Today, Vixx N gave his acceptance speech when they won #1 on ‘The Show’

“Although we won #1 today, we won’t only remember winning #1 or the gold medal. To our athletes who have put so much effort and shed so much sweat during these past 4 years, you guys have worked hard and thank you. Also thank you for all the singers who congratulated us today.”

His personality is seriously the best…

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1. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he’s really cool

2. Too coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Cha Hakyeonㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. I’m learning so much from youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. I was so proud of himㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ<3

5. Seriously cool..!!

6. Wow I didn’t see this, our leader is really coolㅠㅠ

7. My man….

8. Seriously Yoniㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was tearing up but when I heard your speech, I cried even moreㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ our leader is the best

9. I seriously respect our leader

10. Hakyeon-ahㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ogu ogu

Trans: pann-choa

Some Amedot Thoughts

Okay so I’ve had many heated encounters with Lapi///dot shippers over the past couple of days and these pros of a canon Amedot have kept on coming to me and I just needed to make a post to get everything out.

•Amedot would bridge the gap between earth and homeworld, giving Amethyst that taste of life on homeworld that she’s so passionately craved all these years. Peridot could learn so much about earth from a different perspective, i.e. Amethyst, as far as interaction with humans and earth customs go. It provides endless potential for future episodes.

•'Love takes time and love takes work.’ -Garnet. Although their contrasting personalities for the most part balance each other out, I can definitely forsee some friction between these two arsising as a result. There could be an arc that brings these differences into focus, and showing how they work through it can put on display the importance of communication in any relationship. I could talk about another quote from Garnet ‘I am a conversation’ and how they could really drive this idea home, but that’s for an entirely different post.

•Imagine the humor and lightheartedness of it all. Amethyst sometimes making nerdy, out of character utterances, Peridot becoming more laid back and less uptight, seeing their exchanges (even their initial interactions were hilarious much less when they become more comfortable with each other) and I could go on and on. Their awkward, young, flawed relationship could bring something entirely new to the table- pun intended.

• ‘But home’s a place that I have never known,’ -Amethyst and ‘It’s hard not having any memories of where you came from’ -Peridot. They could literally become each other’s home, or safe place. They could bring each other solace and anchor each other in ways that no other character can. They by far have more parallels than any other pair of characters on the show, and that’s what I think is going to be their greatest strength; two broken characters being brought together by nothing but love.

Okay I’m tearing up now. Let me know what you guys think.

My real takeaway from pll 6x09:

1. I am so angry at the girls. How did not one of them want to watch those dollhouse files? Did it not occur to them that they could find some solid answers as opposed to the tenuous nonsense they grab onto now? I understand it was a traumatic event. But maybe take turns watching each others files?

2. After all these years, and all the shit with flash drives, how in the utter fuck have you not learned to back up those secret drives when you find them? Have you never heard of Dropbox? ffs.

3. If your life is one long horror movie, maybe don’t walk away from the flash drive, while the power is out. In the middle of a giant thunderstorm. Like maybe eject that shit and put it back in your pocket.

I forgave so much when they were teenagers, but they should be seasoned at this shit by now. Sidney Prescott from ‘Scream’ didn’t stay a naive teenager. With every movie she got smarter, more aware and more real. How has that not happened with at least one of these girls?


3 years of SFM today! 6,338 hours wasted spent standing people idly on black void with boring poses and using other people’s mocap in animation because I’m too lazy to learn how to animate on my own.

So, without further ado, have some reskin tests on the scooter and demo’s helmet that I’m FAIRLY sure valve used in the ED short. We have them both in sfm already, so hey, why not.

4k here and here!

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Going off what I've been seeing on your blog it's getting frustrating seeing how much of the fandom don't seem to care about DR0... I guess the people who are dismissing it haven't read it, so they fail to realize how much impact it has had on the series. Zetsubou-hen's actually shown lots of details we first learn in the book, right? Like the expanded Hope's Peak campus... speaking of which it was actually never discussed outside DR0 was it?

Danganronpa/Zero’s Importance

It’s very frustrating–especially considering how, even before DR:AE, people have been complaining about how “vague” The Tragedy is and how it’s never fully explained how it started. Yes it is. In Danganronpa/Zero. Read Danganronpa/Zero.

Not only that, Matsuda’s memory-erasing mumbo jumbo is the foundation of the Neo World Program and there is no way it would have worked otherwise without his help. If you guys want to thank someone for allowing a potential opportunity to save your SDR2 favorites–Matsuda deserves your thanks, not Naegi.

Also, DR/0 is important because it’s Kodaka’s first real experimentation with world-building/lore.

After he finished Danganronpa, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue and make it a series, so he wrote DR/0. That’s why it isn’t its own game.

In actuality, Hinata isn’t the 2nd protagonist–Matsuda and Otonashi are (using “protagonist” very loosely because I mean)

Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important. Danganronpa/Zero is important.

If you read Danganronpa/Zero, you’d know that a character has already cameo’d (Yuto Kamishiro) so this “they’re not going to talk about it” argument has already fallen flat. 

And not to mention, once again, that Kodaka has been very adamant since before Danganronpa 3 even started airing that you need to read Danganronpa/Zero so you’re not confused.

But yeah, if the series’ creator himself thinks it’s of omni-importance for the viewer to best understand the story, it’s obviously not important, right?  

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Could you perhaps write Klaroline "You're ticklish." please??

“You’re ticklish.“ 

AN: Of course I can! Thanks for the ask and I hope you like it ;)

Sharing an eternity with someone is…peculiar.

Throughout the decades, Caroline has travelled through bustling cities and quaint little towns, cruised oceans and trekked the mountains. She has tasted the art, the culture, the music, sometimes alone, sometimes with the taste of him spicing the flavour up.

Having experienced so much and still craving more, there’s one thing Caroline loves to learn more than anything else.


One by one, her fingers itch to peel the layers off.

Furious. Goofy. Bloody. Ravenous. Broody. Caring. Murderous.

But as one of them falls off, he seems to don a few more.

Good and ugly, she wants, needs to lick and taste it all.

And sometimes, there are these moments that made eternity sound like the vibrant tone of her laugh. They feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon, one you spend lounging in bed, only soft sighs and sweat and afternoon breeze cooling the bodies off.

Her hand smoothing the invisible creases along his skin, fingertips dancing between the ribs and then, a delightful surprise.

“You’re ticklish.” Her voice carries amusement that breaks into sweet little chuckles.

“I am not,” Klaus sounds so gravely offended, it only makes her laugh more.

Swiftly, she runs her hands along his sides and watches closely.

There it is. An almost unnoticeable flinch of a muscle and then he winces when it’s clear that she saw.

Yet he denies, “Even if I am a tad tingly, it’s only from the blood loss, love. Someone was feeling rather thirsty today, after all.” Looking so damn smug, he throws his arms over his head, realizing that he’s exposed himself perfectly just a second too late.

Caroline lunges in a full attack and then it’s all uncontrolled laughter and bites and scrapes and more blood, until they’re tangled mess of two bodies but they seem like one.

Her interest piqued so when he takes his fill of her, she checks.

It’s only from the blood loss, love.

What a load of nonsense.

He’s actually ticklish.

Jumping on him for a second round, Caroline marvels in that wonder of the day.

I want to apologize for something.

I know I haven’t been answering messages a fraction as much as I used to, and I’m very sorry about that. They take a lot of social energy, which I don’t have a lot of (which I learned recently is an autism thing, perhaps). 

The truth is, I really love being able to interact with and help people with their problems, but back when I was doing that, I had no time to worry about myself. I get a lot of messages. And I used to put so much pressure on myself to answer every single one, with just as much vim and pep as asks prior.

I had to force myself to stop. It was keeping me up at night, and it was stressing me out during the day just thinking about the workload. I put a lot of energy into all of that.

The truth is, I had to pull myself away from all that just to keep myself together, to not so subtlely quote the Arrested Development intro. Hoo.

I’m in a healthier place now, even though I feel guilty sometimes. 

But just know that I don’t care any less about any of you fine, incredible people. I want to help, I really do, but I’m not in a strong enough mental position to do so. I simply don’t have enough spoons, and there aren’t enough hours in the day for recovery, especially now that I have a job.

I’ll answer as many as I can, I promise, but I have to know my limits, and I have to respect those limits.

Just know: If you sent me a message asking for help, my heart is with you, and I’m sending you all the energy and vibes that I can. If you sent me a message saying something very nice to me, it made me smile and feel good about myself. If you sent me a message sharing a cute anecdote, it no doubt warmed my heart!

I read every single message I get, even though I don’t answer them all.

I love you all so much. You are all a beautiful garden, and I wish I had the time, energy, and strength to give you all the individual attention you deserve.

But at the end of the day, I’m just a 22-year-old with a blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

Be safe, my children.

And thank you, for everything.

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I found this blog and almost got a little emotional. I always thought I was weird for not wanting to have sex like ever and on Tumblr I learned there was a TERM for it and OTHERS like me. It's amazing and to see this! Just. Thank you so much. No one understands. Thank you. God, thank you. I needed this.

it’s pretty uplifting to get messages like this, too, ya know. i think we’ve all had similar experiences.

loving your oscar isaac icon,


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For me, social media is an issue. I want to interact with people in the comics industry, maybe learn some things or tell them I enjoy their work, but I get paranoid that I'm either bugging them at a bad time, talking to them too much or feeling like nobody is going to care what I have to say. How do you feel about fans, over-enthusiastic or otherwise, constantly trying to reach out?

anyone who has a social media presence is eagerly inviting you to engage so don’t worry about that.  don’t take advantage of it, don’t be a jerkface, but enjoy!!

only a psychopath would be annoyed at you saying hi to them when they are on a platform that invites that.

i know there are a couple but they are insane. most creators are lovely people who are here to say hi and answer questions.

except @samhumphries woof! :)

Listen, I know I already have a whole fic about this, but just; Saigenos with flowers, or even just plants. Maybe they start a little garden, which gets bigger each year. They start with simple things (tomatoes and basil, onion and garlic) and eventually end up with three different kinds of mint (all carefully potted to prevent them taking over the garden), summer squashes, striped beets and radishes, cucumbers that always end up curled and spiky, snow peas and rosemary and red, orange, yellow and purple carrots. Something flips in Genos’ core when he looks out over the mounds of green, growing things, and Saitama pops up from his observation of “how our potatoes are doing” with dirt under his fingernails and sweat on his skin but the biggest goddamn smile on his face. Saitama stops pulling weeds to stare at Genos cutting flowers, cosmos and zinnias, and the small smile (so gentle, so unguarded) on the cyborg’s face twists his guts in a way that makes it clear that this is what he has been looking for this whole time. They both harvest the fruits of their labors together, with excited commentary on the size, shape, color, and smell of everything.

Then they make delicious meals, which they eat together, of course.

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whispers: do you have any angsty hance headcanons

:’) Why do you do this to me?

- Apparently one popular angsty hance headcanon is that Hunk has an unrequited crush on Lance. I kind of am very careful with this one due to the potential for fatphobia, so I usually invert this one around: Lance accidentally falls in love with Hunk, but Hunk pretty much only sees him as a friend.

- It kind of hurts because Lance sees Hunk gushing about Shay and he’s genuinely happy for Hunk (you learn to be selfless when you have so many siblings), which means Lance never really gets angry or has time/patience/emotional baggage to vent out his feelings. Basically he just bottles everything up except this bottle will never really explode. It’s a bottomless pit of letting things slide and putting on a smile that’s half genuine, half pained.

- We’ve seen Lance getting injured and how the other paladins deal with it while he’s recovering in the pod. What about the other way around though. Hunk gets heavily injured with more than ten shots while protecting Lance (Hunk’s the shield after all) and Lance literally can’t deal with it.

- Lance is familiar with giving and being selfless, not so much with receiving and being protected. The sheer fact that Hunk would throw himself in between galra mechs and Lance just to protect him is something he literally cannot compute. He feels guilty, it corrodes him from inside out and the thoughts of leaving the team just so this won’t happen again hits him every time he looks at Hunk’s peaceful face in the pod. Lance is absolutely convinced that it’s his fault Hunk had to protect him.

- Soulmates AU where they have each other’s names written on the back of their necks, except no one but the soulmate themselves can read the name, it’s invisible to everyone else. Hunk’s hair is always on top of the tattoo so Lance never really sees it, meanwhile Hunk never really paid attention to Lance’s back because he never cared much for soulmates in the first place. Every time Lance flirts with a girl or an alien, Hunk can’t help but feel a bit jealous, which eventually leads to an actual crush, but he is convinced his own name would be the last name on the entire galaxy to be on Lance’s neck. When rumors spread that Lance is dating Keith, he has no doubts anymore.

- On Lance’s end, he’s convinced no one has his name as a soulmate so he just wants to try and settle down with whomever. Hint: it doesn’t work and he fucks up his friendship with Keith in the process.

- PR AUs. ‘Nough said.

- “C'mon Lance, don’t be like that. You know you can always find me in the drift.”

- Hunk most definitely says that with the most sincere smile on his face which pretty much just makes Lance lose it and tear up so badly he’s gasping for air.

- Lance consequently proceeding to chase the rabbit nearly every single time he drifts afterwards, which gets him expelled from the Jaeger program eventually.

- Holding hands, Lance rests his head on top of Hunk’s shoulder and Hunk rests his head on top of Lance’s. They murmur something unintelligible to one another as the bomb they couldn’t diffuse in time goes off into he galra ship they couldn’t take down.

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Hey, what should my first step towards meeting /interacting with a God?

ok SO /cracks knuckles

I assume you’re coming at this from a Kemetic perspective, so first of all, some great beginner’s links:

Satsekhem’s 101 page has probably one of the most definitive list of resources; it also links to Devo’s beginners guides, which are also fab.

Now, step one is, naturally, ‘who am I contacting?’ Some basic knowledge of the deity in question is always helpful. Note, though, that you don’t have to go all-out scholar when you’re just beginning; that can be intimidating and personally I think getting fixated on the mythos can be distracting for someone just starting out. Basically: learn as much as you feel comfortable with, but don’t get fixated and psych yourself out.

Resources-wise, for the Kemetic pantheon, Henadology is number one (for the jackal gods specifically, Per-Sabu is invaluable as well).

That’s just prepwork, of course. Then comes the main event: saying hi. It’s okay to keep it simple, and it’s okay to feel awkward or weird about it. The gods understand inexperience. I’d recommend bringing a very basic offering–for the Kemetic gods, that’s water, or beer or bread. And then you just…introduce yourself.

Greet the deity or deities in question. Tell them who you are, why you want to meet them. Say, ‘hey, I brought [offering] for you’. Don’t get caught up in formalities; be earnest. Imho your genuine desire to get to know a deity is the best thing you can bring to the table. And again, feeling awkward is okay and normal.

And, as a last note: don’t be discouraged if there’s no ‘fireworks’, or if you can’t be sure you were being listened to. ‘Godphone’ is a crapshoot–personally, I get absolutely abysmal reception. Most of the time I can’t be sure about anything. It’s still okay. Also, don’t feel like you need to be ‘chosen’; I never was, and that’s okay too. I picked my own gods, and I feel like they respect my initiative. You’re not an inferior devotee if you pick your gods instead of the other way around.

So that’s my two cents. Sorry if this was more, uh, wordy than you were looking for, but I hope I was marginally helpful!!

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You’ll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend

(For Good - Wicked The Musical)

Inspired by a conversation and the amazing What She’s Worth fanfic from @gwendy85

    Okay so I just want to talk about this moment. I need to. I can’t ignore it. At this point in the film, Megamind has learned and grown so much.. He’s overcome his belief that he needs a superhero to fight in order to have a purpose. He’s fallen in love and knows what it means to fight for someone. He puts 110% of himself into everything that he does, and although he initially gave up, he was reminded of why it’s important not to.

    And now? For the first time in his life, he’s really fighting. Save for a few staple items, he doesn’t have his gadgets. He just has his wits and his desire to survive and save the town. He’s in a fight with a super powered villain, knowing full well what Hal could do to him, and that he could die at any moment.. that the car door that he’s clinging for dear life to could ultimately become his deathbed.

    And what is his reaction to being spotted in a position where he’s vulnerable and completely helpless ?? Megamind is still enjoying every second of it. He loves the thrill and adventure of heroes fighting villains. He knows that no matter what happens at this point, he did something right for once, and no one will ever forget him. He’s still making jokes because that is who he is !! In his own words shortly after,

    ❝ What can I say ?? Old habits die hard !!

I love learning characters heights but I HATE learning how much they weight because it’s always so fucking inaccurate because everyone forgets that muscle weighs more than fat and that being tall is going to make you heavier almost on default and also that body fat isnt a bad thing?

like i was looking at a FAT character who is over 7 feet tall and his weight was listed at 187 lbs… like I know people who are barely 6 feet and only have some body fat and are over 200 lbs i am calling complete bullshit

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Oh caddy, I'm sure G won't mind if you fail! That's part of learning!! After all " the only failure in life is something we don't learn from" ( go ahead and imagine I said that in Gs voice)

“Yeah, I get you, anon - I’d rather not fail, because it’d mean my schedule will be busier, but it’s not like I’ll have to quit college if I do. I’m just trying to remind myself of that so I don’t, eh, stress myself out too much… ”

“I wonder if G ever failed any of his classes? I mean, he loves to relax when he can, so maybe he let himself too lazy and almost flunked out? I’m just guessing, though - whenever his college experience comes up, he tends to change the subject.”

I feel SO RELIEVED right now–I am 95% done with EVERYTHING for DragonCon!! I got my friends costumes all done, and finished most of mine this weekend! Just a few final things to wrap up, and I’m ready to go! I never thought I’d catch up this early! Maybe now I can focus on the many other costumes I’ve started but have been on hold…the Major, Velvet, Warrior Cosmos, and others! At my own pace, WOO!!

Have a Draenei cosplay, since I seem to have picked up a few new followers lately! I have retired this one, but I really enjoyed wearing it, as tough as it was. I learned so much about airbrushing my makeup on this one!
Full photo by Robby Idol Photography!

Dear steaming platitudes anon....

I’ve been waiting for this question my whole life. No, really, I’m being serious. Ok, maybe not my whole life, but two years. I’ve been on a desperate search to understand love. It’s the reason I picked up Outlander (and so many other books). It’s the reason I ended up on Tumblr. At one time I even contemplated setting up a blog titled “Is it even worth it?”, in the hopes that somewhere out there in the anonymous world someone knew the answer.

I’ve learned a lot. I’m glad someone finally wants to talk about it.

Today, I have a busy day ahead. I need time to think and do justice to your asks. Have patience. I have much to say. 😘