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Hello nipuni! I drew Nalia a while back, with the blue flower crown and surrounded by flowers! If I could still have a request, it would be my Inquisitor Valora! I have 2 pictures of her on my blog! I know you get a lot of requests, but thank you for acknowledging my picture, it meant so much to me!! If you could draw her any time youre not busy, that would be awesome!! sorry this was so long! Keep up the beautiful artwork!! 💕😄

Hello, your art was beautiful!! thank you so so much again 💕 and sure!! here is a small Valora, I hope you like it!! have a nice weekend 🤗

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Name: Florence but I hate it so please call me Tyriq
Star sign: Taurus
Average amount of sleep I get: School night: 3 or 5
Weekends: 3 or 5
Last thing I Googled: All time low cuz i needed to show my boyfriend why i love this band so i can drag him down into bandom hell with mey
What I’m wearing: joga pants and a hoodie
Favorite fictional character: either Erika Karisawa from Durarara or Steven Strange from Dr. Strange
When did I start this blog: ….i forgot… sorry
Do I run any other blogs: I have 2 other blogs.
My main: @otaku-tyriq
My Anime blog: @nerd-raven
Do I get alot of ask’s: what’s an ask?
Why did I choose my url: cuz i’m trash for bands and my favourite meme is doge

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DIY Crstyal Ball Tutorial from the now dead blog Seeing Things that doesn’t exist any longer. I have spent 2 hours going through my blog taking out links to her blog which I really loved. I have altered some of the text to make it shorter.Supplies:
  • Glass Candy Dish with a Metal Pedestal - no plastic parts because it is going in the oven with polymer clay. Works best if the dish has a lip around the top.
  • Necklass Glass Globe - only the globe not the entire lamp kit. The neckless type will sit level in the dish. Buy at Lowes or Home Depot for under $10.
  • Black Sculpey or any brand of Polymer Clay - 8 oz.block.
  • White Glue - Welbond works well in the oven.
  • Pearl-Ex in Aztec Gold.
  • Glitter Gem Stickers - Dollar Store.
  • Dangling Earrings - Dollar Store.
  • LED Light - Remove the globe and turn on the the light and replace gloge.
    External image


1. Apply a 1/8 in thick x (however wide your dish dictates) strip of black Sculpey around the edge of the dish. **Apply a little Weldbond to the dish where the Sculpey is applied. Lightly press Sculpey into place.

External image

2. Cut out leaves from black Sculpey, add veining and dust with gold Pearlex. Don’t apply the Pearlex to the area of the leave that will attach to the black strip going around the edge of the candy dish or it won’t adhere.

External image

3. Apply the leaves to the edge of the dish pressing firmly into place. Apply more Pearlex to the band ensursing that all the black Sculpey is covered. Poke a small hole 1/4” from the end of each leaf big enough for the wire on the earrings to fit through.

External image

4. When you’re happy with your design, place the entire dish in the oven and bake according to the directions on the Sculpey package.

External image
5. When the dish is baked and cured add a few glitter gems and hang the earrings from the leaves.

place your LED light in the bottom of the dish, replace the glass globe.

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I am aware you have a problem with my Roxas post, I don't give too shits about your interpretation vs my interpretation of that scene is but how dare you question whether or not I have Played Kingdom Hearts 2. My Blog is 90% Kingdom Hearts I have played every English released kingdom hearts game and I would greatly appreciate if you would not question that ever again.