Writing Commissions!

Hello! I go by Clay here on tumblr. I’m unemployed, gay, autistic, clinically depressed, and in chronic pain even as I am typing this, thanks to some dandy damaged nerves in my neck.

Me and my wonderful mum have been just barely scraping by for some time, but she was recently fired for requesting compensation after she was attacked by a patient at her work due to security failings on their part.

Now our situation is dire, and we are constantly behind on making rent. We also currently don’t have a car because we haven’t been able to pay for repairs to make it legal to drive after it failed its MOT.

In light of this, I’m opening up for writing and editing commissions! Something I’ve previously been too depressed to manage, but seem to have the energy for now - thank god.

My skills

I have a BA in Creative Writing and History, and an MA in Creative Writing. Writing is about all I can do, so this is all I have to give in exchange for help.

The plus side for you is that I am, actually, pretty good at it. I have many people who can vouch for that, and some awards and recognition including:

  • A full studentship in 2011 to cover my MA, based on the quality of my work
  • A Literature Wales Bursary Award in 2015, which covered the cost of three months off work in which to write my first novel
  • A bunch of publications, which I’d be happy to link you to for evidence and examples
  • I wrote some popular fanfics about Klavier Gavin being sad
  • I wrote some popular fanfics about Thomas Barrow being sad



I will write any kind of fiction for you, fanfiction or original, to whatever specifications you might have. Fiction may take 1-5 days, depending on length. No topic is off limits.

  • 500 words: $5
  • 1k words: $10
  • 1.5k words: $15
  • 2k words: $20
  • 2.5k words: $25

The two main fandoms I can confidently write fanfic for are Ace Attorney and Downton Abbey, but I’m also familiar with MCU and Netflix Marvel, and willing to try almost anything given a little time to familiarise myself with the source material.

My main areas of experience in original fiction are modern fantasy, magic realism, dystopian sf and fairytale / folklore retellings.


I will write blog entries, technical copy, web copy, ad text, dating profiles, letters to loved ones, ebook blurbs, cover letters, resumes, personal statements, email templates - anything you want, except your essays (for ethical reasons). Just give me the details of what you’re looking for, and I should have something back to you in 1-2 days.

Prices are the same as for fiction.


I’ll proofread, copy-edit or beta edit anything you need edited, whether your school assignment, fanfic or original fiction.

  • 500 words: $2.50
  • 1k words: $5
  • 1.5k words: $7.50
  • 2k words: $10
  • 2.5k words: $12.50

Because of the emergency nature of our financial situation, I will need to ask for all commissions to be paid in advance. I am trustworthy and if, for any reason, your commission can’t be fulfilled, I will notify and refund you in full.

Just drop me an ask or a message with the details of your commission and we can chat about your requirements. I aim to have most commissions complete within 3-5 working days, and will let you know if there are any delays along the way.

Thank you for reading, and if you could please reblog and share I’d be super grateful!

If you don’t want to commission me, but would like to help me, my paypal.me is here: https://paypal.me/clayearnest 

The RFA reacts to MC having secret badass combat skills

Author: SHHHHH!! I always wanted to do this one



• he iS SO HAPPY


• every time you two were in public

• he would whisper to himself

• “This is my almighty girlfriend!”

• And you think it’s so cute

• and you’re so happy that he’s not afraid of you



• he always holds your hand

• and he invites you to workout with him at the gym he goes to

• when you finally say yes

• he walks into the gym with his arm around you and staring at the other guys


• You wanted to teach her how to fight

• so that she could protect herself in any situation

• you made her wear baggy sweatpants when you two trained

• her eyes get wide when you show her a difficult move


• ???

• Jaehee kept on saying just she has never done this before

• mmhm

• yeah right


• oh lordy

• at first, he didn’t believe you

• he wanted you to learn to fight so you could protect yourself when he wasn’t around

• but you already knew how to fight

• he hired a fighting instructor to teach you

• and you played along with it, pretending you couldn’t fight

• Jumin always watched you practice

• so like a week later, the instructor wanted to put your “newly learned skills” to the test

• but she wouldn’t be very hard on you



• “I told you I could already fight.”

• He kept apologizing for the next week

• even though you excepted his apology the first time


• he

• he bought costumes

• superhero costumes

• matching couple’s superhero costumes

• o h m y g o d

• he stayed up all night working on your catchphrase

• he took pictures of you in this incredibly tight and embarrassing super suit

• and showed all of the RFA

• everyone kept saying “MC’ll beat your ass if you keep this up.”

• but he didn’t listen

• all because you told him you were a master in hand-to-hand combat

• but you secretly loved it :)

161022 ‘Three Meals A Day’, Cooking Genius Shinhwa Eric, Na PD’s Attempts Were Right + Comments

Eric is perfectly adapted to ‘Three Meals A Day’

On tvN ‘Three Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3’ aired on October 21st, Lee Seojin, Eric, Yoon Gyunsang were doing boat fishing and getting clams from mudflat.

Eric revealed the side of being ‘Er-Chef’. First he made green onion kimchi with extraordinary knife skills and taste. Eric said “If I have a house later, I’d like to grow these in my garden. I’d definitely grow ingredients for Doenjang jjigae.” And then he made the sauce for their next meal.

The 3 went out for their first boat fishing in Deukryang-do. It wasn’t so satisfying with few fishes. But Eric made Hoe-deopbap with 3 small sand smelts. Lee Seojin was disappointed at first when looking at the food, but his face was filled with smile as he ate on.

With the crabs they caught, Eric got back to the house and made dinner, crab fried rice and egg soup. When Eric said he learned cooking from Olive TV, Lee Seojin said “You could have gone to Seoul National University if you watched EBS (Education Broadcasting System)”. After tasting the foods, Lee Seojin complimented Eric “I think he beats Cha Seungwon”.

Eric’s cooking made Lee Seojin work. To taste Eric’s Vongole pasta he willingly went to the mudflat at 11pm at night, trying to get clams. They were so anticipated with the thought of Vongole pasta they are going to have next day while shelling the clams.

Eric cleaned the kitchen the next day and he made siraegi doenjangguk (fermented soybean paste soup) and nurungji, being a true chef.

Na Youngsuk PD revealed previously during the production press conference that he tried many times to get Eric on the show. Na PD said “Lee Seojin isn’t shy but doesn’t get friendly very well. I was thinking who would be a good partner for him and came up with Eric.

He also said “Eric himself was worried about him being shy. But He had great memory of Lee Seojin when they did ‘Firebird’ together back them. Eric also had some skill of fishing and cooking. It couldn’t be a better cast than anybody else.”

Na Youngsuk PD’s insight wasn’t wrong. He showed that Eric is a needed person for ‘Three Meals A Day’ who makes food without measurement. His friendly personality, sociability, and unexpected cooking skills, showed everyone different side of him than before. Together with “Er-Chef” Eric and innocent intern Yoon Gyunsang, the veteran Lee Seojin’s fisherman life is so anticipated.

Source: Xports News via Naver + Translation by EricMun.tumblr


Thinking about 13 million (yes super early and yes I'm a wierdo)

I really really want to do something with the community for Jack’s 13 million milestone. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any ideas yet. My main contribution to the community on a day to day basis is text posts and screenshot of Jack’s tweets or thumbnails with some commentary. So obviously I dont have the skills to set up any artistic project. But by the same token, I don’t want to do a basic text post chain, because that happens for people naturally.

I’m obviously not a big blog, so I don’t even know if people would be interested if I do think of a fun plan. Also, I obviously have absolutely no way to know whether anything we do would get to Jack himself, although that’s not necessarily the point. (It would be incredible to have happen, but I think the fan to fan interaction would be the core point.)

Anyway, I just wanted to word vomit thus out to see if anyone has any thoughts about this. I know there will be other projects at that time, but I just want to contribute and get people together. If you have any ideas, that’s awesome, too!

Goodnight, haha.

EXO Reacting to their S/O Getting Into a Semi-serious Car Accident

Thank you so much to the anon who requested this! Im really sorry about just now being able to post this, but as you know, HOCO was on Saturday, not to mention I have hit a bump in my creative writing skills, basically, I have writers block. So thank you for waiting for it and I hope you enjoy. I also didn't know if you wanted OT12 or OT9, so just to be on the safe side I did OT12.

Suho: He would worry a lot, but also have the common sense to think that since she called him, it wasn’t as serious as he was afraid it was. But as soon as he had the chance to leave, he would be the first one out the door and on his was the the hospital immediately, just so he could look at you himself and make sure that you weren’t injured too bad. Of course, he would probably fuss over you, telling the doctors that whatever needed done was to be charged to him, even though he knew that you were able to pay for it yourself. “ Okay, you’re okay, as long as you’re okay, everything else is too.”

DO: I feel like he would he worry a lot more internally more than he would externally, wanting you to not have to worry about him and just focus on you regaining your health. So he would cook you lunch everyday and bring it to you on his break, just another excuse to see you and get away from the others. So rather than fretting over you constantly, he would just be there to comfort and support you while he secretly worried whether or not you were okay. “Here, I brought you some lunch, you need to eat it because I know that you will refuse to eat the food here, and you need to eat. Also, how is your back, healing up okay?”

Chanyeol: He would probably be slightly freaked out, wanting to leave to see you as soon as he could, which is members and manager agreed was right away. Once he saw that you were okay and were getting the treatments you needed, he would calm down slightly, but still worried over whether you were going be able to do the things that you used to do. But he would still become his usual happy self, and bring in his guitar so he could play and sing to you for as long as his fingers and voice would let, which would soon end on him falling asleep in the chair, even though he knew he had schedules tomorrow. “Only a broken arm and a sprained knee, and some back problems. As long as there is nothing else, I hope you’ll still be able to do the things you love, in the meantime, do you want me to see a song?

Lay: He would be super sweet about it, constantly fretting over you, being with you every chance he gets. Honestly- I think him and Kris would probably be the biggest vocal worriers about it. Though he would seem like he was tough and didn’t feel the need to break down because he was so scared that something happened (just as all the members would be) but you knew deep inside that he was terrified of what could have happened, which is why he worried over you so much once he knew that nothing too severe happened. “Oh… thank goodness you’re okay. Is anything hurting, do you need pain medicine, a heat pack, a pillow for you leg?”

Kai: Him being on the younger side of things, probably wouldn’t know what to do at first, I feel that same for Sehun. He would probably see you as his first priority in that moment, ignoring the questions he receives from the other members as management as he rushes out of whatever room he was in the moment, making sure he could get to you as soon as he was able to, wanting to see you for himself, only then being able to be assured that you were safe and okay. Once he saw that, only then would he give himself time to breathe, and fully process the situation around him. “Don’t move a muscle till I get there…. No…. they can wait, you are my number one right now.”

Chen: Once he was aware of the situation, and your current health, only then would he try to cheer you up. Not being able to handle you not being your usual cheery, laughing self, he would do anything in is power to get you to back that way. At the same time though he wouldn’t force you to do anything that might hurt you, because he didn’t want to hurt you in any way whatsoever. “Jagi, can you smile for me. They say smiling is the next best medicine to laughing and you don’t need to do that because of your ribs, just a true genuine smile, that shows me that you aren’t over thinking about what happened.” I just think that he would really want you to be okay with what happened and that you weren’t blaming yourself in the slightest bit.

Baekhyun: I feel like he would be very similar to Xiumin and Chanyeol. He would want to leave whatever he was doing at that exact moment and run to your side, just to be with you and to comfort you in any way he possibly could. He would be quiet about his worries, because he didn’t want to worry you more than you already were. He would also sing to you to calm you down when you starting thinking about the accident again, causing you to silently fall asleep, calming him down, now that he knew you were okay. He would also be the one to refuse to leave your room at night just so he could stay by your side to make sure that everything was okay. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?…. Sing a song, you know I would sing for you any day of year, jagi.”

Xiumin: Minseok, being quiet as it is, would probably be freaking out on the inside rather than showing it to you, probably not wanting you to worry more than you probably are. He would instantly become the best boyfriend ever, not that he already is or anything. He would make sure that you had everything you needed and that he knew exactly how to take care of you once you got out of the hospital, if you thought he was sweet before, this man would become literal candy. “Oh, thank goodness you are okay, is there anything you need? Water, something to eat, an extra pillow?… You just wanna hold my hand?…. Anything for you.”

Sehun: He really wouldn’t know what to do, and would really look to his hyungs and others for what to do, all he really knew is that he wanted to see you as soon as possible. All he could think about was whether if you were okay or not. And his mind wouldn’t settle down until he knew that you were. He would visit with you whenever he had the chance, even if it meant losing his lunch break to spend it with you. He would constantly be nagging the doctors for whether or not your back would heal from the accident and what he could do to make sure that you were on the right track to recovery. “Are you okay? Are you sure? Do I need to go and get the nurse? Or the doctor? I can, if you need me to.”

Kris: Nothing in the world mattered in that moment, except for you. He would drop whatever he was doing (probably including his phone, which your doctor was talking with him on). Shouting incoherent things as he ran through the dorm, trying to let the other members know what was happening, racing to the emergency room, only to be confronted by your doctor that you were still sleeping. He would wait until you woke up, only for you to hear mutterings of “I love you” and “Are you okay?” as he hugged you tight. “Is you leg hurting? Do I need to get you some water? Let me know if anything is bothering you. Aishhh, I’m just glad that you are okay.”

Tao: He would easily be the most worried about you, in my opinion. He would automatically think the worst of the situation and probably not be able to stop thinking those things, even after he saw that you were not injured as bad as he thought you could have been. A tight hug would be the first thing you received with whispers into your hair about how much he loved you and not knowing what to do if something really bad had happened to you. “Promise me that you’ll be even more careful now? I know that it wasn’t your fault but I can’t bare what would happen if I lost you.”

Luhan: He would also probably be the most calm about the situation, starting to think things through in his head, obviously he was worried about you and wouldn’t stop worrying until you were out of the current hospital bed you sported and were back to dancing around the kitchen. But he would recognize that fact that you had called him so that would mean that you were injured to the point that you couldn’t speak or move. Of course he would leave as soon as he could, an immediately be by your side for the rest of the night. No matter how early he had to get up in the morning. “She’s okay, all okay.” He would think to himself as he drove to the hospital, reassuring himself that everything was fine.

2,000+ Follower Event :D

So I figured out how to treat you guys for all the fun, loyalty, and dank memes for the however long I have had this blog and been fire memebleming it up on this crazy website!

So this this Wednesday (10/26) I will be wearing my Marth cosplay for a Halloween event as well as on Monday Evening (10/31).

SO what’s in it for you?

You guys will be able to request photos/poses of me in Marth cosplay!

Always wanted to see Marth dabbing? Sticking his leggy out real far? Or really wanted to draw Marth but did have a reference pose?! Now you can!

Side note: If my camera works then there will be nicer photos otherwise I may have to work with phone cameras. My photo editing skills are limited as well, but I know some basics.


  • Prefer not to have anonymous requests but if you are too anxious then I totally understand
  • Please start your ask with “Cosplay Request” or “CR” so I can tell it is for that and not a general ask. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise I may misinterpret or ignore your ask!
  • Request must be SFW. I am not taking off my pants. The general public will not appreciate that.
  • Falchion requests will be limited to a few, as I will be on a school campus when I wear my costume for the events so idk if my sword prop is allowed
  • You don’t have to be following to make a request!
  • I have ever right to deny any request as these will be for free for use kinda thing.
  • Please don’t edit my photos without permission. You are allowed to trace over for a drawing or use as direct reference however.
  • I will be accepting requests until Sunday (10/30). That is your last chance! Last time to send in anything

So yeah! Send in your requests! Thank you guys for such a wonderful fandom and experience!

anonymous asked:

do you think that Sarada its going to have the byakugou sell?Or have some medical skills?

I hope not. I want her to have techniques and a fighting style that she can call her own. Or at least, something that no other Uchiha/Haruno is known to use. I personally really like the idea of Sarada emulating the Raikage by imbuing her monstrous taijutsu with the elemental styles like fire or lightning. I think that’d be really cool. But at the same time, I do still want her to learn some of the basics, like the Fireball jutsu ^_^

@cosmicloveoftheages is a precious soul who deserves to be loved and cherished at all costs because not only is she talented but her personality is bomb as f too like I wanna be like you???? let me have your skills???? how are you real??

dapperspacechild  asked:

You inspire me a lot since your art is so amazing and when I realized we were both the same age it inspired me a lot because it shows that different people have different skill levels I know one day I'll be able to be rlly good at art like u too

////// Thank you so much darling ///////

You can be good as me one day! or even better!!! keep up the good work friendo!!!!!!

The Empress

Job description
As the Dark Empress, I have many
responsibilities. Protecting the Emperor, safeguarding the empire from both internal and external threats, making sure my loyal subjects are satisfied.
Seducing the enemy and turning them against each other. I am rather fond of deception, tricking the enemy into thinking they have captured me, when in reality I have them right… where… I want them.
( • ̀ω•́ )✧

• Expert hand to to hand combatant
• Greatest swordsman in over 400 realms.
• Superb stealth skills. To spook my followers :3 keep them on their toes. Spooky spook (~ ^ u ^)~
• Master hunter and tracker
• Incredible fashion sense. I’ve designed most of the imperial fashions and a good deal of the aesthetics.
• Oracle, to a small extent.

• Advanced shadow magic. Able to teleport, fade into, and travel through shadows. Can materialize them into spikes and tendrils as well.
• Advanced summoning. Wolves, in particular. They use enemies souls as chew toys, so cute ♡ ~ (^ ω ^ )
• Advanced telekinesis. While lacking in raw power I more than make up for it in dexterity and precision, able to rip 5 people apart cell by cell.
• Able to corrupt the hearts of others.
• Can manifest weapons from my soul. They attack both the body and the soul.
• Can command the soul to yield to my will, stripping them of their free will.

• Personally slayed an army of 6,000 soldiers and 3 sea monsters. I also corrupted their 14 dragons to my side, even though they were fiercely loyal.
• Dueled 3 gods of war and won.
• Personally murdered 2 gods.
• Corrupted a god of heavenly light to darkness.
• Made a royal court tear themselves apart through my superior manipulation abilities.
• Resurrected and tamed Fenrir after Ragnarök.

noizumi-pietrek  asked:

☁: Favorite part of RPing. ✉: Any RPers the Mun admires. ▶: A talent of the Mun's (besides RPing, of course!)(you can't choose cooking either >_>)

☁: Favorite part of RPing: Seeing the different styles that people have, but also helping them grow, as I expand my writing skills as well. 

✉: Any RPers the Mun admires: I will tag those that come into mind first. @praxiedaughterofhades @enfog @ashleyxteresaxbrel @admiralyoriemiko @lovelornrocketscientist @noizumi-pietrek @ladyofjotunheim @unyieldingvalxr 

▶: A talent of the Mun’s: Writing research papers and not procrastinating. 

frisk control yourself please