Hey! I’ve never posted proper photos of myself on here before, but now I’m like, #yolo, even if just for today, so here we #golo

ADHD is…

Not being diagnosed in childhood, because you did “too well” in school

Spending your teens feeling stupid as all hell, because you struggle to meet deadlines and can’t quite understand concepts in subjects that don’t 100% capture your interest (math, u lil bitch, i am lookin @ u)

Having your executive dysfunction chalked up to “laziness” because if you’re smart, you “can’t” have ADHD, so you’re obviously just unmotivated and lazy. Except if you were unmotivated and lazy, you wouldn’t have high achievement, so like, check mate, bud?

Being told that ADHD isn’t a reason for your behavior, it’s an “excuse”, and that you should just “do better” despite your brain literally not being able to

Not being told you have it until you’re 18 and struggling to function like an adult

Having trouble driving because you can’t focus, having trouble sleeping because you can’t stay still, having trouble with chores because you never remember anything

Hyperfocusing on something so hard that suddenly it’s 6 AM and you’ve ruined your sleep schedule all over again

Suffering from loads of mental health issues, overcoming literally all of them, and having your executive dysfunction still blamed on them because people just??? really love????? to use mental illness and their ableism as a scapegoat?????? instead of trying to help, and recognizing that adhd is a permanent part of you?????????? like “are you sure you’re not just depressed” yes. thank you for your opinion even though i never asked for it, but I am actually very sure, good day to you too sweetie :) :)) :)))

Not being able to make yourself shut up when you’re speaking about something you’re passionate about. Having that problem in college lectures, and hearing a few people snicker each time you talk because you’re /that girl/ who /talks too much/ and has /too many opinions/ like gawd sorry for taking up space ffs


Finally having an explanation for some of your less-loved quirks, and knowing that you’re not just lazy or stupid

Finding a whole bunch of people who get it

Being able to do amazing things when you hyper focus, getting more done than most people because you actually can’t get distracted for once

Finding outlets for your energy very early on in life, and finding them to be your favorite things in the whole world (acting, dance, music)

Being able to multitask like a pro (and also having to multitask, because when you have the tv/radio/whatever on in the background, it’s a distraction you can control, which helps a lot)

Knowing a whole ton of totally random trivia about so many different things, and a bunch of information on a few select topics, to the point that people think you’re a student in those things (example - I’ve been very physically sick this year, I like to read medical journals, and when I went in to get a CT scan a few months ago, the tech asked me if I was a medical student because of how much I know about it all)

Having a huge amount of energy when you’re doing things you like, and feeling it exponentially grow, feeling like you can take on the world

Understanding that nothing’s wrong with you. You work differently than most people, and it makes life hard, but that’s because of the world, not because of you. It’s just how we are.

heeey guys, so i’m back with another follow forever~ ((i’m sorry for the crappy edit, senpais pls cover your eyes ;; )) this time around it’s mainly because i recently hit 4k followers which is such a mind-blowing number to be ;u; i never expected i would have so many awesome and wonderful people following my poop blog and i honestly don’t deserve a single one of you ;; thank you so much for everything ♡ i’ve also followed and befriended a ton of new awesome people since the last time, and i would like to appreciate just how much all the blogs i follow mean to me ;u; you guys are like my family and i can’t thank you enough for making tumblr a place where i feel happy and at home ;;; thank you for filling my dash with all your beautiful posts and radiating personalities ♡ and to those of you who i somehow tricked into being my friend sobs you’re a bunch of angels and i have no words to explain how important and precious you are to me, and that you stick with me even tho i’m horrible at replying or keeping in touch, seriously you’re the best ;;; i love you so much //shoots hearts// 

i thought about making this for christmas, but i decided i would rather do it now before all your christmas urls confuse the heck out of me haha ♡ i know a lot of you guys have exams coming up, and that you’re stressed out. i just want to say good luck! you can do it, and once you’re done come celebrate with me hehe i’ll bake you a cake c: don’t stress yourself too much, get plenty of rest okay? okay good. so here we go~ i’m following 330 perfect blogs atm and i really want to include as many as possible so i’m sorry if this post ends up super long //sweats// 

love, ingunn 

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It’s taken me a few days to muster some courage/strength/anything to watch this – USA drones have inflicted terror on people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia for over a decade as far as I’m aware. “I just want to write songs with teeth as sharp as my thoughts,” ANOHNI says, reeking of an emotionally transgressive mindset that takes no seconds to consider implications across wider ranges of perspective.

Recent years have only highlighted how White America views nonwhite people, including their policed oppression of black people living there, as well as the black and brown bodies they fly over with combat drones. “Drone bomb me… I want to die,” sings the white American, imagining herself as a (nonwhite) child, orphaned by drone strikes. We wouldn’t doubt for a second that those who were killed on 9/11 did not deserve their fate. Since then, that death toll has been surpassed by those killed by US drones. “I’m not so innocent,” sings the white Englishwoman, deciding that this particular image of a South Asian/Middle Eastern/East African child is the one that she should portray. At least 724 children and other civilians have been killed by US drones in Pakistan alone since 2004. “I’m partly to blame,” she sings, choosing to wallow in imagined heartache for some higher, artistic purpose I’m sure, instead of giving platform and support to those families torn apart by her government.

I think she intends for us to feel despair at how the child internalises blame. It’s such a reductive narrative with too few dimensions and too much absolving of accountability. ANOHNI allies herself with Givenchy and Apple to tell what she sees as a story abstracted from her, instead of rallying against the drone operations and fighting for those she commodifies by singing about like this. “My blood.”

great, useful, thoughtful remarks on the new ANOHNI song and video from @tayyabamin. aestheticization of suffering – especially for shock value, or sentimental catharsis, which tend to be very similar, if not the same – is one of the surest signs of privilege.

i love and respect ANOHNI a lot and am really looking forward to hearing her album. in a way, this latest abstraction isn’t a surprise – it’s in keeping with the way her work has functioned in the past. but not all subjects exist in the same context. i think that artists – especially white artists, especially white artists who see themselves as (and are seen as) transgressive – often forget that.

mornings [photographer!luke]

a/n: okay so photographer!luke is one of my favourite au’s and for some reason i’ve never written any before?? and then i recently saw a photographer!luke moodboard on my dash and i’ve been thinking about it nonstop! idk if this is a one-time thing or if i’ll make it into a series but in the mean time, let me know what you think! :-)
words: 954

It was moments like this that made Luke truly understand why he went into photography in the first place. It wasn’t the camera his grandfather gave him when he was eleven. It wasn’t the photography club he joined in his sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t the summer he’d spend abroad in Italy studying the art. It was the slow rise and fall of your chest and the curve of your breasts daintily covered by a white sheet. It was the subtle parting of your lips and the iridescent colour on your cheeks. It was the flutter of your eyelids as you found yourself lost in a dream. Luke must have taken hundreds of photos of you, but his favourite were always in times like these. He’d never in his life seen such an image of perfection.

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2015: I finally got hit by puberty and got hot and also only looked left???

Six selfies of 2015 challenged by @coffeeclara and @bloodmxgic (at some point idk it’s buried in my likes somewhere)

I challenge @markwattny @mjwatson @221b-ookshelf @amyskhaleesi @spoopydonaldtrump

anonymous asked:

Andy! ♥ Are there any ideas of Puppy/Kitty Au in your mind, which you can't or don't want to draw but probably could tell us.. write about your headcanons or some situations between cute little DaiSuga or other puppies and kittys? i miss your happy emotions, you spread happiness around when you talk about DaiSuga and that inspires everyone of you followers! if you don't want to answer that's ok, you'll get a hug anyway, 'cause you're the cutest potato in the whole world! ♥♥♥

HIIII! 💕 I do have some ideas that I would like to draw but it is difficult for me to uhm…write them?? especially because my english is not that good ;;;;; (I always feel like my way of speaking in english is super limited heh TwT )

for example, on Suga’s birthday I wanted to draw Puppy Daichi gettin like… small part time jobs to buy Kitty Suga a present (of course not like a job-job ahaha because he still a puppy but idk like helping at a book store or a flower shop something like that) but I couldn’t drawn anything because I think I was too busy and only drew Suga… o(-z I still want to draw it ;;;; 

same for the au update I have an idea in my mind right now but still can’t find the time to draw it…cries

OH but if you have any ideas or hcs about puppy/kitty au feel free to share them with me! 

Hey everyone, it’s Tiff! I’ve recently reached 2.5k, a big follower goal of mine, so I decided to do another one of these to thank the people I follow, my friends, my mutuals, and of course my followers for making my Tumblr experience so wonderful. You’re all great and I love you ♥

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