so the kwami incorporate their features into the suits, right?

like so:

antennae ribbons


bald heads

and for those partaking in the spoilerfest from jeremy zag, you can easily see this continues on the rest of the users as well.

…except for the turtle, who they have been fairly secretive about.

so then… what could be waiting for us…?

we can only speculate… 

but my theory is he will look something this:

i dunno about you guys but i am ready for dipsy fu, how bout u?


“Who are you?!”


Introducing my newest Klance AU, The Prince and The Pirate! (technically its not that new, i’ve had it in mind for a while lmao)

BASICALLY, Lance is a prince who’s next in line for the throne, and Keith is a pirate. Lance was at a party meeting his suitors one rainy night and Keith’s pirate crew raided the place, but the storm picked up and destroyed the boat. these two ended up washed up on an uncharted island together, and now they gotta figure out how they’re gonna survive ヽ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚


various be more chill doodles bc like. i never draw things on the same page eveR. anyways. the hillary clinton might be weird but also shes what christines squip looked like in the musical and i think its adorable. speaking of squips how does one draw eric william morris bc. holy hell dude????

talking to all the guys was so cool i’m happy i got the chance to say hi to them. talking to alex was really funny i was commenting on the pins on his jacket and he was like “yeah i dont know what im doing. i didnt even get this jacket til i joined the band, frank’s jacket is all bands and stuff and mine is just like. video games and shit. like look at this! ‘sonic the hedgehog hates racism’ i’m just trying to fit in w them and be cool” im like “well its working u totally fit in w them keep doing whatever ur doing”

also i asked alex/matt if they got my zine from frank and evan was kinda like “u know theyve gotta be somewhere on the bus” and i’m like “probably in like. a big pile of gifts and shit” and evan looks at me and leans in and is like “EXACTLY” it was so funny. i also talked to evan about pancakes and madison in general, he said they all really love the city which made me like ;___; and super proud 

when they left to go back inside they all shook me/my bros hands and gave us hi fives, we were the only ppl right there talking to them it was so rad!!