forcharlesbronson  asked:

do you ever play things from all eternals deck live anymore? the first show of yours I went to was in 2011 but you were opening so I only got to see one or two AED songs and I haven't seen you play one since then

on the tour for that record we played “Damn These Vampires” and “Prowl Great Cain” and “Estate Sale Sign” and “Outer Scorpion Squadron” and “Never Quite Free” and “Beautiful Gas Mask” and “For Charles Bronson” a lot, and then on the duo tour me and Peter opened with “High Hawk Season” most nights but on this tour we haven’t played anything from it yet. probably a combo of how we played the ones that became regulars a lot so they need a little rest & having a huge back catalog. some stuff gets left off. I’ve always wanted to do “The Autopsy Garland” live but I’m not really even sure how to play it, I’d have to dig out the notebook if I could find it - I think it was in non-standard tuning? that’s almost certain doom for the live setting. we did rehearse “Never Quite Free” in the early rehearsals for this tour but then in the next batch of rehearsals we didn’t get a chance to work on it so it’s hard to say if it finds its way back in, I hope so though because I really like that one. “Age of Kings” we stopped doing after a few tries but it’s so delicate I feel like maybe the studio is its home. feel like after this ask there’s a good chance of me doing “High Hawk Season” in the solo section of some upcoming shows