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I don't understand. You get upset over the fact that most males watch porn, but you seem to turn a blind eye to the fact that most females read smut. You find slurs like "cunt" misogynistic, but you don't have a problem with words like "dick"? I am a female by the way, so don't answer by saying I'm a "white cis privileged douche" please. (Also, what does porn have anything to do with feminism? I can understand if you're upset for religious reasons, but if not, how does it hurt women?)

I’m not religious. 

Porn is the filmed rape, abuse, and degradation of women.

Read the words of these porn stars and see what they have to say about the porn industry.

Porn is created by men, for men, using women as objects for male pleasure. Read the words of these pornographers and see what they have to say about the porn they create.

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Name: Delilah
Nickname: Deli, Lila
Birthday: March 4
Star sign: Pisces
Gender: female
Height: 5′ 4"
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Favorite color: Green and black
Time right now:10:10 pm
Average Amount of Sleep: 5-8 hours
Lucky number: uhhh idk 6?
Last thing I googled: ‘how long does it take for zebra finch eggs to hatch’ 2 weeks btw lmao
Word that comes to mind: egg
Happy place: THe ZOO or my school’s band room
Celebrity crush: Chris Evans, Lee Pace, Sebastian Stan
Favorite book: Ender’s Game or The Killing Joke
Favorite band/artist: Twenty One Pilots, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, etc
Last film I watched: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dream Trip: New Zealand
Dream Job: I don’t exactly have it down yet, but something along the lines of video game designer, psychiatrist, screenwriter/director, etc.

I tag: captainfelii, lendellen, sonofdvrin, soulofmonochrome, puppyzackfair, the-technicolor-whiscash, serahinquisitor, anoakaiito, kenvay, roxasbros, razzledazzy

A former Wall Street banker has developed a new app that will film you and your partner “consenting” to having sex with each other. Using your phone camera, you point the lens at yourself and state your name and desire. Then you point the lens at your partner and they agree (“consent”). Called WeConsent, the aim of this app is to ensure there is no trouble post-coitus between sexual partners. However, it may have just missed the point…

Apps can be wonderful things. Hell, I can turn my iPhone into a level for hanging photographs, and I can video chat with my family in the next country. But equating sexual consent (any consent) with “There’s an app for that!” really isn’t going to encourage or promote an understanding of what consent is. In actual fact, the biggest thing this app proves is that we still don’t understand: we still do not get that one must continue to consent in order for it not to be rape; consent is not negotiable.

In so many ways, this app is a step in the right direction: it is raising the right questions. But in so many others, it is falling incredibly short. We must teach consent with a thorough understanding of what consent is; we must teach the importance of understanding that it is ok to say “no”. Right now there isn’t — and perhaps never will there ever be — an app for that.

—  “We(Do Not)Consent” by BritishGirl

Kravitz, now 26, doesn’t take any nonsense. She can’t afford to. If her celebrity parents (Lenny – Grammy award-winning musician and Hunger Games actor – and Lisa Bonet, film actor and former star of The Cosby Show) didn’t invite Hollywood bigwigs to make assumptions, her gender, heritage (African-American and Ashkenazi Jewish) or appearance (septum piercing, multiple tattoos: feather, anchor, hawk) would. In an industry that rarely shows black women as anything but, in her words, “best friend of the white girl”, Kravitz works hard to give weight to her flimsy blockbuster roles. There’s often not a lot to work with. In the Divergent series, she played Shailene Woodley’s plucky ally, Christina. In X-Men:First Class, she was Angel Salvadore, an insect-winged mutant who moonlights as a stripper. “I ask writers and producers: ‘Why don’t you have any black people in your film?’, ‘Why do stories happen to white people and everyone else is a punchline?’,” she says. “What I’m finding is that a lot of people don’t see it’s an issue because it’s not their story, unless they’re black or a minority.”[X]

I am a collection of thoughts and memories and likes and dislikes. I am the things that have happened to me and the sum of everything I’ve ever done. I am the clothes I wear on my back. I am every place and every person and every object I have ever come across. I am a bag of bones stuck to a very large rock spinning a thousand miles an hour.
[TRANS] 150826 Yixing - iFeng Entertainment Interview

After filming Go Fighting, Zhang Yixing’s most recent project is the TV drama “To be a Better Man”, where he will guest star as Sun Hong Lei’s apprentice. Although filming has not yet started, Zhang Yixing has firmly told the reporter that this will be a good drama because “Hong Lei-Ge is here.” This sort of unfailing trust comes from having filmed twelve episodes together. In Zhang Yixing’s eyes, he and the Geges are already friends for a lifetime, what he’s gained is the kind of love that exists between men. As for repeatedly being cheated and bullied by Sun Hong Lei, Huang Bo and the others, there is no reason for others feel bad for him, Yixing says “You can’t use the words bullied or cheated, that’s not right, it should be said that they were teaching me, educating me.”

I have the looks and personality of a sheep | Missing it now that <Go Fighting> has ended

iFeng: What were your feelings after hearing “Sheep Xing” and “Naive Xing” for the first time?

YX: I have never refuted such titles or nicknames before, because they’re apt. (Laughs naively and endlessly in front of the reporters). I was born in the year of the sheep so when everyone says that I’m a small sheep, it’s quite apt. Generally, those born in the year of the sheep are sheep-like and chubby, right? 

iFeng: Do you like sheep?

YX: I think that a sheep is also like me. Whether it’s the physical appearance of a sheep or its fluffiness or its personality, we’re quite similar.

iFeng: Now that the filming of <Go Fighting> has ended, what are your feelings? 

YX: I feel that what I have received is a brotherhood that most people might not get in their lifetime. This type of brotherhood isn’t the general facetious kind of friendship but the kind where everyone cares for one another, the kind of love that exists between men. For me, this is invaluable. The geges from <Go Fighting>, the directors and staff members including the bosses as well, they all send me videos while I’m on the plane to South Korea, I’m so touched. 

iFeng: Do you watch the program yourself?

YX: I do. While recording the last episode, I was hoping that time would pass at a slower pace. 

iFeng: To continue filming?

YX: Yes. I really hoped that time would not pass by so quickly while filming the last episode.

iFeng: Do you still want to participate in other types of reality programs? 

YX: Our studio’s Little Secretary does not let me participate in other programs. We feel like doing <Go Fighting> is it. I hope that us “Go Fighting men" is a team that will be able to go on forever. 

iFeng: Still want to participate in a second season? A third season?

YX: I want, I hope, I certainly do! I hope that the director will continue to ask for me (for the subsequent seasons). 

I’m really not stupid, it’s just that I have slow reactions. 

iFeng: In the episode in which Sun Hong Lei stole your case, your response was quite intense. What are your feelings looking back on it now?

YX: I feel that I was childish, that I took it too seriously. In actuality, it’s just a game, just a reality show. In fact, outside of the show, nothing has changed. My personality hasn’t changed, my communication network hasn’t changed, my emotions haven’t changed. It’s just that I took it too seriously at the time. After I filmed that episode, during the filming of the spy episode, I played the role of an undercover spy. (t/n: Because episode 2 was actually filmed before episode 1, the one where Yixing pretends to be on the other side’s team). Slowly I’ll learn, I hope that my recent reactions and growth on the show won’t let you all down. 

iFeng: The impression you’ve given us through the program is that you’re rather adorably dumb, is this true for you in real life as well? 

YX: Actually, I feel like I am quite smart, it’s just that my reactions are a bit slow. It’s actually like this, maybe people will have a similar reaction to me as well, because there are times when you’ll hear a word but you want the person to repeat and say it again because you’re not sure. You want to confirm what was said before replying. Sometimes if the host or the person speaking to me talks too quickly, then I won’t be able to keep up. And sometimes, maybe because of pronunciation issues, I might not be able to understand, and it causes me to not be able to think that quickly. 

iFeng: Do you specifically try to train yourself so that you can react quicker?

YX: I don’t think there’s any training for this kind of thing, it’s something you’re born with. In life, there will always be people like this who have slower reactions. But you can’t say that he’s dumb, because he really isn’t dumb, it’s just that he has a slower reaction. 

iFeng: Sun Hong Lei says that in the program, 70% of the time he’s being true to himself and 30% is just for show, what about you? 

YX: For me, it’s 90% real and 10% for show because you can’t fully show all of your emotions, sometimes you’ve got to restrain yourself. 

iFeng: You still have to restrain yourself while filming the program? 

YX: No matter who it is that’s playing a game, if you devote all of yourself to it, then it’ll be hard to get out afterwards. Including teenagers that like to play games, while playing the game we only think about playing, when we lose we’d go, oh no, why’d I lose! Obviously you can express this type of feeling normally but you can’t in the show because you can’t let your own feelings affect the show, that isn’t right.

Geges are not tricking or bullying me, they are educating me.

iFeng: In the show, you are always getting tricked by the geges…

YX: No no no, I think we can’t use the word ‘trick’, that is not correct, it should be educate, they are educating me.

iFeng: Have you ever been “educated” by anyone in your life?

YX: For example when you trust a person, and he steps on your bottom line, I suggest you let go (let go of your trust), because everyone has their own bottom line, and they have to guard that bottom line well.

iFeng: It hasn’t been very long since you debuted, are you worried that you are too pure and cannot adapt to the entertainment circle?

YX: I just discussed this with my mom yesterday. Actually I’ve debuted for a long time, I was 6 when I filmed my first drama (a public welfare drama promoting traffic safety), if you count it like this I’ve debuted for more than 10 years. I don’t feel that I can’t adapt to this circle, I’m just slowly learning here, because it’s true that I don’t know a lot. Slowly learn and slowly grow, and now I even have geges.

iFeng: Will your family members watch your shows?

YX: Yes.

iFeng: You always get bullied by everyone, will your family members feel anxious for you?

YX: I think the word “bullied” is a bit sensitive, it should be educating (reporter’s internal thoughts: this silly adorable thing is at it again…) my family thinks that this kind of “education” is very good for me, it is a training and honing process, and it can let me learn a lot of things I cannot learn in life. It’s really very good, the stronger I become through this “education” the better.

iFeng: If you have to choose one no matter what, which gege takes care of you best?

YX: All good, can’t choose one, completely can’t choose one. And they’re all good to me in different ways, various kinds of good, really very good, and it’s not just the geges who are good, the directors are also good, and the directors’ wives…er, not the directors’ wives (little Yixing are you trying to reveal something…), the jiejies are also good, everyone is good, they all take care of me a lot, even the VJs also take care of me well.

iFeng: Throughout the process of filming you always have the most fans, will you feel pressured in front of your seniors?

YX: First of all, thank you to the fans for their support all this time. Actually, with seniors I always feel pressured. Why? Because I’m afraid that because of some oversights I might offend the seniors. But every one of the seniors are very nice, they blend together very well, care about me very much, so all these pressures are already gone. But if you say fans will affect the filming, that I dare not agree with. I hope everyone can understand, that whether it’s a passerby or an actual fan, they all come to see us because they like <Go Fighting>. I also hope that in the process everyone pays attention to their safety, don’t slip or fall.

iFeng: Other than Sun Honglei, who else do you want to work with in movies or dramas?

YX: How can I pick the geges? It must be the geges who pick me.

iFeng: Is there anyone you especially want to work with?

YX: Then Huang Bo ge, Huang Lei ge, Wang Xun ge, Xiao Zhu ge, all of them are okay.

To grasp romantic scenes well…I don’t have much experience in this in life

iFeng: How much screentime do you have in <To Be A Better Man>?

YX: The draft script of the drama has not been completely finalised, maybe it will keep changing. I myself need to gain more familiarity and knowledge about the script first, so now I still need to read the script more. Previously I didn’t have much time to read it diligently, but I just promised the director, when I get on the plane later I’ll read the script a few times.

iFeng: Other than starring opposite Sun Honglei, will the drama arrange for you to have romantic scenes?

YX: This is not very convenient for me to reveal, but this drama is definitely a good drama, because Honglei-ge is here.

Q: Then when you film romantic scenes in the future how will you grasp them, do you have much love experience in real life?

YX: If there are romantic scenes, first I must understand the emotions of the lead character, the emotions of the character I am playing. Then I must read the script more, familiarize myself with the script. Because I don’t have much experience with this myself, and I don’t pay much attention to it, and I never thought I would become an actor, but now I’m starting to take notice of daily life, take notice of some details in my surroundings, I hope this will be helpful to my performances in the future. I will work hard, although I don’t do well, I will work hard.

iFeng: Are you worried that when the broadcast begins, people will say you only have visuals but no acting skills?

YX: Actually this rings a warning bell for us, and is also an impetus for celebrities. I think it’s quite good, it’s true that when the acting is not good the viewers will give a reaction. If everyone genuinely feels that you don’t act well, then you have to improve, because it’s true that it’s my acting that isn’t good, even before the shoot began I’ve already known. I hope I can use my hard work to make up for this void.

trans by: elaysiumsmayonnaisepan for layixingworld. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST.

There are many things that I hate about myself, but my skin colour is not one of them. Having dark skin does not make you ugly, despite what others say. Many relatives have made negative comments about my skin being dark and for some time I was ashamed of it. I have a friend who has a sister with fairer skin, and her relatives would completely ignore my friend’s beauty and compliment her sister. It frustrates me when I hear the word ‘karuppu’ (dark skinned/ black) used as a negative description and 'vella’ (light skinned/ white) as a positive one. I hate how some media also depicts having dark skin as being ugly. I hate the fact that in Indian film industries, dark skinned women are not cast as the heroines because for many eyes. We all came in different colours and we are all equally beautiful. Let’s put a stop to girls being ashamed of dark skin. Let’s prove to the world that dark is beautiful. Let’s make people feel proud of their skin. I am dark skinned and proud. #darkisbeautiful

Can We Fast-forward 'Til You Go Down on Me?

Title:  Can We Fast-forward ‘Til You Go Down on Me?
Word Count: like 1.5k
Genre: smut ((high school phan AU fuck to the yeah))

so i’ve managed to pull a thing out of my ass in the midst of the beginning of the school year.
i didn’t edit this/have anybody do it for me so there’s probably 9283423 mistakes.
the title is from new perspective by panic! at the disco. great song, highly recommend. 

(can be read on ao3)

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Raw Footage

prompt for smutty saturdays on npn: thirsty phil

summary: dan and phil film themselves having sex

genre: smut

warnings: swearing, sex tape/filming, blowjobs, facials, handjobs, hinted D/s dynamics, dom!dan (buckle ur seatbelts its a wild ride)

word count: 1173 of pure smut i’m not even joking holy

a/n: special thank you to the people who have beta’ed this fic (satan, lu, ozzy, emily, and ofc, the lovely holly) this is my contribution to smutty saturdays on the nsfwphannetwork so i hope you guys enjoy <3 

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 To spread the love of arguably the best 1D ship, me (maybellemilk and wong-direction) decided to hold a Zouis Week on the third week of September, the 13th-19th!! You can create any fanwork for the week, and you can use the daily prompts, but you don’t have to. Just post it to your blog and we’ll reblog it here! You can follow the blog for future events, too.

I’ll make an official prompt post tomorrow but these are the ones I think we’re set on:

  1. Fav AU
  2. Fav Moment
  3. Jealousy
  4. First Kiss
  5. Domestic
  6. Confession
  7. Famous Quote/Dialouge from Film or Literature (Romantic or Otherwise)

I’ll make more posts to spread the word, but for now reblog and tell your friends!!!!!

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Hey! Are there any tips on analyzing a book? I have to analyze the book 'to kill a mockingbird' for school and k have to do it before my finals, in a month... Thanks love!


Read a good plot summary, preferably one that incorporates quotes/passages from the original work. This can help you get a really good grip on what’s going on. 

Look at notes. Lots of people publish their notes on sites like Sparknotes, and I’ve found them really useful in the past.

Find an annotated copy. School copies of books are often annotated by other students. Alternatively you can often find second hand annotated versions online (e.g. ebay). The annotations can help understanding.

Read. On your first reading, get used to the words and personalities of the characters. If you come across a word that you don’t know, look it up.

Watch. A lot of books have been turned into films. Watch them. While they might not be word for word, they’re still useful.

Read again. Concentrate on the actions, consequences, symbolism, subplot, character relations, etc.

There’s an English Lit masterpost here by englishlit-chic​ which might interest you.


On Trans Representation in Media - Liz Duck-Chong

I had a bit of a rant on Twitter the other night and then supplemented it with a few other words last night. As not only a trans woman, but someone who has spent the past 6 years writing films featuring transgender characters (and hopefully one day soon will actually get together the cash to make one of them) I can’t even imagine a reality in which those characters would not be played by transgender people.

Others have talked about this before me, and far more eloquently I’m sure, but this crap gets on my nerves in such a big way and this is my response.

Shower Adventures

summary; Dom!Phil (is this Dom!phil?? i guess) inspired by their Sims4 video (#6 Dil Gets Steamy) where Dan makes a comment about Phil liking watching himself in the mirror. This has probably been done before.

Genre; Smut I’m sorry mum

tw; themes of dom/sub, praise kink (is that a trigger?), swearing, its smut what do you expect.

word count;1561 why

This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever written, but its 4:30am and I haven’t properly slept in 2 days, so here, have this.

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Jean-Luc Godard, Two or Three Things I Know About Her, 1967.

maybe an object is what serves as a link between subjects, allowing us to live in society, to be together. but since social relations are always ambiguous, since my thoughts divide as much as unite, and my words unite by what they express and isolate by what they omit, since a wide gulf separates my subjective certainty of myself from the objective truth others have of me, since i constantly end up guilty, even though i feel innocent, since every moment changes my daily life, since i always fail to communicate, to understand, to love and be loved, and every failure deepens my solitude, since –

since i cannot escape the objectivity crushing me nor the subjectivity expelling me, since i cannot rise to a state of being nor collapse into nothingness, i have to listen, more than ever i have to look around me at the world, my fellow creature, my brother.

the world alone. today, when revolutions are impossible, and bloody wars loom, when capitalism is unsure of its rights, and the working class is in retreat, when the lightning progress of science makes future centuries hauntingly present, when the future is more present than the present, when distant galaxies are on my doorstep. my fellow creature, my brother.

where do we start? but start what? god created heaven and earth, sure, but that’s too easy. we should put it better: say that the limits of language are the world’s limits, that the limits of my language are my world’s limits, and that when i speak, i limit the world, i finish it. and one inevitable and mysterious day, death will come and abolish these limits, and there will be no questions nor answers. it will all be a blur. but if by chance things come into focus again, it may only be with the advent of conscience. everything will follow from there.

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Hello! I am a huge fan of the blog that you have crafted here. I merely had a question for you; Who are your favorite cinematographers working today? Keep up the great work! You really have quite the eye.

Hello and thank you for your kind words! They truly mean a lot to me. As for your question, allow me to answer it the best that I can. In alphabetical order, my favorite cinematographers working today are:

Adam Arkapaw // Posts Here

Most Known For: True Detective (Season One) & Top of the Lake (2013)

Personal Favorite(s): Snowtown (2011)

Upcoming Work(s): Macbeth (2015) & The Light Between Oceans (2015)


Roger Deakins [A.S.C. / B.S.C. / C.B.E.] // Posts Here

Most Known For: The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Fargo (1996), No Country For Old Men (2007) & Skyfall (2012)

Personal Favorite(s): Jarhead (2005) Skyfall (2012), & Prisoners (2013)

Upcoming Work(s): Sicario (2015) Hail, Caeser! (2016), & Untitled Blade Runner Sequel (TBD)


Benoît Debie [S.B.C.] // Posts Here

Most Known For: Irreversible (2002), Enter the Void (2009), & Lost River (2014)

Personal Favorite(s): Enter the Void (2009) & Spring Breakers (2012)

Upcoming Work(s): Love (2015) & Every Thing Will Be Fine (2015)


Bruno Delbonnel [A.S.C. / A.F.C.] // Posts Here

Most Known For: Amélie (2001) & Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Personal Favorite(s): A Very Long Engagement (2004) & Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Upcoming Work(s): Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)


Hoyte van Hoytema [F.C.F. / N.S.C.] // Posts Here

Most known For: Interstellar (2014) & Her (2013)

Personal Favorite(s): Let the Right One In (2008) & Her (2013)

Upcoming Work(s): Spectre (2015)


Emmanuel Lubezki [A.S.C. / A.M.C.] // Posts Here

Most Known For: Children of Men (2006), The Tree of Life (2011), Gravity (2013), & Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

Personal Favorite(s): Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) & Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

Upcoming Work(s): Last Days in the Desert (TBD), The Revnent (2015), & Knight of Cups (2016)

As always, thank you for your continued support, as well as your question!