Picture I did for the Sheithzine  back in Nov!

This version is actually a little different than the actual one I submitted for the zine. I struggled a lot with the BG and didn’t like the results;; >< Sorry for the change;;

Thank you to everyone who supported the zine! I’m so thankful that I was able to participate!  

That was nearly immediate.

I admitted right off the bat that I know I have no art skills, so I don’t fully disagree. But please, be gentle. I really am trying my best here.

As for why I’d want him to see the post, it’s mostly for the effort. I think showing effort in making something is a really good way of showing appreciation. 

That being said, if I get too many more of these I will take the post down. I genuinely don’t want to bother anyone, and if it truly does, I will get rid of it.

I’m sorry. I truly am.

So, it hasn’t occurred to me that other autistic people might not know this, so I figured I’d make a post.

Shopping channel stuff.

If there’s household stuff that you struggle with, for whatever reason, you should probably check out the shopping channels.

A lot of the stuff advertised on those channels is designed for various disabilities, it’s just not advertised as such.

Like, I can’t really use sharp knives for cooking. I don’t have the fine motor skills to use them safely.

But my mum bought a Nicer Dicer from the shopping channel, and it completely removes any danger for me.

[image of the Nicer Dicer]

Of course, it pretty much can’t be hand-washed, and it’s big, so it’s a pain in the dishwasher, but if I can’t get pre-sliced veg, it’s great.

She just bought a new hoover as well that’s a lot more light-weight and maneuverable than the Dyson one we’ve got, and I can finally actually use it with my dyspraxic arms.

Plus it’s quieter, so my headphones block the noise better.

So, yeah, if there’s any household jobs that you really struggle with, there’s probably a shopping channel solution.

Plz help

Okay, Tumblr, this is a very long shot, but I gotta try.  

Tonight I picked up a (probably) three-week-old feral kitten.  It’s been under a bush for at least twenty-four hours, and I haven’t seen a mom hanging around.  The bush is less than fifty feet from a major highway, and there are cars and careless kids all over the place.  It probably wouldn’t make it as far as the highway, but I was terrified that one of the kids would grab it and maul it to death.  They’d already spotted it, and one kept reaching into the bush to try to get it.  

It’s a little orange tabby, quite thin but already purring when I pet it.  I’ve given it a makeshift meal and a soft place to curl up, but my other two cats are not at all pleased.  

Tomorrow I will have to surrender this mite to Animal Control.  I live alone and I don’t have the skills or time to raise this baby, but I couldn’t bear to leave it to take its chances.  Even humane euthanasia is better than starvation or being squashed by a car tire.  

Is there anyone in the MD-DC-VA area willing to take on this poor critter?  Obviously, preferably someone experienced in handling small kittens!  I will have access to a car tomorrow and can drop it off if you’re not too far away.  

You can reach me at vrtrakowski at the Mail of G.  Signal boosting is appreciated!  

Less than a pound, could sit in the palm of my hand…  


Not many know about this, but you see, I’m in love with Tamako, my childhood best friend