Coming to you from my lunch break with the menu for the SweePara collab event starting from May 1st.

They’re going to offer what’s called a collab set for 650 where you get to choose 1 food and 1 drink from the following list. If you order a set you get a coaster and a paper lunchmat (I guess? I’ve only heard ランチョン used as “luncheon”). You can add on to your order a limited number of times for an extra 500 yen each (meaning @xiil3gendary and I will have to go multiple times) and for every extra drink receive a character sticker, which are randomly doled out, because of course they are.

Anyway, the menu!

Saihara Shuuichi’s Mystery Curry Soup

Toujou Kirumi’s Black Maid Pasta

Amami Rantarou’s Omlete Rice*
(They call it オムライっす to pun off his speech pattern)

Monokuma Family Curry

Yumeno Himiko’s Magician Waffles

Akamatsu Kaede’s Hardworking Pianist Pancakes

Ouma Kokichi Coffee?!?!

Iruma Miu’s ♥♥ Drink

Harukawa Maki’s Berry Poison Soda

Momota Kaito’s Galactica Soda

Kiibo’s Robot Drink

…some of these names were cleverer than others.

Anyway so yeah. Birthday month is shaping up to be awesome!

                     tea;;     WAH– OW … to   think   i    didn’t   start    this    too    long    ago    &&    i’ve     already    got     ‘round    4 0 0 +   f o l l o w e r s .     like   what    exactly    did    i    do    to    deserve    you  ? ?       but    in   the    end ,    i    can    only    say    thank    multiplied    by    a    million.       sadly ,      i    haven’t    spoken     to    a    many    of    you     out    of    social    anxiety      (     DESPITE ,    this    being    the    i n t e r w e b s    i    still    have    my    precautions     ) .        hopefully ,      i     grab    the    courage    to     talk     to   more    of    you    guys    because    you    all     sound    dope   af.    but    now     onto     those     i      DO     talk    to—- 

                     @nymphxllus   like   where   do   i    BEGIN ??   going   on   4   years    (    p   close   to    5    )    &&    you’ve    dealt    with    my     gay     fart     lovin’     ass     still  ? ?    there    is     just    no    better    wife     to    run    to    about     each     painful     poop    i     have    to    be     c r i n g e d    at—-     better     than     you.       you    my    wife     and    i     will    always    say    I    DO      at     the     alter ,       unless     you    meme     me.      then    i’m     out.      because     yOU R     SHENANIGANS——

                       @psychicarmorhead    this    mistakenly    gay    man …    is    my     d ADDY–      babe ,    i    couldn’t    help    it.     what     did    you    expect ,     PAPI—      no    but    seriously ,     lemme    put    a    ring    on   it    as     we    gush    over     a v o c a d o s    &&    p  o  r  n     s  t  a  s  h  e  s  .     also     you’ve    helped     me    out    on    being    able    to    rant     w/o     feeling     guilty  ? ?     like    bless     your   b e e t l e - l o v i n g   soul  ? ? 

                        @angxis     i     must    admit     i’m     having    an    affair    on    my     wife     with     this     cALIANT E    BABE    RITE    HAR—       like     i      can’t      get     enough     of     this     wicked      vibe     you     swing    at     me    like     a     whip    B) .       i      will      f o r e v e r     a  l  w  a  y  s     be    your     best    friend    when    ya     need     one     sugar     plum.    OR     whenever    you     need     some    of     m y    g e y—-

                          @maregis      okay–    you   may    be    asking    why     you’re     on     here     but    it’s     b e c a u s e    —in    spite     of     not     talking     so     much—     but    when     we     do     it’s     hard    NOT    to    stop     enjoying     myself     and     cackling     and     the    funny    things     we      do.     ESPECIALLY     when     our     muses     bicker  ! !     other     than     that ,     it’s    nice     to     have      an     o p e n - m i n d e d     &&     u  n  d  e  r  s  t  a  n  d  i  n  g     person    i     can     awkwardly     dawdle     to      because    HELLO–      i     take     f o r e v e r     to     even    work     up     the    nerve     to      talk.       love    you …     plz     accept    my    l OVE    TOBES  ! !

                                           wicked     ASS     ppl

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anonymous asked:

Um i saw art being stolen on youtube without credit what should i do i saw one had their signture

You can report the video on YouTube itself if it’s got stolen content. There’s a number of different avenues for that, if you go scouring around YouTube FAQ you should find it.