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Chapter 31 (the church scene) of BLLB ends with Ronan being very angry. Why? This scene really bothers me, like I'm missing something important. He could be angry just because, but I don't think so. It's like this time, he's actually really hurt. Did the dream upset him? He almost seems ashamed (?), but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and he's upset because he's Ronan Lynch. What do I know? He challenges us all to learn him again :) Thanks, Kat

Dear wolfwings7,

The short answer to this is he thought he didn’t have to feel that way anymore. 

The longer answer requires spoilers. 




Is that far enough? If you’re spoiled after this, it’s your own fault. 

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What is the point of animals like crane flies, where once they reach their adult phase their purpose is to lay eggs then die? They don't even have mouths (apparently) so. Their life cycle just seems so irrelevant like why would evolution do that? (Please no crane fly pics if u get to answering this question, I hate them very much D:) (sorry if this is phrased strangely)

Kind of an interesting question here, though you must be careful with words like ‘purpose’ when describing the way animals have evolved- there’s no purpose about it, it’s literally what randomly came together and worked.

The life cycle of the crane fly only seems confusing if you look at it from a human standpoint. Certainly it seems to us that the most proper life cycle includes a short nonreproductive juvenile period and a much longer reproductive-capable adult period. This, after all, is how most the lives of most vertebrates are structured. For example, a dog lives perhaps an average of twelve years, and only spends about six months of that time growing to sexual maturity.

And it does confer advantages from an evolutionary standpoint: having most of your life available to find mates seems like a pretty good way to maximize the number of offspring you produce. Here’s a really lazy timeline of that strategy, which in scientific terms is called an iteoparous lifestyle:

But there’s a danger in assuming that the juvenile period is wasted time, which it isn’t- otherwise it wouldn’t exist. Evolution rewards species that can successfully propagate themselves, and the timing of the nonreproductive period hinges on this. You see, there’s a slight problem with being ~READY TO BONE~ 24/7. Sexual organs, sexual secretions, and sexual behavior are all extraordinarily expensive. I’m not just talking about being sweaty and tired after a netflix and chill marathon. I’m talking about the biological costs incurred by producing eggs, sperm, secondary sex characteristics like giant antlers on deer and gaudy tails on peacocks, building nests for eggs, competing for opposite-sex attention and fighting off other suitors, and heck, even finding the dang object of your attraction. Think about how successful dating sites are, for goodness’ sake. In the US alone, about $80 million each year gets spent by horny people on dates.

Knowing how expensive all this can get, perhaps now it’s less surprising that some species want to make sure their offspring are as prepared as possible before they’re thrust into the Lust Pit. This may mean that they have proportionally longer juvenile periods than reproductive periods- however, when Fuck Time comes, they have a much better chance of finding a partner than you do on OkCupid because the entire species has synchronized their genitalia to develop at the same time. They may not even eat or sleep- they spend their last few weeks, days, or hours in a furious haze of lovemaking. Sometimes until they literally fall apart, in the case of the antechinus, a little marsupial that has such furious sex that he’ll lose all his hair and bleed internally (and then die). Which you wouldn’t expect when you see one:

This type of get-fucked-or-die-trying lifestyle is called semelparity, in contrast to our own iteroparity. Here’s another lazy timeline of that:

Semelparous animals sync up their breeding cycles to maximize their chances of finding a mate. This means it’d be pointlessly expensive to be reproductively primed during the off-season. Instead, they focus on preparation: growing as large and strong as they can so that when the time comes, they have the best chance possible. One of the best examples of this is the cicada, which is likely the longest-living insect- some species live up to 17 years. However, of those 17 years, only 2-4 weeks are spent as sexually mature adults. Emerging en masse after such a long absence not only makes it much easier to find a mate, it also overwhelms potential predators. Yes, cicadas are delicious, but you can only eat so many in two weeks compared to how many you could eat if they spent all seventeen years not buried deep underground.

Periodical cicadas are an extreme example, but many other animals have similar strategies. Calling something short-lived a “mayfly” refers to the fact that the sexually mature form is extraordinarily short-lived- in one species, it lives for less than five minutes. However, it’s often forgotten that this only refers to the adult form; the larvae will live possibly two years in rivers or streams.

It’s not just invertebrates that practice extreme semelparity. I already mentioned the little antechinus- the males of that species, by the way, live less than a year, while the females live for two years and generally die after weaning their first litter. Pacific salmon are another familiar semelparous species, which spend up to five years in the ocean before returning to freshwater to spawn and die within the span of a few days.

Perhaps the most extreme example of a semelparous vertebrate that I know of is Labord’s chameleon. The eggs of this species take roughly 9 months to incubate before hatching. After hatching, the juveniles reach sexual maturity at about two months old- and die another two months later. That’s right: this species of chameleon spends more time in an egg than it does in the outside world. Not only that, but because the mating takes place seasonally, there are long periods of time in which no adult individuals of the species exist. All of them are encased in eggs- silently growing, and preparing for the pinnacle of their lives: the Great Fuckening.

Godspeed, little one.

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Canada appoints first trans judge
A Canadian man has made history by becoming the country’s first transgender judge. Kale McKenzie, a judge for Manitoba, was sworn in during a ceremony held in Winnipeg yesterday (12 February).

McKenzie, who was officially designated a judge in December, has received a lot of support throughout Canada, with one judge saying: ‘Kael is the first self-identified transgender judge in Canada and that is something to be celebrated’.

Hon. Gord Mackintosh, the Minister for Justice and Attorney General, said: ‘It’s historic… anytime the court can be more diverse, I think it strengthens the court, it makes it more legitimate, it gives it greater authority’

Anne Krahn, who was sworn in alongside McKenzie, said: ‘I am pleased to be part of an administrative team who are supportive and from whom I have so much to learn’

Speaking to the courtroom, McKenzie said: ‘I’m overwhelmed by the kind comments today.’

McKenzie also shared how his appointment has helped trans people in Canada, including parents of trans children.

He said: ‘They acknowledged their fears for their children’s’ futures, and somehow my appointment helped allay some of those fears… They came out with a message of renewed hope that their children would have bright and prosperous futures, regardless of their gender identity.’

McKenzie also thanked his family for their support, saying: ‘I have two great sons. This day would not be complete without them. They’ve been the centre of my universe and I love them very much. I’m glad they agreed to miss school today.’


I am a perpetual student. I love to learn and am very aware of the fact that I have so much to learn from the people I work with. As such, I am constantly looking at how people around me work, how they handle situations, and how they tackle the tasks of the job. I am listening to directors, writers, and producers in their dealings with me and with other departments so I am aware of the big picture. That’s what I love about working in a creative industry.


Woke up today feeling okay. Every Saturday I’ve been eating whatever I want. Went out for breakfast , chipotle for lunch, bagel bites and chips for dinner, Ben and Jerrys, etc etc etc. I am the heaviest I have ever weighed which is scary to think about but I’m learning to be okay with it.

Sometimes I wish I never told people that I struggled with an eating disorder in the past because now everything I post or say will be deemed as disordered. But I have made so much progress and I have come so far.

Recovery isn’t just a year long process. Recovery is a choice I make through every action I take. I’m not afraid to admit that. But I refuse to let anyone negate my hard work and triumphs just because I still struggle from time to time.

I understand recovery is mental and I’m posting a picture of my body. But both my mental and physical progress is amazing.

I actively post about my issues because I think it’s easy to only post the good things on social media which gives people an altered view of how they “should” be.

I hope my transparency and honesty will only help others. But please don’t hurt me in the process.

BTS REACTION to their gf disliking coffee and soda


“But… My coffeeshop aesthetic…” 

“I can still drink water, It’s not like I’m allergic or anything-”


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“Goddamn you must be healthy… I gotta step up my game and learn how to cook.”

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“Finally, someone’s health that I don’t need to be concerned about.”

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“Is that how you sleep so much?”

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“Why? Are you like, trying to be healthy? Because I’m more of a ramen-every-night kind of guy.”

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“But I’m a hyper teenager, you have to be too!”

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DRAMIONE FEBRURARY FAVORITES - Day Six: Valentine’s Headcanons

• Kay so first off, Hermione h a t e s the big hearts and flowers day. Hates it. Or at least, she hates it in theory. When she was younger, she was all for it- i mean did you see her mooning over Lockhart and tracing hearts over his classes in her schedule? Giddy, girly, romantic Hermione was proprietor No. 1 of the looove holiday. But now… now, after she’s been through a war, and seen how much love means… now that’s she’s fought for it and nearly lost it a few times and seen people die because of it, and now that she’s learned through Draco that it’s worth enough to overcome anything… she sees it differently. Respects it more. So having it made so cheap and commercialized really rubs her the wrong way.

Draco on the other hand ohohoooh boy. Draco always thought the whole thing was a bunch of sentimental nonsense back in the day, when displays of *shudder* feelings were more or less equivalent to viruses, but NOW. Now that he’s back in touch with the ol’ heart, and he’s finally learned how to love with all of it, he will use every and any excuse to do something special for the joy of his life. And the whole sappy thing comes shockingly naturally to him after so many years avoiding it- maybe it’s because aristocrats are born for romance, maybe it’s just Hermione herself. Who knows? In any case, this is pretty much the biggest day of the year for him now other than their anniversary.

• Every year Hermione both dreads and anticipates February 14th. Dreads because of the stupidity of it, anticipates because she’s secretly excited about whatever Draco’s going to surprise her with this time (she always warns him very strictly not to do anything, but both of them know that ain’t gonna stop Draco Malfoy).

• On their fifth Valentine’s Day together, Draco actually pretends to give in to Hermione’s threats and sticks to the norm for the entire day. Hermione gets all triumphant about it and rubs it in his face, but of course secretly she’s disappointed that he hasn’t done anything- that is, until she comes home late at night after a super busy and exhausting day, grabs the doorknob to her flat, and gets transported to a gorgeous little moonlit hollow with willow trees and floating globe-lanterns made of colored glass and a fancy table set for two with the creme-de-la-creme of wine and Ultra Ritzy French Food.

• And Draco comes out from underneath one of the willow trees with a single rose and she just starts grinning like a maniac until she realizes the problems that turning her doorknob into a portkey could’ve caused.

• ‘What if someone else had grabbed that knob, Malfoy? I live in a Muggle complex, you know.’

• 'Pfft, wouldn’t have mattered. I could’ve tossed the poor sod right out with a quick Obliviate.’


• The rest of their Valentine’s Days are equally extravagant: dancing in a ballroom Draco rented- including an orchestra- just for the two of them ('Malfoy WHAT THE HELL do you know how many house-elves we could have freed with that money), going to a Wizarding Opera in Paris, Draco literally hiring an artist to paint a picture of him and Hermione on a bridge under the stars ('Okay this is nice’), a sunset picnic on the beach of a private island ('There is no way your family owns a whole island.’ 'Don’t be ridiculous. We’re not THAT extravagant, Granger. We own half of it.’), and that one memorable year when Draco completely smothers their first house in flowers and has to take Hermione to a hotel for the night because she can’t stop sneezing.

• Basically, every Valentine’s Day is special for them, but one thing stays the same every year, and that’s that they always make sure the last words they speak that night are 'I love you.’

• Because while all the glamorous, flamboyant stuff is nice, that’s the part that really matters. That’s the part that’s brought them to where they are.


Happy Valentine’s day!

This was originally planned as a “give Pyrrha some loving” kinda idea since the poor babe has suffered so much and then the finale happened. And so it became a “Pyrrha’s back and everyone is happy to have her alive and with them!” kind of thing. Yes Penny’s back too 

And I’ve also learned that while Arkos and Bumbleby are still strong in the canon my brain continues to have a Purrha bias

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Hello! I am an American student who's been learning German for like 4 years but I'm really bad at it; do you have any suggestions for how to improve or tips for remembering it better? Thank you so much and I love your blog <333

Hallo! 😄
I don’t think I’m the best teacher, but let me try to help you! I’m not gonna lie, German is a pretty hard language to learn because the grammar, tenses etc are kinda complicated, but I’ll try to give you tips on how I learned English (and my awful French and Spanish)
A few years ago I totally sucked in English, my teacher was horrible and I learned nothing in her lessons at all, but then I started reading English articles and later books (and it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word, but some words really are similiar to English and you can figure out the meaning, I started to write down some vocabs too), I started watching shows and movies (first with german then with english subtitles and after some time without them) and that really helped! I started tumblr and began to talk to ppl around the world, I get that it’s much easier to learn English that way, but you simply have to find someone who knows the language (in this case it’s maybe.. me? 😄) and start talking to them and really try to write them smth in German to practise, that’s the most important thing, to try talking in the language you want to learn, and don’t be afraid it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes! It’s not your native language and everyone understands that! What really helped me (I guess that’s hard for you tho since there aren’t german speaking countries near America..) but trips to different countries reaaally helped me out, I spent some time at host parents and that’s probably the best way to learn a language.. but yeah this is really long already so I recommend you to write me on the new insta message thingy and there you can tell me what you find hard and I’ll try to help you where I can! (Everyone else who’s learning German can do that too haha) And yeah that’s it I guess 😄 You hardly ever learn a language just by sitting in the course at school, but if you’re interested you can defo do it!


100 days of productivity: Day 30

Sorry for not posting the last few days, my mother came to visit and I’ve been crazy busy and completely forgot to take pictures and I didn’t want to just write text posts. I just remembered this morning that I have a vocab test tomorrow so i’m spending my day learning German vocab and doing the rest of my language work. So much for spending the weekend getting ahead on reading!! Only one more week until reading week though! :) (And then coursework, planning my Referat and a looooad of reading…)

Hiya! First off, I wanted to say sorry in advance if I don’t post that much for the next few days. I really have to get my grades up so I have a lot of work to do :)

Secondly, I am super excited and super salty to say that within the next few days the very last installment of It’s Still You will be up. 

Thank you all so much for completely shattering my expectations towards this comic. It started as just an idea that I figured I would act on, and it just blows my mind that it turned into something that was meaningful to people. 

Sure it’s no Aftertale or Outertale or Flowerfell (all amazing AU’s btw), but I stopped comparing myself to them :) I’m so grateful for what I have here with you guys. Besides, all I can do is learn from those awesome AU’s and become even better :D

Don’t worry! I am in NO WAY bored or done with Undertale, that’s not why the comic is ending. There’ll still be plenty of art, drawing requests, little comics, and other things to come in the future, but for now, It’s Still You’s finale is on the way. 

Thank you again :)

I love complimenting pretty girls and having conversations about makeup with them I love it I love it so much the whole time is just spent smiling and being dramatic and learning

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Hi! So, what if my ambition is to have great knowledge? I mean, I always felt like a Ravenclaw, but I realized a few months ago that my wish to learn more and more is actually close to ambition. I WANT to know things, for the sake of learning, yeah, but also for to achieve something. And the weird part is that it's not even in order to do something with that knowledge, it's just me wanting (very hard) to know stuff. What do you think? Oh and of course, thank you so much for your wonderful blog!

Sounds perfectly Ravenclaw to me. Every house has some matter of ambition – wanting to learn, wanting to be a good friend, wanting to do what’s right. That alone doesn’t make everyone a Slytherin. 

-Justin (Slytherin)

I feel bloated af today.. It’s so much easier to post pictures when you’re feeling good about your body or when you feel like you’ve made good progress, or right in the morning on an empty stomach.. But I’ve learned over the years it’s so important to love your body even on the days that you feel like shit. The days after eating an entire bag of Valentine’s Day candy 😂 and after having a large coffee and panini 😋 so even though I feel like I’m holding onto a shit ton of water weight, im going to ignore any bad thoughts I might have and embrace what my body looks like today 💕

i’m glad i came out about my experiences on valentines day because on a day dedicated to love i want to celebrate the fact that i learned to love myself. it took so much work and effort and set backs and learning how to care about myself but i’m in a good place finally and i never thought i’d be here. i’m so lucky. i’m lucky because i’m still alive. i’m lucky because i no longer live in a country that would have killed me for being who i am. i’m lucky because i’m getting an education and i have the most amazing people in the worst surrounding me. i’m so grateful. i’m SO grateful. 

happy valentines day, everyone. i love you so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Instead of ranting about my hatred for this holiday I have a request. While you are out loving others today whether they are friends, family, or romantic loves, take some time to also live yourself. Eat that candy your friend gave you, go out to dinner on a date or celebration, and be happy while doing it! I promise you’ll find it is so much easier to love and take care of others after you learn how to do that for yourself!!