Leta Lestrange

Can I just say, I’m honestly super excited for Leta to get more than her brief picture cameo in later movies. Queenie said that line about her being a “taker”, but we haven’t even seen her in person yet, so I don’t think she deserves all the hate she’s getting. Remember, Newt was friends with her for years and Newt’s a good person, so I don’t think she is as horrible as everyone is making her out to be. It’s possible that she changed as they grew older, but it’s also possible that their personalities just didn’t match the right way to be suitable for a relationship.

Also, there are going to be five movies for the whole Tina/Newt thing to develop and honestly since it’s a foregone conclusion, I’m not particularly interested in it. It’s going to happen, so it doesn’t have to happen right away, it would be boring if they got together immediately. It would be interesting if Newt runs back into Leta in the second one, ends up (back?) in a relationship with her for a movie or two, discovers that what they have together isn’t what he needs and eventually gets together Tina and marries her. With five movies they have the time. They could even make Tina/Newt very slow burn and what until the end of the final movie for them together. We all know they will. Remember: Neville and Luna’s (amongst others) official s/o’s never even appear in the books. If Rowling had wanted to she could have simply focused on Newt’s adventures throughout the movies without bringing Tina into it at all, then at the very end have him meet her. That would have been interesting as well.

So all in all, I hope Leta doesn’t end up being made into a horrible person to make Tina look like a saint. I’m all for contrasting personalities, but in a more Betty and Veronica way. Remember Leta and Newt were friends because they were both outcasts. Don’t typecast Leta because of her last name. Don’t hate on Leta when we haven’t even met her yet.

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Name:  Alicia Morris

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Fictional character I’d date: Honestly so many? but right now maybe Matt Casey from CF or maybe like Jim Kirk or Stiles Stilinski.

Favorite band or artist: I would say right now Yellowcard because I just went for their concert and i’m still super upset that they’re disbanding and this was their final world tour so it’s been the only thing i’ve been listening to on Spotify. also Twenty One Pilots <3. I’m always torn between these two.

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You know what would be really cute? Hunk finding Allura passed out somewhere, exhausted after spending days on end thinking up battle strategies, searching the stars for distress calls, and trying to catch up on the 10,000 years of history she missed. And Hunk doesn’t even think twice about it, he’s honestly just acting on instinct; he just picks her up and carries her to her bed. He’s done it a million times for his siblings, his friends (mostly Pidge, but he’s found Lance lying in some pretty odd places back in the Garrison), and Allura’s a friend so of course he’ll make sure she sleeps in a proper bed instead of a chair or something.

How about some more Hunk and Allura interactions, is all I’m sayin