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Ok pd I have a few questions in the form of a story. So like I volunteer as a helper person at my library right? So in this library I gotta organize the books. And I'm like sure I can do that. So for like an hour or two I go there and organize the shelves. So yesterday I was doing that. And then in the shelves I saw that warriors cat thing you like. And what the fuck. It's so frickin huge!! Like I thought it was a comic!! That whole giant thing is about cats?? What????

Ha ha!

The Warrior Cats series has spanned over multiple arcs, actually. I think we’ve been through, sheesh, four generations now? And that’s not counting the prequels? 

New kitties, new deaths (fun fact; the Warriors series has absolutely NO issue with killing off their cats. Nobody is safe. THEY FUCKING MURDERED THE FIRST CHARACTER WE EVER JOURNEY THROUGH THEIR WORLD WITH IN ARC, LIKE, FIVE.), new arcs, new prophecies. It’s gotten quite complicated.

This is a family tree for just ONE group of these kitties.

And, before you ask, no, I have absolutely no clue. I gave up trying to keep up with it long before I started.

Also, when I mean no issue, I mean NO ISSUE.

This is a lucky kitty. Her name is Brightheart- she and her friend Swiftpaw went to track down some dogs (long story) and she had half of her face destroyed - lost an eye and got her ear torn to heck and back- by the pack and Swiftpaw died to make sure she lived. 


(she’s also wonderful; the drawing looks terrifying because she’s only recently gotten that injury. She’s very kind and loving.)

By the comics comment, there actually was a Warrior Cats manga. From what I’ve read, however, it bombed epically.

See? The fourth one over from the left is Brightheart. You can imagine how well these designs went over with a fandom who’d grown up loving these kitties.

(I’m getting @authenticdream7 into this like they’re getting me into Overwatch, so I’mma tag them so they can read through this.)