Because my week’s been a disaster thus far, I haven’t been able to properly participate in Marichat Week! Oh noes!
Out of sheer stubbornness, however, I will complete every prompt even if I’m like 3 days behind…. So, here’s the first one I finished:

Day 2 - Cat costume. (Sin?)

If Marinette had to dress up as a cat, of course she’d pick the best/most annoying cat she knows - her very own Chat Noir, complete with horrible puns (that double as innuendos??) and disheveled hair. It seems, however, that poor Chat has crashed and overheated and will therefore not be able to fully appreciate the punniness. I get the feeling neither made it to the costume party that night. Should this go under the Sin category instead…?

Happy Marichat Week and I hope everyone’s having a great time celebrating our favourite Love Square ship!

The signs working in groups

aries: the one that always slacks off but then complains how no one is working

taurus: the one that cries because no one is listening to their suggestions

gemini: attempts to do the project but gets tired of thinking so they just lay back and chill

cancer: the one that is so scared to tell what they’re thinking but gets so aggravated when stupid people speak their ideas

leo: “we have to get this done or else I won’t get an A”

virgo: so tired of listening to people speak so they just write what they think and hope for the best

libra: “wait, what subject are we working on again”

scorpio the one that threatens everyone to work because they don’t feel like presenting anything stupid

sagittarius : the one that’s making everyone slack off by telling hilarious puns

capricorn: the one that’s the project team captain and tells everyone what to do and how to do it

aquarius: hides in the background and playfully pokes people but has smart ideas once in a while

pisces: shouts out everything that comes to mind

kikodamian  asked:

Can you draw Samus in an ugly Christmas sweater por favor??

Yeah, Samus ain’t too happy about it. The only thing worse than a bad Christmas sweater: a bad Christmas sweater with a pun on it.

Happy holidays and Merry X-mas everyone!


trans: the present for 8,000,000 followers (t/n: his current weibo follower count). i wanted to upload a video initially, but because “phones cannot get wet, misfortunes don’t come singly” (t/n: he made a pun with the chinese idiom), i am left with no choice but to upload more pictures then. hope you don’t mind. thank you everyone


“Having been such a long time Star Wars fan, it’s just such an incredible experience to participate in my own small way in the Star Wars mythology. To actually be able to contribute to that conversation has been an enormously gratifying experience and a huge privilege. And one that I never in a million years dreamed would actually be possible.” - Sam Witwer



Spirit Lifters… or Something
I had a not so great week this week and when I’m feeling down I assume everyone else is feeling down so I wanted to make something that could maybe lift someone’s spirit. I constructed a few of these ‘Spirit Lifters’ (pun intended!) that say nice things because nice things make people feel better and doing nice things for people makes me feel better. I may be putting these around the places I frequent most and hope they don’t get taken down. 

anonymous asked:

It's Law anon again! I'm sorry; Law makes me happy. I'm a slut for that sexy doctor. Lol But enough about my sick obsession (that was kind of a pun and I'm not ashamed TREAT ME DOCTOR LAW!) I'd like to request how Law would deal with an argument with his s/o. Both where he is at fault and when his s/o is at fault. Does he get angry and lash out and then make up for it? Or does he quietly simmer? I hope this makes sense. And gender neutral for everyone! C: Thank you for everything. I adore you!

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t be sorry! I don’t mind! I’m perfectly happy to write you more headcanons!

A personal belief of mine is that arguments aren’t really one wrong one right. There’s usually contribution by both people arguing, even if it’s just one of them raising their voice or not dropping things when it seems like it’s resolved (I’m usually the second :/)

Law in an Argument HCs:

- He’s the type to hold in all his minor annoyances until it just gets too much and he snaps.

- He doesn’t raise his voice very often in an argument, if ever.

- He definitely ends up going for people’s vulnerabilities.

- He doesn’t cut people off, he usually just says what he wants and then tries to end the discussion. If it continues he just keeps it going until his s/o concedes.

- He’ll stop immediately if he realizes he made a mistake or was wrong.

- Has a hard time apologizing so he often sweeps things like that under the rug.

- He has a hard time managing his words if his emotions get past his rather impressive emotional wall.

- When the argument is cut off or over he reflects a lot on what he said and his s/o said.

- If they storm off, leave, or are ignoring/avoiding him he gives them space.

- He would approach them only if they were alone so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed if they yell, and neither would they.

- If it was really bad he’d probably swallow his pride and apologize but make his s/o swear never to bring up the argument.

- There might possibly hopefully be a hug.

- Arguments get less and less frequent as time goes by because he and his s/o would be able to pick up on their more subtle shows of disgruntlement.

Thanks for the request!