1 Year old!

this blog is already a year old! or, well, 1 year and 2 days. oops.

i originally made this blog for shits n giggles and for whenever i didn’t know what to draw. now it has over 6000 followers and i have yet to actually draw anything from this blog

thank you to everybody who is following this blog!!

Im seriously curious about Fiidora because all the other noah its like “oh yeah boom chronic headache and pain for like three days/ a week/ whatever and then poof ya’ll got marks on your forehead and are a noah and can do some crazy ass shit and get sexy as a side effect” but SERIOuSLY HOW WOULD ONE GO ABOUT HAVING AN ENTIRE MOUTH GROW IN YOUR STOMACH AND HAVE YOUR TONGUE GROW EYES I JUST-


@AoS fandom!!

as most of you know comic con is coming up which is super exciting! however, there are always so much info and pics and stuff coming from the con, twitter, instagram etc, and it can be kind of hard to find everything. i was thinking that it would be great to organize it somehow so it will be easier. 

i suggest using the tag #aossdcc (aos san diego comic con) where people who are both at the con and at home can post stuff and track the tag. it can be updates/liveblogs from the panels, gushing about the cast, pics, or anything! just remember to use it in the first 5 tags when you make a post!

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anonymous asked:

do you have plans in making a comic on your frisk and chara?

I do actually! And I have plenty of ideas for these comics too! However, I’m  really bad at making comics and I’m not too confident in my writing skills. I plan to make both comics and possibly some drabbles to compensate for my struggle of both one and the other. OTL


7.13.16 + 12:34 pm ─

Finally settled back in after returning from my trip! Spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out my room and closet and adding some new things to my desk. ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

Listening to: All of GOT7 on repeat. Not ashamed.


TW -This video contains discussions on domestic violence and rape.


Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. This is especially true when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical. If you recognise yourself or someone you know going through abuse, reach out. There is help. I have pasted organizations and numbers based in Lagos and Abuja with reach to other states as well. Do contribute to or correct the information where you can in the comments.

S.T.E.R. Initiative - http://standtoendrape.org/

Partnership for Justice - http://pjnigeria.org/
08125152683; 08094000028

Mirabel Center
0701349176; 08155770000

The Eight Foundation - http://theeightfoundation.org/
(234) 081 8929 9999, (Toll Free) 0800THEEIGHT

Project Alert
234-1-8209387; 08052004698; 08180091072

Before even posting this video, I already received small criticism for criticising people who were “at least doing something good.” You have to understand that when you are in the position of having an audience, what you say matters and what you do does not stand alone. Your belief has impact on people just as much as your cause. There are people out there who truly believe that the blame lies with victims and survivors and when they have an audience on this issue, like the situations I describe, they spread their ill-fated belief to others - that women are at fault, that people should hesitate when observing abuse, that the abuser is a tender soul, etc.  We know what is wrong and as we choose to fight against it, we can always do more.

Episode 1 part 3 (final)


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My Writing Planner

Doing a more in-depth post about my planner since you guys showed quite a bit of interest. :)


First off, let me give credit where credit is due. The whole writing planner thing is thanks to @percandri. She’s my best friend IRL, an amazing writer, and is a genius when it comes to this kinda stuff. She not only helped me organize it and put it together, but she had a hand in making most everything on the inside. (Pssstt. She had one of these planners first. If you ask nicely, she may just post pictures of hers!)

Okay, so this is an A5-size zipper planner from https://dokibook.com/

The extra lined paper I purchased on Amazon, and all the punched cards/paper used for dividers/other pretty things I purchased at my local craft store! :)

There it is in all its splendor!

Here are a few pics of the inside:

Lots of clips, a washi tape sampler, a to-do list, some sticky notes…

The laminated piece I’m holding above is (as I’ve been schooled) called a dashboard. If my sticky notes aren’t adhering well, I use washi tape to keep them there (plus it looks prettier that way).

Sticky note goodness!

Next is my calendar section, where I (try) to maintain my writing, editing, and reading schedule, among other things:

As you can see, I reinforced these thinner pages with washi tape!

Next is my idea section (this card came in a pack and @percandri​ taught me how to laminate it):

There’s lots of extra paper in this section!

I have several (parts) of my stories in here that I intend to edit. Unfortunately I got the margins wrong when I printed them the first time, so I’ll need to reprint them so they don’t look funky.

I have dividers separating all my stories. They stick out the top a bit so that I can access them quickly:

There’s also a super cool movable bookmark in there that came with the Dokibook.

Extra dividers for future things (I picked out this paper in the scrapbook section):

Convenient blog planner:

Birthday list for character birthdays (I only use for current projects otherwise I’d run out of space):

Annnnnddd the back, complete with a place to tuck random things, extra label stickers, a thousand more sticky notes, and my trusty pens:

And because this post is already AS TALL AS THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, I’m showing you guys an up-close of my awesome zipper charm:

Originally I had only intended to use my Doki for editing, but it’s quickly becoming much, much more than that.

Sorry for the crazy long post. I think I may have busted my Tumblr with all these pictures…


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Missing Cat

If you are in the Superior, Colorado area please keep a lookout for my cat? He’s been out since last night (july 8, 2016) and has been out for over 12 HOURS. It’s starting to get too hot for him to be outside and he’s never been out this long before. 

His name is Jiji, he’s a black domestic short hair and has yellow/green eyes. He also has thumbs on his two front paws that have two claws each. He responds to his name more often then not and has a high pitched meow. 

Please help me. Jiji is my companion, I don’t want to lose him. 

So. Ilvermorny.

I love history. And Harry Potter. So the whole Ilvermorny thing really fucking bothers me.

I love that we are getting new pieces of the Wizarding World, trust me, I do. But what we got doesn’t really satisfy this want and it kinda freaking sucks. It has Native American Culture appropriation written all over it- she could have at least gave credit to the Native American tribes she took elements from, acknowledge that each tribe is different. That it is not just a singular group- it’s a loose group with many divisions that had alliances, treaties, and wars. And I also find it really hard to believe that the Natives didn’t have wands or some other means of accessing their magic. And how the fuck did Isolt stay in the woods while never encountering the Natives? I’d imagine the neighboring tribe(s) would have suspected something was going on, especially in their territory. However a lot of other well-argued posts have ranted about the whole lack of acknowledgement with the tribes so I am going to talk about something else.

Reading through it and the brief description J.K. Rowling gave about the later years of Ilvermorny, it shows the lack of knowledge in American History and how separate America really is.

The founding of the American Colonies had very distinct attributes in each of the 13 colonies. For example, the Puritans in the Massachusetts colony. The Quakers of the Pennsylvania colony. Hell, Georgia was basically a border colony from the Spanish in present-day Florida. And it wasn’t the people that the British wanted were sent there- it was very tough to live there with the swamps and the horrible humidity, nobody wanted to go there. And with all of these distinct attributes, it created separate identities for the colonists. After the revolutionary war was won and the Articles of Confederation was passed, people didn’t really refer to themselves as ‘Americans’. They were ‘Rhode Islanders’ or ‘Virginians’. Their identity was their colony. This changed when the Articles of Confederation was finally replaced by the Constitution and America was called the United States of America.

As a result of America’s history of different identities, I highly doubt that having a singular Wizarding School for North America would work out very well. I can imagine the Southerners getting pissed because it is another reason why they didn’t really like the Northerners (they have the industry, better economy and better education. And on a brief side note, how did Ilvermorny manage in the American Civil War? What did the southern wizarding folk do? Because you can’t try to tell me the war didn’t bleed into the Wizarding World). It will probably be a bit more realistic if there was the big southern school, the big mid-west school, etc, then it would break down by state or sub-region. I imagine it be a bit like the Ivy Leagues. MIT, Berkeley, Standford, etc, and the wizarding world equivalents all compete against each other.

And I also have a problem with how Ilvermorny was modeled after Hogwarts. See, it is obvious that Hogwarts is the big UK school. Well, after the revolution, you now have a country that is practically a baby, trying out a few form of government and just seeing how things are going. Oh yea, most of these people are from British heritage, and used to consider themselves British. So there was a bit of an identity crisis you can say, and a lot of people started rejecting anything that was British in an attempt to create a new identity. That is actually why in American English, there is an absence of ‘u’ in a lot of our words- like color. Blame the spelling change on Noah Webster- who went on to create the Webster Dictionary (published 45 years after the end of the Revolutionary War) filled with Americanized spelling and the dictionary became VERY popular within the country. So I can see in the midst of the American’s identity crisis, Ilvermorny’s popularity actually go down. What proper American family would send their American child to a school modeled after a school where British families send their magical children? And what happened to Ilvermorny during the Revolutionary war? Like, how did the whole patriot vs. loyalist debate affect the school that is a model of a big british one?

How did Ilvermorny address social class issues? I can imagine farmer parents sending their kids to the school and wanting their child(ren) to come back with knowledge that would be useful for living on a farm. And would the farming families really send their children to a boarding school when they were needed on the farms to help run them? I mean, didn’t they have a lot of kids partly because it was more ‘free’ labor? Meanwhile, Rich parents wanting their kid(s) to come back with knowledge in different languages, the sciences, the maths, and business. This can be where the south vs. north debate comes in again- the south was (is) largely agricultural while the North is mainly industrial and is where most of the economy thrives, even before the industrial revolution. Did Ilvermorny try to address all of this by allowing different pathways of learning or did it cater to industrialized social class?

Also, how was Native American magic addressed, if it was harnessed in a different form? Coming back to my earlier point, I firmly believe that the Natives did use and have magic. How did the natives treat the presence of magic? What did they do to harness this? I can easily imagine the white folk treating their use of magic as a ‘savage form of magic’ if it was any different. Because magic is beautiful thing and it seemed like in the books that it just had a mind of its own sometimes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other ways to harness it besides a wand or wandless magic. I also really would like to see how magic (if different) was used when the Natives were fighting against the white folk.

There is just so much that could be discussed, and I don’t expect or want Rowling to talk about all of it, I do like leaving some details left to us to discuss and theorize. But America has a really rich and unique culture history, along with a history of targeting certain cultures. With slavery, racism, sexism, and annoying political parties identities that literally changed over time (Modern Republicans are not how they used to be & Democrats used to be mainly found in the south, for example), there is a lot to think of when you try to figure out what America’s Wizarding World was like. It’s a huge ass country, with so many identities, cultures, social debates, and some of this should have been addressed with the introduction of Ilvermorny.

Side Note: If, at all, if I was offensive with my writing about Native Americans & their magic, please tell me. Also, I did check most of the history before I wrote it down, but what I thought back on was what I learned in AP U.S. History about two years ago. If I need to correct anything, pls tell me. Thank you! (im also really sorry about my grammar. I suck at english)

i realized today that yharnam beasts have rob liefeld proportions and im still trying to recover from this

rena-rules  asked:

Dicta, how do you keep track of all the docs you read? Do you have some sort of spreadsheet? Cuz I am trying to better organize my reading list

Hi @rena-rules!!! I do have a spreadsheet, as it happens. I am the type of nerd who finds organization soothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But!! @bookshop just told me about pinboard, which is explicitly fan-friendly and lets you pin things from the page where you’re reading and tag/organize them in all sorts of ways. And if you get an archival account it also stores a copy of whatever you pin so if you’re reading from an old archive or fest site and it disappears later, you still have a copy of the thing. If I were starting from scratch that’s what I’d use, and I’m looking at ways to migrate my stuff over. However, it costs money, and that can be a prohibitive thing, so I will also explain my free but slightly clumsier system.

When I’m done reading a fic I email it to myself, keep it marked as unread, and put it in a folder. When I’m watching dumb TV I’ll go through the unread emails and add them to my spreadsheet, marking them read as I go. What you put on the spreadsheet depends on what you want to have a record of, but I def find it useful to at least have the author, title, word count, rating, and link (or links, can be good to have multiple). Beyond that, it’s whatever works for you!