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There are two tips that I have learned in the fitness industry that struck home for me. 

1. I can do this.

Never say the word “can’t,” during your workout. Even in your head. I followed Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide for a little bit with the modifications I needed, and read her blog for a bit. She had one article where she talks about how her clients had to do 10 burpees for every time the client said, “can’t.” Any single time I am on my last set of reps have a little doubt, I followed Kayla’s advice where you say optimistic phrasing in your head/out loud, such as “This is really hard, i’m struggling with these last 4,” etc. By maintaining a positive mindset, you’ll have her head in a better space during your workout.

2. Bad days built better days

Everybody has bad days. Whether it may be a bad workout, or an unhealthy meal(s) you’ve consumed, it’s not the end of the world. Realize you didn’t like the actions you’ve made before and tell yourself, “Okay, tomorrow is a new day. I don’t care what I ate yesterday. I don’t care if I haven’t worked out yesterday. The past is in the past and I’m going to forgive myself and be a better me tomorrow.” It may sound silly, but so many people will binge eat, or avoid the gym because they feel they aren’t “good enough,” after not going for several weeks/months. Everybody makes mistakes; forgive yourself! You need to start loving your body to make the fitness journey a positive one, as your body is a temple and it will treat you well if you do the same. 

Evite Mobile

Dear Tumblr’s and Tumblrettes! Some of y'all are aware that my son Bradley Matthew, aka FutureLotteryWinner passed away on January 2, 2015. The “Jones” won the battle with Bradley Matthew. He died of a heroin overdose. September 17th would have been BMB’s 34th Birthday. As Mrs. B and I did for his death. We had a Celebration of Bradley Matthew’s life! This year on September 19th we are going to have a Birthday Celebration In Memory of Mrs. B’s baby boy! Out of respect for Bradley Matthew, and especially for Mrs. B. I am requesting anyone that knew BMB, and those that did not know him send Bradley Matthew a Birthday wish to my Blog on his Birthday! In turn I will gather them up and present them to Mrs. B at the Celebration on Saturday evening. I miss the my son every minute of every day! However, the love of a Mother trumps me every day and twice on Sunday! It is going to be…I simply cannot come up with an appropriate adjective to describe the ordeal. As much as the Celebration is for Brad, it will also be in honor of his Mother, my wife. I more than likely had a lot of help composing this. I was hoping to get someone to assist me, however I did not get a response. That is okay. If someone could assist me in rewording this monstrosity. I would be appreciative. I will remind y'all as the day gets closer. If y'all can pass this around I would be very grateful! Let’s don’t kid ourselves, my Blog is nothing special to anyone but me. I dedicate this blog to BMB! Considering having very few peeps checking out my stuff. The more the word can get out the merrier! It is truly not the number of wishes he receives. We will know that they will come from the heart! Thank y'all for your consideration, Respectfully Submitted! Victor George Barsan, aka Rotciv Nasrab

Seriously folks, this is only for Brad and his Mother…This is part of my gift to Mrs. B!


ooc. WOW OK HOLY SHIT THOUGH… 1.4k is honestly an ENORMOUS number and i’m honestly so flabbergasted that i’ve been able to even touch it. that’s more than i ever hoped for or anticipated, and i can’t believe i’ve been able to come this far and that i’ve managed to keep this blog up for so long. it’s been over 2 years now! i’ve had so many fun experiences role playing as hinata, especially more so when i began to branch out to other fandoms! it’s been more fun than when hidan was my main muse lmao. i’m so glad i’ve had the chance to write with so many different people, and i’m so glad i do a lot of crossovers because a lot of the great aus i’ve developed ( or i’m starting to develop ) have come to be thanks to that. tbh i’ve tried so many times to drop the naruto fandom BC IT’S SO SHIT but i just can’t seem to let hinata go bc i have so much fun interacting with so many incredible people with unique muses. jUST….. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING MY BLOG SO MUCH LOVE OK and interacting with me and holy shit thANK U……. im cr yin…….


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I Know, I Know... (Protecting Me, Part 2)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Request: Could you write a part 2 to “protecting me” pls

Requested by: Anonymous

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I turned this one around, it was a thought and then I wrote it and it made me laugh. I hope you enjoy this part 2! Thanks for the request xx

“I think I have a better control of my anger issues” Liam told you. You hesitated, “Are you sure?” you asked back. “I think so… I haven’t been to the Principal’s office in like 3 weeks” he replied. You laughed, “Only 3 weeks?” you said. “Hey, that’s a start, right?” Liam responded.

After Liam’s last trip to the Principal’s office, you vowed to help him control his anger. Even if that meant working on it every day, like meditating, teaching him relaxation tips, anything to help. Liam was proud of himself, you were too but he still had a little ways to go. “I still want to practice with you” you told him. “I’m better now” Liam replied. “Li, I just don’t want you or anyone else to get hurt because of your IED.” “Y/N, what do I have to do to make you realize that I’m better?” Liam asked you.

You walked over to Liam and held out his palms, “When you don’t have any claw marks on your palms, that is a start. When you don’t go to the Principal’s office for a month, that’s another start” you told him. “You sound like a mother” said Liam, rolling his eyes. “If that’s what I have to be to keep you safe, then yes, I am a mother” you responded. Liam gave you a cheeky smile, “Can we stop this “training” for a few days?” he asked. “No” you replied. “But why?” he asked, lips pouting, his eyelashes batting at you. You didn’t give in, “Liam, no. That is final” you told him. He pretended to be mad at you, he was sighing and huffing. “Grow up” you teased. “Awe, come on. Live a little” Liam said, he came up to you and wrapped his arm around your neck. “Let’s have fun.” “We’ll have fun when your anger issues subside” you replied, as much as you wanted to live a little and have fun, you really didn’t think it was time to stop helping Liam, at least not yet.

You have been pestering Liam for a few weeks now, ever since that last trip to the principal’s office. You nagged him to keep his anger controlled, to not let people get to him, you nagged him about everything and anything. He needed to learn! His anger could really hurt someone. Each time you told Liam to do something he would say, “I know, I know…” You really wished you didn’t have to nag Liam so much because he really was trying to control his angst, he was doing a great job but there was still a part of him that could go off on someone. He needed a few more days, or weeks to learn some new techniques.

“You either can come over later tonight or early tomorrow morning before school to meditate. Or better yet, come both times” you said to Liam over the phone. He groaned, “Do I have to?” he whined. “Yes Liam, trust me, you still need a little more meditation and relaxation” you replied. “Tomorrow morning” he answered you. “Tomorrow morning, be here at 6” you said to him. Liam moaned and groaned again, “Fine” he said and then hung up.

The next morning there was a knock at your front door at 6:10, “You’re late” you said, letting him in. “Sorry, I overslept” he replied. You grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the floor. “Cross your feet, take deep breaths and imagine a happy place” you commanded. You and Liam both started meditating, “Don’t think about being angry, stay away from the angst, take deep breaths” you said again. Liam took a deep breath and began to relax. It was working for him, but not for you. You were on edge that morning and you had no idea why. You opened your eyes in the middle of meditating and stared at Liam. He peeked his eyes open, “Hey! Close your eyes” he told you. “Shhh” you replied. After about 15 minutes you gave up. “I can’t do this right now “you said in a tense tone. “Why not?” Liam asked you. “I don’t know, I just can’t” you mumbled. “Fine by me!” Liam said, happily.

“I’m going to school early then” Liam said. “Are you going to come along?” he asked. “Give me 5 minutes” you answered. Liam was waiting outside for you, you drove the two of you to school. “Geez, what got up your butt?” Liam asked you. You gave him a dirty look, “Shut up Liam, I don’t know” you answered. “Sheesh” he said under his breath.


You were minding your own business during Chemistry class until you heard someone talk about a Liam. You listened in on their conversation, just in case it was your Liam. “I’ve heard that Liam Dunbar kid is a huge baby” one of your classmates told another student. “Trust me, he is” the other kid replied. You turned around, “Don’t be jerks” you said to these two guys. The one gave you a dirty look, “Who is she?” the other said. “A friend of Liam Dunbar’s” you responded. “Oh, she’s friends with a baby, how nice” the bigger guy said. “You might want to shut your mouth” you told them. The littler guy laughed, “You might want to shut your mouth” he mocked you. You stood up from your seat, “This is my last warning, you better shut up!” you said. “Oh my god, I’m scared of a girl!” the big guy replied. You started walking over to the two jerks. You clenched your fists and there was angst in your eyes. “What did I tell you?” you muttered to them. “You think you’re so big and bad, just like Liam. You two are babies” the big guy said, teasing you.

You pushed the big guy out of his chair, he fell to the floor. He looked completely shocked, you turned to the little guy. “Do you want a piece of me?” you shouted. He shook his head no. The guy on the floor was still making comments, so you stood over top of him, took your fist out and gave him a nice, hard punch to the nose. His nose started to instantly bleed, “My nose! It’s broken!” he cried out. “Who’s the big baby now?” you taunted. “Y/N. To the Principal’s office, NOW” your teacher demanded you. You looked at the two guys, “You got what you deserved” and you walked out of the classroom. You still were angry, completely angry, how dare they call you and Liam babies. Liam was a werewolf for crying out loud, and you were human, but a kick ass human.

“Y/N, nice to see you. What do you need?” the Principal asked you once you walked into his office and sat down. He had no idea that you were in trouble. “I punched a kid in my chemistry class for calling me and my best friend a baby. He deserved it” you said, letting it all out. The Principal’s mouth fell open, “You?” he asked. You nodded your head yes. “Um, well. I can’t believe this” the principal told you. “Why did you do it?” he asked you. “They were being jerks and I got really angry” you replied. “So angry that you punched another student, this isn’t like you” the principal said. “I know, I know…” you replied.

“Y/N?” you heard someone in the hallway say. You turned around and it was Liam, you were ashamed. “Hi Liam” you quietly said. “I’m used to seeing Liam in my office but not Y/N” the principal said. Liam went into the office and sat in the chair next to you. “You guys are buddies right? Why don’t you help each other with your anger issues” the principal suggested. Liam was shocked and stared at you, you couldn’t make eye contact with him. “Oh my god, what did you do?” Liam asked with a huge smile on his face. “This isn’t funny” you snarled back at Liam. Liam couldn’t stop laughing, “You’re suspended for 4 days” the principal told you. “4 days?!” you replied. “Yep. See you then.”

You and Liam walked out of the Principal’s office. You still weren’t looking at Liam. “I guess you have anger issues too” said Liam, teasing you. He kept pushing your buttons. “All this time you were nagging me about not have control over my anger but it was YOU that needed the controlling” he said. “Liam, zip it” you demanded. “Now you’re the one suspended, this is too funny. Shame on you” he teased. “Liam!” you shouted, clenching your fists. “Wow Y/N, did I give you my aggression bug?” he asked. You didn’t answer him. “I think we need to take some time out of our day to relax and mediate. I don’t want you hurting someone” Liam said to you. He was totally loving every minute of this.

“I know, I know…” you responded.

i don’t understand why people think my blog can’t have personal posts? this is my blog. if you’re following for dan and phil then cool, that’s like 98% of what i post. so why do you get so upset with that lil 2%? i’m sorry i’m not an emotionless robot that never talks about themself.

p.s. all posts that aren’t dan and phil related are tagged with ‘personal’ so if you don’t want to see that, then blacklist it.

It’s that time where I hit a certain number of followers and I post about how much I love my mutuals!!! Thank you all for following me and although something happened where I lost half of my followers (what the fuck tumblr) I’m still glad I have a good few!! 2.5k is a lot of people 💐

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anonymous asked:

im pretty stressed out right now with 2 assessments due this week, 3 assignments due next week and an exam on the same day. how would you suggest i manage my time??

Try to work out which work is the most urgent and important and prioritise it. Here’s a printable table that you can use to help you work that out. 

I have a general time management tag here which could help you too.

Here are my quick tips for time management.

Good luck!

Last week I reached a huge goal of 1,000 followers! When I first started this blog I never imagined I would get there, but all of you beautiful people have made that happen so I thought I would do my first ever tumblr awards in celebration xx


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  • Ends on 22nd of September 
  • I’ll announce the winners within a week 
  • There will be 1 winner and 1-2 runners up per category 
  • It must reach at least 30 notes :)
  • Categories may change depending on the amount of reblogs


  • Lily Evans Award - Best URL
  • Sirius Black Award - Best icon
  • Remus Lupin Award - Best theme 
  • Marlene Mckinnon Award - Best posts
  • Hermione Granger Award - Best Harry Potter
  • James Potter Award - Best Jily/Marauders
  • Stiles Stilinski Award - Best Teen Wolf
  • Francis Valois Award - Best Reign
  • Van Gogh Award - Best aesthetic blogger
  • Margaery Tyrell Award - Best multifandom
  • Luna Lovegood Award - Best original content*
  • Jon Snow Award - Best newcomer** (must have 400 or less followers)
  • Steve Rogers Award - Nicest blogger
  • Ginny Weasley Award - Best overall

* Includes edits, graphics, fan art, headcanons, fics, etc.

** Must submit to me a screenshot of your follower count to be considered



  • A follow back from me if I’m not following you already
  • A spot in my updates tab for 3 months!
  • 10 promos! (random or upon request)
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  • My love, friendship, and support xx 

  Runner ups:

  • A follow back from me if I’m not following you already
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  • My love, friendship, and support xx

Hello! I am going to be the proud owner of this little fellow in mid October! He was born on 8/21/15. His dad is an English mastiff and his mom is English/American mastiff. My blog will mostly be original posts about our adventures with him WHEN we can finally get him and dog related reblogs! I have a son (he’s almost 2) that will be a part of our adventures, so if you like babies and dogs please like/reblog this post so I can follow you! Right now I would love any advice about dogs! Potty training, toys, food related, ect. Please feel free to inbox me with all the helpful advice! He will be our first pet and I want him to have the best life with us!

screencapsbest asked: One of my favourite books is “This is where I leave you” by Jonathan Tropper and I have read almost all of his books. And I love them all. Can you suggest any books similar to This is where I leave you or Jonathan Tropper writing style? BTW. I love your blog and your quotes. You have helped to fill my goodreads list even more…

Ahh….I love when favourite is spelled like that :)- little things in life! But I’m so glad that you have been enjoying my blog! I appreciate you for following and interacting with me. Here are some books that I think are worth checking out! 

1. This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

2. What is the What by Dave Eggers

3. Domestic Violets by Matthew Normal

4. Straight Man by Richard Russo

5. About a Boy by Nick Hornby

6. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Thanks for the question! Happy reading!


Big Information my amazing Assassins !!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks on vacation. So I can make 2 weeks no more Edits ;) Then I make which again :) I hope you remain to me everybody loyal. Till 2 weeks :D have a very great Time my amazing Assassins :33 <333

Hello! guys syubjeon here with my 2nd follower forever recently i have hit 2.5k followers and I can’t be happier. thank you all who follow meeeee!!!. p.s sorry if i forget any mutuals or anybody im really sorry if i do 


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One Line Prompts

Hey guys! I’m excited for these, I really wanted to write more stuff and I found some one line prompts from another blog (all credit goes towards alpha-imagines) Send me a number in my inbox and a character’s name from Teen Wolf, I’ll be writing based off of the sentence you pick :) (Four of these sentences I thought of myself) 

1. “All I’ve ever needed is staring right at me
2. “I’m not quite convinced”
3. “They found his diary under his bed”
4. “Fuck you”
5. “Please, just don’t leave me”
6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7. “Are you jealous?”
8. “Have you seen this?”
9. “Come over here and make me”
10. “I trusted you!”
11. “I almost lost you”
12. “I’m only going to ask you once more”
13. “We need to talk”
14. “Promise me”
15. “I thought you loved me”
16. “No matter where you are, or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely, love you”
17. “I’m pregnant”
18. “I thought you were dead”
19. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified”
20. “I’m never going to leave you”
21. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
22. “I’ll get you back for that”
23. “There’s something I need to tell you”
24. “Well, this is awkward…”
25. “Who did this to you?”
26. “It’s not my fault!”
27. “I didn’t do it”
28. “Please, just don’t hurt____”
29. “We shouldn’t be doing this”
30. “I’m fed up of your stupid games”

Link to my inbox right here
Requests are accepted right now

i want to do something worthwhile if i have this blog with a decent enough following so i might start working on a webcomic ive been on and off running over in my head for like 2 years

anonymous asked:

do the people/colleagues you have to be more 'professional' around know about this blog and does the idea of them knowing this more unfiltered version of you worry you?

1. i don’t really consider this an “unfiltered” version of myself. i don’t think that is really much of a possibility. i feel like if you click through a few pages of my blog you’ll see that there is a very deliberate kind of rhythm to the thing, even if it’s a deliberately “off” rhythm.

2. i don’t go around talking about “my tumblr,” but i’m not hiding anything. it’s my blog title, my url, everything. it’s out there. this shows up on the first page of google results about me. maybe it’s my self-destructive bent at work. there’s definitely some not-so-libidinal part of me that wants this blog to be “discovered,” for people to see this other very carefully curated and presented “real me.”

3. at this point in my life and career, i am very matter-of-fact and “come as you are” about certain things. this is me, this is what i do, this is what i am trying to say, and i am being as honest as i can be in the process. it might not be “unfiltered,” but it is unguarded. i am, to a certain extent, an open book. i am a bit – maybe more than a bit – narcissistic.

4. one of the reasons i so value professionalism is that, in a certain formulation i have in my head, it’s a trump card. i show up, do my job, and aim to be unfailingly professional. simultaneously, i can be loudly, insistently, bawdily myself. but if i’ve been nothing but professional, if i’ve done the work well, if i’ve been respectful of my peers, then nobody has anything on me. if, after all that, they take issue with me, it’s their problem, not mine.

5. you’d be surprised at how open my colleagues and i often are with each other, so-called “propriety” be damned.

6. so no, it really doesn’t worry me to imagine someone somewhere happening upon my blog and being surprised at what they find. if they don’t like it, they can go; i don’t want them as my fans.

anonymous asked:

Sorry sent to wrong ask box. Could Elliot be Tyrell too? Does he have 3 personalities and not just the 2 we knew about?

No worries, you can always message me at my personal blog. If anything I think its a huge possibility considering we didn’t see Tyrell the whole episode, Elliot waking up in his car and the way Joanna looked at him as if she knew him. She almost seemed like she was going to let him inside. I would consider rewatching season 1 and look to see if its true. We wouldn’t know for sure but its a definite possibility that he has more alter egos than we think.

Top 10 Fandoms and Fave Characters

Tagged by otterlycrete.
(I don’t really have a lot of fandoms right now so I’m gonna count fandoms I was really obsessed with in the past, also in no particular order. Not even sure if top 10 but these were the ones on top of my head.)

1.) Love Live! - Maki Nishikino
2.) Fluttering Feelings - Kim No-Rae
3.) Hibike! Euphonium - (conflicted but I’m gonna have to say) Natsuki Nakagawa
4.) Ace Attorney - Ema Skye
5.) K-On! - Yui Hirasawa
6.) Harry Potter - Hermione Granger
7.) Hetalia: Axis Powers - Prussia
8.) Gundam Seed - Lacus Clyne
9.) Fate/Stay Night - Rin Tohsaka
10.) RWBY - Weiss

I tag jackeru nico-useless-bf-maki-chan missingy ladispokemon theexittheycallparadise and (have you already done this?) idolized-salt