As much as I love Ed and Os and the Nygmobblepot dynamic, honestly I am here for the whole prequel Batman thing before anything else. If I wanted a romance story I wouldn’t be watching Gotham (because nobody gets happy ever after in this city).

At some point I’m probably going to watch the new Beauty and the Beast before it leaves theaters, since my mom wants to go see it.

Will try my best to go in with no expectations….but so far, I’m not impressed by Emma Watson’s singing. >>;

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Do you think we'll get Season 3 for shadowhunters? :(

With the clues they’re dropping, its like they’re going all out for 2B- they’re probably worried they won’t get season 3 that’s why they’re trying to put a lot of things on 2B. I am praying every night that we get another season! I don’t even know how to help with the ratings because i’m not really sure if Netflix views count(because I am not from North America). Do what you can to help the show during 2B!

So we’ve decided that the dazatsu blog will be accepting members! (I’m coding the page rn, rip) so if you’re interested, be ready for that! It’ll just be to help fans find new dazatsu blogs to follow and look through. For old times sakes, would anyone want the skype group to start up again?


                ❝     you have a pattern of keeping things to yourself. you hid the truth about emily, you made her seem like the BAD GUY, and then before that, you didn’t tell me what really happened when you came out to your parents and how badly they reacted. YOU DON’T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT YOU. so i think that when your parents didn’t accept you, you stopped trusting people that are CLOSEST to you.     ❞

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