omg im so tired and i haven’t started the homework and then tomorrow there’s a test and then my group has to do like 80% of our research project and then i have another test (??) and then there’s a bridge that my friends and i are gonna jump off of, into the river shannon, and then i’m going to go drink a lot of cider. tomorrow is going to be a blur but it’s the last day of classes. friday is a day trip. saturday is my flight home. wow????

during my homework/study/revision sessions, i often find myself wasting precious time making frivolous decisions and adjustments i should have already figured out. i thought of a couple ways to avoid such procrastination and distraction, and to make the most of your study sessions!


even if you think you MIGHT need it, grab it. when you need something in the middle of doing homework, studying, or revising, it might cause you lose focus and track.

now, mind you, this one isn’t a super huge problem if you simply get what you need and go back to your study space (or don’t leave it in the first place), but just in case, get everything you need so you’re not tempted to wander, go check your phone, etc.


i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been sitting down to make notes, a study guide, or something similar, and i end up going through my stationery collection and staring at my paper for 10 minutes trying to decide which colors to use.

establish a color code for the subject you’re taking notes on, and/or already have the colors you want to decorate/write your notes in chosen.


it will eliminate the need to go on your phone/computer/ipod/etc. to change the song, which can lead to you using it for social media and other things.

put songs you LOVE on there so it’s constant jamming—not constant distraction!


this is a huge one for me—probably my biggest issue. i find myself at the end of the study session with barely anything accomplished because i don’t have a game plan in the first place.

chunk your assignment or topic of study/revision into small, manageable chunks so you’ll not only feel more productive, you’ll BE more productive.

you’ll have a clear list of everything you need to get done by the end of your session, motivating you to work and steering you along the way so you don’t end up idling the whole time.


if you’re taking notes from a textbook, video, test prep book, novel, etc., decide on a note-taking method before you even start. this will keep you from being dissatisfied with your notes and starting over, scrolling through tumblr/social media for inspiration then straying away from actual work, getting overwhelmed because you don’t know what to do, and (obviously) getting no notes taken.

as for studying/revising, choose whether you’ll be using flashcards, summary foldables, re-reading, highlighting, etc. to study or revise the information before you start. this prevents spending time trying to figure out HOW you’re going to study/revise INSTEAD OF studying/revising, and helps you actually get some learning done.


some people work well under pressure! the time constraint might motivate you to get as much done as possible in the time you’ve allotted yourself, thus decreasing your will to turn your attention to other things.

moral of this post: plan out your study sessions so you’re fully prepared for success, productivity, and accomplishment! :)

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Emergency Commissions

I’ve decided to start living on my own but with that came some unexpected cancellation fees and travel costs. I’ll be traveling once again to Oregon to keep my friend company while they move to Florida. I also need enough money to make a deposit at my new apartment, with my current job I won’t make it near that alone. I’m rushed with homework at the moment so I hope these scratched off charts are okay.


Regular paintings are included, however, since this is on a short notice fullbody paintings have been excluded.

Thing that I will draw 

  • Humanoids (similar body shape as a human eg. gemsonas, fursonas, personas, etc.)
  • Any body type
  • Feral
  • Nsfw, must be 18+ (including gore)

Things I might draw (ask)

  • Mecha
  • Armor
  • Weapons

If you’re interested you can contact me by email (affurro@gmail.com). I’ll need references and an idea of what you would like. I only accept payment through Paypal via invoice, sorry if this is an inconvenience. Sketches and Chibi paintings would be paid up front since they are set in price.

Hi guys :) here are some tips and hints to help you have a successful semester!

  • Buy your stationery & textbooks before the start of the semester
    • You don’t want to be rocking up to your first class without the notebook you’ll be taking notes in or not being able to do the homework because you don’t know the questions.
  • Buy a planner 
    • You can use weekly to-do lists if you want, but you need somewhere that you can keep all of your important dates in.
  • Organise your work in a binder
    • Your syllabus, rewritten notes, assessment information, printouts, homework, revision, textbook notes and lecture slides should all be in one place for easy referencing.
  • Know what you have to do, and when it’s due
    • At the start of the semester I go through the syllabus for all of my classes and put the dates assessment are due into a table that I print out & stick on my cork board. I also add the dates to my planner to make sure I won’t forget when something is due.
  • Go to class
    • Weird tip, right? Well, sometimes you sleep in or you need to catch up on some lecture notes or you just can’t be bothered to go to class. Unless you’re really busy I wouldn’t recommend skipping tutorials (but if you have online lectures, feel free to skip them and watch them from the comfort of your bed).
  • Take comprehensive notes
    • Notes are the first step in revision, and without complete notes you’ll be thrown in the deep end come finals.
  • Do your homework
    • Not only is it the focus of tutorials, but it’s the easiest way to revise the week’s topic.
  • Revise throughout the semester
    • Along with rewriting your notes and doing homework, actually revise the topics. You’ll thank yourself when finals roll around.
  • Schedule some free time
    • I don’t condone scheduling every second of your day (which rapidly leads to burnout) but I do suggest you set aside some time (even a day) to do something that isn’t academic. The way you do this whilst still being productive is to make sure the tasks you need to complete are finished before taking the break, work an extra hour a day so you can have an entire day to relax guilt-free.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Don’t save important stuff on USBs (use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox).
    • Don’t start watching new series within a few weeks of important assessment.
    • If you’re feeling unmotivated, divide your tasks into small sections and complete them one at a time, taking breaks between each.

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Seventeen Reacting to their Idol Girlfriend Giving them A Shoutout from an Inside Joke - Request

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry but I’m as slow as a turtle when it comes to uploading… Thank you so much for requesting, please request again! Thanks!

P.S. Once again, I’m so sorry for not uploading for the past couple of days, kind of been occupied with summer homework/trying to cram 2 chapters one day with chapter summaries while also remembering chords for my guitar since I’m having a zero period for guitar once I start school again.^^ 


He’d be all fanboying to death when he hears your little inside joke as he would be laughing hysterically at the TV by himself as the members oddly stare. 

“My favorite dog? Beagle dogs, I love h– them so much.” 


Staring at the TV casually watching your interview, he’d be laughing and smiling to himself seeing that you inserted a little inside joke about him.

“I really like angels, I never knew how cute they really were.”


Wide eyed at the screen, he’d be blushing by himself to see what you were telling the interviewer on TV. 

“I’ve always been lectured not to drink alcohol but water, it really helps.” 

when the secret has came out 


He’d be dying by himself when he hears your little inside joke that you sneaked in, the members probably capable of getting it too. 

“Mafia game is my favorite game, I usually love the conductor the most since the person is controlling the whole game itself.” 


Clapping and screaming by himself the members would try and shush him be he couldn’t hold it in, laughing by himself. 

“Something I love is an even time. Like… 10:10~!” 

“THAT’S ME– 10:10! I’M FRIGGIN 10:10 GUYS!” 


Casually and calmly watching you on TV, he’d soon begin to start laughing by himself while squirming as he couldn’t wait to text you about your little joke. 

“Currently, my favorite fictional character is a garden fairy. So adorable.” 


You told Woozi to watch this TV episode that you were just in as you started laughing to yourself. When he sees it, he’d be laughing and blushing. 

“I should have known my service (that is the meaning behind Woozi’s real name, Jihoon) before I ordered something.” 


Staring at you the whole time throughout the broadcast show you were welcomed into. He would be blushing when he knew you left a joke about him. 

“Something awkward that is bound to happen to me? Having the need to pee during a live broadcast.” 


Lying his whole body on the couch he would be watching you when he hears a little joke you made. He’d be laughing so much he’d fall off the couch. 

“Has anyone heard that three is better than two? Because there’s specifically someone that I’d like to leave anonymous telling me that everyday.” 


He’d be casually switching over to your show when he suddenly hears the inside joke you guys made, chuckling. 

“Ramen hair is definitely a faze I wouldn’t mind.” 

*cough* mansae *cough*


Flipping quickly over to your show, he’d be intently washing, only to laugh hysterically only to hear the members groaning from how loud he was. 

“The new song of booyon– beyonce is actually one of my favorites.” 


You told him that you were going live on the show so he watched you to give support. He’d roll his eyes but laugh when he finds out you put in an inside joke.

“Someone taught me that kidney function is not a right it’s a privilege.” 

predebut jokes be like


Actually, you’d be giving a shout out to him but attempted to make it sound like you weren’t entirely, but Dino got it so he was really happy.

“Dancers like seventeen’s Dino is actually one of my favorites, young but great~” 

took me so long for them puns bro 

The real Ponyboy Curtis
  • Darry; (comes home from work) hey pony, how was your day?did you do your homework yet? What do you want for dinner?
  • Ponyboy; oh my god! I cant take this anymore its alway ponyboy do this or ponyboy do that! I have feelings too darry! You know what now I have no choice but to run away! (Runs outside)
  • Sodapop; what the fuck.
  • Darry; He will come back he always does. (Thunder storm starts)
  • Ponyboy;(Runs back inside) I didnt come back because of the thunder I came back because I new it was the right thing to do ok?(goes to his room) I will take din din in my room!
  • Darry; See soda he always comes back.
Presentation (Peter Parker x Reader)

(So this is my first requested imagine and I hope you guys love it !! )

Requested : By Anon ! ( Hi puppy, the reader and Peter are enemies to school because they are the best in class and one day they have to make a presentation together, they protest and start a fight, they ar angry but they must work together. the reader is forced to come to peter home for the homework, Peter leaves the reader in his room for 2 min, and the reader discovers the spiderman costume accidentally. ( i hope is not to long x) I love you blog )

Warnings : Swearing, but not a lot ! 

Word Count : 981

Part 2


 Everything was perfect at your old school. No challenges, no competition, just little old you, being the best that you were in your classes. All of your classes.

 But once you were transferred to Midtown High, everything changed for you. Not only did you met your biggest competition, but you also met your enemy, Peter Parker; and now you had to work on a full presentation with him.

“Mr. Leroy, you don’t understand. I literally can not work with him,” You and Peter were assigned to do a presentation together on how drugs could affect the human body, and as soon as you both heard your two names put together, you both began to protest.  

 The classroom was now empty, and here sat you, Peter, and Mr.Leroy, trying to explain why you two should not be partnered up. “You both are the smartest kids in this class, and more than likely in the school, that’s why I decided to put you two together, I’m interested to see what you two come up with,” you did a slight face palm and groaned, you saw Peter next to you, him not saying much, he just had his hands in his pocket. You and Mr.Leroy both looked at him, “What do you think Peter?” your science teacher asked, removing Peter from his trance. “W-What, Huh? Oh, Uhm.” he scratched the back of his neck, “See, the thing is Mr. Leroy, we don’t exactly get along, very well,”  

“Yeah I don’t get along with people, who try to steal the spotlight from everyone.” You said crossing your arms, Peter glared at you. “I don’t try to steal any spotlight, (Y/N) what are you talking about?” Peter sounded annoyed, and that’s exactly what you wanted.  

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Back with the physics. Made a few more physics notes and worked through some questions (it was definitely better working through questions well before a lesson than say doing it 5 minutes before lesson like I used to do). Doing extra questions over just the ones set for homework was also pretty helpful as I have a bunch of questions to ask my teacher tomorrow. In other non-physics related news. It was my first day of just going out and sketching the surrounding. I’m pleased that I have actually started this and hope to continue °^·^°. Now, if only I can start up my excersise again :’)

(Pic of my view every day!)
Hey guys!
Sorry I haven’t been active lately; I got so busy! I went from searching 24/7 for summer opportunities to getting 4 of them :) I honestly feel so lucky and even though I have to give up spending time with friends and volleyball, I really think I’m gonna get a lot out of these opportunities! I also need to keep doing my summer homework I’ve gotten so lazy with it, sigh. Anddddd SAT studying of course. I’ve also been starting to go to the gym again to get in shape for volleyball! Hopefully everything works out :)

I’m gonna be on for a little while so feel free to send me questions/tell me about your summer :)

Your Unsent letter to Jisoo

Unsent: an AU where you play the role of someone they used to know before they came in as trainees and debuted as Seventeen

Dear Hong Jisoo,

Have you any idea how much I miss you right now?

It’s actually 10 PM right now, I’m supposed to be doing my homework, but instead I decided to right you another letter. If you were here you’d probably be scolding me for not prioritizing my tasks and be continuously pestering me to start doing my work. You give to me your answer sheet and nag me to death about responsibility.

I never thought that I’d ever miss your endless complaints about my way of doing things. My room is eerily quiet now. Usually, the sound of a your personalized ringtone would ring by this time, spamming my inbox with pictures you found over the Internet, but since your gone, I got used to leaving my phone on silent.

The netted microphone you saved up for me lies in the corner of my table, turning dusty and possibly rusted. If you were here, you’d scold me saying how pricey it was, then I’d say how I never asked for it in the first place. You did buy it anyway, you always said how you loved my voice.

I miss the acoustic guitar covers you made in my bedroom. You’d always insist that I sing the lyrics when the whole neighborhood knew that your voice was so much better than mine. Now everyone had to get used to the silence that replaced our harmonious duets, there wasn’t anyone to sing with after all.

Do you know how much I miss you?

I just looked out the window right now, where your bedroom window was directly across mine. By this time, the lights would be on and I could see you revising some essay we had to submit this week, but now the lights are off and I couldn’t catch a glimpse at your empty room now that the curtains were drawn.

I miss seeing you wave from across the street every morning. I miss the way your soft voice would greet me ‘Good Morning’. I miss the small trips you made between breaks from your classroom to mine just to check how I was doing. You were sweet like that.

You took care of me, you were gentle and still had humor to spare…you were like a Prince Charming, and, call it selfish if you have to, I felt like I was your princess. My heart fluttered when you were around and I begin to stutter, I was like one of those lovesick characters in the countless animes you watched.

Until one day, I turn to look at your window and surprised to see the curtains still drawn, when usually they’d be wide open and you would be staring out daydreaming, looking like a picturesque painting.

Days passed and I didn’t hear your personalized ringtone, or your guitar, or your voice, or anything at all. The next thing I knew was that you had left for Korea and as much as I thought you’d come back, the new music videos that had you starring in probably showed otherwise.

There was only silence now.

Do you know how much I miss you?

Since I’d crumple this paper and shoot it towards the wastebin, I might as well tell you.

I miss you so much.


I never was that lucky…..

Alberto:  “What are you doing?  Are you doing your homework?”

Remington:  “Dad, I have to do it for school or I’ll get in trouble.”

Al:  “Oh you’re going to get in trouble alright, wasting time on that stupid shit when I’m hungry and you haven’t made my breakfast.”

Remington cringes as if waiting for the blow to arrive…..

Al:  “Maybe I didn’t speak clearly enough for an idiot like you to understand.  Get up.  Make my breakfast before I get my belt out.”

When I throw my hands up out of fear of my dad and his anger, my dad starts laughing.

Al:  “God damn, how did I get blessed with such a loser?”

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Hi guys :) Here are some of my tips on how to be productive & finish the tasks you set.

Setting Tasks

  • At the start of the week write a detailed list of what you have to do, and add to it throughout the week
    • Everything from homework to printing out lecture slides.
    • Do this in either your planner/bullet journal or make yourself a Weekly Planner.
  • Break everything in that list into small chunks
    • i.e. For homework that has six parts, break that into six chunks that you can tick off when you finish it.
  • Each day, set a number of tasks that seem achievable
    • Knowing how much time each task takes is useful, but setting time limits can be overwhelming and counterproductive.
  • Make sure not to overfill your day
    • The key to being productive is knowing exactly what you need to do, whilst still having the motivation to complete the tasks.

Finishing the Tasks

  • A popular method to help with time management is the Pomodoro technique, typically through the use of apps
    • Pomodoro for iPhones
    • Clearfocus for Androids 
    • Marinaratimer for web browsers
  • If you don’t need to use the internet, turn it off
    • Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to resist checking something online, so if you don’t need it, turn it off.
  • Prepare to concentrate
    • Eat well beforehand, have a water bottle with you.
    • Make sure you have all of the tools you will need, so you don’t have to go searching for the highlighter that matches your sticky notes
  • No motivation to start?
    • Just start! Seriously, just do one of the tasks you have to do, take a break, and then do the next one.
    • Motivation can be fleeting, so discipline is important.

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anonymous asked:

what is your general study schedule? how many hours a day do you study//do school work?:D

ooh ok so i’ve been receiving these a lot so i’m gonna make this rather detailed bc i never thought it would be such an faq!


  • if my afternoons are free, i’ll
    • go for a run / to the gym
    • do my homework
  • i normally study in the evenings, from 8 to 11-ish
    • so i guess that’s about 3 hours?
    • i do my homework
    • + revise for the week’s tests
    • + write notes if i have free time
    • + work on practice papers / problems


  • i reserve my mornings for shows and relaxing lol
  • i normally start studying around 1 til 9 at night
    • i guess 7+ hours per day?
    • i try to finish my hw on sat afternoons
    • and ofc i eat dinner too
    • the rest of sat night + sunday is for revision + studying + notes
  • if i have a lot of work / catching up to do, i might start @ 10-ish tbh
    • and maybe end at 10 pm
    • so 10+ hours if i take out my lunch + dinner time

maybe this will give you a little insight HAHAHA but tbh who actually cares about my schedule, i’d rly like to know.

study tip #2

rewriting your notes

you go to class, and you’re taking down so many notes it’s sometimes hard to process what you’re writing. on top of that, writing quickly tends to lead to messy handwriting (if it doesn’t you clearly have your life together in ways i don’t)

my advice would be: to spend some time everyday, before you start your homework (trust me, neat notes make homework so much quicker) either completely rewriting your notes in a new notebook, or going over your notes and tidying them up. you don’t have to make them pretty, and you definitely don’t have to add color, but going over your notes to make them neat helps you out in a couple different ways:

  • you get a chance to review what you learned in class (built in study/revision, seeing it twice in one day really helps it stick)
  • you can use this as a chance to identify any topics you don’t understand (see study tip #1)
  • you can rework practice problems to see if you fully understand the process (because you already have the answers this is a great way to check in on your understanding)
  • neat notes = a better time studying in the future
  • if you really want, you can make your notes pretty (which might also help the info sink in more)
My Experience!

I just thought I would share with everyone my experience on how I ended up in here on these blogs. Last year probably around Oct or so my friend was blasting this song on the radio. I said well this is a cool song. She said it was called Earned It by The Weekend. Then she went on to tell me it’s from the movie FSOG. I’m like what the crap is that never heard of it lol. She said you need to see the movie. So she rented it we watched I’m like Holy Crap!!!!! My first impression of the movie was dang these two actors have a lot of chemistry on screen! I knew of Dakota because of her parents but didn’t know who Jamie was. So from there curiosity killed the cat and went on to reading the trilogy including in Grey’s Eyes which is my fav. Mind you I can’t stand reading!! But I got hooked big time! Then I start doing my homework on each of the actors which led me to damie’s. So this is all new to me. When I saw the word “shipping” I’m like again WTC is this. But I understand it now where everyone is coming from. I get it! So with all that being said……..I understand what everybody sees about these two on screen and off screen. The physical chemistry that they have is undeniable. Trust me I know because when I meet somebody it better be there or it won’t work. So again thanx for letting me ramble on all the way from Florida! 😉

anonymous asked:

Hey kyo i know many things have been bad but even though so many things that happened this year already even though so many things have been bad your videos have helped me a hole lot and i start my freshmen year any tips for highschool ?

TIPS FOR HIGHSCHOOL *spreads hands to make a rainbow

like this*

I aint gonna lie to ya, things are gonna get tough. With homework out the wazoo, needin to to balance school and social life and slowly becoming of age to be more adultish and take on more responsibilities. But!! It’s all possible.

Know that nothing has to be set in stone, thinking about the future is important but you never know what and where you’ll be taken to. Heck, most of my ‘notable achievements’ happened while I was in college. I was there for a good year in the ‘i dont even known my major’ category. (And i never even went for the major i picked hue) BUT EITHER WAY WHAT IM SAYING IS try your hardest not to stress, even with the peer pressure. Things take time.

Speaking of time, use what time you can responsibly! Pushing off your homework till the last second isnt good, high school is a lot rougher than college (no seriously it is). Sometimes ya get overwhelmed, but take things one step at a time. If you cut things up to smaller planned portions, it doesnt seem as frightening as a tangled mess thats just suddenly plopped onto your lap

Though, homework aint always gonna be your life, nows a good time to look into interests too. Like classes and studies, try not to turn up your nose to something if you can. Foods, classes, clubs, if it sounds interesting at least check it out! It’s better to say know with experience than accidently turn away an opprtunity because it sounded too tough even though it sounded promising.

One last thing, this is usually the time of a lot of people getting significant others and big ol friend groups. If that doesnt happen, thats all right. Sometimes making friends takes times, sometimes your great friends in school wont be until a few years later when they enter into high school themselves (no shame in having younger friends and all). Same goes for significant others. (same thing i didnt even meet my datemate until college), you dont need to rush into something because you crave companionship or for experimentation. Things like that should develop naturally. If they want things and you dont feel ready/able, you can always say no.

BUT ALSO BEWARE TO NOT BUCKLE UNDER PEER PRESSURE FOR FRIENDS. Drugs, sex, self harm (body mutilation and eating disorders). if thats is seen as norm/required/a pain olympics of competition get the heckie outta there. Youre too precious to let such things haunt you or make you do things you regret. You can always have new friends, no matter what anyone says, you can always have new friends.

I have some more but I’ve made this list long enough. I’ll wrap it up with this. This isnt the end of your life, far from it. This is a very large and tough patch to get there, btu there is always a way through it. How you end up, who knows, but whatever happens, there’s always the next day.

Take things one day at a time, and you’ll be fine.