Unity for Defiance: Filming in the Anarchist Capital of Greece

“We’re the kids who have stopped talking,” a young woman mumbles in passing as she turns her back to me, declining an interview. “Write that down.” A short moment later, a scrawny and disheveled man sporting a burning cigarette and black clothing taps me on the shoulder. “No filming. What the hell are you doing here? No cameras.” I look up to find a set of eyes glaring at me from an apartment overhead. On the balcony, two red flags blow proudly in the wind, a symbol of socialism, communism, and left wing politics. I’m surrounded by a labyrinth of graffiti clad buildings, a never-ending art gallery reminiscent of a web forum. This discussion, albeit mostly made up of scribbled “anti-establishment” slogans sprayed illicitly on storefronts, is also home to some of the most stunning and detailed street art I have ever witnessed full of passion, wisdom, and intelligence concerning the current socioeconomic state of Greece. This is Exarcheia, a neighbourhood in downtown Athens known famously as a haven for self-proclaimed anarchists who are at war with the government, the police, and capitalism. It is also a breeding ground for brilliant artists, promising intellectuals, and philanthropists. Syntagma Square, home to the Old Royal Palace which has housed the Hellenic Parliament since 1934, is a short cab ride away.

cant nh fans just stay out of it ?

y'all don’t give orders around here we’re not obliged to ship or stay silent about your boring underdeveloped “sister" pairing becoming canon IR fans have every right to be mad their ship always had more canon substance telling them to shut up like you’re the boss around here no lol this is not even your fandom y'all were quick to invalidate narusasu aka the main bond of naruto and “sister" ship sasusaku tellings fans what to do and how to do when nh became canon and then dropped ss like a hot potato when gaiden spin off again made hinata the irrelevant character she always has been I give it two months till y'all drop ichihime as well lmao

It’s wonky, not very smooth, need to be sped up and super sketchy but I swear I’ll finish this once I got some other stuff done. Anyway it’s 29 frames woho.
Not sure what version of Anti to put in there either so like, for real, if you have done your own take on him or there’s a version you’d like to see then hmu haha.
Also if you can tell what anime and what scene this is inspired from I’ll kiss your feet haha

My art, so don’t repost anywhere without my permission, thank you.

Here’s what I don’t get with Reylo:

You find Adam Driver hot, fine. Personally, I don’t think so, but tastes are tastes, what can you do. 

So, instead of bending backwards characterization, canon and shipping an abuser and his victim, how about you make your own Original Character (aka OC) and let HER magical vagina “heal” him, as you put it?

I have even the ideal tool for you to do that!

Sci-Fi Warrior Dress up Game by Azalea

You can make your own female Star Wars warrior. Make you own Resistant Fighter that charms Kryoplastic Rendition. Make your own female Knight of Ren that Kiwi Ratatouille will never harm, because she’s special, they have a bond in the group and all the other Knights see it and they don’t dare flirt with her and Krayola Rimming can get really jealous and possessive when they talk to her… ANYTHING! (Plus, GOD knows this group seems like a sausage-fest that needs more female characters in it!)

Look, I even made one as an example!

See? And you can make anything, a redhead, a brunette, an alien species, black, asian… you name it!

Variety galore!

And there’s even a male creator!

You can even make Kungfu Raviolli with it, to see how hot he’d look with her!

YOU CAN EVEN MAKE HIM SHIRTLESS (image not found, make your own, lazy asses!)

Go, do your thing and leave Rey alone!

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how exactly does damon consume elena? like the show always say it but how? why doesnt stefan consume her?

Haha, I actually talk about this a lot and I have so many different posts on it. I have no problem going through it again and for those who follow my blog, I will try to at least switch up my examples.

OK here is the thing about the show and delena and consuming love. I honestly believe that the show doesn’t know what consuming love is and I believe this not just because we don’t see how Damon consumes Elena, but because Elena keeps saying it like it’s something that you want for yourself. No one actually wants a consuming love. The actual definition of to ‘consume’ is to destroy, to use up. To be consumed by someone is to love them so much that you hate them, you hate them for making you feel this way, for making you feel like you don’t belong to yourself, consuming love makes you irrational and obsessive and possessive and it tears you apart but you can’t stop because the intensity is overwhelming and there’s no alternative, absolutely none.

And shows portray this type of relationship wonderfully:

But Delena isn’t any of this and I don’t just mean that they’re lacking in the angst, they’re lacking in the intensity, they’re lacking in the chemistry needed to make a consuming love work. Elena doesn’t have a personality when she’s with Damon because the writers wanted to avoid the type of intensity you see in the above gifs; consuming love requires conflict and inner turmoil and the sense that you’re going crazy but you just can’t stop, you just can’t walk away. But what the writers did with Elena, she forgives Damon everything and anything, she only thinks about being with Damon and his well-being because they didn’t want a consuming love, they didn’t want conflict, they just wanted Elena to be with Damon no questions asked, they just wanted her to be his symbol.

Now with Stefan and Elena, their relationship is healthy, their love is selfless and it enhances the goodness that is already in their lives, it doesn’t overwhelm it to the point that they’re the only two people in their world, that is why their love isn’t a consuming one. Yet at the same time, they went through their consuming phase in season 3.

Elena is so hellbent on finding Stefan

that everyone around her thinks that it’s naive and it’s irrational

and Stefan isn’t supposed to have any contact with Elena, he wants her to move on, he wants her to be happy, he wants her to be safe and yet he can’t help but call her even though he knows he isn’t good for her, even though he knows she can’t go looking for him:

And while his love for her is actually a source of goodness and purity for him to the point that he can fight his demons because he loves her that much, he can actually do the impossible and resist an Original’s compulsion:

Elena’s love for Stefan actually puts her in danger, there’s consequences to it:

And yet that does nothing to stop Elena from risking her life again by falling off the bleachers:

she brings back Lexi to help Stefan break through his non-humanity:

and she realizes again and again that she’s become obsessed with getting Stefan back and she reprimands herself, she makes grand claims of moving on:

and Stefan has hurt her:

Damon is in the mix now:

And again, Stefan knows all of this, Stefan knows that he’s been terrible to her, he sees Damon getting closer, he knows he’s not in the right place to be anywhere near Elena so he keeps his distance but then a moment comes along and neither of them can help themselves:

and Elena is there like:

And Stefan is messed up, he can’t be around her because of the self-hatred and the guilt and the timing:

So he leaves her again, he has to:

But then we circle back in a few episodes later and it’s this:

So yeah, it can be said that in season 3 Stefan did consume Elena but it’s Stefan and it’s Stelena so you see them work their way out of that toxicity and back to a healthy relationship and they know much more about each other, about how badly they can wound one another but how loyal they are to each other. How in all the world is Delena ever going to compete with any of this? They can’t. 

*absolutely none of these gifs are mine*

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I am a huge larry shipper but I stopped trying to keep up w/ Larry moments after they became less & less frequent watching them not interact hurts. I stopped completely when I saw a video of when Harry fell during Better Than Words 8/20/15 and (c)

Louis just walked by w/o helping him up or even looking the tiniest bit concerned. I know some will say he didn’t help because of management but if they were friendly wouldn’t he have helped him up no matter what they said?? I am just heart broken and I’m starting to believe antis that say they hate each other now. Please show me moments after that concert I want to believe they are AT LEAST friends.

Okay first of all, I’m not going to compose any kind of masterpost of Larry interactions after this date, of which there were many. I really am not here to try and reassure or convince anyone of anything. I’m just here to point things out and reblog funny dogs. But try googling it. Like, “larry stylinson + mitam promo + tumblr” will probably find you a day’s worth of stuff to look at. 

So here’s what you’re talking about:

Personally…I think they both look amused. 

Probably because it came like a couple weeks after this massive fall:

And I think better context for their attitude towards how much Harry the baby giraffe Styles falls would be when they watch both of these falls on the Ellen Show, during which Louis enthusiastically offered his commentary and opinion about how Harry “almost pulled it back”. 

But that’s just me.

Speaking from personal experience in terms of working with someone you’re dating or sleeping with, which I have done, sometimes things happen, and in the moment you have to make quick decisions. A good example from my own experience was that I used to be a coxswain on a men’s rowing team. For many years. To a very high level. The coxswain steers the boat and is the one talking to all the athletes through a microphone that is setup to speakers throughout the boat. So basically I was driving a huge carbon fibre shell powered by eight men down a 2000m course. A lot of things can go wrong because you’re basically trying to keep the boat straight whilst relying on eight people doing the exact same thing at the exact same time repeatedly for six minutes. Have you ever seen what rowers look like? Go google the GB team or something, they’re some of the most attractive people ever so it should shock exactly no one that at times I had someone I was dating or sleeping with in the boat with me. That detail went out the window the moment that boat went on the water because everyone was there to do a job. If someone does something wrong, you have to tell them immediately how to correct it, sometimes the oar can get caught on the water and whip past someone quickly and if you don’t duck it hits you smack in the face. In those instances I can’t stop doing my job to climb across the boat and make sure someone’s okay. 

Bringing this back around to Louis’ reaction, the thing I noticed was that immediately after he walked past his own solo started. I also used to play in my university’s symphonic orchestra and that’s essentially like counting beats and rhythm in your head constantly. If I had a solo and someone next to me messed up or dropped something I’m not looking at them, I’m counting the bars until I start. 

Think what you will about that video. I have no idea what it is like to play a concert as One Direction. They might just look like they stroll around and sing their songs, but I’m not under any illusion that it’s as easy as they manage to make it look. I think that’s testament to how talented they are that they can come across as aloof whilst playing a pretty massive setlist. 

One of the reasons I went into men’s rowing as opposed to women’s (I did both and chose men) was because when it came to the sport nothing but rowing mattered. I’m not saying that men are more driven, I just think that they are better at compartmentalising and monotasking. Like “okay now I’m rowing” and nothing else matters. They could hate the guy in front of them and still get the job done (I saw a fist fight on the dock moments before we got into the boat and managed to put that aside for the 90 minutes we had to train). Louis not stopping to help Harry up really doesn’t register as anything but him assessing how much time he had before his solo to me.

And that’s how I see it.  

Legends fandom, we need to talk about your lowkey biases. Yes, that.

I know most of you lot adore Snart and Sara and Captain Canary. Here’s something you might have missed: Snarts a white passing POC, confirmed in the first episode. He’s also the fandom darling.

Here’s something else to consider: pay more attention to things specifically from Legends that aren’t the top three things listed above. Only one person in the lotedit tag consistently edits Kendra, and that’s so lacking, but that’s still better than the attention Jax gets.

Which is none BTW. He’s not even worthy of a bare mention in fandom. He’s also one of the two obvious poc in the show, and sidelining him in fandom is gross in that aspect. Because literally him and Kendra get more attention in CANON than fandom and that’s a good sign there’s a lowkey indication of racism.

I’m not saying the show treats them right either, cause their plot lines aren’t the best. But it’s truly abysmal when the show gives them more attention than the fan base, and that’s such a goddamn shame, because they’re both brave, genuine and interesting people.

From here

OMG yaas. I’m perfectly fine with the ship itself but it’s nearly impossible going into the #kataang tag or just looking up kataang without seeing a barbaric amount of hate and anti.

A lot of ZK shippers make Katara shallow enough to commit infidelity or whatever in order to be with Zuko. And I’m like wHAT?? How shallow and incompetent do you have to be in order to make a ship work??

Those ZK shippers who write plethora long commentaries to belittle on KA or MZ have no life. They could put that much effort into being proud about their ship and put it on thousands of pedestals like what went down with their ship week. (which was great btw, i’m just boycotting it)

Don’t hate the ship, hate the shippers

Originally posted by imthehuman

And those ZK shippers who don’t hate: bless you and always wear a seatbelt

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uh, I just wanna say thanks for being so chill about understanding why people dont ship sha/nce? like the paladins age of "late teens" is up to debate and I get why shiro x (any paladin here) can be a thing, and personally I have issues with it (I hate to say triggered but hey) but I'm really glad you understand everyones reasoning. also lots of the antis are hella rude and I'm sorry if your getting a shit ton of vicious hate

Well yeah, it’s something that’s justified. A minor with an adult should make everyone feel uncomfortable and because there’s many who interpret the ages differently than I do, I can’t expect everyone to like the things that I like and see things the way I see it. That’d just be plain silly.

And no problem! Because it’s a touchy subject it’s not something I can really be angry about, especially if people who dislike it greatly are the ones who been through some stuff.

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Hey there. I love your blog. I don't suppose you can recommend any Fili based blogs that are incest free? I'm having a tough time here lol.

Hey yourself! Thanks so much for reading! And, oh boy, I feel your pain, I’m anti-incest myself. I don’t know if I could call all of their blogs Fili-based, but some people who I know share the Fili love and don’t blog Durincest (at least not that I’ve seen) are @fahrradmir, @reader-rabbit, and @filisleftmustachebraid. Some of my favorite writers have written beautiful Fili fics that are incest-free, like @immawriteyouthings, @averil-of-fairlea, @drabbletastic, and @a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city.

These are just the blogs I’m coming up with off the top of my head…if anybody else has some recommendations for my friend here, feel free to chime in!

One of my kids against the other: or Mara Vs. Kylo.

I’m really tired of seeing people trying to support Reylo by using Mara/Luke as their proof. And as I have yet to see a very detailed, text-based comparison (i.e., here are exact ways Kylo and Mara are alike), I end up wondering if they’ve read Mara’s canon, because I’m super familiar with both of these characters and I love both of these characters and anything outside of the superficial just cannot hold water for me.

I probably I shouldn’t be surprised the comparison happens because I regularly see Mara Jade referred to as a Sith, or a Dark Sider in articles about her. The idea that she was a Sith is flat out wrong. She is not, and she was never even an apprentice.

And I personally have never seen her as a Dark Sider, so much as someone who served a Dark Sider and an Empire. And today it has been frustrating me to the point that I actually pulled out my Jedi Vs. Sith book and Wookieepedia today to start putting together a more specific paper on Mara’s use of the Dark Side to be certain that I was not misinterpreting text and definitions. Short version, I’m cleaning up and reconsidering some of the ways I’m defining things to better reflect what I see in the text, but I currently feel there’s an argument to be made that she used the dark side in a practical way, when it was necessary (she was happier to not use the Force when another tool would do the job, which I suspect is a character trait that made it easier for her to not open herself to the dark side) but had not submitted to it on a spiritual level

This is more or less the argument being made in Zahn’s Vision of the Future, where Luke and Mara talk about Mara’s use of the dark side.

Keep reading

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So, I know you don't' mind interacting with antis as long as they don't "fucktard". What about when they re-blog you (non book related) and it butts smack up against a previous post of theirs that called one of the shippers here a twat? Are you going to fence sit this one out too?

I’m going to mind my damn business, actually.

Yes, it’s true…. There are some bloggers here who have been labeled “antis” who do occasionally reblog things I post. I’m an open blog. I don’t discriminate based on labels. If the Shitner himself felt compelled to reblog a post I made and commented *without* Fucktarding, well, that would be ok. (I doubt he’s capable of even forming a thought that doesn’t qualify as Fucktarding, but, ya never know.)

I don’t think we all need to think the same thoughts. I don’t mind someone seeing the world differently and sharing their own perspectives. I’m comfortable enough with myself and my thoughts that I don’t need the world to agree with them to make them valid.

Also, this is supposed to be for fun. Remember? I’m not interested in fighting with strangers over strangers. Not my idea of fun. Sorry. 😬

I will not allow someone to use my posts as a forum to fucktard. If I see it, I take action to inform the offender🔪. Only once have I felt it necessary to block someone. And that was mostly because they were being an asshole on the wrong day.

I fight my own battles. I do not participate in fighting a battle on someone’s behalf unless they request it. And then only sometimes. We are all adults here. I’m not here to save people from themselves.

For the record…. I have no idea what prompted this inquisition. I’m a fence sitter. Occasionally, when no one is looking, I go for a little covert midnight stroll in one pasture or the other. When I do, I keep it to myself.

Weekend is family time so no doujin but next week I would post new mini doujin again…

That aside… for those anon antis who harrassed me. I WON’T reply you not because I cannot prove you wrong or I cannot state my opinion regarding topics you brought up.

I just think no matter how hard I try, you would not agree with me, or even try to understand my reason why I choose Ichihime. So why should we wasting time on each other?

If you think IR is the best and it supposed to be canon, it is your right to believe so. Go on. Have fun.

I will have fun too here. Rather than spending my time debating stuff like that, I prefer to write fanfics and make doujin for everyone to enjoy.

At least I am being productive.



i always forget that there are still people on here who actually enjoy cc’s writing, and then suddenly one of them shows up on one of my anti-cc posts and it’s like… whoa. a cc stan??? i didn’t know the legends were true…

I have such a love/hate relationship with myself when it comes to jobs. I’m a bartending, bartending my way through school, acting classes ,auditions, go-sees and etc. I’ve always been the girl that looked different. Always the one that was a bit odd in the way I dressed, spoke, walked … I never used to mind growing up. Then, I stumbled into the bar industry. And from my experience which has been pretty extensive, the service industry in general is very anti-black girl. Unless it’s black-owned, but then those businesses come with their own standards, and is inclusive to mixed/more eurocentic looking black girls. But the nightlife industry is very anti-black girl. Black women you find that work behind the bar in clubs are usually very light skinned, having weaves, not a single visible tattoo and perfect proportions. Which, fuck yeah! That’s all well and good, work what you got. No hate here. You’re gorgeous. I just have to deal with the fact that I will be rejected for not being all of that. I used to have a shaved head, then from there I started wearing twists. I have a few visible tattoos, and while I’m not dark, I’m not light. ( And that depends on who you ask, I consider myself brown and DAMN PROUD OF IT) Even though, I’m a ridiculously fast bartender, and the personality is banging. I’ll still get rejected for something that is more “ ideal” which coincidentally is further from black. People ask well, why don’t you just wear a wig, and look like them and etc. And I could do that. But truth of the matter, I have too much pride. I’m not going to be someone else for job, or someone else’s comfortability. Even though I stand out, no matter where I go…I’m proud of who I am and the progress I have taken to genuinely embrace myself. I don’t want to hide that away. I’m Thick,  Odd, Brown and Beautiful. 

Wishful thinking from OT4 Stans and Camila Haters.

I’ve noticed this a lot from OT4 stans within this fandom. They’ll always use this fallacy whenever they’re trying to argue something About Camila. They never use any facts or evidence to back up this argument because they know that most of what they are saying right now is either just noise or pure pandering fodder to their own group of Anti camila agenda ridden individuals. And I suppose @staywoke-5hfandom is no different in terms of wishful thinking and blissful ignorance. 

But it did get me to read their original post and write one myself. So lets go through the points that they’ve made. You can read their original post here. 

So, I’m the new co-admin of this blog (My name is Teresa) and since I have yet to to express my thoughts on Camila, 5H drama and solo careers I decided to make a wholesome post about why we think Camila’s solo ‘career’ will ultimately not succeed in the long run.

Alright. That sounds fair enough. Let’s hear this. I’m sure this post won’t be appealing to popular belief or using any kind of logical fallacy like that right? I’m sure it will be well thought out and it will be of a sound argument. Spoiler alert for anyone who’s read their blog post, it isn’t a very sound argument. 

Camila’s first solo song and the only one to ever be officially released to date (we know she has another one coming with Diplo and probably a lot more after that) was a collaboration with Shawn Mendes (who was a rising artist and already had a hit song at the time), which they very ‘spontaneously’ did at a Taylor Swift concert. Yes, IKWYDLS, even though in my opinion was a very repetitive and annoying song with very confusing lyrics and unnecessary runs, was a hit and made a lot of money. However, having one hit song doesn’t necessarily mean an artist will have a long lasting successful career.

Well you’re right about one thing. Having one hit song doesn’t mean that an artist will have a long lasting career. However that one hit song was definitely a majoir career boost for Camila. You can’t deny that. You can’t honestly say that this song didn’t at least put her on the map in terms of being a solo artist Espeically for someone who’s still in a group with that “girl group” doctrine and stereotype hanging over them, having a hit song outside of the group does show potential. But as I said to you in my reblog what will determine a long lasting successful career is time and what you do AFTER you establish your first hit. So far she seems to be making some decent moves and has a lot of career opportunities in the works. Like her or not you can’t deny that from her end. 

We all know she has a 'big’ fanbase who basically consists of racist teenagers who will blindly support whatever she does, and even thought we know big, passionate fandoms can do a lot for aspiring artists (we, the 5H fandom were ones who made Fifth Harmony famous with all the voting, requesting and promoting back in the day) but in the long term, that’s just not enough.

You know that the same can be said about Any girl group member right? I mean if you think CAMILA is the only girl group member with a large fanbase of super fans who will defend her at all cost then you’re pretty naive to say the least. From the past tweets that we’ve shown in previous posts that anyone from any sect of the fandom will react negatively at times. What about Lauren? Doesn’t she have a large fanbase who will do anything to protect her? Even resort to online harassment in support of her? Same with with Normani, Ally, Dinah they all have their own group of fans who will sometimes take things to far. Camila isn’t the only one.Also what do you think a fanbase is there for? They’re there to support your music, and buy your tunes. IF you have a big enough fan base to buy you music you become a pretty successful solo artist. That’s common sense and basic supply and demand. I don’t get why you’re saying thats not enough. Thats the bulk of your success for singers. Your fans.

Camila’s relatable, cute, girl next door act she started in TXF, combined with her white passing, petite physical appearance, + what many called 'unique voice’, earned her a fanbase of her own, that grew with the release of IKWYDLS and has since been eager for Camila to leave the group because, and I quote 'she’s just way better than the other ones’.

I don’t get why you would care what others think about her. I mean you clearly aren’t a fan of Camila and the music she puts out so I don’t get why you would care what some fan thinks over the other girls. Again people are going to have their favorites when it comes to groups like fifth harmony, little mix, one direction it’s just how it is.  

Well, because she’s surrounded by a family that’s constantly feeding her ego and never spends any time trying to ground her, she has clearly let these things get to her head, and has since distanced herself from the group, 

This is a very obtuse statement. I assume you’re talking about Camila’s mom right  and her recently favoring mean tweets concerning her daugther? That’s not feeding an ego. Feeding an ego would be telling someone that they’re not doing anything wrong and that they’re not making any mistakes at all. But liking tweets isn’t ego feeding. And what about the other family members from the other girls? Lauren’s moms is known for getting into fights with random people on twitter at the drop of a hat. She starts drama with other peoples managers, Normani’s mom also has been known to shade people as well. Wouldn’t you consider that ego feeding too by that logic? As far as distancing herself goes, I guess you should ask Dinah that who seems to be spending a lot of time with C. But oh yeah you guys are now attacking Dinah for that reason right? I’m not seeing a lot of logic so far. 

victimised herself saying that being with her bandmates gives her anxiety and how she only feels ‘authentic’ and ‘happy’ working on her solo music, 

Nope sorry. Quote or she never said it. If you’re accusing someone of saying something then you need to provide a quote and where she actually said this. You guys like to do this a lot. You make up these non existing quotes that nobody has ever said and then you never provide a reference. So unless you have a reference and an exact quote she never “victimized” herself (That’s you guys tbh) she never said that being with her bandmates gives her anxiety (if that was true she wouldn’t be in a band) and she never said she was authentic or happy by working on solo music. Do you have a quote that you can pull up or an exact statement? Again quote or it never happened. 

has barely promoted her group’s music and has associated herself with many famous artists to boost her solo career.  

What about the 7/27 tour she’s on right now? The multiple interviews she’s done for 5h throughout her entire career? Is that what you call barely promoting the groups music? Are you sure that she’s actually guilty of not promoting the groups music or are you just lying through your teeth and you expect people to believe you? You’re not a very logical person you know? 

However, in light of the recent events involving Normani and the racially charged online harassment she started (actually has always been a victim of, since the beginning of the group) receiving because she called Camila 'quirky’ and 'cute’ instead of making a full description of their 'friendship’ changed the GP’s opinion of Camila. Or at least boosted that change.

You know I’m sure you WANT this to be true and you’re saying this to pander to your own ot4/c hater crowd but I don’t think you’re looking at this through a very logical perspective right now. What makes you think that the General public opinion on camila has changed? Even with this drama going on and even with this thing that recently went down people still like her. I’d go as far as to say that the majority of people who have taken an intrest in this group still like Camila in the pressence of the group. You like to inflate your numbers and appeal to the wishful thinking fallacy but unless she loses followers on a daily basis and everyone in the world starts to hate her simotaniously then this statement of yours isn’t really based off anything factual. This is just an appeal to and a pandering to your own side of the fandom. Is that why you’re not presenting any evidnece to support this? Because maybe you don’t have any?

Even though some media articles still painted Camila as the victim in this situation and not Normani, who was indeed the victim, the GP started to raise eyebrows regarding the fact that Camila failed to mention Normani’s name in her tweets, didn’t acknowledge the core of the problem and still hasn’t unfollowed some of those racist stans, whom she admitted to see on her TL.  

Do you honestly believe what you’re sayign right now? Like did you honestly write this with a straight face because I can’t imagine how anyone with a serious mindset could write something like this and not crack up at the absurdity of this ridiculous post. If you actually looked up most of the articles that talk about Normani leaving the group most of them have said that Camila defended her bandmate and actually talked down towards the people who used racism to defend her. Even the blavity article that you guys are using in your post said that Camila didn’t condone what happened to her bandmate. So how did the gp start to “raise eyebrowns regarding the fact that camila failed to mention normanis name” when most of them ackoweldge that she was defending her bandmate? You guys have been swinging a lot of misses as of late. 

Plus, her 'celeb friends’ like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland, Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, etc., have all seem to forget about her.

I’m going to let you in on a secete here. I know you guys live in a world where you think everyones friendship needs to be seen on social media in order for it to be proven real but here’s a secret for you. 

They have lives. I’m being serious. I know it’s a foreign concept for you to grasp because you clearly don’t have one but people, especially public figures are known to have lives outside of other people and are also known to have multiple friends. I know right? Who would’ve thought that Camila and Taylor have friends outside of their own circle of buddies. And who would’ve thought that they can be friends with each other without mentioning the other person on social media. I dunno about you but my mind is blown. -end sarcasm-

It is true she’s very fan friendly and nice (to the outside public at least) however, what people usually tend to like is someone who they can trust, who is consistent. Camila is just not consistent.

You know whats funny about this part of your post? None of the examples that you’ve given constitute as someone being distrustful or inconsistent. You keep throwing the word inconsistent around but I don’t think you know what it means. . 

 Jumping from celeb friendship to celeb friendship, 

Ok that’s not being inconsistent and that’s not a sign of not being trustworthy. Friends have more than one friends. I suppose we can say that Dinah is inconsistent and can’t be trusted right? Since she’s friends with people like The Rock and basically the entire wwe roster. Would you call that inconsistent? Or would you stay silent on this? 

constantly trying to snag collaborations and boost her solo career,

Again Ally and Dinah have both recently snagged solo opportunities outside of the group. Isn’t that something that you’d consider inconsistent by defualt? Since we’re going with the “doing solos outside of the group = not being consistent” Do you even know what consistency is? 

 Always dropping hints that she wants to leave the group, being shady to her bandmates, amongst other things (check exposing-5h).

Yeah sorry but nobody in the right mind would take that blog seriously lol. Unless you’re gullible and extremely petty but in most cases hate blogs tend to twist things around to fit a narrative. They are by no means an eception to that rule.  

Being fan friendly just won’t get her far if she is a manipulative liar and a social climber. Look at Taylor Swift. America’s sweetheart who’s actually like a public liar who will throw anyone under the bus.

Well then don’t you think you have to prove she’s mainpulative and a liar and a “social climber”? I mean by the examples that you’ve given I can use that to describe everyone else in the group. Ally working with other artists ? She’s a mainuplative liar and a social climber. Lauren interacting with other artists through videos and social media? I guess that means she’s a social climber as well right and a liar right? Dinah working on solo materia with other artists isn’t that one of your requirements for being a lair and a social climber? Wouldn’t that apply to DInah as well? Or are you going to remain selective in this post of yours? But you know what? Even with all this it still seems like people gravitate more towards her than anyone else in the group. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against anyone else in the group and I wish nothing but the best for the rest of 5h when their group does eventually part ways but generally speaking even after all this nonsense people still graviate towards her the most. Even after all the drama that you guys have been spewing out. Don’t you think maybe you guys are wrong about her and that you don’t know what you’re talking about? Again I see lot of wishful thinking here and not a lot of logical reasoning from you guys. 

All of this combined with the fact that she has no vocal power, no control over her runs, has a squeaky voice and is unable to hit higher notes, her dancing is average, doesn’t have enough stage presence and charisma to fill a venue by herself, claims to song write but like where?, 

You know what’s odd about this part of your post? This is the only part of your post that i don’t disagree with per say. You have  apoint in this sense. She doesn’t have the strongest voice in the group and in terms of dancing Normani and Dinah are probably the strongest dancers in the group. Yet again Camila still seems to attract the majority pull. Her and Lauren that is. Don’t you think that it’s pretty odd that she doesn’t have the strongest voice yet she has such a large pull within the group and that her fanbase continues to grow at an exponential rate on a continua basis? Are you sure that the GP really changed their mind about her or do you just not want to acknowelge the fact that depsite theis drama most people still like her? It honestly sounds like a personal problem you have with her. And those are never factually accurate or sincere. 

has a fanbase full of racists and is known for her shady behaviour towards her bandmates of four years, is for sure enough proof that just having some crazy problematic fans won’t make her a very successful solo artist  and will eventually be forgotten, along with her average music and songwriting skills.

How is this proof? I’m being serious for the moment. How is any of this proof that she won’t have a very successful solo career? Because if anything right now the fact that you’re giving her more attention than anyone else in the group shows that people won’t stop talking about her for quite some time so she’s obviously not going to be be forgotten. Her so called “average music” earned her the only one with a hit outside of the group and you haven’t given us any example of this supposed “shady behavior” so please tell me how any of this is proof that she won’t have a good solo career esepcially when her fanbase continues to grow and you continue to make her relevant by constantly talking about her.

Are you sure this is proof? Or do you WANT it to be proof and you’re just confusing wishful desires for proof? I honestly think it’s the latter here. 

i’ve hit a point where i’m so tired of what’s currently going on that i need a break. this discourse sideblog is going on hiatus as of now; i’ll see and probably respond to asks, but i’m not going to check notes or reblogs.

i may also put discourse tags on temporary block.

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me: yall are extremely racist to bellamy and here are 50+ canon proofs of your double standard 

clxa: block that radical braven she thinks WE are racist. us??? racist??? desperate pathetic shit stirrer 

me: honestly what is with y'all thinking only wlw matter and woc don’t have the right to point out bigotry or are entitled to feelings? you’re straight up lying to dismiss and derail from what we’re saying, again. you think you’re the only minority to ever exist and your reaction to woc speaking up is proof enough of your white feminism that’s always detrimental to poc

clxa: im not reading that😪

other clxas: you go gurl you are awesome!!! fuck that bitch!!! honesty is real!!!

clxa: 😂😘

to my future life partner,

as far as i know, i haven’t met you yet, but here are some things you should know about me:

purple is my favorite color, but turquoise is pretty great too. i love my cat and he’s basically my anti-anxiety medication (oh yeah, i have anxiety too, so you’re going to need to be patient with me sometimes). my family and i are closer than most, and yes, i do tell my mom 98% of what goes on in my life even though i’m supposed to be an adult now. i know an excessive amount of harry potter trivia.

i love the city that i grew up in and want to spend the majority of my life here (though i’d consider leaving for grad school). my brother is my best friend and if we don’t like the other’s partner things don’t normally end well. i love music and you’re going to need to learn all of the words to thunder road because it’s my favorite song.

i don’t like nutella (or anything chocolate hazelnut). i’ve never been in an official relationship because i refuse to get involved with people who aren’t sure about me. i’ve been in enough situations to have plenty of experience with the emotional side of things (the physical not so much, so we’re going to need to go slow for a while). i’ve helped out at a barn for years, but i still don’t know how to drive a tractor (i can drive a quad though).

i’m fiercely loyal, but my moral compass usually takes precedent over anything else. i can be too stubborn for my own good. i don’t believe in god and neither does my family (including most of my relatives). i believe that empathy is the key to being a good person and having a strong ethical code. 

i think precious gems are beautiful but rife with ethical issues, so if you ever want to buy me a diamond, make sure it was grown in a lab (or don’t buy me one at all cause i’ll probably lose it). i collect books so we’re going to need to have a library in our house. i want a love like the one my parents have, where you’re my best friend and we still live to annoy each other thirty years on.

i love horses and they will always be an important part of my life, but i’m not that person who puts them before everything else (though i do dream of the day when i have some in my backyard). i’m a quarter slovenian, and the family traditions which go along with that are incredibly important to me, so i hope you’re ready to eat a piece of garlic on christmas eve. i’m also a quarter irish, and i’m trying to learn gaelic, but it’s not going so well.

i still buy cds even though some people think that’s stupid. i don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs for physical, familial, and psychological reasons (but i won’t stop you from having a glass or two). i love to write but i’m better with numbers than i am with words. i hate coffee, but i have to have at least one cup of tea a day (and usually it’s more like four). the princess bride has been my favorite movie since i was five years old (the lord of the rings films are pretty great too). it takes a lot to make me seriously angry, but it’s easy to get me moderately pissed off.

i live for sarcasm and bad jokes. i can play four instruments. i’m not a natural ginger. i think that space is fascinating and for a few years there i wanted to work for nasa. most of my best friends are at least three years older than me (and they usually forget about that). i need regular hugs. i’m hungry 98% of the time. apple pie is my favorite food, closely followed by homemade pierogies. i laugh really easily. i don’t have a tolerance for spicy things. i regularly trip over my own feet.

when i love someone, i love them for who they are, even the parts that i don’t always like. i don’t waste my time on people who don’t deserve it, so if i’m still around, there’s a reason for that. i have a hard time trusting people, but once you’re in, you have to really mess up for me to kick you out.  

i know what i’m worth and i know what i deserve and i know that whoever you are, we’re going to be in this together.

i can’t wait to learn all the little things about you.



anonymous asked:

I love the idea of Violet growing up to be a sort of anti-hero.

As do I, dear Anon. In fact…let’s have a fanfic. 

It starts when she cuts her hair. 

Her hair, long and dark - dark the way no one else in this family is - and so often falling forward in front of her eyes, her face, a dark silky curtain between her and the world. Once upon a time, that was how Violet liked it. 

Now, she’s ready for a change. 

She cuts it short - way short, far shorter than anything Mom has ever done. Maybe that’s intentional on her part, maybe not. For someone whose power is invisibility and whose specialty is stealth, Violet wants to try stepping out of the shadows a bit more. 

The waterfall of hair is replaced by crisp, cool pixie cut, sharp and layered and so effortless to style and so damn easy to wash, why did she not cut her hair sooner? 

Violet thinks back to all those hours with a hairbrush and hair dryer, all the towels twisted around her head and rolls her eyes at herself and ruffles her new hair with a smile curling at her lips. 

Reactions are mixed. 

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