okay fam sorry but I have to make this post. a few things are bothering me so…. yeah. 

I am getting so sick of people acting like the tog fandom hates or ignores Dorian. just because someone doesn’t ship him with Aelin… does not mean they hate him. I do not understand that logic. I, myself, shipped Dorian and Celaena in the first two books so honestly I have nothing against Doraelin. 

I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say I LOVE DORIAN and want nothing but happiness for my Crown Prince King. so please stop acting like you’re the only one who likes Dorian. I actually don’t think there’s a single person who DOESN’T like Dorian. 

secondly, hate Rowan all you want. that’s fine. not gonna fight you on that because you are entitled to your own opinion. but lately the Rowan hate hasn’t even really been about him… it’s been about the people who ship him. (which is pathetic, I’m sorry. you’re going to judge me as a human being just because I like a different ship than you? you do not know me. so bye.) or Aelin. OR EVEN SJM??? 

maybe it’s just me but I do not understand why anyone would continue to read a series if they obviously hate the main character. or really hate every single character except one. yeah, Dorian and Rowan and everyone else are main characters but this series is about AELIN and her journey. so if you don’t like her… and you wanna hate on her… why are you even in this fandom? 


just because you aren’t getting your way ship-wise does not give you any right to start bashing on the main character or the author for making the decisions they make. these are SJM’s books… she will write them how she wants and have Aelin end up with who she feels is best because they are HER BOOKS. 

whether Aelin ends up with Rowan, Dorian, Mort, or no one at all… I will support whatever decision Sarah makes. this series is not defined by the ships. I care so much more about Aelin and her journey than who she ends up with. 

call me and my friends mean girls all you want but I never bash anyone for their opinion. and I definitely don’t tag my posts in a lowkey attempt to start shit. I’m not interested in being part of any ship or clique wars. I am sick and tired of them. you have your opinions. and I have mine. let’s leave it at that. 

I’m sure this will turn into “ooooh another Rowan stan trying to start a fight blah blah blah” (because this is the general reaction to any post by a Rowaelin shipper) but no…. no it really isn’t. it’s not about ships, it’s not even about the characters at this point. it’s about the fandom

I am a part of this fandom because these books mean so much to me. because I wanted friends to talk to about these characters and books and feels. I got so much more than that though… I gained so many amazing friends to talk to about anything and everything. and I will forever be glad I joined this fandom for that reason. 

this fandom has not only been kind since day one but is also talented, and brilliant, and come up with the best theories and pieces of writing or art, etc. that is why I’m part of this fandom. that is why I’m even on this website. to share and see things like that with people who love the books as much as I do.

so, if all you want to do is hate on the characters, THE AUTHOR, or the fans…. kindly exit the fandom. your negativity is not wanted here.

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After you graduate college Mama, did you feel scared?


i felt like i had no idea what i was doing, i had drastically changed my life plan in the 5 months before graduation, i wasnt going straight to grad school like i thought i would, i didnt have a job lined up, i was moving back in with my parents, and feeling like nothing was gonna work out and id never get a break. but honestly, im so glad i was in that place. it taught me a lot about myself and i did a lot of growing. i learned a lot about whats best for me and what i really need. i put up with a lot of bullshit in my life before graduation, but i feel like that last few months ive gotten a lot better about saying to myself and others, hey, thats not cool i deserve better, i deserve to be treated better and surrounded by people who actually care about me and not just use me for their own benefit. 

and now after months of pain and doubt, i did catch a break, and im moving into my own place, starting my dream job, moving back closer to my best friends, and doing what i love to do. life has a funny way of working out and its never in the way we expect it to

OK I’m kind of crying with laughter because Maedhros and Maglor are without a doubt in my top ten favorite Silm characters ever, much, much, MUCH higher on the list than Elwing, who I like a lot and defend like whoa but who I honestly do not have any really strong feelings about. And to me? Nothing is more insulting to the awesomeness and beauty and complexity of Maedhros and Maglor’s characters than these people who claim they are pro-feanorians saying that “they deserve so much respect because they could have killed Elros and Elrond but they didn’t!!!!!!”



just, oh my god. who are you people. why are you calling yourself pro-feanorians. What are you trying to do to my wonderful, precious, lovely, adorable amazing tragic disaster babies. are you trying to delete every single thing that makes the feanorians’ characters so wonderful and awesome and meaningful and compelling in the first place. how is that pro-feanorian. what is this. is this is like that Celeborn-was-a-Teleri disaster of a Version #2 of Galadriel from the Unfinished Tales

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flower crown. black nail polish. handwriting.

Thanks for the asks Shells ☺️

Flower crown: I last sang to myself probably less than half an hour ago?  I sing to myself all the time when I’m by myself.  I don’t do that when I’m around people because i don’t think my voice is that great, but as I live in my own. it’s a license to sing any time my little heart desires.

Black Nail Polish: I don’t have a bucket list.  I have things I’d like to do I suppose, places I’d love to go & things to see, but nothing so formal as a bucket list.  Honestly, I’m not good at goal setting these days at all.  It’s something i need to work on (’cause how can you get anywhere if you don’t even know where you want to be getting, right?)

Handwriting: Oh boy…  Ok so if I was about to die and could only say one more sentence, to whom would I say it & what would I say?…  I think I would say the thing that matters most, and that people need to know when they’re losing someone they love, “Please let everyone know I love you all and am so glad we got to be in each others lives.”  If I had to choose one person to say it to, I’d tell that to my best friend, because she’d know who I meant by “everyone”, and I trust her to let them know.  I’ve lost people, and in one case hearing I love you was the last thing I heard from her.  It made a world of difference.  It’s a good line to exit on. 

and just because: GLITTER

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A) I love the new Ghostbusters.

B) Honestly, I prefer it to the original because now our main protagonist isn’t a skeevy pervert who doesn’t actually give a damn about ghosts or science.

C) Having a movie with three women in STEM fields and one being a history buff was really cool.

D) I keep seeing reviews that are like “eh, it’s okay, but in terms of story and characterization it has nothing on the original” and I’m like pffffffffft please tell me of the depth of plot and deep characterization of, say, Egon in the original film, thanks.

I have a feeling that when people say “who the FUCK would elect andre bourgeois mayor he’s such a terrible person he just uses privileged to get his daughter what he wants” they don’t really consider…things…

like…his political views…must be really dope…or dark blade literally just explained he got re-elected because he made his opponents look bad but honestly i refuse to believe the general public let him be mayor for 24 YEARS without agreeing with SOME of his views

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is it allowed to worship a god or goddess from an asian country if you're not asian in witchcraft? for example, im really interested in amaterasu, the sun goddess of japan. im interested in both her and artemis, i like how worshiping a sun and a moon goddess kinda make things feel balanced to me. but im afraid its not allowed?

I honestly do not know - I know nothing about Japanese deities, or whether that would classify as cultural appropriation or not. In regards to cultural appropriation, I once saw someone say “when in doubt, leave it out,” and I think those are pretty awesome words to live by in witchcraft in general. Are there any Japanese followers who can put their two cents in on this topic? Anyone have any knowledge in general?

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My girlfriend is getting her own apartment to escape a controlling mother, and is hoping to adopt a cat. However, her mom is adamant in forcing her to either adopt a declawed cat or declaw anything she gets. Sighs. Any tips?

…wait until after she has the apartment, and then get the cat so her mom can’t have any say? It’s what I’d do. 

Honestly, it’s fine to adopt cats that are already declawed if you’re aware of and willing to deal with the potential problems they might have. They need homes just like everyone else. From personal history, I’m pissy about letting any overly controlling parents dictate anything regarding adult life once you’re out from under their roof… but if it’s not a battle worth fighting, or if it would help as a gesture of goodwill, there’s nothing wrong with finding a declawed cat to take home and love. 

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top 5 torchwood quotes

OOOOOOO okay so some of these may be repeated so if u dont mind im gonna make it TEN 

1: john hart

  “We’re a cosmic joke, eye candy. An accident of chemicals and evolution. The jokes, the sex, just cover the fact that nothing means anything. And the only consolation is money. So run, Ianto Jones,” honestly i dont even know why i like this quote so much?? it really stuck with me though idk honestly alot of what john says and does i relate to myself in some ways (sadly enough) and this quote is really.. …  .. a lot of what i think about to myself 

2: gwen cooper 

“Have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?” (because i mean iconic right)

3: ianto jones

“Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string. Everything. Absolutely everything. No phones. Phones all broken. Hello? Anyone there? No, ‘cause the phones aren’t working!” 

4: john hart

“Oh, not Excalibur? Blizzard? Bikini Cops? No? Torchwood. Oh dear.”

5: jack harkness, gwen cooper, and owen harper

Jack: Alright, usual formation.

Gwen: What’s the usual formation? 

Owen: Varies. 

Gwen: How can the usual formation vary?

6: gwen cooper, owen harper

Owen: I hate the countryside. It’s dirty, it’s unhygienic. And what is that smell?

Gwen: That would be grass. 

Owen: It’s disgusting.

7: toshiko sato 

“Just what I need, a rodent watching me while I work. I think I’ll call it Owen.”

8: toshiko sato, ianto jones

Ianto: Oh, you are warped on the inside. How do you think of these things?

Tosh: I’ll take that as a compliment.

9: ianto jones

“I have searched for the phrase “I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds,” but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers”

10: jack harkness, ianto jones

Jack: What is it with you? Ever since Owen died, all you’ve done is agree with him!

Ianto: I was brought up never to speak ill of the dead. Even if they do still do most of their talking for themselves.

Honestly there’s so much crap on my dash about Eliza not wanting to talk about Bellarke so she doesnt piss anyone off and i just ??? Can yall honestly not understand why?? Can yall seriously not see where she’s coming from??

The antis have literally been harrassing everyone involved for months now. Nothing they say makes any difference and as soon as they ralk about something the antis dont like (eg Bellarke) they get harrassed. I’d be fucking terrified of them if I was Eliza. They’ve already shown they see nothing wrong with publishing a persons home address, who knows what else they could do if Eliza pisses them off. The entire cast must be exhausted by now. Tired of having to tiptoe around everything and making sure nothing they say can be taken out if context.

So honestly, stop talking about how unfair it is and how Eliza needs to be called out on it (honestly wtf guys??). Leave the cast and crew out of the shipping wars, PLEASE.

Ask them about their characters, their favourite things about working with some of the other cast members, fun moments on set, where they hope their character will go in the next season, who theyd like to do a scene with, basically ANYTHING THAT ACTUALLY RELATES TO THEM AND THEIR CHARACTER INSTEAD OF THESE FUCKING SHIPS.

Stop demanding the cast validate your ship because obviously theyre fucking terrified of saying the wrong thing and WHO CAN BLAME THEM

A quick post for anyone who hasn't heard

Ven is back who used to be vennydedragon and a few other things. They made a lot of otherkin posts and even started a dragonkin skype group, which I joined and loved. It was the reason I got into this community more and honestly I loved talking to Ven. Everything was good and fine for awhile until Ven’s parents found out they were questioning trans and suddenly cut them from the internet entirely and put them through what sounds to be conversion therapy from some crackpot therapist. They surfaced back onto the internet I’d say about two months or so ago, I saw they returned on discord but seemed to have blocked me, and until today nothing has happened. Ven is now back on Tumblr but they have 100% changed personality wise and beliefs. Not only are they adamantly anti-kin they are racist, pro-trump, supports gender conformity, anti-sjw, and so much more. From when I talked to them they were nothing like this. I want people who knew Ven to see this so you’d know they aren’t the same and will probably attack you if you talk to them. It’s probably best to just let them go… Their first blog was darkshockpony but is already deactivated and they are now ikazine

Edit- please check Sudrolths reblog of this for some very good info I don’t have

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Honestly, I want to be excited about this new Sonic game but I can't help but be miffed that Classic Sonic has to be in it. Like, really? After three years of nothing, Modern Sonic returns but with Classic Sonic tagging along again? And that's despite Classic having its own game in Mania? I'll also admit I was annoyed that only Colors and Generations were mentioned at the beginning and not, say, Unleashed. Cause those two highly overrated games just deserve so much more praise, right?

I can see where you’re coming from.

It really does feel that in relation to the 25th anniversary, Modern’s been..pretty shafted, marginalized in favor of Classic.

It’s not as if Classic really needed to be in the real anniversary game given his prominence in Mania and due to more focus being better delegated to him overall. As a Modern fan, I can’t help but feel a bit…what’s the word for it? Sour I guess?

Got nothing against Classic mind you. I just don’t appreciate over-focus on him.

gender post pt 2

ok so this is………uncomfortable for me lmao. but a while ago i made a post wrt to my gender and i ended up saying that i didn’t ID as a woman anymore and long story short i’ve come to realize that that just isn’t true. like, while there are some things i said that i’ll stand by (ex: feeling unable to express myself authentically) i think i was just having a hard time dealing with some internalized transmisogyny and i tried to cope by distancing myself from it and while it’s still something i’m working on and trying to do better about processing in somewhat healthy ways, i can’t honestly say that i’m not a woman, because then i would just be closeting myself again, which is not something i’m willing to do. so i suppose if you were around prior to that post nothing has really changed except now i am Mature™️. please don’t give me a hard time about this.

Why I Support Hillary Clinton

Unpopular(?) opinion that has nothing to do with this blog - but I believe in being educated and well read about topics that are important, and I feel like there’s a lot of misunderstanding revolving around Hillary Clinton that I want to address, because I’m so sick of the rhetoric against her. I don’t know if this is going to blow up in my face, but whatever. 

First of all, I’m not going to say she’s a wonderful person who has done nothing wrong ever, because blind adoration is NEVER healthy, but Hillary is also not the crooked liar that both Democrats and Republicans seem to have pegged her for being. 

Look, I get it - you have gut feelings about every candidate, and she is honestly not a very good politician. She’s not good at appealing to the core of people with the emotional hook that made Obama’s 2008 bid so successful, and made Bernie’s campaign this year a lot closer than expected. But you have to differentiate between a good candidate and a good politician - a good politician is good at running for office, but a good candidate is actually good IN OFFICE. 

And Hillary Clinton, by all accounts, has been very good at her job (the linked article pretty much lists everything that she’s done as a public servant), whether it was as a lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund (she went fucking undercover in Alabama in the 70s to desegregate schools - something that would be celebrated to pieces on Tumblr if people weren’t so willing to shit on her) or as Secretary of State, a job she didn’t even want to accept (but “when asked to serve, she does. And her president asked.” Capricia Marshall). SHE DIDN’T WANT TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE, SHE DIDN’T EXPECT TO BE SECRETARY OF STATE, WHERE THE FUCK DID PEOPLE EVEN GET THE IDEA THAT SHE SOMEHOW NABBED THAT POSITION WITH HER WITCHY POLITICAL POWERS?????? 

Hillary Clinton is by no means an open person to the media. She isn’t known for being blunt and honest and straight-forward, she’s very diplomatic with her answers and careful with her image - but fucking shit, what the fuck do you expect from someone who’s had to wade through Washington’s cesspit and the piece of fucking shit media for 30+ years as the single most prominent female politician in history? You’re blaming her for not being as open and honest as an old white guy who was seen as a harmless Independent representing tiny Vermont, who was virtually unknown to the general public until he announced his bid for presidency in 2015? Hillary Clinton is dragged through the mud for wearing the wrong pants suit, let alone for open and honest answers about her husband’s affair, her decision to run for president, and anything else you could possibly think of that applies to her political career. 

Hillary Clinton went through possibly the most humiliating scandal in politics - her husband, the President, got a blowjob from a motherfucking intern - and you’re blaming her for being defensive with the media today? You’re blaming her for not being super open, when she had her entire political career undermined because she was a woman whose husband was the president, and he pretty much destroyed the sanctity of their marriage in front of the entire population of the United States of America? It’s bad enough when your husband has an affair, but to have to support your husband in front of the entire media and somehow strategize a way to survive this politically - I would have just fled the country, I’m just saying. 

The impression you get of Hillary Clinton as a manipulative liar involved with a lot of dirty, back-door Washington deals is perpetuated by many things - not the least of which is the fact that the Republican party fucking hates Hillary and knows that they’re in for a second reckoning if she is President. The GOP spends a ton (and I mean a fucking TON) of resources to undermine her - you think the “Crooked Hillary” rhetoric is a joke??? There is even evidence that the GOP used Bernie to undermine her - because they knew how big of a threat she is, even over the most liberal candidate in the election. They have BAITED the left to turn against her - which you can clearly see the results of now. 

The fact that the entirety of the Republican party despises her should be an indication to you about the possibility of her policies - if she was anything like the Republican-in-sheep’s-clothing sneak that liberals somehow make her out to be, what the fuck do you think would be the problem? Hillary’s policies have remained clear - she is in support of raising the minimum wage, she is in support of gay rights, of minority rights, of immigration reform, of helping college students and their debt problem, and so many other issues that were at the front of Bernie’s own campaign.  (This is a freaking link to a Google Search that maps out for you Hillary’s stances on everything, in a neat little drop down menu with sources and everything. GOOGLE IS SO COOL.)

IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE THAT LIBERALS HATE HILLARY CLINTON FOR BEING TOO CONSERVATIVE WHEN THE GOP HATES HER FOR BEING TOO LIBERAL. I like to imagine that they’re trembling in their boots at the thought of her presidency, because she’s a candidate who’s encountered literally every part of Washington there is to encounter, got through it like a boss despite the sexist bullshit she’s had to deal with all of her life, and is now going to bring her liberal policies to life. 

You can use the emails and Benghazi as bullshit excuses to defend your “Crooked Hillary” narrative - but 1.) SHE DIDN’T EVEN FUCKING BREAK THE LAW. Hillary Clinton’s predecessor as Secretary of State did not go through the investigation and media witch hunt that Hillary Clinton went through even though he actually did something similar to what she did during his term. (plus additional link) (X) 


 And Benghazi? Please just read this link and the others included to see for yourself. (X) (X)

Look, Bernie Sanders ran a great campaign and was a great candidate who reminded us that there are people in Washington who are genuinely for the people and for the sections of our population that need protection. But Hillary Clinton is also a candidate who has remained pretty honest (yes, even in comparison to Bernie) throughout her campaign and has evidence upon evidence of working for the people in every way that Bernie claimed to do as well. She aligns with Bernie in a majority of issues - where they might not agree on is foreign policy, but I honestly feel like I’d rather trust the former Secretary of State than the former Senator of Vermont. Foreign policy is famously known as Hillary Clinton’s strong suit - so if Bernie and she differs, it’s not because Hillary doesn’t know what she’s doing. I can’t even begin to talk about how much she’s done as a public servant - because in all honesty, that’s who she is. She’s made mistakes, she’s been calculating and even ruthless as a politician, but no one can say that her career has been anything but devoted to public service. 

Please remember that she has been the most prominent female politician in American history - and will hopefully be our first female President. Being a woman isn’t something to look lightly on especially in politics, and her gender probably has something to do with why you might not like her, whether it’s her defensiveness or her “calculating” attitude that would be seen as intelligent or at least clever in male politicians. There’s been a rhetoric building towards her for years, way before the social justice movement of Tumblr - just because you’re aware of your feminism doesn’t mean that rhetoric is any less persuasive. Know who you’re voting for this election. 

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I really like Hakuryuu, except for that time he kissed Morgiana without permission (bad prince. bad), and it really did irritate me that he's still in love with Morgiana. Honestly, I never got the love vibe from him, just a "this pretty girl trusts me enough to tell me about her past" vibe. Even if it was love, I mean, it's been four years. He can't possibly be that hung-up.

I completely agree, which is why I find it so cruel and unnecessary for Ohtaka to write in that he still loves her.
And I must say that at this point it feels as if Ohtaka will stir up the possibility of any pairing, so long as its heterosexual.
I mean, honestly; juhaku and even sphintitus have more natural chemistry than AlaKou. It’s completely random and built on nothing, not to mention the huge age gap. I really hope that nothing comes of it…

Lars being a trans

Where did people get this idea? I honestly don’t see it. His name is Laramie and they call him lars…its just like giving a nickname to a name that’s a little longer.

I really have nothing against trans people but where is the evidence that lars is Transgender? He is very insecure and surface level, that’s for sure. I’m also not against the idea.

I won’t believe it until it’s actually put out there. :p kind of like how you wouldn’t outwardly say something about a person until it is confirmed by that person, in this case, a lovely cartoon show haha

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These freakin' trolls and haters are so damn annoying! Have they seriously got nothing better to do? YOU TWO DON'T DESERVE ANY OF THESE!! LOve should be spread! I love you two and always will!! <3<3<3 ^.^

They are! And they don’t! Honestly, people who spread hate just live sad lives and only do it to knock other people down so that they feel better about themselves. There really is no good reason for trolling; most say they do it out of boredom but that’s still no reason to hurt people. And for dedicated haters who write essays cussing out people who haven’t done anything just because of the characters - or series, or whatever - that they like, that’s an even bigger waste of time tbh. 

It’s not even that trolls or haters even manage to get into my head either. Just because someone insults me doesn’t mean I’ll believe it. I’m just tired of seeing so many people waste time they could spend, you know, reading a book or something instead of making society worse than it already is.

Thank you so much and WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS! <3

honestly i can't believe some of the reactions to mcrx

When they first uploaded the video they didn’t say anything about a tour/reunion/new music/etc. Nothing had been confirmed.
Then it turned out that it would be a rerelease of The Black Parade, by far their most successful album, and some of you had the nerve to call them “liars” and blame them for getting your hopes up? Even when they hadn’t confirmed anything in the first place? MCR don’t owe you a damn thing.

Ok so I’m gonna vent. Life is….. tuff. I say that because it’s not actually tough, I honestly have nothing to complain about compared to most of the people on this planet but I am a complainer in the sense that it helps me stay healthy and not so…. blocked up. But life is tuff and Wuff lately and I just want to float on by it but my brains autopilot is broken and I’m getting tired of steering. I need to express. Everyday it’s the same thing 7 am work get home 6 pm clean eat drink sleep repeat stress worry over analyze criticize and overheat. I need some creativity. Work is so boring. All I do is Accessibility stuff which is good sometimes because sometimes being too creative hurts too but no extremes are good for you. I am lacking so much balance lately in my life. And I like to think of my self as a balanced extremist which makes no sense. Fitting isn’t it. God this entire year has been such a back and fourth between two sides and I am stretched as can be. Life is moving too fast and I am getting tired but I shall prevail. I shall prevail. I shall prevail.