Happy Halloween part 2, (part 1 is here, part 3 is here) continuing with my art of a Van Helsing-inspired TEW AU, here is Vampire Joseph and his vampire brides >:).

The pic is so large that I had to chop it up otherwise it got all blurry x-x but if you’d like to see it all together I uploaded it in one piece here :) 


The Vampire Chronicles: the Vampire Armand, his companions and some parallels with A Song of Ice and Fire.

M y   s k i n   h a s   t u r n e d

t o   p o r c e l a i n,
Marius de Romanus, a child of Millenia, his maker
“He is ever quick of wit and tongue and eager for reasonable solutions, possessed of infinite patience and unquenchable curiosity and a refusal to give up on the fate of himself, or of us, or of the world. No knowledge can defeat him; tempered by fire and time, he is too strong for the horrors of technology or the spells of science. Neither microscopes nor computers shake his faith in the infinite, though his once solemn charge - Those Who Must Be Kept, who held such promise of redemptive meaning - have long been toppled from their archaic thrones.”

t o   i v o r y, Santino and Alessandra, the coven Master and the coven Mistress, his teachers
“Night after night I did hunt in silence with my new companions, my new loved ones, my new Master and my new Mistress, and than I was ready to begin my new apprenticeship in earnest, and Santino, my teacher, with Alessandra to help him now and then, made me his own pupil, a great honor in the coven, or so the others were quick to tell me when they had the chance.”

t o   s t e e l, Daniel Molloy, the reporter boy, his lover
“The tall thin boyish young man with the violet eyes and the ashen hair whom Lestat had so aptly called “the Devil’s Minion.” It was Daniel who had interviewed the vampire who was Louis de Pointe du Lac, thereby giving birth unwittingly and innocently enough decades ago to the collection of books known as the Vampire Chronicles. It was Daniel who’d captured the damaged heart of the Vampire Armand and been brought over by him into Darkness.”

G o d   h e a r d   m y   p r a y e r.

I just really like Vampire Cookie, okay?

Original art by 上が緩い

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for me at least >w>) höhöh <3 I finally finished my first year in Highschool :D <3 YUUUUUSSSSS *v*)/ !! next year is ‘Abitur’…. my veeery last exams ever :’D! this is gonna be so exhausting, dude, but I’ll pass somehow :> for now : relaaaxing 8D ~ which means… drawing Servampstuff like ever, watching THEEE ANIMEEEEEEE, and sleep =w=) <3 <3

and Tadaaaa :DDD ! have some lil Lawless eating Ice cream :> ! it’s really REAAALLLYYY hot today here in Germany… help x’D I also feel so sry for those who still have to work or go to School until the end of July TwT but U CAN DO THIS XDDDD !! ~ however, it’s his birthday tomorrow :D ! LOOOORRRESS BASDEY PATIII ~

The Spam on Twitter is tremendous… as expected 8D ! he has sosososo many Fangirls…jfc :’D! I was just submitting this on twitter an hour ago and then BOOOOOMMM Spam of likes and retweets o.o dude, i wasn’t expecting this, because this drawing is not even the drawing for his acutal birthday… :'DDD ! but ok, who cares x'DD

hope u like it :> !

Vampire!Captains for HQHalloweenyWeek.  Yeah, I have nothing for the rest of the week, but let’s think about that later, k?

Of these guys, I think I’ve only sketched Oikawa before, so I hope this looks ok.

I have nothing against Spuffy as a ship, especially how the fans ship it. I like Spike, and Buffy, and see the appeal of Spuffy. But canon Spuffy always makes me a tad uneasy, because as good as the growth was, it was still founded in Spike stalking her, them clobbering and manipulating each other, even after/as they were having sex and Spike was reforming, Buffy treating Spike as an emotional punching bag, and things like Seeing Red. The healthy growth started later, and the show and the main Spuffy age ended soon after. Not that she doesn’t still care and Spike doesn’t still love her, but it’s mostly from afar, and he admits it’s screwy. So, watching the pair in the show still unnerves me, a little, because the fans have made the idea sweet, but the in show it’s still unhealthy to me.

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