Had my Friendship Volunteer interview today! :D It went awesome, her and I were chatting for almost an hour and a half! (Was only meant to be a 45 minute interview!!! oops…) SO…just need to do a one day training program, have her cross check with my GP and online psych, do an online suicide module, meet up with the client’s psychologist and then set up our first outing.

It’s going to go one of two ways, I will either be able to commit to this and do it (which would be so awesome)…or I won’t be able to do it this year and might have to put it on hold until next year. But we shall see what transpires for me this week.

I got some news earlier this month that looked like I would have extra cash, and so I was kind of planning March around that, but it fell through. I had to borrow money for my cat’s vet bill in February and I was hoping to pay that back. I can’t do it now and I have to find other means of income to make up for a pre-existing shortfall.

I will be volunteering about 10 hours a week for my boss’ campaign for the next two months, plus the 20 hours I work (and on average about 5 hours per week of unpaid overtime), and going to classes 20 hours each week. Not including homework and studying, that works out to a 55 hour work week. With 35 of those hours unpaid.

I was hoping to save my vacation days for some family trips this summer, but now I’m thinking that I might use the paid vacation days to pick up odd jobs here and there. I used two of my vacation days to work my University’s student council election’s polling station in March. I think I’m going to look into SCIP internships that are similar to what I’m doing at work so there isn’t a learning curve. The workload depends on what non-profit I work for, but it pays $1000 once the job is done.

I guess I could start offering social media marketing plans to a few businesses with a low fee, just for some extra cash, but I think I need to wait until April to really have the time to put out service packages that I’m proud of.

I thought about maybe picking up a part-time job during the weekends, but I need that time to help with the campaign. If my boss doesn’t win, I have 2 weeks to get another job that has similar pay for similar hours.

Another option I’m considering is figuring out what I could offer on fiverr.com to bring in extra funds. I have some ideas but I need to work out the kinks.

In other words, I got some news today and now I’m stressed, angry, and sad.

The upside is that this is the first bad day I’ve had in about a month, so they’re getting less and less frequent.

I was supposed to do so much cleaning today and instead I did none of that

and it turns out I’m going into practicum tomorrow! which is great! but also now I will have no time to clean because I’m volunteering tomorrow night

I’m gonna go put in two hours and see how much less gross I can make things

Fire Stuff

I just called a shift other than my usual shift to schedule a 4 hour volunteer ride along. 

I know they encourage us to ride with other shifts so’s we don’t get too used to just one crew and so we get to know everyone else, but it’s going to be SO weird to be in one of the two career stations an have it not be my shift. 

Yeah, I probably should have started branching out a while ago…


Also, midterm for the Fire-1 class was today. We’re about 2/5ths of the way to being legit entry qualified firefighters, instead of “play outside the building only” support. 

The inside stuff is fun.

Last week was crazy busy, but productive and memorable. Our live donor drive generated 211 registrants and close to $800 in merchandise sales. Also, due to the media coverage and overwhelming response from the public, Be the Match has extended our online drive. Free kits will be available through March 31st. (Go to www.bethematch.org/join. Click “Join Online” and when prompted, enter the promo code “Family” to receive a free kit) Even though we planned this event, we were still moved to tears at how everyone came together for our two little munchkins. None of it would have been possible without Lightbridge Academy, Be the Match, the 211 donor registrants, the media, and all of our volunteers (love my volunteers!!). Thank you to EVERYONE!

The day after the drive, I drove 3.5 hours to attend the Rare Disease celebration at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. I went with two objectives: 1) represent the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc. to raise awareness for Fanconi anemia; and 2) be my children’s advocate and learn more about the medical, research, and advocate groups in the rare gene community. There are 7,000 rare diseases and there are a lot of wonderful people striving to make a difference for affected patients. I’m really happy I attended and looking forward to building relationships with the great people I met.

And then there’s that inevitable moment, after the dust has settled, and you think life will return to it’s normal routine, and then BAM!… exhaustion slaps you in the face, knocks you down, runs you over and then shifts into reverse and runs you over again! I guess I’m saying, sorry for not writing as frequently as I was. Mama needed to recharge. I’m feeling much better now and already planning our next few events. Stay tuned!

me: ‘working on’ two papers (one research, which is 30% of my grade for a class I am failing) that i haven’t started, starting a month and a half long basically fruits and vegetables fast, assisting on a friend’s film for long hours, has to submit to contests and magazines, internships and jobs before the week is over, taxes, is volunteering 12 hours of friday thru sunday at a con (??? for some reason???), church, running, needs to go to the doctor, works at PAWS, helping a friend work on a painting, not to mention all my other homework, study, reads a book per class, meeting a member of ireland’s parliament, basically grossly overscheduling myself for little benefit

me: ignores these problems and starts watching copious amounts of anime

The Ruwwads have locations in Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt. Each center is run separately, with priorities set by the community. The center in East Amman is the oldest and serves a community of about 50,000. Ghandour establishes each new center— this year he may open one or two more—by networking with local business leaders who help fund and support it.

The Ruwwads have funded college educations for 1,450 students at local universities. The scholarship winners keep the centers going: They are required to volunteer for four hours a week in exchange for the money.

"These people on the edges of society also have things. They have knowledge. They have capabilities," he said. "They care about their community a million times more than I care about their community. A million times more than I care."

I thought

I thought this summer wouldn’t be so bad.
I spend every single summer lying in my god damn bed sleeping every day away.
And I thought it’d be different this year.

I thought two of my biggest dreams were about to come true.

I thought I might get to go to China, I get the application, turns out you need a passport to even apply, and of course I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t have a passport, and I can’t even get one before the deadline.
I really got my hopes up and thought I’d get to go to San Diego Comic Con. I missed the volunteering registration. I got into the waiting room for badges as soon as it opened, waited two hours, and of course, they all sold out.
I really thought this summer was going to be different.
Why would it be any different?
I really hate this.

forever going to work an hour early so i can drive to the city and pick up my coworker to take him to work

last night i drove from the county to the city and back three times this is why i never have gas and also why my car is dying


   There was a child crying for his mother at the hospital and Ava had volunteered to stay with him until someone located his mother. that had been two hours ago. The kid had finally fallen asleep in her lap but now she was stuck with a sleeping child, and couldn’t go to her classes, until his mother had been located. It was a strange situation. Thankfully, a good samaritan had found it in her heart to bring Ava a cup of coffee and she smiled gratefully. “You didn’t have to, but thank you,” she said, adjusting the child a tiny bit so she could take the cup.

               During the day outside in the cold, looking over the excavation she was leading currently, nothing really interesting was happening nor could they find anything and Ana was about to give up soon. As she opened her mouth to tell her workers to stop it for today one of the archaeology students she brought with her screamed out loud suddenly. She couldn’t tell if it was in joy or in angst as she held up a bone so that everybody could see it. Ana jumped more than she ran, trying to be there the first because she knew how students could be and she did not wanted it to break under their greedy hands. 

"Calm down guys, this could be a simple animal bone as well alright? Don’t get your hopes up too high or you will be disappointed even more. I will bring this to my friend in the laboratory, she will check onto this, we will see each other on Monday, don’t come late", she said while she packed it in several plastic bags carefully, on her way to her car already. 

Holding two cups of coffee in her hands, she entered the hospital only a few minutes later, the bone safely hidden in her bag while she walked over to the elevators, wanting to press the button already as she heard some child crying. Ana turned around, seeing a stressed young woman sitting there, trying to get it to sleep. “Look like someone needs this more than I do”, she mumbled to herself while she walked over to the stranger, holding out the coffee, “Here, I brought you some coffee”, she said with a warm smile. 

Adopt Hero and Sweetie

Hero and Sweetie are two great cats. They usually are not the first cats people look at the shelter because they are not kittens. However, they are only 4 years old! That is plenty young to still be playful, but old enough that they can also calm down and nap. I have been with them myself as a volunteer, and they were awesome! After about a minute of being shy, they both came right up to be pet. They love to snuggle up and nap together, which is another reason they should go to the same home. If you or anyone you know wants a couple of wonderful pets, look at these two. As of right now, you can name their price! Go to www.dearbornanimals.com to see their hours and find out when you can visit them. If you want to adopt Hero and Sweetie or any other cats, you can go to the following address to fill out an application to make the process go a little faster (no same day adoptions, shelter closed on Sundays)


Though a Lens Joyfully

The following postcomes from volunteer Rachel Fisher who is serving as Warm Heart´s video coordinator for a period of six months:

Time has flown since I arrived here in early December but Warm Heart and the surrounding town of Phrao have long since begun to feel like home.  I didn’t know much about the small foundation before meeting the incredible co-founders Michael and Evelind at the airport in Chiang Mai, but I’ve come to realize that these two mean serious business.  After travelling for 35 hours, they actually sat me down for my first work meeting at the airport while we waited for some other volunteers to arrive…no joke.    

As the video production coordinator here at Warm Heart, I have my work cut out for me as there are so many different projects going on.  One video is about water usage on Warm Heart’s campus.  Once completed, the video will be used on a crowd-funding site to raise money for a new water system. I have yet to experience this, thank God, but apparently Warm Heart runs out of water on a regular basis. The new system will allow Warm Heart to independently capture and filter its own rain water.

I have also completed a video about the weavers Warm Heart employs in its Fair Trade fashion accessories microenterprise activity.  It was featured on the www.discovered.us website where Warm Heart sells its products when we were chosen as the highlighted Seller in early January.  Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UWgsY3nfXs.

I produced, directed and shot this short film on my own and edited it with the help of another videographer.  I had never done anything like this on my own before, so I was both excited about the opportunity and totally freaked out by the challenge.  Filming the interview went great and the footage came out beautiful. Editing, on the other hand is not my specialty.  It was New Year’s Eve and the video had to be turned in by the next morning to make the discovered.us deadline.  It was looking like a sleepless night of editing for me when a heavenly French angel fell into my lap.

Franck is a professional, independent filmmaker who arrived at Warm Heart with eerily impeccable timing. He saved me from countless hours of teaching myself how to sound mix and color correct, aspects of editing I was barely familiar with but in which Franck is a real pro. He arrived with his lovely assistant Mapi for a short, three-week stay at Warm Heart.  They are two of the most quintessential French individuals I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Slender, scruffy and soft-spoken, they spent their days here quietly editing in the corner, rolling their own cigarettes and barely eating for days.

Mapi and Franck

The duo also did their own video project about the daily lives of mountain village residents which I was excited to get involved with.  (That video was linked here in a recent post.)  I have learned so much already by producing these short films on my own but nothing beats access to a patient, knowledgeable professional. Oh, did I mention Franck is an editing and videography professor? Score!

Resident of Mae Soon village snapped during work on Franck and Mapi’s video

A memorable day outside of my video project duties was when I joined four other volunteers on the two-hour drive to Chiang Mai to help with a very special project run by one of Warm Heart´s partners called The Wheelchair Project.  We were coming to help unload a shipment of donated wheelchairs, crutches and other supplies.  Upon arrival, we were astonished by the enormity of the shipping container parked in front of the hospital’s warehouse - it was the size of a small house!  

Container before unloading…

A few dozen volunteers gathered around as the doors were pulled open to reveal a container absolutely filled to the rim.  We spent the next five hours unloading, unwrapping and lugging wheelchair after wheelchair.   It was extraordinary watching the once empty storeroom quickly becoming a stocked warehouse filled with hope and opportunity for hundreds of disabled Thais. The final count was over 600 wheelchairs and pairs of crutches which would all find a grateful owner within the next month!

and after

Warm Heart’s role in the partnership is to identify disabled residents in the subdistricts of Phrao where it is located who need the mobility aids.  Nitnoi, an elderly woman with dementia who I had previously met with when I went with another volunteer on her rounds of home visits, was the recipient of one of those wheelchairs a few months ago.  WH volunteers pushed Nitnoi down the road to the neighboring Buddhist temple. Her family told us how important it was to her to be able to do this. I’ll be visiting the warehouse again with other Phrao residents who will be receiving their first wheelchairs.    

The third video is about Warm Heart’s biochar project which fellow volunteer Omar wrote about in his recent post. This project is designed to help hundreds of farmers produce a healthier and more successful crop yield.  Up next will be a video to fund a much needed community computer lab!  So, like I said, lots of work. It’s very exciting but sometimes overwhelming.

For more posts on Rachel’s personal blog, go to www.ramifish.com

I’m a dumbass. I opened Target this morning with an 8 hour shift at Starbucks, and agreed to go back an hour later until close. I’ve volunteered for two more double’s the rest of the weekend.. but I’ll have accumulated 41.5 hours in four days so my paycheck will be decent at least. My legs are jello after today.

gwonana asked:

"Hey, I brought you a coffee."

    There was a child crying for his mother at the hospital and Ava had volunteered to stay with him until someone located his mother. that had been two hours ago. The kid had finally fallen asleep in her lap but now she was stuck with a sleeping child, and couldn’t go to her classes, until his mother had been located. It was a strange situation. Thankfully, a good samaritan had found it in her heart to bring Ava a cup of coffee and she smiled gratefully. “You didn’t have to, but thank you,” she said, adjusting the child a tiny bit so she could take the cup.

Dr. Seuss Week Donations


In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday we will be doing a week long Dr. Seuss author study. I have an activity or craft planned for each day, and I would love your help to ensure that we have all of the materials necessary to make them possible. Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

Each item is needed no later than Monday, March 2nd and worth 1 volunteer hour.

Please visit the link below if you are able to donate an item or two!

Happy shopping,

Kelsey Digby


#betterletteringcourse challenge day twenty-three | “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” - Samuel Butler 💖
I think hand lettering, especially in this past week, has inspired me to want to do more with my life (i.e. volunteer, work more hours so I can start saving possibly for a summer trip or two, start my studies again, maybe go back to therapy, continue my hand lettering, resume running now that I’m not sick anymore but I have a bug bite on the heel of my foot right now soooo yeah :c, work on my blog and start networking, etc.) Sometimes, I’m afraid to push myself/put too much on my plate, because I get overwhelmed easily and/or burned out and/or my anxiety starts to build up, so I’m going to try and add a little at a time if I can figure out how. The problem is I always want to do too much at once. 😭
On another note, I really love these uni pins that I bought today. And since I bought a lot of things at the store (three employees helped me during checkout 😂), they gave me three vouchers to use for next time so I’m going to go back and get some more. 😙😁😊