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Do yoy have any advice for aspiring artists/animators? My little sister loves drawing, and says that she wants to learn to animate as well, and I really wanna help her and encourage her but I don't know the first thing about that kinda stuff. Is there anything that helped you when you were first learning? Thank you very much, and I'm sorry if this is a question that you've already answered a lot.

I will admit, I started down this path ten years ago and the entertainment industry moves so fast I’m gonna have to borrow a panel from Glam Rock Gorilla here;

But in broader terms, it can be a slow grind so don’t get discouraged. Everyone’s path to success isn’t going to be the same so there’s no single solution. You need to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t, you can’t jump to the final goal in one step, you have to break it down into pieces. I see a lot of people get like “well I don’t live in LA so I can’t be an animator” and when I hear that I can’t help but think… well, sorry to say but if that’s all it takes to dissuade you completely, you probably don’t have the drive to make it in this industry anyway. Very very few people get a straight shot to their end goal like that, you have to think of it like a rock climbing wall, the rocks aren’t going to make a perfect ladder to top, there are a million different routes you can take and some are gonna be harder than others, you might not make it where you’re aiming on the first try but as long as you keep working and getting stronger and evaluating what about the paths you’ve tried did or didn’t work you’ll figure out how to get a little higher every time you tackle it again.

Personally, I’m from the middle of nowhere in Subarctic Canada. I’m from the part of Canada where the stereotypes come from. There are like a thousand people and you get blizzards in September and blizzards in June. You have to drive south for 13 hours to get to a real movie theatre. So I find it extra frustrating when people say “I’m not in LA I may as well give up”. Maybe you need to work your way up to LA. Maybe you don’t need to be in LA at all and you find satisfying fulfilling animation work closer to home, or maybe you’ll find a way to do remote freelance for one of those big studios you like. Maybe you’ll carve out an audience for yourself as an independent creator online and never have to leave your home town to live out your art dreams if you don’t want to! Maybe you’ll make friends with people online closer to the action who’ll keep their ear to the ground for new jobs coming up. Maybe you’ll go to a convention and make a good impression on a creator you like who’ll keep you in mind if they see a project coming up that makes them think of you. Maybe you’ll start down the road to a professional career and ultimately decide you like art more as a personal hobby than a career and divert onto a completely different path. Maybe you start out wanting to be an animator but realize you enjoy drawing comics or illustrating kid’s books or designing t-shirts or any number of things way more and jump the tracks onto that path. The industry changes, you change, what you wanted when you were 16 might not be what you want when you’r 25 or 30 or 40 and that’s fine. Maybe your princess is just in another castle.

It’s important that success isn’t a pass/fail thing, just because a project isn’t The One You Dreamed Of doesn’t mean you didn’t find success and it doesn’t mean you’re squandering your potential. Every project is a notch in your belt that brings experience, connections, and confidence. When you’re first starting out you might feel like you’re inadequate and don’t have the chops, but after a while you level up your industry wisdom and start feeling more like “no, I do good work, I am competent and capable of pursuing these high profile jobs I’m interested in” and apply for them with confidence. When you get those moments of imposter syndrome you can look at your body of work and think “Well if I’m just faking my way through this I’m doing a pretty darn good job of feigning competence”. And honestly, eve if you aren’t working a full-time art job you can still look on the positive side. I used to have a job picking up trash of the side of the highway, that’s a far cry from the job I ultimately wanted but it gave me a ton of time to plot out ideas and left me with all sorts of creative energy at the end of the day that I took home and put into working on personal projects that in turn broadened my audience online and opened more doors for me as an independent creator. I had a job for a while working in a greasy spoon diner that paid below minimum wage, under the table. It was pretty paycheque to paycheque, but I was able to use the free time I had on days I didn’t have shifts and the afternoons on days I worked the opening shift to assemble the portfolio that ultimately got me my first big animation job out of school.

One person’s success is not everyone’s success, Everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities, aptitude, or strikes of dumb luck, but progress is progress and accomplishments are accomplishments, doing anything is better than doing nothing and every personal victory is worth celebrating. Don’t get so caught up looking at all the mountain you haven’t climbed that you neglect to look back and indulge in a little pride in whatever you have managed to accomplish.

I will say, though, think the two most universally important things for young artists to learn in the interest of pursuing a career regardless of the state of the industry;

  1. Learn to be sociable - So much of succeeding as an artist depends on having  a network of people around you willing to keep  an eye out for jobs that could suit you and say nice things about you to important people. Unfortunately, the act of making art is generally such a solitary pursuit a whoooole lot of art kids are not the most socially adjusted. It’s hard and it sucks but you gotta rip that band-aid off and learn to talk to people. You don’t need to force on some fake prom queen persona (and if you try that it’ll probably come across as fake and leave a bad impression), but it’s always a good idea to have some ice breakers in the chamber so you can make small talk and get comfortable with your colleagues, leaving them with a positive impression. Honestly an easy one is to compliment a particularly stand-out piece of a person’s outfit because usually that leads to a story about how they found it or why they wear it and make it easier to figure out the flow of the conversation. Believe me, I know what it’s like to have crippling anxiety around strangers, learning what works for you to manage it (even just for short interactions when you can) is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
  2. Learn to stop putting your work down - Again, I know it is a pretty common artist thing to look at something you finished and see nothing but mistakes but you gotta get past that. Putting your own work down is sort of like a way to protect yourself from criticism, if you say it sucks before anyone else can you take away the sting from other people who might insult it. But being relentlessly hard on yourself and beating the hypothetical naysayers to the punch can crush your self esteem, your ambition, your confidence and frankly, turn off potential employers. When I was at Sheridan they brought studio heads in to help coach the students be better prepared for job interviews, and they all agreed the number one most off-putting thing young artists do in interviews is trash talk their own portfolios. If you go into a job interview and say “This isn’t very good” they don’t hear the “Trust me I’m capable of much better than this” you intended, they hear “I’m not confident enough in my abilities to be a valuable addition to your team. I don’t think I’m good and if you think I am you have bad taste. I am basically wasting your time by showing you this art that I’m not willing to stand behind” It’s harsh but that’s the reality of it. You go into a job interview to talk about how great and deserving you are, not tell the people who want to hire you that you’re inadequate. If there’s a piece in your portfolio that temps you to say “it’s not very good” Take it out of your portfolio, you need to own everything you put in there. If you’re worried you lack certain qualities they’re looking for, focus on the ones you DO have, like your enthusiasm, your work ethic, your aptitude for picking up new skills, your versatility, your unique perspective, that kind of thing. don’t think of the job you’re applying for in terms of why you should want it, think in terms of why they should want YOU.

I guess at this point I should acknowledge that this advice is all very geared towards the more young adult crowd looking to start their career. If you’re asking advice I have for younger people who are just showing interest in pursing art I’d say, draw things that make you happy and make you want to draw. Draw whatever makes you excited to draw and gets you to draw a lot. Just draw all the time, Look at art, get inspired, figure out what about the art you like makes you like it and why the artists you like make the kind of creative choices they do. There’s no shame in drawing from references or trying to copy other pieces of art you like to figure out how it was made (I mean, don’t go posting it online and saying it was all you, credit where credit is due but there’s no shame in learning). Draw like art is an all-you-can-eat buffet and you’re trying to fit every tasty looking thing on your plate, you can sort it all out as you go.

who shalt not be named is pissing me off greatly. Along with their followers. I have learned SO MUCH self restraint and control not responding to most of who shalt’s IDIOCY. I think they know that they fucked up their career (which is probably now over or will be soon).They have burned so many bridges with the show. And in the entertainment industry people know people. 

The show is proud of their canon ship and the character of Lexa, that is why they talk about them. If you were proud of something you created and that has affected so many people positively….why wouldn’t you want to talk about it? Also, that is the story they are telling, if you don’t like it then LEAVE. If the story is pissing you off that much…GOODBYE. Go watch something you enjoy and stop spilling hatred. ALSO, saying that guest stars don’t work as hard as main cast members is complete bullshit. I’m out. 

I wasn’t sure if I should post this or use an ask or what but…

We have never interacted, but I really love your stuff. I saw that you were going through a rough patch and as someone I admire, this makes me deeply upset. I know it’s not much, but I thought I’d make some art of Jill because I absolutely love your characters and I’ve learned a lot from watching your videos (currently wafting through A rank)

I hope things get better soon <3


Maaaaan that looks so nice, I love the pose and the tentacles/hair, that Burst Bomb ready to get thrown at people’s face and cover them in her ink or finish them off… Erm
And I just sneaked on your tumblr, I like your art! Also I’m happy to hear I helped you someway to improve your game in Splatoon!♥
Thank you so much for your concern and the amazing art! ;w;

Whaaaa seriously you guys are all amazing I cried all the tear out of my body over your cute messages and the gifts… This too much, but are making my day so much brighter.

I have a problem with speeding. I am not a good driver, I weave, I hit things with frequency. After three speeding tickets within a month’s span the state made me take up a correctional driving course. What has been harder than learning to drive correctly, is admitting that the way I have always driven was wrong, destructive. In a period where I am forced to reevaluate so much of how I think, the entire framework I have used for judgment, it is impossible not to see my speeding as significant beyond just easing off the gas pedal. What is harder than changing your thinking is admitting the old model was wrong, destructive.


Jack J Imagine


So Jack and I hadn’t officially broken up yet, let’s just say we were on a “break” for the time being. I really do love him to the moon and back, probably more, but sometimes he’s so disrespectful towards me that I wonder what is even going through that head of his or if he even loves me. Yeah he’s demonstrated it in so many ways but I’ve pretty much had enough of his disrespect towards me. It’s time he learns that I’m not going to keep letting him make fun of me when his friends are around. Well he technically doesn’t make fun of me but the guys do because according to them I’m a “prude” or “frigid” which I am none of those. So what if I don’t wanna have sex until I’m married? It’s none of their business. The problem is, when they start insulting me with words such as stated, Jack only laughs with them and I feel utterly insulted. It makes me feel like he agrees with them and it makes me insecure. That’s why I finally snapped the last time he did it and we haven’t spoken in two weeks. It seems like a little but when you’re in love it feels like an eternity.

I had received quite a few texts from Jack since then but I refused to reply. But I really couldn’t deal with the separation anymore. I had to see him. I missed him so much and how sweet he can be when we’re alone. Just the two of us. That’s why I agreed to be at his house and let him apologize for the incidents. I quickly put on a hoodie and some leggings then drove off to my boyfriend’s house. I went to knock on the door and it opened up more quickly than I had anticipated. He pulled me in and held onto me so tightly that I was hardly able to breathe.

“Jack… I… Can’t… Breath…” I gasped out and he immediately let me go.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m just so glad to see you again… It’s felt like an eternity…”

His hand caressed my cheek as he spoke softly to me, then he placed a gentle kiss to my lips which I wanted to return however I didn’t because I had too much pride to just come crawling back. I had to at least feign tranquility. I knew that I was dying on the inside but he didn’t have to know.

“Come here,” he said and pulled me in, shutting the door behind him. We sat on his sofa and faced each other. He held my hands in his and kissed them so delicately. As if he was afraid to hurt them or something. I stared at him intently waiting for him to speak up.

“I’m sorry…” He started. “I really am. You didn’t deserve any of the shit talking from the guys and especially from me. I should have respected you and your choices more. But you know… I can be a dumbass sometimes.”

I chuckled and nodded in agreement earning a small shy smile from him.

“Look I really wanna make this up to you and all but these past few days I’ve had time to think and I wanna ask you something,” he continued. I nodded for him to go on which he did.

“I love you y/n… So so much. You’re all I ever need and think about. I miss you even when I just saw you like five seconds ago and being apart from you is hell for me. I want you by my side all the time… I need you with me because life without you would be absolutely miserable. I guess what I’m trying to say is…”

He stopped talking and got on one knee right in front of me, pulling out a small box from his jeans. My jaw dropped at the sight. Was he serious?!

“Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” He asked. My hands went up to my mouth as tears started forming in my eyes. This was real. I didn’t say anything but urgently wrapped my arms around him before anything else. He picked me up and we held onto each other.

“Yes! Yes Jack! I will!” I squealed into his chest. He let out a laugh of relief and set me down. I stared as he slipped the diamond ring on my finger with a large grin plastered on my face.

“I love you,” he said and kissed me with more love and passion than he had ever done before.


Requested by anon, hope you like it! X

Ok now listen to me only because Bellamy is gonna make some bad decisions doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He never was a bad person not even in season 1. This boy cared so much about everything and everyone and he risked/risks making bad decisions even tho that would make people hate him. That’s what leaders do all the time. So please stop Bellamy calling names and spread hate about him. He doesn’t deserve this, he tries the best he can, and I believe in him. I know he can make things right he might have lost his way atm but Bellamy freaking Blake will not go down he’ll fight this, either way ha :3 and again please don’t forget Bellamy is still pretty young and has to learn a lot so give him a break!

Ode to 2015

Why do we seek validation from unknown sources?
Why do we peel back layers of our soul for people who will never realize?
We spend our whole lives wasting time
While simultaneously wishing for adventure and purpose.
Those aren’t things that come naturally.
You have to force yourself to find them.
I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot allow
My past to define my future.
I used to be fixated on every mistake I made
Then I realized no one else cared.
Sweet interludes of a better life slipped through the cracks
Of the armour I had so carefully created.
For the first time in a long time,
I smiled without fear.

- @sohelpmedun

Being okay has been an unmarked territory
for years now. An unmarked grave.
I have been writing mountains into existence
since I learned how much power I still have
over this brief body. I’ve been moving
those mountains out of my way ever since
I looked at my hands and for the first time
saw two miracles in front of me.

I am the hero of this story, full of fight
and ferocity. I have lived inside my own skull
for years; that’s why I’m so headstrong.
Everyday I choose to wake up and face
the sky is another day I am getting better,
another day closer to something greater
than I will ever be.

—  excerpt from Mythology by Lydia Havens 

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I have *my* expectations lowered for the Saks thing because with this ship I learned to do so, besides Saks associates itself with TV shows sometimes, they did that with Scandal? I think, I don't watch that but I read someone say it, so it could be a similar situation for OL and the shoot could be about the show, HOWEVER if other shippers wanna dream big, y'all should dream big and wish for better things because we need as much enthusiastic shippers as we can to keep the magic alive!

Oh hmm I didn’t know that. We’ll have to wait and see I guess! I mean I’ll take what I can get at this point but also know my hopes are skyyyy high BC this month has sucked big time and we deserve some shippery sexy goodness. And I will forever be waiting for the “jk tweet” as I’ve been calling it BC ITS COMING. I CAN FEEL IT. IT HAS TO.

Tbh I am super excited for all the Magneo in CS, but I also don’t think it’s going to be great between them either. It seems so perfect now, because they’re in love, but when shit hits the fan like we know it will (ie. Taran, Nicolo and Ashur, amara etc.) it’s going to be really interesting to see how they handle it. They’ve worked so hard for this relationship and it’s taken so much time I just hope and pray that things don’t fall apart when one gets jealous, or something big happens. I think this will really be the biggest book for Magnus and Cleo because - now that they trust each other- they have to learn to live with each other. Magnus has to accept the fact that Cleiona bellos is going to argue with everything he says. Cleo will have to accept that even though Magnus is changing, for the better, he’s not going to be perfect. There will be times when he reverts back to his old ways. When he lets his anger get the best of him. When sometimes he takes his undying loyalty to her and goes to extremes he knows in his heart he shouldn’t. Idk, it’ll just be cool to see them slip up, I think it will be a book FULL of adorable apologies, broken hearts, and people learning how to heal each other’s Hearts.

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When I first started following you I remember you said you didn't think you drew females well. When I first saw your female art I thought it was amazing but I can definitely say that it somehow has gotten a lot better in the past year and a half. I'm really happy I could watch that happen because I just love your art so much

AAAAAAH!!! Thank you so much! (sorry for the reaction image) ⁄(⁄ ⁄ˊૢ⁄ ⌑ ⁄ˋૢ⁄ ⁄)⁄

I still struggle while drawing women and it takes like double the time it takes me for drawing men but I am slowing trying to get better a drawing them! 

You words really means a lot to me!! I’m so happy (∗∕ ∕•̥̥̥̥∕ω∕•̥̥̥̥∕) I’ll continue doing my best, and THANK YOU! //SMOOCHES

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~did you know~ shift+caps lock is a shortcut for switching between the hiragana and half-width alphanumeric option in IME, so basically switching between writing in kana or English. also - how much did you learn before you started speaking to other people? some people say speak right away but I think it'd be a waste if you can't carry on any conversation at all...

Hm, yeah, I have tried that and it didn’t work, maybe it’s a setting I don’t have enabled in IME. I don’t use that computer much anyway so it’s not a huge deal.
And no, I definitely did not go right into speaking. In fact, even now I’m hesitant to speak because people still get impatient with me because it takes me so long to remember a word sometimes, so I’ll just stand there like 「ええ。。なか。。えと。。ああ。。」and they’ll be like “just say it in English lol” and I’ll look like a huge doofus (what’s new). This is speaking in person; speaking online through typing, I would say as soon as you learn basic vocabulary and kana you should go for it.
As for immersion, if you’re going to Japan and don’t know jack, then you’re still in a good position. We learn best through our mistakes, so while it’s hard at first, you become stronger in the end.

I know, not a great answer. TLDR at least learn some survival Japanese before talking to other people in person.

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Hello, I am a white woman (not american) and I am Beyonce fan for 10 years. I am so happy about Formation. Do you thing it is wrong to feel good when I am listening Formation? Because the song about black people (I don't know much about american history but I know how white people treat them and sorry for my english) ı mean do you thing it is right? I wanna dance whenever even I can't 😂

I’m also a white woman, and I love Formation. I made a post about this last night. I think we have to realize and understand that the song is not specifically for us. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to educate myself; the song has caused so many articles to be written that I’ve read and learned from. I love what Formation stands for, and I WILL be dancing to it when I see Beyoncé in concert! But I’m not going to pretend that it relates to me, because it doesn’t. As long as you’re respectful of its meaning, I think it’s fine to dance and have fun especially if you’re at a concert :)

Today was a DAY.

Three (+) months after the announcement, our company was finally acquired today. 

There was a company-wide meeting scheduled for 1pm, which then got pushed back until 3pm and then 4pm. Keep in mind, we’ve known for WEEKS today was D-day and we were all dying for a little information, especially with layoffs looming. 

But, instead we learned nothing except that the sale had actually closed (thanks I can see that on the news) and that we should  “go home and celebrate our hard work.”

And oh, by the way, layoffs will occur tomorrow and Thursday.

the current state of my college applications is me having minor anxiety attacks and crying myself to sleep every night because none of them have received my transcript and time is running the fuck out and I can’t deal with it and I was afraid that my counselor would dismiss my fears as stupid because they all have really long processing times but I don’t think that it fucking sent

I don’t think that they sent my fucking transcript to my fucking colleges and if drexel doesn’t have it by thursday i won’t even get considered and my harvard interview is tomorrow and I literally think that I cannot physically survive this level of stress for much longer like it’s literally fucking up my ability to do schoolwork at school because I’m just not learning it, I’m so stressed out by this bullshit that I’m not learning and then I come home and watch netflix instead of studying because it’s the only fucking thing that distracts me from how stressed out I am

I’ll rant about this all day I don’t give a damn. Beyonce’s Formation is so important. Like I have gone to practically all white schools my entire life. You subconsciously learn to hate yourself. I used to carry so much self hatred for myself because I didn’t follow eurocentric beauty standards. Black women are constantly told by society that we aren’t pretty, I didn’t start truly loving myself and my features and the hair I was born with until college. So hearing Beyonce brag about all the features I was taught to hate means everything. The video is important, her superbowl performance was important. So no I don’t give a flying fuck if white people are offended by it. In fact I hope it made y'all uncomfortable.

So I feel like my blog went from very Sterek-centric to being about all different gay storylines that I find and love. Like just in the last couple weeks I have been posting a lot of Robron, Zude, and Malec and not as much Sterek because I just found these new ships and fell in love with them. I hope my followers still enjoy my blog! But I mean, it’s an opportunity for my fellow Sterek lovers to follow and learn about more gay ships since Sterek is so canonically disappointing!