he has every right, but that doesn’t negate the jealousy bubbling in her gut, nor does it prevent her from acting irrationally and running away, apparently. 

She was looking forward to a night out with him – with all of their friends – and now she’s going to have to watch him with some beautiful, intelligent woman whose smile melts his heart. 

“It’s Alexis.” 

He holds the coffee she left in the break room out to her like a peace offering. 

“Alexis is my date for Ryan’s wedding.” 

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Beast: When he wakes up and sees that his girlfriend painted his nails while he was sleeping.

Haha, oh man, this reaction not only got me laughing while doing it, but also brought back some amusing memories. Thanks for the request and hope you enjoy!


Doojoon: *Smiles bitterly* Okay then. Well, at least it’s good to know who I shouldn’t trust to take care of my body if I ever go into a coma. 

Hyunseung: Haha very funny sweetie, you got me good there….But seriously, where’s the nail-polish remover?

Junhyung: Would you just look at this? I fall asleep for 5 minutes and she already took advantage of my unconscious state…She could have at least made better use of it.

Yoseob: Ahhh, why must you always do this to me?!–Why am I complaining? At least she didn’t put makeup on me this time.

Kikwang/Gikwang: *Sighs* This girl…what am I suppose to do with her? *Leans head against hand*…And of course she would use slow-drying polish on the day I’m wearing a white shirt.

Dongwoon: -You painted his toenails as well- Where are you missy!? Because  you and me need to have a little conversation about something! *Waddles around the house while polish is still drying*


Over Time (Part 1)

Prompt: Angst. 

A/N: Okay so let me just start off by saying I’m sorry. This fic is going to mess with your emotions (it certainly messed with mine and Lydia’s). It made me really sad to be honest. This is only part one, because I needed a break, and I’m sure you don’t wanna read a super long ass fic (like Lydia’s working on). So regardless, there will be a part 2. I hope to get great feedback from you guys. 

Title: Over Time

Series: Over Time Sereis

Words: 1267

Author: Alice 

Songs I’m Listening To: Valerie by Amy Winehouse, and Painting Flowers by All Time Low. 

“Dr. McCoy, have you figured out the cause of death of the last enemy?” You tried asking boyfriend professionally.

“Well, Dr. Y/L/N,” he said, stressing your last name in amusement. You smiled. “I have most of the components of the disease figured out, but there are still some things foreign to me.”

“We don’t know what it is, so please be careful,” you pleaded.

“Whatever you say, doll,” he sighed. The nickname earned him a glare from you, as you were trying to keep your relationship under the radar. He cringed, knowing he was gonna get an earful later.

You sat there watching your sarcastic boyfriend slicing skin tissue to see effects of the unknown disease. Somehow you knew something was gonna happen.

“God damnit!” you heard Bones yell. The scalpel had sliced too quickly and ended up cutting through the gloves the “careful” doctor was wearing. You rushed over to your now bleeding doctor.

“Leonard Horatio McCoy what did I just say?” you scolded. “Dammit, man. I’m your girlfriend, not your mother!” You pulled the stubborn man along to the sink to try and scrub out anything that could’ve been contagious. You heard the man chuckle, before sending him a glare.

“And you get mad at me for calling you Doll,” he smirked.

“Oh, shut up you baby,” you grumbled.


“Leo, baby you okay?” you asked him. It had been a week since he had cut himself, and now something was up.

“Yeah, sweets. I’m good,” he responded in a tired voice. You continued to stare at him in concern. You decided that it was probably nothing so you chose to lighten the mood.

“Come on, you Nard. I have something planned,” you said with a giggle.

In the week since the incident, you and Leonard had slowly shown more your relationship to the crew. But apparently it didn’t come as much as a shock. You two had been secretly dating for a year, it was kinda obvious. And now, the two of you lived together.

“Lenny, come on,” you whined, dragging him behind you. He chuckled.

“Slow your ass down,” he said smiling. You had dragged him to the bridge to look out of the bay windows. You stood at the edge of the glass, admiring the stars.

“It’s like you’re trying to make me sick,” he grumbled.

“Shut it, I’m trying to be romantic, jackass,” you whined. He chuckled and tucked you under his arm. He kissed the top of your head. The two of you stood peacefully for a while until you spoke up.

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” you asked.

“It definitely is,” he mumbled.

“Baby, are you sure you’re okay? You’re uncharacteristically quiet,” you asked, voice still filled with concern. He looked at you with furrowed eyebrows.

“I don’t honestly don’t know why,” he whispered as if he was concerned too.


“Leonard, baby, are you getting dressed?” You called from the bathroom. He walked in with a confused look on his face.

“Get dressed for what doll?” He asked.

“Leo, did you already forget? I told you this morning! We’re having dinner with Jim and Spock to discuss some things,” you explained with your face scrunched up.

“I don’t remember that at all,” he scoffed. You looked at him confused, he had even responded with asking what to wear.

“Well, go and hurry up, I don’t wanna be late,” you said, thinking it was just his busy mind.

Bones stood in the closet looking at his clothes. Surely he would’ve remembered something as simple as dinner right? He shook his head and got dressed for the evening.

When he arrived at dinner with you, he still was a bit confused.

“I invited Nyota to eat with us if that’s okay with you all,” Spock said. “I believe some of this information may pertain to her as well.”

“Nyota?” Bones questioned, with a confused look. Who the hell was Nyota? You looked at your boyfriend with even more concern.

“Yes, my apologies,” Spock said. “Most people know her as Miss Uhura.”

“Come on, Bones,” Jim chuckled. “You know Nyota! How many drinks did you have before you got here?”

Leonard’s face still showed confusion until the woman in question walked in and sat down.

Maybe he just had a long day.


“Y/N, don’t you think we should go look at the stars like we did last night?” Bones called from the bathroom.

“Bonesy, that was two weeks ago. And I thought space made you sick,” you teased, trying to ignore his forgetfulness.

“Well, if it did, it doesn’t anymore,” he laughed. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had bigger bags under his eyes, and seemed to have more wrinkles, but he figured it was just from working overtime a lot. Two weeks ago? How could it have been two weeks ago?

“Come on, baby,” he heard you say, coming up behind him to rub his back. “We gotta get to work.”

“I just hope you don’t distract me all day,” he smirked. You laughed before hitting his shoulder.

“Come on you Nard,” you said smiling.

If a complete stranger had walked into medbay that day, they would think that everything was normal. But as someone who knew Leonard McCoy relatively well, you knew he was acting strange. You expected it to get better as the day progressed, but it didn’t.

“Bonesy, I’m surprised I haven’t heard any jokes from you today,” you said, grabbing his hand and smiling.

“Dr. Y/L/N, this is the medical bay, I don’t think this the place for jokes,” he said pulling his hand from your grasp. “Or showcasing affection.”

Your face fell as he walked away. Was he mad at you? The cold shoulder continued all day, with him only addressing you by your last name. You honestly hated it. You spent the entire day questioning what you could’ve done to make him act like this. And the rest of the med staff felt it as well. They usually joked along with the chief medical officer, but now it seemed the med bay was as strict as ever.

That night, you got off work before he did. You didn’t even bother to say goodbye. You say on the bed waiting for him to come home. You heard the keycard swipe, and you immediately tensed up, only to have him walk in with a huge smile on his face.

“Hey doll,” he said coming over to kiss you and hug you. “How was your day?”

“Uh, it was okay?” you said unsure. He seemed to catch on.

“What’s wrong, sweets?” he asked concerned.

“What was with you today Leo?” you asked, still confused as to what was going on. He looked at you like he didn’t fully understand. “No joking or showing affection in the med bay? Did I do something?”

He grabbed your hands and leveled with you. “No, you didn’t do anything Y/N. I just think that the medical bay is a place for seriousness. I mean wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yeah, but it’s just so unlike you,” you said still concerned.

“I guess so,” he said with a half smile. “But things will be better at work now. Things will get done more efficiently.”

You just sat there shaking your head, as if you were trying to convince yourself that everything was still fine. “If you say so,” you said finally.

He pulled you into a hug. Your face showed concern at how he was acting. His showed confusion as to why you said it wasn’t like him.


↳ The Selection Meme:

  •  Quotes (3/?)

“Ah, yes, then food would probably be good motivation to stay.” He laughed again. “I’m sorry, I can’t read your pin in the dark.”

“I’m America.”

“Well, that’s perfect.” Maxon looked off into the night and smiled at nothing in particular. Something in all this was amusing to him. “America, my dear, I do hope you find something in this cage worth fighting for. After all this, I can only imagine what it would be like to see you actualy try.”