ok i love yuri on ice and i enjoy killing stalking but???? they quite literally have NOTHING in common other than having lgbt+ characters and it’s really gross to lump them together just because of that??? it’s okay to enjoy them both but you should enjoy them separately??

okay but imagine how crazy the marauders would go with muggle stationery

like james and sirius would absolutely attempt to draw twirly moustaches on the fat lady’s face in permanent marker when they found her sleeping after returning from some night time adventure

or an elaborate prank where remus meticulously papers every inch of james, sirius and peter’s bed with post it notes (including them) while they sleep (FFS MOONY YOU HAD TO PUT THEM ON MY EYES TOO?? I HAVE PAPER CUTS ON MY EYELIDS)

and peter covers them all in glue and showers them with glitter until they are absolutely covered and vvvv sparkly - both sirius and james embrace the glitter and james absolutely uses the opportunity to hug lily and rub up against her so she’s sparkly too (LETS SPARKLE TOGETHER LILY YAAAAAS) and it takes ages for all the glitter to be gone (sirius james and peter swear up and down that remus had been an awesome glittery werewolf that full moon ‘we even took pics look moony’ ‘YOU WHAT’ ‘from a safe distance ofc chill pls’)

one time remus and james decide to prank the entire school by switching all their quills and parchments with notebooks and pens and paper and cackle when the purebloods (who didn’t take muggle studies) struggle for ages with clicky pens and pencil sharpeners

or hmm how about the time where peter fucks shit up with a stapler and uses it to threaten older students who pick on younger ones (I HAVE A STAPLE GUN AND IM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT) (the bullies tend to just back away slowly bc ‘wtf is pettigrew waving around now’ ‘idk but i dont wanna be here when he decides to use it’)

and it turns out that sirius is an origami PRO bc lets face it parchment is way too thick for this kinda shit and it’s so much easier just using muggle paper and the results are hella cute so for his next birthday remus buys him two massive packets of printer paper and sirius is delighted

and james does research to find a good stationery shop when in london (basically he asks lily) and they all go in and make loud exclamations about everything in there ‘MOONY LOOK ITS AN OWL ON A NOTEBOOK HOW DO MUGGLES DO THIS SHIT’ ‘THEY HAVE PINK PAPER?? OMG BLUE TOO? ALL THE COLOURS?????? ITS LIKE A RAINBOW WOW’ ‘so. many. PENS.’ ‘guys LOOK these pens have FOUR COLOURS IN ONE - THAT’S FOUR CLICKY PARTS WOW’

(and lily is standing in the background regretting ever introducing the boys to stationery in the first place)

natsume-and-friends  asked:

Hi, I'm really confused, what is produce 101 exactly? I saw the post saying Nu'est are participating and assumed it was a good thing but now I'm seeing people panicking about them breaking up and I don't have a clue what's going on lol. Sorry if you've already answered this.

It’s okay, I haven’t exactly answered something like this, so I don’t mind answering! 

First of all, NU’EST is not breaking up. Pledis themselves announced in the fancafe that NU’EST going on Produce 101 has nothing to do with any impending disbandment. They are not disbanding. However, while the participating members are taking part in Produce 101, any NU’EST activities will be halted in favor of Mnet’s activities. 

Produce 101 is a show that in it’s first season asked for female trainees and rookies from various companies, 101 of them to be exact, and they all competed to be in a girl group, named IOI, managed by Mnet for a 1 year contract. It’s completely temporary. The participating members move into dorms provided by Mnet and they do dance covers and song covers of other groups/idols music to show their talents to a panel of judges who are typically veterans of the industry. 

This season, Mnet is asking for male trainees and rookies. However, because they need 101 people to compete, and because a lot of trainees have since dropped out since the announcement there has been a shortage of trainees and idols to compete in this season, and so Mnet extended their invitation to underrated groups who want to get more exposure. NU’EST is not the only established group who will be sending members to Produce 101 to compete. It is not as though Pledis is actually treating NU’EST like rookies, and NU’EST made this decision on their own. 

The conspiracy theories need to stop in this fandom. People are showing how little they understand about business when they assume this decision was made over dinner. By the time this was announced, the members had already signed a contract and began filming, and decisions like this are made over several weeks. We have no reason to believe Pledis forced the boys to make this decision; this is perfectly within character for the boys to take this opportunity. We know they take matters into their own hands when they feel like something needs to be done (ie: Minhyun knocking on doors in order to appear on Dream Team in 2014). I literally have no reason to suspect Pledis is lying in their statement that NU’EST wanted this. And it’s clear the boys made this decision after a long time of consideration; this was not an easy decision and it wasn’t one they made lightly. 

In the end, everything has already been finalized and we need to show the boys love and support and encouragement. They need to build a Korean fanbase and everything they’ve done in the past, even with having 2 comebacks and doing lots of their own variety (Video Star, NU’EST’s Private Life, K-Cook Show) it has not helped them build that Korean fanbase. Going on this show is definitely to gain Korean fans again because that is where they are lacking, that is where the struggle to win on music shows comes from. I completely understand why they made this decision, and we need to respect this decision and do what we can to help them be successful in this endeavor. It’s going to be very difficult for them; they have to compete against rookies/trainees, they’ll have to deal with snide remarks and bullying from anti’s, they’ll also probably have to deal with for-tv drama by Mnet, but this is the option they have and beggars cannot be choosers. They’re taking every opportunity to boost their exposure to Korean fans. Produce 101 is a great way to do that, especially with the success of the previous season. The boys know what they’re doing, they understand the risk, but they are grown men and can make this decision. I trust them, and I love and support them, and I’m asking the fandom to do the same. 

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so you think you can make an incredibly transphobic post (i know you said its not transphobic. it was. you don't fully understand that it is because you don't care about trans people or trans issues) and then delete it so your followers don't have to see what a huge asshole you are? lol okay. you have a responsibility to your trans followers to let them know if you are unsafe to follow. you believe genitals are the deciding factor of gender.

I deleted the posts because they were bringing nothing but drama and I honestly don’t have the energy to deal with people like you. So, let’s sum up the posts here so my followers can see “what a huge asshole I am”.

Sex is (usually) a big part of a relationship. You can’t force yourself to be attracted to genitals you’re not attracted to. I don’t think genitals have anything to do with gender, but they are (again, usually) a big part of relationships. If you’re not interested in dating a specific person because you’re literally not attracted to the genitals they have that’s completely okay. What’s not okay however, is not dating a trans person purely because they’re trans. 

With all due respect, you barely know anything about me. So don’t just assume I don’t care about trans people/ issues. 

I have a responsibility to my trans followers to let them know if I’m unsafe to follow? Okay. Listen up my babies! I’m completely SAFE to follow!

Just assume the only kind of “phobic” I am is agoraphobic, okay? Thanks ;)


Okay so you guys convinced me to post a fic. Please be gentle, I know it’s not great. I don’t have a title for now so this is what it’s gonna be lmao
Shoutout to @shut-your-quiznaking-quiznak for editing and making me post it lol

Anyway here’s chapter 1

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anonymous asked:

Why don't you go in the tag? It is so much fun. When you are having a bad day just go in the tag and it will make you laugh I promise. I notice you don't really interact with other Richonne fans too so, just wondering.

I don’t go in the tag because I don’t wanna deal with the silly shit y'all see on a regular basis, lol. I can’t afford to be mad when I’m here to have fun. I trust the lovely people I follow to provide me with the quality content from the tag.

And my blog is nothing but me interacting with other Richonne fans? I don’t have much time to make original posts or scroll through Tumblr very often, but the 260 asks in my inbox tell me I’m doing okay on interactions.

the most common reasons ppl give to subtly discard sharon carter disputed (by means of using the already established mcu canon, among other sources)

these next 2 paragraphs were originally the conclusion to my text but i decided to move it up to avoid any massive unfollow sprees or anon hate sent my way lol if you read nothing else in this post, plese read these paragraphs before the cut.

now, you still with me? okay. you see, the thing is: you don’t have to like sharon. and you don’t have to like staron. you don’t even need to give any reasons as to why you don’t like them. really, you don’t. because sometimes there isn’t even a reason, we just don’t jive with certain things and that’s cool. heck, i have friends that think benadryl cabbage patch is the hottest thing in the world, and while that deeply disturbs me, i accept them and we can be friends even with that canyon of differences between us. it’s just the nature of humanity to differ in tastes. i just put his name in my tumblr savior list and move along with life. 

but when you make up reasons that don’t exist (see items above below), or make fun of people for liking what you don’t, or go out of your way to put your hate (yes, saying a pairing “makes you vomit” IS hate, let’s not be dense here), or complain about wanting a certain type of character to be portrayed on screen (in this case, more strong female characters in the mcu) and dismiss them when you’re given one on the sole purpose of shipping, THEN we’re gonna have a problem. 

otherwise? you do you

now, for the reasons disputed: 

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Okay, this has obviously nothing to do with DL xD

@nyakachii and @sugarsakamaki wanted to see this, so I just post it here cause I don’t have an art blog <.< I didn’t edit it, just my signature, so sorry if the colors are bad lol

It’s my study of a tree and painted with pastel. It’s a nice thing to paint with if you don’t mind dirty hands and clothes due to the powder ^w^

This is my art. Please don’t repost, copy, edit, or whatever.

Likes and reblogs are appreciated, even if it’s not DL xD

gxrlstalk-boys  asked:

Okay so I'm pretty new to tumblr, and I wanna get a good 5sos blog going. Do you have any tips on getting noticed/ gaining followers??? Cuz I know nothing about that on here lol😂

Original posts bean. You can REblog a billion things that you like or believe but if you don’t post some of your own content it will be hard for people to notice you ☺️

@khyali-pulao okay true I did create a medieval fantasy and sci-fi binary in that post.

I agree, to an extent, that medieval fantasy is like sci-fi but instead of science you have fantasy elements. But I feel like it’s just more unrealistic? It’s more myths and legends. Again, my argument in this case has nothing to stand on LOL.

I like that sci fi has more realism in it. Also sci-fi heavily overlaps with the dystopian thriller and (sometimes) horror genres, which are both something I’m a fan of. So maybe it’s just bias?

I agree with you on the gritty feeling of medieval fantasy. That feeling turns me off on the genre. Obviously if we excavate artifacts from long ago they will be gritty but at the time they were novel products, no? They were scientific innovations of their time. This is also where the gray area between sci-fi and medieval fantasy happens, as you mentioned in your reply.

Relating to your comment about the gritty feeling in medieval fantasy, I also don’t like the pristine clean technology aesthetic portrayed in some sci-fi. That’s why I guess I gravitate more toward sci-fi that overlaps with dystopian thriller and horror because it’s a balance of grit and novelty.

anonymous asked:

You may look nice but youre currently a joke, move on. Stop mourning for what once was, every ex started off great but then their real colors showed. Portraying yourself sexually everyday won't help you ever find a good man, it just makes me want to fuck you and leave you for the nothing you currently are acting. Imagine if an employer found this page, this page is attention seeking and youre an idiot asking to be stalked and such.

My first anonymous hate message :’)
All I can say is I’ve been posting stuff like this for years and I’ve been a-okay lol.
I’m sorry I bug you so much, anon. But the great thing about Tumblr is if you don’t like someone, you don’t have to follow them! Problem solved.

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day, boo 😘


Some new Before and After Editing

These weren’t heavy edits but meh I have nothing else to post and idk…I just like showing that my pics aren’t like super “photoshopped” 98% of the time. Sometimes people think my sims might not look the same without me editing the pics but lol….I wouldn’t be able to deal with fixing every detail in GIMP to make them look right. The most edited part is the hair on the White Priestess pics…..That Afro was not big enough okay? (¬___¬)

Just Can’t Help It

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,250.

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions of sex, but nothing graphic. Features the song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley so I guess if you don’t like that song, avoid this story. I don’t think there’s anything else? But please, if anyone needs anything tagged, tell me. 

Author’s Note: This is literally my first time posting anything I’ve written online anywhere, I’m so sorry if it’s horrible. 

Request: From a-little-hell-to-raise, who wanted to see my writing in action for the first time. “Okay, I have a fluffy story idea but feel free to say no if you don’t like it, I won’t be offended (and if you don’t write it I might lol). How about the reader has a date but she gets stood up. She goes home (to the bunker) and shuts herself in her room because she’s so upset. Dean comes in and finds out why she’s sad and to make her feel better about not going on a date he puts on some music and slow dances with her or maybe he makes her a nice dinner for two or really anything along those lines. Too fluffy? Sound like something you’d be interested in?”


“You sure I can’t get you anything else, honey?” It had to have been the sixth time the waitress had asked you that in the past hour, in between refilling your wine a few times and bringing you a plate of complementary bread. You sighed in defeat. As sweet as she was, you couldn’t help but feel absolutely pathetic every time you looked up at her and saw how much pity those eyes held for you.

“Just the check, please. I believe I’ve been stood up,” you told her. You checked the time on your phone one more time. 9:04 P.M. Your date was supposed to meet you here at eight. The hour that you had sat here waiting for him was more than enough time for you to realize that he wasn’t going to show. The waitress—Jane, as her name tag read—nodded sympathetically and went to retrieve the check for all the wine you’d consumed since you’d gotten here. Stupid Brody. Stupid, handsome, perfect Brody. You’d met him in a bar a few days ago, and he had surprised you by wanting to take you on a date, rather than wanting to take you out to the backseat of his car. You had worried about an ulterior motive, if he was just playing the “nice guy” act to get in your pants, but you had had a few drinks together and he seemed sincere. You thought that maybe, just maybe, you could finally have one nice night out. It would have been a nice change from all the gore and horror you faced on a daily basis as a hunter.

“You know, any man would be lucky to take you out. He’s an idiot for losing his chance with you,” Jane said boldly, pulling you out of your thoughts as she returned with your check. You gave her the brightest smile you could manage, thanked her, and paid your bill. After she walked away, you left a large tip on the table for her. She really was a sweet girl.

Walking through the parking lot towards your car, you saw something that stopped you dead in your tracks—Brody’s car. You’d seen him climb into it at the end of the night that you met him, watching him drive away as you daydreamed about kissing his beautiful face. But why was his car here, if he wasn’t? Confused, and slightly irritated, you made your way over to it. 


“That fucking bastard!” You screamed as you entered the bunker, and Sam and Dean immediately appeared as you slammed the door shut. 

“What happened?” Sam asked. You were so angry, you couldn’t see straight. The alcohol in your system probably wasn’t helping either.

“I thought he stood me up, but he was in the parking lot having sex with some bitch in the back of his car!” So much for “perfect” Brody. So much for “nice guy” Brody. You should have known it was too good to be true. He had probably just seen you as a piece of ass he could charm into sleeping with him, but when he’d found an easier conquest, he had taken it. Another thought occurred to you. “Wait, that’s not fair,” you sighed. “She was probably a really nice girl, not a bitch. Brody is just a disgusting pig. No, that’s not fair, either. I like pigs. They’re kind of cute. Brody is evil.” You stopped when you realized you were rambling about farm animals. Just how drunk were you? How had you even driven yourself home without wrecking? Wrecking. In a car. Brody had a car. Brody had sex in a car while he was supposed to be with you. How dare he? Now you were angry again. You forcefully threw everything you had in your hands onto the floor—your purse, keys, and phone—and stormed off to your room, leaving the boys standing in the doorway with wide eyes.

“Who does he think he is?” You mumbled to yourself. You had locked your door and thrown yourself in bed, and now the anger was wearing off. Tears began to cloud your vision. You shouldn’t have been so affected by a stranger. Brody didn’t matter. Hell, you’d just met the guy this week. And after what happened, you knew you deserved better than that anyway. So why did this hurt so much?

You knew why. It was because you’d been so excited for this. You’d even gushed to Dean earlier in the day while you were getting ready. You’d never been on an actual date. Sure, you’d been in a few shoddy relationships here and there, and you’d definitely had drunk sex with strangers in cheap motels at three in the morning (more times that you’d have liked to admit), but you had never been taken out on a real date. And when Brody offered that to you, and then took it away from you so aggressively, it had left you a little overwhelmed. Or maybe the alcohol was just heightening all your emotions.

A gentle knock on the door startled you out of your haze. “Y/N?” It was Dean’s voice, low and hesitant, coming from the other side of your door. You frowned. Sam and Dean must have thought you were crazy, storming in drunk and screaming your head off and throwing your belongings everywhere. And now you were lying tangled up in your bedsheets crying and you knew your hair was most likely a mess now, and the last thing you needed was more pity.  

“Go away, Dean,” you called out. You’d embarrassed yourself enough for one day. No one needed to see you like this, especially not Dean. You had been attracted to him from the moment you saw him, but although he flirted with you shamelessly, you soon learned that he did that with practically every girl he met. Unfortunately, you knew that nothing would ever happen between the two of you. Besides, if Brody had stood you up for another girl, maybe you just weren’t good enough for anyone.

“Y/N, I don’t really think you should be alone right now,” Dean said, his voice coming muffled again from outside of your room. As much as you wanted to fling the door open and run into his arms, you couldn’t. It would just end up in disappointment for you because you knew he’d never want you. Apparently, no one wanted you. Anger washed over you again. Stupid Brody! Stupid Dean! Stupid dates!

“Go away!” You screeched, grabbing one of the shoes that were still on your feet and throwing it blindly. It banged loudly against the wall right beside your door. You knew you were being absurd, and a little mean, but you just couldn’t deal with anyone else at the moment. You heard him sigh heavily, but finally he moved away from the door and you could hear his footsteps retreat down the hallway.


You spent the next three hours in tears, until you had cried so much that you were sure there was no more water left in your body, and then you just laid there clutching a pillow to your chest, breathing irregularly and trying your hardest to think about nothing.

You jumped when you heard a knock on your door. You hadn’t heard anything other than your own breathing in the stillness of your pitch-black room for a while. You had no desire to leave your bed, but (knowing that you needed some water and you still hadn’t eaten very much during the day) you decided to face the great unknown outside of the safety of your own room.

“Just a minute,” you croaked out to whoever was at your door. You almost hoped it was Dean, but after you had screamed at him earlier, you figured it was most likely Sam. Surely, you could put on a brave face for a few minutes so they’d stop worrying about you. You quickly checked your face in the mirror hanging on your wall, pulling your messy hair up into a ponytail and wiping away the tear-streaked makeup from your face before opening the door. Surprisingly, it was Dean there, holding your purse in one hand and your phone and keys in the other, offering them to you cautiously. He probably thought you were going to shout at him again. You gave him a tender smile and stepped aside so he could come in. He walked past you to lay your things on your bed, then turned around and pulled you into a hug.

“What that jerk did to you was so wrong, Y/N,” he whispered, and you relaxed into his arms. You needed to let yourself be held right now, even if it was from someone who just thought of you as a friend. But then he shocked you by continuing with, “I never wanna have to listen to you cry like that again.” He’d been listening to you cry? Had you really been that loud? You leaned away from him to look up into his eyes, his arms still wrapped tightly around your waist. You had no idea what to say to him. You were about to apologize for being rude earlier, but he spoke again first.

“I have something I wanna show you,” he said, releasing you suddenly and taking your hand instead. You nodded warily, and let him pull you along. Your mind was racing. What was he doing? What could he possibly have to show you? You let him lead the way until you arrived in the kitchen. The lights were off, but there were candles lit everywhere, music playing softly in the background, and the table was set for two with your favorite meal. You looked up at him in wonder.

“I know you were looking forward to having your first date,” he explained. “I figured I probably couldn’t convince you to leave the house again after what happened tonight, so I…” He trailed off, his eyes tense and nervous. Why would he be nervous? Did he like you too? Was that even a possibility? “I wanted to do this for you,” he said, nodding his head towards the table.

“You did all this for me?” You asked him. He was still holding your hand, and he gave it a gentle squeeze. Without replying, he led you to sit down at the table before he took the seat across from you.

The two of you ate in comfortable silence, mostly because you didn’t know what to say. Dean had never been this sweet and thoughtful towards you in any place except your dreams. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of you since you sat down, so you self-consciously kept your face lowered, let the hushed music fill your ears, and savored the delicious food Dean had made for you. You were nearly done eating whenever you heard one of your favorite songs come on, Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love.

“Oh, I adore this song,” you said with a serene smile, finally breaking the silence between the two of you. Dean instantly stood up.

“Dance with me?” He asked softly. He offered you his hand, and you took it tentatively and let him pull you out of your seat. He settled his hands on your waist and began to slowly sway with you, so you wrapped your arms around his neck and laid your head against his chest.

Shall I stay? Would it be a sin, if I can’t help falling in love with you? This song always gave you such a peaceful feeling, and there in Dean’s embrace, it was even better. With tranquility flowing over you, you let yourself forget about the night’s awful events and melted further into his arms.

“Y/N?” Dean breathed in your ear, sending tingles down your spine. You looked up at him. “I never wanted to see you hurt like that,” he started, “but I have to tell you… The entire time you were out tonight, I sat here praying that that dope would do or say the wrong thing, so that you would come back home to me.” You froze. Come back home to him? Did he really just say that? You had to be dreaming. Or dead, and in your own personal Heaven. This just couldn’t be real. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to tell you how I feel… Listen,” he continued, encouraging you to pay attention to the song, searching your eyes for your reaction. “Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you.” Your breath came quicker as the song came to a close. This couldn’t be a dream. This was so much better than anything your mind had ever come up with.

“Dean, I—” you stuttered, but you didn’t get any further before his lips were on yours, so sweetly, so delicately. He brought his hands up to cup your face, pulling away slowly, his eyes glued to yours. You gazed up at him, warmth rolling throughout your entire body as he smiled at you so genuinely.

“I just can’t help it, Y/N. I’ve already fallen in love with you,” he whispered, and pulled you back in against him snugly. Standing there in the candlelit kitchen in the middle of the night, in the arms of someone who you now knew truly loved you, you were almost thankful for getting stood up.

Retail Story #5
  • Customer: Hello I'd like to return all of these items
  • Me: Was there anything wrong with them?
  • Customer: No I just bought more than I needed.
  • Me: Okay, do you have a receipt?
  • Customer: No.
  • Me: Okay, well I can just do a phone lookup to see if I can find any recent purchases under your name.
  • Me: *after doing this* Nothing is coming up.
  • Customer: Oh.
  • Me: Are you sure you don't have a receipt?
  • Customer: No. Are you sure I can't just return these?
  • Me: You dont have any proof of purchase.
  • Customer: I bought them!
  • Me: I don't know that!
  • Customer: I've returned things before!
  • Me: Did you have receipts then?
  • Customer: Yes but...
  • Me: But...