I’m down for almost anything kylux but can I just say I am ALL IN for top hux and subby kylo. hear me out. 

kylo is a mess. he may be powerful but deep down he craves approval and guidance. considering his mental space I can’t envision him bossing anybody around when it comes to intimacy. I can see him trying at first, but just ending up completely rolling over.

what kylo needs, hux has. if the supplementary materials to the movie are anything to go by, hux knows how to lead and take control without harsh, unfair discipline. if hux put his mind to it he’d have kylo eating out of the palm of his hand.

also, may I submit this gif for your consideration:

I have a lot of feelings (about 4x13)

I’m screaming.

This episode.

I’m so tired.

Very subtle about the “people never change,” Arrow writers, very subtle. (A+ to Charlotte Ross for her immediate change in attitude, glorious.) 

Here we have Oliver desperately trying to change, clinging to the idea that he’s changed, that he’s better (with every fucking person pointing it out to him), because Oliver is the kind of person who commits. He’s gonna be good, he’s gonna do better, so that’s who he is… except for, you know, one giant ass lie, which I’m sure he’s justifying by putting the blame at Samantha’s feet. (I get that, I get that, he feels out of control and he doesn’t know how to handle it, doesn’t understand his rights or the situation, whatever - but it’s still not the man he’s purporting himself to be right now.) 

Then here comes Noah Kuttler, lying left and right, and basically confirming that people never change, which is especially heartbreaking because Felicity wanted to believe him. (I have so many issues of my own that I’m finding myself thinking, ‘What if he’s telling the truth?’ I don’t know if that’s a bleeding heart or me just reverting. But… it does lead me to wonder if they’ll use him as a stepping stone to bringing the idea of people can change to close at the end of the season, as a way to help close the gap between Olicity… Huh.)

Oliver’s blind naive attitude when it comes to Malcolm is exhausting. He’s trying to find the better path, but in doing so, he’s turning a blind eye to the very real danger in front of him, and that’s not counting Malcolm unveiling his giant-ass lie, it’s counting the fact that he’s putting innocent people in danger: his son, and his mother. I need a life lesson this season for Oliver to realize there is a balance, something Diggle touched on - you can’t be all bad, just like you can’t be all good. Malcolm needs to go. (And what makes it harder for me is that I get why he didn’t want to, I see what he’s doing, but it’s all projection of his own fears, he’s applying his own fears and insecurities on everyone around him and he’s trying to find ways around them, because part of him knows that he’s messing up, that he’s not the person he’s claiming, and so he’s trying to save everyone else except for his damn self, as usual, and unfortunately that’s leading him right down the path of destruction. Oh Oliver.)

(And are they thinking because the League is disbanded that the marriage is officially null and void now? Because that lack of resolution after wielding it like a weapon in and of itself tonight nearly made my eyes roll out of my head.)

Lies, lies everywhere, holy fuck, the lies. This entire damn show is built on lies and they are doing it justice.


There were so many lovely Olicity moments tonight, so many, the kind that give me hope that this shit will hit the fan and splatter, but that it won’t irrevocably break everything…

I absolutely screamed when Oliver said, “Will you marry me?” 

(Mostly because I knew exactly what Malcolm was doing, and I was thinking, ‘This is your time, Oliver, you better treasure this moment because this won’t be lasting.’)

(Look at the differences between them, oh my god, this is high heaven to my shipper heart and I’m so mad at Oliver, because he’ll be taking this away from me.)

Treasure her, Oliver, because you can’t lead two separate lives - did the first three seasons of Arrow teach you nothing? - and expect her to understand.

It’s just like this damn hug…

A beautiful moment, but it’s tainted because of this huge life-altering thing he’s keeping from her.

Oh Oliver, please don’t make me sit through a scene where Felicity tells you that you haven’t changed, that you’ll never change, because I will cry for 23 years and just live in a wine bottle.


Okay, I feel better.

I did enjoy this episode, quite a bit. I didn’t like some things (I can see the theme, and I can begrudgingly accept it, they were building on with only Oliver beating Malcolm - which was hot as fuck, I love that they are remembering he’s a badass and sexy as hell fighter, please beat up bad guys forever, Oliver - but if you think I’ll believe that Nyssa couldn’t beat Malcolm’s ass, you’re wrong), and I liked a lot of other things (Laurel was on-point tonight, when she, Diggle and Oliver stood between Malcolm and Nyssa, that was gorgeous; Felicity is always amazing, but her scenes with her dad were heartbreaking and painful and so perfect that I don’t want to watch them again; Diggle is the rock, he will always be the rock, nobody touch Diggle…).

I do think they are doing a great job building up the tension around William and Oliver keeping it from everyone, I really do. They’re dropping foundation blocks left and right for why Felicity will not be okay with this, as well she shouldn’t be, because one, that’s a huge lie, a huge lie like that is never okay, not ever, we shouldn’t accept it just like Felicity shouldn’t accept it, and two, it’s another character growth moment for Oliver and this show is, after all, Arrow. So when the lie surfaces, and he’s faced with losing his entire world (both Felicity and William, because I’m pretty sure Samantha won’t be pleased when this hits the news circuits), he better grow, and learn, and change - become the man he’s so desperate to be by accepting his lies, accepting the penance and working on the things about himself that he doesn’t like. Like fucking lying.

So, next week… are we thinking they save the building and end the episode with Oliver debating with Ruvé Adams, only to have her drop the bomb about illegitimate children and if Oliver Queen can’t take care of his own child, then how can he take care of Star City?

Dear god.

The pain is starting. I love it, but I hate it.


part 1/3 taekook instagram!au in which taehyung is singer jeon jungkooks #1 fan and comments on all of his instagram posts. jungkook may or may not be a little bit flustered when he sees how cute his admirer is

requested by @jooyhns

“why did i say that oh my god he’s gonna think im so lame”
“what’d you say?”
“what? oh um, ah, n-nothing”
“sure jungkook”

a million shores and bays (4/4)

I can’t thank you all enough for the likes, reblogs, and kind messages. and to Casey, my sweet pumpkin pie, thankyou for making my days better and being the best cheerleader. here’s the last bit of this story (which is almost twice as long as the previous part, yay?), I hope you like it.

summary:  It isn’t exactly her fault she’s come to trust a man she’s never met over, well, any other man she’s actually met. It’s what makes all of it safer, easier even, knowing that there’s no way she can actually fuck it all up by running away when she’s already away to begin with. Pen Pals AU.

ao3 | ffn
ch. 1
| ch. 2
| ch. 3

He insists on dropping her back to her hotel after they eat, texting her throughout the night and asking her if she’d have late breakfast with him next morning. That’s how she finds herself entering his apartment again, this time in daylight. This time with only minimum nervousness.

She recognizes bits and pieces of Killian’s apartment from some of the pictures he’s sent her; she can make out the carpet in the living room, the kitchen countertop, the frames in the hallway, his coffee table. But what really throws her off is seeing Killian interact with his surroundings. It’s his apartment and everything in it belongs to him, but to see him clear out the stack of papers off the coffee table or to adjust the tassels of the rug as he walks by, feels foreign. She’s seen this place in snapshots, right up to the dog that lays lounging in the bit of light filtering through the curtains, but Killian Jones was not a part of any of those.

“Something the matter, Swan?” He places their second round of coffee on the table and throws himself backwards onto the couch as he watches her with interest.

She shakes her head and sits down next to him, “Still trying to wrap my head around this.”

He bends over to the table to pick up his mug and cradle it in his hands. “At least you’d been aware of your visit, you’re the last person I’d expected to be behind my front door.”

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Illumi and Hisoka accidentally ending up on a game show about best friends

It’s basically a contest of who knows their partner better
And the entire time Illumi is like “When we lose you will see we are not friends” and Hisoka’s like “Okay Illu” since he just wants to fight the host or whatever but then they start answering stuff about each other and every time their answer is correct Illumi whispers softly under his breath, “what the fuck? what the fuck”

Imagine them winning and Illumi swearing he must have cheated somehow because there is no way on earth he knows Hisoka that well because they’re not friends and he was totally guessing on at least 75% of the entire game
Hisoka is happy about it tho

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I haven’t seen anyone mention this so
I’m pretty sure e2 westallen just got married.
Because when iris notices barry doesn’t have the ring on she says that you need to let everyone know you are taken.
So I’m pretty that they were married pretty recently because not many people know about it.
So that means they are still in their honeymoon phase!!!

I’m back to not sleeping at night because the voice in my head that screams your name has been keeping me up.
—  I thought I shut it up months ago
Autism is now a part of my life. Starting today.

Here I am in tears from the news..my nephew was clinically diagnosed with autism today after a year and half waiting and running around to different doctors them not giving us answers.
We finally have a answer.
My nephew has autism.
He is different.
He is 4 years old. He cannot talk.
He does not look you in the eye when you talk to him.
He does not respond to his name.
He’s unique.
He’s so so smart.
He’s going to open us to a new way to see the world.

'Shadowhunters' Author Cassandra Clare Sued For Copyright Infringement
Cassandra Clare, author of the series behind Freeform's hyped new show Shadowhunters, just got slapped with a lawsuit...
By Michaela Turcotte

I’M LAUGING SO HARD. SHERRILYN KENYON SUING CASSANDRA CLARE. ONE OF MY FAVE AUTHORS SUING ONE OF THE AUTHORS I DISLIKE THE MOST. Is this what fantasies are made of? Now, I do not think Kenyon has enough grounds to sue Claire. I mean, almost any paranormal saga is about a bunch of superdudes protecting the world, she would have to sue half of the industry. But the plagiarism in Claire’s work is so obvious that I don’t know why this has not been done before. I mean, writing fanfiction and publishing it is one thing. Ripping entire paragraphs from others EVEN IN YOUR FANFICTION and being a bully is a different thing.

So…I have mixed feelings about this. Claire has a very passionate fanbase and I’m afraid tht fanbase could turn against Sherrilyn, who has the TV-show and the movies of ther books in the air. On the other hand, I’m very happy that someone is calling out Clare for her shit. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO THINK. I JUST WANT MY DARK-HUNTERS TV SHOW GODDAMIT.

okay but han was alone most of his life right?? i mean his last name is SOLO for crying out loud.
so considering he married into the skywalkers (the biggest cause of trouble and drama for the galaxy, literally) it would really cool narratively if the solo family became another important/iconic family in the sw universe

Many assume that my confidence has to do with the fact that I am okay and satisfied with my health and my body at the stage it is.

I am confident, but, I strive to improve and gain the health and fitness level that I want for my life. No, I don’t hate my body or myself. No, I am not satisfied with my current condition. I want to, and will be, better, all the while loving who I am, because that isn’t solely physical. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having a thicker, curvier body, but, I know that it’s not at its prime and I want it to be. I want to be strong. I want to be healthy. I want to be fit. 

the most popular story in my class at high school was this: this kid asked to go to the bathroom in class and instead of going to the bathroom he left campus and got a dozen donuts and as he was walking back to class campus security saw him and asked him to stop and like where he got the donuts. and this kid instead of stopping, decides to fucking sprint and like runs around campus in like jesus sandals and makes it back to the building where his class is and starts shoving kids out of the way and this entire time, he is still carrying the box of donuts, and then once he gets back to class he grabs a coat and hides underneath the table (but its a science classroom so the tables are like waist high) and the campus security like followed him in and is like “ok son you have to come with us” and he starts SCREAMING about how he wants a lawyer and how this is a violation of his rights and how he wants his miranda rights read to him, and then he got suspended (obviously) and when people asked later he said he was sick and that none of that story happened

zerozibrony asked:

I hope this isn't too personal but have you considered having another baby?

[ ✱ Toriel hoists the flyswatter-. .. And then puts it down.]

* That is an incredibly personal question, and- frankly - none of your business!