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A natural warrior, Uhtred is a leader of men, fearless, instinctive, and driven by a deep-seated need to reclaim his homeland of Bebbanburg, Northumbria. Quick-witted, impetuous with a taste for danger, he follows his gut and abhors the prayer, fasting, and obedience so precious to King Alfred. 

They try to silence our love for Ali with bombs

Incredibly foolish are those who try to intimidate the Shia

I cried so much earlier today watching this video I stumbled upon of Aun Shah’s funeral, Shah was a well known young Shia murdered in Karachi last Muharram whose funeral was attended by thousands of the city’s Shias and the community’s acclaimed poets, reciters. The noha being recited along with his coffin is a Karachi classic which has been given new life ever since Shia persecution escalated - in the last couplet, the poet writes whenever a Shia sees a young man’s body, their memory goes straight to Karbala and their heart cries out in remembrance of Hussain’s slain son Ali al-Akbar. 

Because most Shias murdered for their faith in Karachi are young men, the noha is recited everywhere when the community is attacked; at funerals, graveyards, and yearly majalis for the slain.

I’ve spoken so much about this issue since late 2012 but I still don’t understand how the Shia of Karachi go to so many funerals and majalis for the murdered of their community and hear this one noha over and over again. We are so lucky to live in the west. I’ve never had to experience a murder in my family firsthand, only through phone calls. Then there are the families who lose all their sons in one day or a son ten years after their father. 

But at the same time my eye caught the message on the wall - this is a Shia neighborhood of Karachi, Jafar-e-Tayyar. There were plenty other messages chalked on the walls which I couldn’t make out but they’re very reassuring about the resilience of Karachi’s Shias. 

can I just point out the obvious here and say that if you truly hate Chloe because you find her self-absorbed or “abusive” and an overall shitty person/friend, you probably find a lot of people in real life to be shitty, self-absorbed abusers too. no one is saying she’s a saint, but to cast her off as a bad person just because she’s depressed and angry with the world because of everything that’s happened to her, that’s so unfair. everyone takes the bad things that’ve happened to them differently, and to expect Chloe to be cheerful and understanding all of the time is unrealistic. she’s taking Max being back in her life fairly well despite feeling betrayed for five years. yes, she is quick to anger and domineering among many other things as a result of her life experiences, but that does NOT make her a bad person and it especially does NOT make her abusive.

After a long delayed flight, I am finally home!

And about ready to crash, lol

Thank you to everyone who made Destielcon so amazing for me! Summary of the weekend coming when I am not falling asleep on the keyboard (as well as video of the ace!Cas panel, which hopefully came out ok!)

He Calls Me Bones

Based off the song Raymond by Brett Eldredge. McKirk Au

“He calls me Bones,” Leonard says as he and Christine walk shoulder to shoulder down a long hospital hallway. Both have coffees clutched in hand with a manila folder held in the other. Christine’s long blonde hair was tired back in a simple yet professional bun. While Leonard’s scruff hadn’t been shaved in going on three days. They did not walk quickly as there was no emergency or call for assistance but they did set a faster than normal pace both eager to get to their lunch break. Turning the corner, Leonard held his hand out for Christine’s folder then handed them both off to the nurse on duty working at the desk.

“The patient in room five is having discomfort, tell Dr. M’Benga to look in on her. Also Mr. Hill in room nineteen thinks that his bandage is too tight around his chest.”

“I’ll check on him, doctor. Have a good lunch.”

“Thanks,” he nodded and he and Christine were off to the elevator and down the hall towards the hospital cafeteria.

“So who calls you Bones?” Christine asks when they sit down, matching salads on their trays. Leonard had another cup of coffee while Christine went for a Coke today.

“The man in room nine, James Kirk.”

“Oh…” Christine looks down at her fork playing with her salad. She knew the man who’d been sent up to their floor three weeks ago trapped inside a deep coma. He’d only woken yesterday but Christine hadn’t actually seen him awake just yet. “You spoke with him? I thought he wasn’t talking.”

“Oh he talks,” Leonard shakes his head rolling his eyes. “The kid can talk my damn ear off and he’s only been awake for two days. He doesn’t remember anything before the accident, but things are coming back. This morning he told me his birthday and his address so we’re getting somewhere.”

Taking a crunching bite from her salad, Christine asked, “Does he remember what the T stands for?”

“He didn’t this morning but I’m sure it’ll come back.” With a shake of his head Leonard dug into his salad laughing. “Tiberius. What sick mother would saddle her kid with that kinda name?”

Christine eyed him with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t know Horatio, who would do that?”

They were both quiet for a moment.

“We shall never speak of this again.” Leonard demanded digging into his lunch. Christine just laughed.

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