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I only take four classes too! What classes do you take? I have US History, AP Bio (bc I hate myself apparently its hORRIBLE), ap eng, a TA period, asb and sports med. Bio/ASB and English/TA alternate days though so I have a different schedule every other day

I got Ap us history first (UGH) , Japanese 2 second, but it’s an online class so I never do it in school, honors chem, and lastly math. Apush takes up most of my time though, but it’ll all be worth it when we sLAY THAT AP EXAM.  I haven’t had TA classes since 6th grade b/c of band and I really miss them. also, I’m sorry I replied so late, this ask somehow got in my drafts and I havent really been on Tumblr recently. I’ll try to organize my asks later this weekend! On a side note, have you listened to Chained Up by VIXX?