The same path we met
The way you looked at me
I knew, I knew it was destiny
Both still young though old souls
I know in past lives together we roamed
Right now we have seperate paths to lead
We can’t earth our anchors right now
There’s so much to learn
So much to see
I’ll let you go I’ll let it be
Because maybe when we are both ready your path will lead back to me
Just follow the invisible string
Soulmates, destiny;
—  biancandthebeanstalk, if you love someone: set them free, if they come back: it’s meant to be.

“torreydevitto: And now, it’s time to say my final goodbye … In the wee hours of this morning I did my final scenes as Melissa Hastings. I don’t think it’s quite hit me that this show that so quickly became like a home base for me, or that this character whom I have learned so much from and grew SO much with is now over. So much has happened over these last 7 years, but through all these changes, ‘pretty little liars’ stood as a constant space to go back to. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you to all who love and watch this show. It’s been such an honor to play this character and work with such an amazing cast and crew. And a special thank you to @imarleneking for creating this world for us all to get lost in. Feeling so grateful for you and these last 7 years. #byebyePLL #ByebyeMelissa”

My boss is from Denmark, and yesterday he was telling me about Julemanden (“Yule Man”), the Danish equivalent of Santa Claus.

I was surprised to learn that Julemanden is virtually identical to the U.S. version of Santa Claus. But there was one difference…

Since Denmark is a Nordic country, and elves (like the Ljósálfar and Dökkálfar) are an important part of ancient Norse culture, I asked him how Julemanden’s elves are portrayed.

He replied, “Oh I guess that is one difference. Julemanden doesn’t have elves. He has gnomes make his toys.”

Ever since that conversation I can’t get that thought out of my head BECAUSE IT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!

Of course they’re gnomes! Why the Jingle Bell do we call them elves?!

tl;dr: Forget adopting metric, what America really needs to embrace is Christmas Gnomes.

you knew about team roaches vs team attic

- What is worse, learning that Bitty and Jack made out on your bed, or hearing them having Skype sex???

*cue Chowder’s anguished sound because both happened to him*

- Dear Lord, I TOLD Y’ALL we didn’t make out in Chowder’s BED- it was in the room- and- you can’t even consider that making out! It was just a kiss- Or three, but!!

- You’re not denying the skype sex though.

*cue more Chowder’s anguished sounds*

- …I’m so sorry, honey.

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You wanted to be sent things and it may not be interesting or w/e but Deaf/HoH!Holster is v important to me Him being so loud because he talks so hear can hear himself, getting hearing aids and grumbling because between them and his bad vision he really is the teams old man...Holster taking ASL his senior year and Ransom started to find tutors/videos to learn to surprise him....J u st him being so relieved when he doesn't need his hearing aids to play bc him and Holster are so in sync

yes yes I like this so much and i don’t have a lot to add sorry. but this is really really good. 

  • teacher:Yeah, just write a paragraph, no more than a page, just a little reaction to this article :)
  • me:
  • me:*Writes over a page and changes it from 12 to 11 pt font so it fits on one page*
  • me:nice

Today was the day I lost my gma. The only grandparent I ever really had a relationship wit. Since I moved in here after 11th grade I wanted to make up for lost time I spent fuckin up as a kid. So I learned her favorite places like Oklahoma and got her into college sports. First it was football then I got her to fill out a bracket for march madness and she was loving the basketball. So much so I got her to be a Warriors fan. She still had OKC to root for but she loved the Warriors more haha. I even got her into soccer when the World Cup came around. Of course she loved Ronaldo but also Messi and Neymar. Really it’s jus been a great time I got to have with my gma. She was happy and I’m glad I could help with that. But she was done fighting and didn’t want to suffer with pain and immobility anymore. If anything I’m jus glad I got to spend this time with her that I wanted and proble needed and that I got to know her better as a person and not jus an idea of oh that’s my gma. I knew her I liked her and I loved her. And without her there’d be no me. I’m glad she doesn’t have to suffer anymore and got what she wanted but I’ll always love and miss my gma. RIP.

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Who are five people that you have been grateful for in the past year, and why?

Five? Why not ten?

1. K____. I am dating her now. It’s going well. She has a job that lets her come to Michigan for extended periods. I am also grateful for everyone else I am dating, but I think she is the only person I started dating in the last year and the only person I’m able to see consistently.

2. Drs. W_____, M_____, and C_____. Having a good vs. bad attending can turn a residency from really good and educational to awful and abusive. So far I have lucked out in having many really good attendings, which means I’ve been able to learn stuff and treat patients and also have the emotional reserve to keep doing other useful stuff.

3. Andrew Gelman. I am trying to read his blog as much as possible and absorb his knowledge, but even when it doesn’t work I’m glad there are people like him out there, trying to figure out what is and isn’t true and make science better. After getting enraged by really terrible reporting and false claims everywhere else, it’s really calming to read his blog and just see him say reasonable and true things all the time. Other people like Daniel Lakens, James Coyne, et cetera also in this category.

4. Jonathan Haidt. I mentioned last night that big parts of the right are so horrible that they are massively counterproductive for their own stated goals. Jonathan Haidt is what happens if you take an actually smart and decent person and direct him at the same problem. If the darkest possible path for American politics sees the free-speech/free-thought movement fall to Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, and Milo Yiannopolous, then the best possible path sees it go through Jonathan Haidt, Steven Pinker, and Jerry Coyne. And of those, Haidt is the one actually putting work into it and thinking strategically.

5. Sam Altman. I’ve been getting to talk to more people doing AI risk-related work lately, and one common thread is that a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing or aren’t doing very much. Surprisingly, this is not about MIRI - they know exactly what they’re doing, it’s weird mathematical stuff, and whether or not you think it’s useful nobody can accuse them of not doing it. But a lot of other people/groups seem to just sort of be throwing money at each other without much of a plan. Sam (and a few other people like Elon Musk and Jaan Tallinn) seems to have gotten more involved recently, brought in some executive talent, and gotten things a little bit more shipshape. This is maybe a general stand-in for “people much smarter and richer and more competent than I am who are working on x-risk”.

6. Stephen Hsu is basically Sam Altman, but for genetics instead of AI. He’s one of very few people who strikes me as what you might call “pleasantly ambitious”, a sort of feeling like every time you check on him he’s going to have (very quietly, seemingly effortlessly) taken over a new institution, made it work much better, and turned it to the cause of good. Back when I heard he was running for the Harvard Board of Overseers, I was like “Of course he is”. Even though it didn’t work out I assume he will end up in charge of Harvard or something equally useful eventually, just because otherwise he would get bored having nothing to do besides discovering the deepest secrets of human life and giving us all superbabies.

7. Matt Fallshaw. He runs the webhosting company that hosts SSC, and which was also willing to host Unsong for free just out of the goodness of their hearts. He is totally and bizarrely okay with me using ads and profiting off of the free stuff he gives me. He saves me from having to *actually* know how to run a large and complicated website. Same with C______, who does the actual day-to-day hosting work for SSC, and Bakkot, who fixes technical problems and adds new features.

8. David Friedman makes my comments section about a million times more interesting and allows me to boast to people that I know David Friedman. Every so often when I am in his area he makes ridiculous authentic medieval meals for me.

9. @luminousalicorn and @michaelblume let me stay with them whenever I am in their area, cook me great food, tell me where all of the interesting social happenings are, and reproduce themselves so that there will be some more Bay Area rationalists to keep Andromeda and various Eden children company in the next generation.

10. Obligatory “my parents”, but it’s true.

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Hi! So my sister and I have recently gotten into the bright sessions and binged ALL of it. The natural progression from there was to, of course, find out as much as possible about the bright sessions. And I was on tumblr when I saw a bunch of people talking about how Caleb is gay. And then of course there were people saying he's demi. My sister and I are of the thinking that Caleb is demi. Do you have a definite idea about what he is?

Hey! Firstly, thanks for listening and then diving into the internet to learn even more about the show! I do the exact same thing when I get into something so I’m super flattered. 

Here’s what we know about Caleb’s sexuality from the podcast: 

  • He has been in a homosexual relationship with a male person who identifies as gay. 
  • He has pretty much only ever expressed romantic interest in aforementioned male person and no one else. 
  • He has said he doesn’t think he’s gay but he knows he’s not straight.

That’s pretty much it. 

Based on those three facts, interpreting Caleb as gay or interpreting him as demi are both completely valid to me. Even though Caleb has said he doesn’t necessarily see himself as gay, that doesn’t mean he won’t eventually identify that way. Or maybe he will find himself attracted to women as well and identify as bi. Or maybe he’ll realize he only feels attraction when he cares for someone and he’ll identify as demi. 

Even though I have my own thoughts about Caleb’s sexuality, it’s still something he hasn’t explicitly defined to himself. Until he does (which he may never do in the podcast), I welcome any and all interpretations (other than straight, which is the one that has been totally eliminated as a possibility). For now, he’s just trying to balance feeling any kind of attraction with his atypical ability. He’s got a lifetime to figure out and explore the rest.

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I'm starting to realize I should learn to control my emotions better and sometimes I feel myself getting stressed and overwhelmed I always see the books and quotes you post.. Has reading so much personally helped you? I feel I could learn a lot and help myself out by starting to read more do you have any other tips for coping with negative emotions and stress and so on?

Reading changes lives, I don’t trust people who say they don’t read (as in they literally declare they don’t read as if it’s something to be proud of). It educates you on all aspects of life; relationships, love, beliefs, psychology, culture, religion, spirituality, science, mythology, poetry, yourself. Why would anyone not want to read? It’s the most easiest way to discover all aspects of reality, all aspects of yourself. You get to taste different parts of Gods mighty creations, you get to experience the power of words, something that we all have access too within ourselves, thus you hold great power, why would you not want to discover and transform that power? Books teach how to express yourself in the most powerful way, through words (speech, communication, writing etc). The more you read the better you will be at expressing yourself, at writing, communication, your vocabulary will expand, you will be more articulate, more eloquent, more gracious in expression. It’ll teach when to talk and when to listen. You have to remember when you’re reading a book, you reading someone else’s mind, you are learning from another person. Let’s say you read 30 good books in a year, you have just learnt from 30 highly intelligent people who have shared the profoundest knowledge they have in their mind…how is that not life changing?
I’m telling you, go and get a good book, you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Start journaling too! Go and buy a new book and a journal, as well as a new pen (just cause), then tell me how you feel once after reading that book. Ily.

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Hello hope you are doing well! I have a question and I don't think you have any direct experience with this but, as an educated person I hold your interpretation of things and recommendations quite highly. I am interested in doing an intensive summer language program in Korea as to meet the language requirement at my school and because I want to study abroad in the fall as well. So what I'm wondering is if you have any personal feelings/knowledge on the programs offered @ uni's in Korea. Thanks!

i heard yonsei’s program is the best!!! i think snu also offers summer programs as well as sogang university!! it’s a lot of work and the hours are reaalllyy long apparently, but i mean… it is an intensive course so you can’t really complain. i think one downside is that you don’t really get much time to do oral exercises and you learn by textbook aka memorization?? so i think if you want to get to the core of the language and learn like legit grammar, sentence structure, etc it will the good for you!!! but as for getting more comfortable with talking and conversations, i think you’ll most likely have to initiate and interact outside of class (but that’s just my two cents).

i would absolutely love to be more active in the tumblr witch community again. it’s been over 5 years since my blog was exclusively a witchy blog, and i ended up making so many friends and i enjoyed the whole sharing knowledge side of it bc i learned a lot and taught people things.

i still practice it, and i have become much more private about these things in real life as well as online, but i just really miss it sometimes.

especially as a romani person though like i don’t feel comfortable including myself in a community of people who shit on rroma. part of the reason why i distanced myself from that side of tumblr initially is because of the amount of culturally insensitive people i encountered through it.

i mean shit, i just searched the witch tag and found four blogs from gadje with the word gypsy in their url or title. love it.

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Okay, I'm really sorry if this is offensive but I need answers and the last time I asked this question I was just told that I was biphobic when I was actually just confused and curious. Basically: if bisexuality is now (and has been for decades) being recognized as the attraction to two OR MORE genders, what about polysexuality? Because now they're basically the same thing. Once again I'm REALLY sorry if this is offensive I'm just super confused and trying to be a good ally.

No problem, I’m happy to answer. Sometimes bi people get touchy about this because we’ve fought for decades to have the community’s definition of bisexuality respected and we’re still fighting! I’m glad you’re trying to understand and learn more, though! So my understanding is that polysexuality is defined as “The attraction to multiple but not all genders,” although I’ve also seen it defined as “The attraction to multiple but not necessarily all genders,” which would give it pretty much the same definition as bisexuality. But that’s okay. There’s a lot of subjectivity in how people label themselves, and a lot of it has to do with different communities and different politics.

Basically, back in the 90s when there was growing awareness of nonbinary genders, there was a debate about how pluralian (attracted to multiple people) people should reflect that in their labels. Some people fought to reclaim the definition of bisexuality from the medical establishment to better reflect the way actual bisexuals conceptualized their orientation, while others created new labels with prefixes that conveyed more literally the existence of more than two genders, pansexuality and polysexuality. These solutions ended up prevailing simultaneously, so you have different (but overlapping) communities with similar orientations but often different political history. Bottom line is all of these identities are valid and no one should have their agency to label their orientation the way that makes sense to them taken away. 

There’s some more reading here if you’re interested (although more focused on pansexuality vs. bisexuality as the pan community is larger than the ply community): [x, x, x, x]

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What dog training/behaviour books do you recommend? Or any interesting dog books that are a good read?

Do you have X resource?

So, due to the way I learned, and the way I learn best, I don’t have many internet resources for others to read. I am a hands-on in-person learner, and learn very little from text posts and videos. I don’t discount these resources, I merely don’t retain much from that style of learning.

athreegermansproduction and simply-canine have resource lists that contain a few things I used to follow before discovering that I learn best from in-person mentoring. I definitely suggest giving them a browse.


Hello! I’m opening commissions for the first time! Not completely sure of what I’m doing, but now is the time to learn!

I will draw:

  • Nudity
  • Anthro
  • OCs/FCs (with reference)
  • Some go/re (just no stuff with wrists please)

I will not draw:

  • N/S/F/W
  • Complicated mech

Payment through PayPal only. This is kind of vague, so if you have any questions, just message me or send me an ask and I’ll give you a price! Even if you can’t afford anything, please consider reblogging, it helps me out a lot. Thank you all so much for reading.

Some more examples of my work under the cut:

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Screenshots from GIVING DEATH A RIDE! | Manual Samuel #2! :D

Let’s watch as Sam learns how to drive a stick from Death. While trying to remember to breathe and blink and also trying not to run over any old ladies. Then having to give Death’s crush War a ride while she tells him to constantly stop the car so she can continue her crazy random killing spree. 

I’m having so much fun watching Sean play this game I think this game super funny and charming. :) Plus I kind of like that the game is kind of pg or semi pg13 with it’s writing there’s actually not a lot of swearing in it. I mean there’s parts where you could put swear words but they stick with their witty ways of censoring their language and I think that’s kind of funny in way. But I will say that hearing Death saying holy feces over and over again was really annoying. They should of just made him say holy crap. :P Actually I think it would be extremely hilarious if someone at some point in this game just shouts “HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT!” xD

But yeah I haven’t a lot of fun with these videos I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen in this game. Hahaha! :D

Should I stay or should I go?

Guys help. I’m working at this job and at first I was so so happy to be here (it’s at a wine bar at the airport). It’s good benefits, serving with full time hours, a tip pool we all share and I get to learn so much about wine. Plus my manager and my regional manager both love me somehow.

That being said, I currently work 1 to 9 pm every Thurs to Mon. My transit time is an hour and a half each way. I have NO life. I have had to miss so many things, especially with my family. I worked all Thanksgiving (the Canadian one) and every long weekend so far. I also have no energy to take my dog out and am relying on daycare for him but I really want to interact with him myself for more than just the morning before work. I’m dying. When I get to my days off I’m so exhausted I sleep in till 12pm and then sit on my ass all day.

I’m also the only employee which means I’m basically managing down here but without the raise. I feel I have way too much responsibility.

But here’s the thing: I keep feeling more and more that it’s just me. Not to toot my own horn but I am a good fucking employee.. I’m responsible, I deep clean often, I’m reliable and i work pretty fucking hard. But all my jobs so far have seen that and kind of used me for it - I get all the extra duties because they know I can be counted on to do it right and to do it efficiently. I’m just so tired!!! I just want to put my head down and do a job that I don’t have to take home with me.

At the same time, I’ve been seriously job hopping. I’ve had 7 or 8 jobs in the last 2 years, none more than 6 months, ranging from dog daycare, serving, bartending, dispensary work, office accountant and low voltage wiring. All had me excited, and all disappointed me after the beginning. I just get to a point where i hate going in so much I just can’t do it anymore. I’m having a hard time leaving this job because part of me is all “youre never happy with any job you have, no matter how good you have it”. Is this it then? Am I never going to be completely happy? Where do I draw the line -is it ever going to be good enough that I can tolerate the bad shit and I don’t want to leave?

And what if I need to job hop to be happy? Is that a thing? I’ve been so concerned with finding a “career” .. but maybe I’m just not meant to have one.


Anyways it feels good to vent. If anyone has a similat experience, or advice or anything please hit me up.

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that... comic really hit home with me..

Sorry ^^; I tend to be pretty deep in conversations especially when I was feeling depressed at the time. Although when it comes to depression, when you draw, it’s almost like a release to let go. I hate to leave things like that for others of my weirdness but guess it was almost like a lonely howl call. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate every one of you that come to my streams and support me with my art and cheer me up, even hanging with me having good times. And sadness tends to overwhelm a person so much that your heart just gives out and break sometimes. But.. I’ve come to another fact, here’s a quotes I learned to think about as well “Beggars cant be choosers.” “Rewards comes to those who work hard.” So you gotta work hard to get what you want to achieve and in your goals. It’s a VERY LONG PROCESS down the road. And seeing that many of us have problems to face, it’s hard to deal with it alone, so it’s best to talk to someone and laugh with good jokes. Dealing with problems together I think is the best feeling and helps you come closer to feel happy and being yourself again. One thing that is tough, is to stand up and walk again. Baby steps, along the way and it’s a journey to walk the path and it will be different for everyone. 

Life is a very long journey.     


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From the moment I met you, I knew I’d never want to let you go
You made me feel safe and protected and as if I finally had someone to turn to
You showed me that I’m allowed to just be myself and to let others learn to love me for me just as you do.
You make every night the best night of my life.
You’re the reason I love to wake up every morning and the reason I dread going to sleep every evening
If it weren’t for you, princess, I don’t know where my source of happiness would come from.
You’re my rock. The only thing keeping me sane.
I’m so thankful to have a girl like you in my life.
I love you so much baby.
There’s only one thing that could make “us” better
And that would be to make us official.
So princess, will you be my girlfriend?

So extraordinarily happy that I finally get to call this girl mine 💜 I love you princess 👑 @princexx-vibe

headcanon that taako used to have an eating disorder and it took him a long time to learn how to love his body enough to take care of it and part of why he loves cooking so much is because of his ed but now hes a chubby babe and most of his days he knows hes hot as fuck and on the bad days when he thinks he needs to go back to disordered behaviors he has so much support from magnus and merle