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Ignis Scientia X Reader

A/N: just because it’s this precious bean’s birthday today, I thought I would make something kinda cute for all of you!!! So I hope you enjoy! Also please understand that this is most definitely in a different universe, one where everyone is happy and no one is hurt or dead. :)

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kikodamian  asked:

Can you draw Samus in an ugly Christmas sweater por favor??

Yeah, Samus ain’t too happy about it. The only thing worse than a bad Christmas sweater: a bad Christmas sweater with a pun on it.

Happy holidays and Merry X-mas everyone!

Quick n’ rough sketch of Matt Holt. 

I was so pissed we barely saw him in Season 2! Although I’m hoping he’ll show up in season 3 as a badass rebel and kick everyone’s arse. 

I headcanon the Holt fam as Canadian personally, and Matt as both of his f/canon portrayals, as both a small nerd, and as a fabulous pun master. Hope he gets his glasses back soon.

AN: Helllllooooo everyone. I hope everyone is having a great, fantastic, amazing, magical, spectacular, superb, outstanding, beautiful day! Anyway, thank you to the anon that requested this COOL imagine (pun intended~ just look at the prompt and you’ll understand). I am so not funny. *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Warning: Swearing

Prompt: If by chance you could sometime write a story where the reader has freezing abilities, as in controlling ice and snow. She would of course be a new recruit and Pietro gets very interested in her from the start. And the season would be early winter c;


“Warm Heart”


The cold nipped at his nose as Pietro stepped out of the large SUV car. It was a crisp day at the end of the fall, the time of year in which the winter months were just beginning to take root.

Pietro had always loved this type of weather, it wasn’t sticky or humid like the summer months. The air seemed fresher and more refreshing, much more pleasant to run in than any other time.

“So why are we hear again?” Tony Stark grumbled, clearly annoyed at the road trip they had to take to get here. Pietro didn’t mind at all, in fact he loved seeing the American country side, it was a refreshing change from the busy streets of New York City.

“The newest recruit is going to be dropped off her any minute, and we’re going to train with her here.” Natasha said whilst she sent a quick message to SHIELD, confirming that they had made it to the location safely.

“Why do we have to do it here? Why not at the tower?” Stark whined, which reminded Pietro of a small child.

“Because, we were told that her abilities are better seen in an outdoor environment, not inside a gym.” Nat responded bluntly, clearly annoyed with Stark’s childish behavior.

Pietro rolled his eyes and began to stroll around the woods that they had been dropped off at. The trees stretched up far into the sky, the branches were being blown a little by a cool breeze. Pietro loved the sound of the decomposing leaves and frost-covered grass crunching under his feet.

“Speedy, get back here!” He heard Clint shout from a distance away. "The newbie’s ride just got here.“

In a flash Pietro made it over to where the entire team was. They all stood in a line, shoulder to shoulder, as the girl stepped out of the car.

She shrugged a weathered-looking backpack over her shoulder and looked at the team carefully, soaking in all of the attention uncomfortably. Her shoulders tensed and she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets.

She must be cold, Pietro thought.

"My name is Natasha, nice to meet you.” Nat said with a warm, genuine smile as she reached out her hand to the girl.

The girl smiled back at her and shook her hand softly, still very shy. “My name is Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, we can get into the proper introductions later, but we should definitely do some training while we still have the sunlight, okay?”

Y/N captured a lock of her Y/H/C hair and tucked it behind her ear. She gave a nervous smile. “Okay, I guess.”

Pietro’s curiosity was beginning to grow with every moment that he looked at Y/N. The way she carried herself seemed so strange and different than when she first stepped out of the car, it was as if the cold air was aiding her confidence with every step she took.

The entire team trekked into the woods until it was deep enough in where they could practice without much distraction.

“So, you want me to…” She trailed off, not sure what to say.

“Just show us what you can do, whatever comes naturally to you.” Steve said with a soft smile, clearly trying to make Y/N feel comfortable.

Y/N bit her lip, then nodded to herself as she sorted out what she was going to do in her head.

The team backed away from her to give her space as she straightened her arms and put her hands in front of her.

Pietro crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a tree.

Y/N sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes, then began to rub her fingers together. Her thumb ran over the tips of her pointer, middle, ring, and pinky fingers on both of her hands, and from them fell a white powder.

At first Pietro wasn’t sure what it was, but soon the powder flow got larger and larger, and once it hit the ground it began to swirl around her feet back into the air, like snakes to a piper.

It’s snow and ice, Pietro realized with wide eyes.

Y/N’s eyes snapped open to reveal a now-white eye color. She shot her hands out in front of her which directed the coils of ice and snow where to go. They all crashed into a tree that was in front of her, the tree was left with a bluish-white sculpture of spikes and ice wrapping around its trunk.

The ice that still remained in the air retracted back into her fingertips, and it was almost like they had not even been there, the frozen tree being the only proof.

The team members clapped for her as she blushed and made an oh-so-cute bow in front of everyone.

Pietro could feel his heart beating just a little bit faster as he saw her cheeks turn rosy red.

After blinking a few times, the white-grey faded from her eyes, leaving them with her normal Y/E/C.

“How long have you been able to do that?” Bruce asked, eager to learn more about her with a scientific eye. Pietro could see him already mentally jotting down notes.

“Since I was born.” Y/N said, looking down at her shoes, which now had a layer of frost coating them because of their proximity to her ice coils.

“Interesting,” Bruce commented. “So, you’re not like the twins then, seeing as they were genetically modified after birth.”

Bruce was muttering more to himself, yet direct comparison to himself and to Y/N still pleased him a little.

“So what else can you do with those powers of yours?” Steve asked curiously.

Y/N shrugged and put her hands back into her pockets, shivering. “I’m not sure, the only thing that I’ve been able to master is what you saw. It’s good for attacking, but still doesn’t do much damage.”

Steve nodded and told her that he sees great potential in her, then walked off to talk to Tony and Natasha about Y/N’s powers. Everyone seemed to be talking about they had seen with each other, yet no one was actually talking to Y/N herself. She just stood by herself, rubbing her arms and shivering.

Pietro took this as the perfect opportunity and went up to her, handing her his black sweatshirt with the white arrows on the sleeves. “You look cold and you don’t have a proper jacket, take this.”

She looked up at him with wide eyes and shook her head feverously, trying to hide her blush. “I’m fine, really–”

“Please, just take it.” Pietro said with a pleading smile. “it would make me feel so much better knowing that you are warm.”

“W-what about you?” She asked, taking the sweatshirt from his hands.

“I naturally make heat, I’m like a radiator. I’m fine.”

“Oh.” She said quietly whilst she slipped the jacket on. The bottom of the jacket fell past her butt and the sleeves were a lot longer than her arms were, yet she was a lot warmer, both in the face and the body.

Pietro swallowed upon seeing her dressed in his clothing. She looked so…cute.

“Well, well…” Tony’s vice carried through the trees and over to Pietro and Y/N. “That sweatshirt looks awfully similar to the one that Pietro owns, strange, huh?”

Y/N looked down at her feet, and Pietro noticed that she wrapped her arms around herself and gripped the floppy ends of the sleeves in her hands.

“He offered to give it to me, I was cold…” She squeaked out.

“How does a person who makes ice get cold?”

“Even though I make ice and snow, I can still get chilly.” She answered.

Pietro (being the cocky little shit that he was) wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him, and almost immediately she felt the warmth of his body radiate to her.

“Oh, leave the girl alone Stark. Don’t you have better things to do than terrorize the newbie?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Tony grunted whilst waving dismissively. “I’ll just leave you two to go back to flirting.”

Pietro pulled away from Y/N as Tony turned his back to them and began to walk back to the others.

“Shit!” Tony hollered as he fell on his bum. He frantically looked around from side to side to see what had tripped him, only to come up blank. The team was snickering at him, telling him that he needed to watch out more.

Pietro heard Y/N let out a little giggle, and he looked at her just in time to see the ice that Tony had slipped on retract back into her finger tips.

I think I’m going to like her, Pietro thought as he watched the small laughs escape her lips. A lot.

((Sorry if it was short, but I hope that you all liked it!))

Who’s ready for more Understuck stuff? Cause I finally got another bit done and ready, this time it’s the characters online handles! I, of course, use the Homestuck style of arranging them. 

But before we get to that I’d like to thank everyone that seems interested in this! I hope y’all continue to enjoy it!


Frisk: determinedScamp

Toriel: cordialMender

Sans: skulltimatePrankster

Papyrus: spaghettiConnoisseur

Undyne: gallantPunk

Alphys: animeHeroine

Mettaton: glamorousSuperstar

Asgore: amiableRegent

Flowey: exanimateMagnate

Chara: guilefulDeathseeker

Kid: exuberantSidekick

W.D. Gaster: etherealEnigma

I kinda toiled over Chara and Kid’s handles for awhile. Frisk, Sans, and Papyrus were among the first I came up with! I’d also like to thank @thetransformingnoodlederg for all the help! They’ve helped me with handles and Mythological Roles and Planets and Sprites! Thanks agains Mitzy! :D 

And listened to my crazy plot ideas as well, that’s certainly worthy of note since I have a lot of them! XD 

  • Riko: Alright, everyone, Hyuuga's out today with a hernia from Izuki's last pun, and we don't really have any games coming up. Let's have a team bonding exercise!
  • Riko: I've seen inside your lockers and I know that along with the sin you've brought into this once pure establishment, you've also all seen Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. What are your favorite ships?
  • Izuki: Isn't it obvious? Seirin is all for SouRin!
my thoughts on the signs (high edition)

aries: my sister is an aries, and despite being a fire sign like me we aren’t chill we don’t get along. im desperately looking for fire puns.

Taurus: i don’t know any of u irl but I assume ur a living and breathing tree like ur aesthetics on tumblr dot com. hope ur doing well buddy. #alsostopadele

gemini: shout out to ethan. my fave despite never ever meeting one in person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ur fly af 10/10

cancer: srry for ur 69 symbol and sad name :( but crabs are cool, although not the toughest. hence all of the crying

leo: i hate titanic jokes. i don’t get them ok not everyone has watched the titanic u nerds #endtheiceburg

virgo: everytime I think of a virgo i think of tree bark so i tend to stay away from that. u guys cool tho ive never spoken to u in my whole entire existence

libra: u remind me of pink bows and lawyers so let’s just put that together

scorpio: u aren’t tough u egg ur aesthetic is so 2005 twilight series

sagittarius: hello it me. i would describe myself as the fire warrior i am here
capricorn: u suck #plsdontsendangrycaps2k15

aquarius: harry styles is an aquarius what more do u need

pisces: hello my sweet angry bitter teddy bear u are the fluffiest

Because my week’s been a disaster thus far, I haven’t been able to properly participate in Marichat Week! Oh noes!
Out of sheer stubbornness, however, I will complete every prompt even if I’m like 3 days behind…. So, here’s the first one I finished:

Day 2 - Cat costume. (Sin?)

If Marinette had to dress up as a cat, of course she’d pick the best/most annoying cat she knows - her very own Chat Noir, complete with horrible puns (that double as innuendos??) and disheveled hair. It seems, however, that poor Chat has crashed and overheated and will therefore not be able to fully appreciate the punniness. I get the feeling neither made it to the costume party that night. Should this go under the Sin category instead…?

Happy Marichat Week and I hope everyone’s having a great time celebrating our favourite Love Square ship!

Danganronpa Episode 7 Despair Arc Analysis

So ok. I had to make a post. SO MUCH HAPPENED.

Firstly, lets tackle Ryota and Junko. 

Ryota’s anime is in the works, done and needs coloring and final touches. Did anyone notice how much she loved the anime?? 

But don’t forget Junko’s character. She isn’t going to love this anime purly for its “hope” message. Why does she love it? Because she knows that this anime will help bring despair to everyone. How? Not entirely sure. I mean, we don’t get to see Ryota’s anime. But Junko sees it, shes more so the SHSL Analyst rather than the SHSL Pop Star. And lets not forget that her alter ego (lol pun) Ryoko is the SHSL Analyst so this is why she contains this power.

tl;dr Junko sees the potential in Ryota’s anime to help spread despair and he doesn’t realize this.

Secondly, Junko’s encounters with Ryota and Mikan. 

Did anyone notice the looks she gave both of them when she met them?

Now, we all know that Mikan falls to despair in the future, but what about Ryota? Theories have surfaced that he has fallen to despair but managed to come back on the side of hope. I for one, think it’s more likely now noting this exchange she gives them. Fact of the matter is that the way she treats both of them is concerning. 

Just something to note, Ryota and Mikan have similar personalities. They are timid, yet will speak up when it is about something/someone they care about. They are good willed and kind. 

Thirdly, the tragedy.

Holy shit it happened, and fucking fast too. 

So we now know that Izuru was uninvolved in the killing and that Chiaki wasn’t involved too––thank fucking god. I think a few things will happen from here on out with Chiaki’s character:

  1. She will either be killed by a reserve course student out of anger towards HPA. She is her class rep, she might go and talk to them and end up getting killed by one that fell to despair.
  2. Izuru and her will have a confrontation. This could lead to him remembering her and keeping her safe and presently she is on Jabberwack island. This would make sense why she wasn’t in the second game, because she was being kept in hiding by Izuru. 
  3. She could end up being killed by Junko. She’s a threat to Izuru/Hajime. She is probably the closest person to him that could trigger him remembering his old self and therefore ending Junko himself out of his desires of Hope. Her death/life threatened may also be the reason why he sticks with Junko––to protect her.

TBH I don’t think Chiaki is dead. She might be a secret observer of the NWP (bc I still believe at some point she either befriends Alter Ego/Chihiro) or she might be in hiding/captive. 

And with Izuru. Just what is he thinking? What is he trying to get at with being with Junko for so long? But can we also note that Izuru can show emotion. He isn’t emotionless, he’s human like everyone else. I believe this to be very important in the later future arc episodes when he finally appears. 


trans: the present for 8,000,000 followers (t/n: his current weibo follower count). i wanted to upload a video initially, but because “phones cannot get wet, misfortunes don’t come singly” (t/n: he made a pun with the chinese idiom), i am left with no choice but to upload more pictures then. hope you don’t mind. thank you everyone


“Having been such a long time Star Wars fan, it’s just such an incredible experience to participate in my own small way in the Star Wars mythology. To actually be able to contribute to that conversation has been an enormously gratifying experience and a huge privilege. And one that I never in a million years dreamed would actually be possible.” - Sam Witwer