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Hii, I'm 19. I have dark, long curly hair. I have few pounds more. I REAALLY like food, music, and dancing alone in my room. I'm a BIG nerd. I really like talking about almost any topic. I speak 3 languages. My friends say I'm very funny.


I ship you with Ignazio! Sometimes when you’re dancing in your room, lip syncing to your favorite song, you probably get into your own little zone. And you probably wouldn’t notice that Ignazio had been leaning against the doorframe, a huge smile on his face, watching you. And when you stop, embarrassed, he would probably walk over to you and tell you just how adorable he thinks you are. Other times when he finds you dancing he might join you and dance around with you and you two would just be weird together. You guys probably like to sit around talking to each other. You are always trying to get to know each other better, even after so many years pass. He probably likes to compliment you at random times throughout the day, just so you remember how amazing and beautiful you are. 

Okay, I don’t really want there to be a romantic relationship between Steven and Connie but if there is I really hope that Steven gets rejected by Connie and takes it calmly and understands her. He’s already an understanding character but I mean that he instantly understands and isn’t saddened at all or offended, he just moves on and doesn’t complain at all and if anyone says anything remotely similar to being in the friend zone Steven just says “its okay, I’m glad that she’s such a great friend either way” or something like that and just walks away