Dear reposters (warning terrible language)

Hello my beautiful followers this is not addressed to those of you who aren’t permissionless reposters

My “do not repost” text that I write directly under my signature is not a fucking decoration????
And honestly even if I or other artists didnt write it you shouldnt just think it’s ok to take someones hard work just to earn yourself some attention.
Just check the artist’s profile or even description first to see if they allow reposts?? And if it doesnt say anything on the topic then ASK…???? I don’t feel like i should even have to teach you to be a decent person… you should know this???? Stealing…is bad?? is that so hard to understand…

Also don’t continuously insist that I let you keep your stolen artwork up just because you want to keep your “likes” lol. Like wtf does that have to do with me?? Do you think artists work so hard and make so many mistakes and pick ourselves up so many times for your irrelevant lil ass to steal it for “likes”?????? Gtfoooooo im so mad….

Insert that spongebob meme “I have respected you crediting and i want to continue doing it but respecting fans here too” - person who stole my artwork with a clear “DO NOT REPOST” on it. Who insists i let them keep it up for the “likes” from their fans…. excuse me what the actual fuck.

Do. Not. Repost. I could give less of a shit about ur fans who like reposter accounts anyway lol… we dont draw for your sleazy ass we draw for ourselves and for our followers…not u lol … how is this hard to understand.

anonymous asked:

have you ever considered doing overwatch fanart?

yES YES I HAVE, I’m very much so invested in the character designs lmao but I just know next to nothing about Overwatch cause I haven’t played the game, I’m not a superrrrr big fan of shooter games either

so im kinda like stuck here wanting to do art for it but i have no idea what it is >:V


Suicide will have to wait


“Go, be free, be free, be free!