Danganronpa Episode 7 Despair Arc Analysis

So ok. I had to make a post. SO MUCH HAPPENED.

Firstly, lets tackle Ryota and Junko. 

Ryota’s anime is in the works, done and needs coloring and final touches. Did anyone notice how much she loved the anime?? 

But don’t forget Junko’s character. She isn’t going to love this anime purly for its “hope” message. Why does she love it? Because she knows that this anime will help bring despair to everyone. How? Not entirely sure. I mean, we don’t get to see Ryota’s anime. But Junko sees it, shes more so the SHSL Analyst rather than the SHSL Pop Star. And lets not forget that her alter ego (lol pun) Ryoko is the SHSL Analyst so this is why she contains this power.

tl;dr Junko sees the potential in Ryota’s anime to help spread despair and he doesn’t realize this.

Secondly, Junko’s encounters with Ryota and Mikan. 

Did anyone notice the looks she gave both of them when she met them?

Now, we all know that Mikan falls to despair in the future, but what about Ryota? Theories have surfaced that he has fallen to despair but managed to come back on the side of hope. I for one, think it’s more likely now noting this exchange she gives them. Fact of the matter is that the way she treats both of them is concerning. 

Just something to note, Ryota and Mikan have similar personalities. They are timid, yet will speak up when it is about something/someone they care about. They are good willed and kind. 

Thirdly, the tragedy.

Holy shit it happened, and fucking fast too. 

So we now know that Izuru was uninvolved in the killing and that Chiaki wasn’t involved too––thank fucking god. I think a few things will happen from here on out with Chiaki’s character:

  1. She will either be killed by a reserve course student out of anger towards HPA. She is her class rep, she might go and talk to them and end up getting killed by one that fell to despair.
  2. Izuru and her will have a confrontation. This could lead to him remembering her and keeping her safe and presently she is on Jabberwack island. This would make sense why she wasn’t in the second game, because she was being kept in hiding by Izuru. 
  3. She could end up being killed by Junko. She’s a threat to Izuru/Hajime. She is probably the closest person to him that could trigger him remembering his old self and therefore ending Junko himself out of his desires of Hope. Her death/life threatened may also be the reason why he sticks with Junko––to protect her.

TBH I don’t think Chiaki is dead. She might be a secret observer of the NWP (bc I still believe at some point she either befriends Alter Ego/Chihiro) or she might be in hiding/captive. 

And with Izuru. Just what is he thinking? What is he trying to get at with being with Junko for so long? But can we also note that Izuru can show emotion. He isn’t emotionless, he’s human like everyone else. I believe this to be very important in the later future arc episodes when he finally appears. 

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Tamaki to the max girl! I hope you love him because he would be perfect for you !