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When exactly did witches and the folkloric devil become associated with male goats? Goats just seem like such a random choice since goats on the whole are cute as kids and chill as hell when they're adults. Is it because goats are so intelligent? Is is a holdover from an older belief system? Is it a more domestic version of horned-animal reverence? And is the association widespread across European witchcraft traditions?

Ah boy. Asking the big questions today…

From what I know and have learned, there isn’t an exact answer as to when. Goats have always had a close association to (Western European) witch lore. In fact, goats have a huge associations with the occult and paganism overall as well: Baphomet and Pan as examples. Goats even appear in Abrahamic religions, Azazel being of particular note due to some believing him to be associated with Lucifer or the Serpent. 

Due to its close associations with animism, witchcraft just in general has a LOT of animal associations. 

Though the association is quite old, goats (amongst other animals) became more infamously associated with witchcraft during the medieval times, especially with the European Inquisitions. 

Goats (and sheep) though were a lot more common in French witch lore, goats can be found in a variety of different fairy lore: bucca and puka being two examples. Particularly in the British isles and Celtic nations, the fairy faith and witchlore are very intertwined.   

Interestingly, the Basque word for Witches’ Sabbat being  “Akhelarre” (goat pasture).

Now, I am not certain if the goat has associations in witchcraft lore beyond Western Europe (even then not all places in Europe have goat associations with witches and/or the devil). However, it is very prominent today in a number of witch traditions. 

Sherlock. Eurus. Water.

(Flashback to a long view of the gently rippling water in the swimming pool where Sherlock and Jim had their stand-off at the end of the “The Great Game.”)
EURUS (softly, offscreen): Deep waters, Sherlock, all your life.
(Sherlock’s distraught face is briefly overlaid with dark blue rippling water.) EURUS (softly, offscreen): In all your dreams. (Flashback to Victorian Holmes lying on the rocky ledge while the Reichenbach Falls thunder downwards behind him.)
EURUS (softly, offscreen): Deep waters.

The whole scene is important but this is the key - we are looking into Sherlock’s mind, we know the pool and his dream of the Reichenbach falls and how he reacted to the aquarium. We know - but Eurus does not. Sherlock has not mentioned his affinity to water to her. They have not seen each other for thirty years. How can she possibly know that he keeps thinking and dreaming about water?  

And there is this:

These are deep waters, Watson. Deep waters. (He looks out of the window.) And I shall have to go deeper still.

(Quotes as always from Callie-Ariane)

I propose that in TFP Sherlock is echoing his own thoughts from TAB. This is not Eurus but Sherlock talking to himself, using words he has only used in his mind and which therefore can only be known to him. 

Eurus = Sherlock. 

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I wonder if Butch Hartman or David Kaufman ever goes on here after an au has exploded and they’re like, “Okay, so they’re shipping Vlad with the background character from What You Want…who they believe to be another background character’s father…and THAT background character is named Wes after the ring that Sam misread…and Wes knows Danny is Phantom…”

And in the end, all they can think is "What the fuck, Phandom.“

Hey all! I just finished writing my first Klance fic (art isn’t enough, I have to go deeper into the rabbit hole) and I posted it here on my fanfiction account! Give it a read if you’re interested, I’m approximating it’ll be about 7 chapters, give or take :)

Here’s the summary:

Keith is stuck in California for two weeks with his parents, which isn’t exactly his idea of a vacation. As an added bonus, his parents decide that the whole family should take surfing lessons from an annoying, charismatic instructor named Lance. At this rate, Keith just hopes that two weeks will go sooner than expected.

I was tagged by the wonderful @i-am-the-brunette. Thank you!!! <33

1) Last movie you watched

Oh man, I have to dig deep into my memory now. Umm… I think it was Wonder Woman a week or so ago? Yeah, possibly. I want to rewatch the Jurassic World tomorrow though.

2) Last song you listened to?

Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes. This song has a 360° lyric video, go check it out.

3) Last book you read?

First the movie and now a book?? Oh wow, I will have to go deeper (you see what I did there? *cough* TAB *cough*) Okay, ummm…I got a Wonder Woman (*sounds of fake surprise coming from all directions*) novelization a week ago but I didn’t read it whole, just some bits

4) Last thing you ate?

Eating right now. Strawberry jam and toast :3

5) If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?

Singapore. One of the most beautiful places on Earth.

6) Where/when would you time travel to?

I’m dying to experience Victorian Era. I’d love to be a rebelious queer young woman refusing to wear those horrid dresses and strolling through the rush London streets in nice trousers, white shirt and RED BRACES, making heart eyes at other queer women and going to a forbidden Victorian gay bar after the sun sets *fans herself*

7) Fictional character you’d hang out with for a day?

Sherlock. I have a lot of things to ask him and I would love to hear an advice on how to become a sociopath, how to protect my heart and how to not let emotions influence me.

I’m tagging everyone who lives in Italy, Poland and Germany!!!

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(412): My one night stand from last night is currently mowing my lawn for me. Derek is SUPER ALLERGIC TO GRASS and other things, and when he wakes up the next morning, Stiles isn't in bed. He's outside mowing the lawn.

Special thanks to Rena and coffeeinallcaps for this one. It’s 90% porn, 3% pining, and 7% moping, and cost me 100% my sanity.


Derek actually has to do a double take, shocked into surprised silence by Stiles standing in front of him.

“Did you forget something?” Derek asks cautiously.

Stiles’ eyes flit from his face to the phone he’s holding in his hand, up to the name tag by the doorbell, and then back to Derek’s face; eyes narrowing just a tad.

“You’re Derek Hale?” Stiles asks, finally, surprise, and disbelief colouring his voice. He’s chewing on his bottom lip, teeth digging into the soft bow of it, and Derek gets hot all over only remembering what those lips felt like against his own. It distracts him momentarily from the fact that Stiles knows his full name, and seems surprised by it himself.

“Uh,” Derek says, very eloquently, “um, yeah, and y—”

The words die on his tongue, and suddenly, the name Stiles makes so much more sense. “You’re Mr. Stilinski?”

“Obviously,” Stiles answers, an amused smirk stretching across his face. He pockets his phone, and starts rocking back and forth on his feet, while Derek keeps staring at him in a way that probably suggests he’s either wildly turned on, or just about to murder him. Laura keeps saying that both expressions are almost the same on his face.

Stiles clears his throat, rubs his hands together. “So, you gonna show me where your lawnmower is, or do I get directions?”

Derek feels inclined to parrot him, except he’s making a fool enough of himself as it is; he shouldn’t dig himself in any deeper. Least of all in front of the guy who’s made Derek come his brains out last night.

“Sure,” Derek says, and realizes it doesn’t answer anything. He counts backwards from three in his mind, takes a deep breath, and starts over. “I’ll show you.”

Stiles follows him silently as Derek leads the way to the little shed in his backyard where he keeps his lawnmower. He can feel his nose starting to itch halfway over.

“Thanks,” Stiles says politely. Derek tries not to feel awkward, wrings his hands while searching for something to say; something funny, or witty; something that suggests he’s not a complete social failure, but his throat is itchy.

“I’m—” Derek jerks his head towards the house, and Stiles gives him a thumbs-up. Derek takes off feeling like a tool.

It doesn’t necessarily get better after that. Derek tries to be productive, get some work done, clean the kitchen maybe. Instead, he makes pancakes, half of which he almost burns, because he gets distracted watching Stiles from the window.

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I had a lucid dream the other night. My dream started with me walking down the street and almost instantly something felt off. I noticed a lot of elements of real life were missing and that’s when I knew that I’ve been dreaming. Though towards the end I forgot I was dreaming and transitioned back into a normal dream.

Swimming Lessons (One Shot)

TITLE: Swimming Lessons


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Smut 

FIC SUMMARY: Clara has her first swimming lesson with Tom, it’s not what she expected. 



I was so nervous… Infact, I was terrified. I wasn’t scared of water; I had just never ever been swimming before. The closest I had ever been to a swimming pool was the bath. I had never even been in the sea or a river before. The fact that my sister forced me to get lessons didn’t help. She was a natural in the water.

But there I was, stood at the edge of the pool waiting for my swim teacher. I had never met them before; my sister had just picked a random number off the internet. But apparently they had a good success rate, whoever they were. The pool was completely empty, which was unexpected. I knew she had booked me a private lesson, but I didn’t think it would be this private.  

Footsteps coming along behind me snapped me out of my thoughts. I prayed that it was a woman and not a man. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to cope if it was a male. I already felt extremely vulnerable in my swimming costume as it was. Never mind if it was a man. I only hoped it would be better once I was in the water.

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