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If you receive this you make someone happy. Go on anonymous and send it to ten of your followers who make you happy or someone you think need cheering up. If you get some back, even better! and have a lovely day :-)


If this post gets 1,000 notes, my parents might let me go to an expensive business and entrepreneurship pre-college program during the summer. Education is so important, and it determines my future. The last time I made a “reblog this” post, it got over 25,000 notes in less than 24 hours. I spent a lot of my time sending asks hourly until I hit ask limit, though I didn’t get to everyone. Now, it’s my turn to ask for something: just a simple reblog (and/or like). All it takes is 10 seconds of your time.

I have been interested in business since I was in 4th grade, when the class did an entrepreneurship project called “Mini Society.” My tenth grade year is coming to a close, and I would still love to go into business in the future! Staying on a college campus would also be an interesting experience, especially since I found out that a friend of mine is attending the program. I haven’t seen her since sixth grade (she moved to another country), and I miss her so, so much! I can’t imagine a summer with us partnering up again (like we did on a science fair project), but the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. Please help me. If this doesn’t reach 1,000 notes by May 30, I’ll delete this. We can forget this ever happened. Thanks for reading!

Okay fuck it, this is really cute, and although I hit ask limit, I haven’t hit post limit.

@jxbilationlee Peter, still single at almost thirty, and he starts dating his s/o. She is quick to let him know that she has a child – a four year old little girl. She doesn’t want to deceive him; she doesn’t want him to fall for her, then be blindsided by the fact that she has a child. Much to everyone’s surprise, he doesn’t mind one bit. His s/o is in awe of how much her shy little girl immediately takes to him. (she sometimes wonders if her daughter likes Peter better.) Now imagine one day, while everyone is spending time together, Peter hears her daughter whisper loudly, in the way that all children do, “Can I ask him now, Mama?” She nods, smiling at Peter. The little girl then turns to Peter, and tugs on his silver, leather jacket. Her eyes are wide with nervousness, and her voice is soft, when she asks, “Will you be my daddy?” Imagine the look of awe and just pure love on Peter’s face. His voice is strained and he’s visibly choking back tears when he replies, “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

while i’m crossing my eyes trying to not swap Uruk and Eridu and Ur.  

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if you want some meme spam.  i’m gonna be slowly doing drafts and adding them to the queue later but i figure i can spam y’all until i hit the ask limit, anyway.  if your meme tag is one of those complicated fancy ones, lemme know what it is.

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What made you be so kind to all of us today?

aw friend !! well, not all of us because i kept hitting ask limit so it’s not like i could send a little message to everyone, but i definitely tried to hit a lot of people. but i’ve been doing pretty badly recently and today was really really really bad :/ and i like to help people when i’m feeling down because #1 it helps me to know i’m making someone smile and #2 it’s just a nice thing to do? so i thought sending out some positive vibes would be a kind idea. 

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((Thank you! but does that mean I gotta send 20? I’ll think I’d hit ask limit as already done this, this morning so-))

((To all followers, whether ya be mutuals or not, talk a lot with or not so much. You’re are all lovely people; Sweet, kind, funny, strong as oxen, beautiful/handsome. Don’t ever stop being that, and don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise, if they do they’ll have an angry mun in green with a nunchuck with their name on it.))

((Love you all))

thats okay albert, let me know when you do want ta talk ok? and uh i just, i just mean i ai- ill stay with ya right now if thats ok -race (hes blushin) ((i hit my ask limit, i hope this is ok?))

… Yeah, Ise… Ise can talk later tonight if yous wanna… Jus… Later… An… Yeah, please stay with me Race… (He’s blushin too) 

(Yeah, that’s totally fine!)