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Sometimes I think about Magnus slowly backing up and disappearing dramatically into the portal at his club and it honestly gives me life

I KNOW I LOVE IT HE DOES THIS SO MUCH??? i mean consider this:

  • disappears from his own apartment after alec rejects him
  • stalks around the room whenever he’s talking
  • makes a huge fucking deal about that necklace and then immediately hands it off to izzy as if it’s worth pennies like he was clearly more annoyed about the clave taking it from him than anything
    • i bet he sent them a fire message every damn day all REMEMBER THAT RUBY U STOLE FROM ME ITS MINE
    • but it’s been a 100 goddamn years so now he’s reaching some poor shadowhunter intern who’s like “um s-sure ok lemme check the inventory"
  • declared “pretty boy” while gesturing as vaguely as possible in both jace’s and alec’s general direction just so he could shut jace down when jace inevitably took the bait
  • i s2g even the way he drinks his wine is dramatic: 

Scene commission for @eidosofpraxus who wanted a monarch-style painting of their really beautiful OC! It was super fun to get to put so much detail into a piece! And I loved playing with all the textures and ornaments, and of course, the really pretty mech himself xD

//commission info//


i swear to the universe there is nothing more me than this video 

  • Remember the Ooedo Onsen ad from a while back? Now you can see it on YouTube in all its glory (and while it worked for me, I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you due to region lock).
  • Here’s some pictures of the Aki and Haru dakimakura covers. (Note Aki and Haru are sold separately, so save up if you want both.)
  • If you’d rather not spend too much money, then the Takara Tomy gachapon (300 yen each) are probably more ideal. (Emphasis on “probably” since the power of gachapon is compelling.)
  • There are keychains and badges from Neogate as well. The keychains are 650 yen plus tax or a set of 8 for 5200 yen. The badges are 300 yen each plus tax or a box of 8 for 2400 yen plus tax.
  • If you buy DVD/BD 1 of the second season, you may be able to go to the Halloween event or get the drama CD. Both are obtained by different methods from kyanime.jp, so check what stuff you can get if you’re buying one.
  • The s2 soundtrack will be released on Nov. 30th with 2 CDs for 2500 yen. There will be 42 songs (hah, 42…) while the s1 soundtrack had 45, but there’s songs that previously haven’t been released on the s2 version.
  • As of the 26th (i.e. yesterday) at 2 pm, the Japanese-style bag from thre Ooedo Onsen collab (Ikaho) sold out. Please be patient if you want one.

Update: Contextualised a dot point.

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Tony's recruitment of Peter reminds me of the admin recruitment of teenage staff members to dashcon

oh no.

but can you imagine. tony delegates some important managerial duties to peter “human disaster” parker and poor peter is left with a clipboard clutched between his tiny fingers and absolutely no idea what he’s supposed to do. at this point the avengers have basically devolved into dashcon already it’s not like peter can mess it up any more

im marking my official retirement from discourse at my hell college with an angry op ed in the school paper thats gonna piss a lot of people off but like they all hate me already (either on a personal level or just by virtue of me being….. a lesbian…..) and im really tired of not being heard. going out with a bang i guess


…what the heck is cormorant fishing?

“Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers”  


Update: a bird. 


But also doesn’t that sound amazing?

…What the heck is a gentian?

Why do Jews love hyperbolic functions? Because they’re COSH-er!

the dude next to me in physics

(explanation: just like sin and cos are trig functions of circular geometry, sinh and cosh are trig functions of hyperbolic geometry)

like this happened last week and it has randomly popped into my head at least once a day since then because it is such a dumb joke but also combines two of my interests so well

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~ ok, let’s see, LET US SEE I can literally ship Klaus
with EVERYONE tbh. Like I’m on board for all of the
ships. Klamille, Auraus, Klayley (SO MANY FEELINGS
THERE OK I NEED),klonnie but all in all? like overall OTP?
if we’re talking about actual and literal ships in canon &
ROMANTIC relationships - (because klaus & Hope
have stolen my life) - but I’m gonna have to say it’s
I don’t know who’s to blame but it’s slowly started to
take over my life. SO REALLY I BLAME EVERYONE
and lbr I always come down to the fact that after all 
that mess happened with Aurora (Aurora & Klaus ugh
I love) it took CENTURIES for him to even feel that
sort of something with someone. Like just about almost
one thousand years. There had to be SOMETHING to
Caroline that really just woke something in him - I mean
aside from the fact that she’s the most precious sunflower
ever? - and it stuck. I mean I could go on and on but
right now I’m tired af I could scream about them all day.