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Stop delegitimizing Asriel abuse theory. As someone who's dealt with abuse from one of my siblings it was really surprising to see Undertale tackle such an issue. It really got it right though, the admiration and pedestaling of your abuser, the want to keep them happy and not go against them. I cried for a bit after seeing the tape dialogue. It just reminded me so much of how different someone was behind closed doors.

i don’t have the spoons to go through this again right now but here’s my older response

im sorry that you’ve had that experience, and im not trying to say sibling abuse is light, or it doesn’t matter.

but it’s still shitty to make arguments based off of demonizing victims of abuse for being abused. that was literally part of it, that being abused automatically made them abusive.

i am dissociating right now i have no idea if im dead. i was walking with a knife and thought “what if I fell with it and stabbed myself” and then my chest hurt really bad so now im paranoid and thinking I did fall and stab myself and now im dead af idk if im alive or dead or if anything is real right now