Day 2 of Inspirits-only 12 days of Christmas Challenge : Two Favorite Songs or MVs

( 1 / 2 ) Love Letter 

I couldn’t tell you my trembling heart
So I wrote my heart in a letter
So I can tell you how I feel

Fun fact: i stole dragon age origins for pc from my moms boyfriend and it was the first rpg id ever played in my entire life and besides the fact that my dumb ass was a rogue that put all my points into skills for heavy two handed swords for the first 15 levels I also didn’t know that you could just click on a target once and the character would attack them until they died. I was legitimately unaware for the first whole month or so that i was playing the game that you didnt have to click on an enemy every time you wanted to hit them. I just sat there clicking on enemies as fast as I could over and over again while my warden screamed “CAN I GET YOU A LADDER? SO YOU CAN GET OFF MY BACK” too the point that I would mockingly yell it in sync with him and I don’t know when I finnally figured out the controls but apparently I sounded angry enough that when I apologized for taking the game six months later my mom’s boyfriend admitted that he had heard me yelling at it all the time and didn’t want it back anymore

anonymous asked:

I'm not mad that Harry got good things. I want Harry to have all the good things. I want him to be happy and I want to fangirl and explode from pride when he releases music or when Dunkirk comes out. But I am mad for the way Louis is treated. And I am mad because if Harry was treated that way, people would have pulled out the pitchforks. Actually, I've been one of those fans defending Harry when he was trashed by the media. And I will do the same for Louis. So no, we're not anti Harry.

thank u 

so my father takes time off his work and spends his weekends helping my mother run her business, she does catering for desi food and its going quite well actually considering its run out of our house, but i just find that so amazing because the way my father is with my mother has shaped the way I think about women and my own wife one day inshallah, and that’s why it’s so important to have a strong, understanding, and Islamically sound father figure in one’s life, idk where I would be without him.

“Being a young mother doesn’t make you a bad person”

“Taking an innocent life away because of your mistake does!”