i just moved half my things over and i feel like im trespassing! i finally met the neighbors across the street. before i had only met their son-in-law, the wife was rly chatty and nice chuckie, made friends with their dog in .2 seconds, they ran all over the neighborhood together and would only come back when she yelled that she had treats waiting at home! its a small lil b&w dog, and he and chuckie are the same age, one month apart! also i have 2 sets of new neighbors who moved in last week, both have dogs and no kids, havent met them yet tho, she just told me about them. oh the husband! he was in the garage while we were outside talking, and she called him over, i recognized that facial expression so quick, ion think me and mike finna be friends anytime soon lmaoooo

oh yeah!!!! i finally found my favorite mechanical pencils at a store today!!! i havent seen them in any store for years and i was down to my last pencil and its been lookin close to breaking for a few months now but i found them!!!! with the right lead size and everything!!! it totally made my day im so happy abt it

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How would you persuade someone to play through the tedious battling….. I tried to play mother 3 and I got really stuck on a hard boss and quit… Makes me sad tho cause it was REALLY good

IRONIC U SAY THAT the bosses in mother 3 are the reason i havent finished the game, honestly they are so difficult and annoying sometimes in my opinion, and like i forgot about the game a few months ago when i got stuck at a boss. (also was a bit less driven to finish the game as ive been spoiled out of the ending for awhile, but i’ll finish it for myself one day)

i was talking about mother 1, a game that’s pretty tedious with enemy encounters sometimes, buuut the story ultimately made me go on and grind thru all those enemies? it’s really gotta come from the heart i guess, haha. i was so driven by m1′s story that i continued on. the fact that i know m3′s ending already is most likely a factor as to why i’m not driven to play on, hah