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so Believer by Imagine dragons works for the IPRE crew, with each verse focused on a specific character and the chorus for all of them. First verse Lucretia, then Davenport, second verse Taako. Fourth verse Merle, fifth Magnus and the last verse barry and lup. I hope this makes sense I just really like making lyricstucks in my head and this blog is amazing and lets me kind of share the things i'd never have the skills to actually make otherwise

I’m not going to quote any lyrics; I’m just going to link them, so our followers can see them all & realize how much of a genius you are. :D  

The Truth of Masks - Chapter 1 - intravenusann - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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When the Goldstein sisters take Credence as their date to MACUSA’s annual Halloween ball, he meets a man in a mask. What happens after that? Well, it’s like something out of a motion picture.

Written for @nettlekettle’s prompt for @gradencetrickortreat!

Chapter two coming tomorrow.

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I AM ALWAYS FAST! But seriously. Your drawings are amazing and are very much goals. You're someone I look up to. I can only work hard in hopes I'll have that much skill! ~ Anonette <3

*gASps at reveal* ANONETTE

Oh my lord you’re too sweet, thank you bro! ;w;

Picture I did for the Sheithzine  back in Nov!

This version is actually a little different than the actual one I submitted for the zine. I struggled a lot with the BG and didn’t like the results;; >< Sorry for the change;;

Thank you to everyone who supported the zine! I’m so thankful that I was able to participate!  

what artist’s mean when they claim they’re self-taught: i’ve gathered resources and taught myself through what is available to me publicly without the aid of having gone to some type of expensive/private class or lesson and while engaging in those types of things is not a bad thing to do and it absolutely can help improve artistic ability, i have gained my skill through searching for references and public teachings/tutorials and proud of where I have gotten myself without official professional aid so far 

not what artist’s mean when they claim they’re self-taught: I didn’t learn from ANYBODY, my art is 100% ME MYSELF AND I, MY FIRST WORDS WERE LINE OF ACTION AND NOT USING BLACK TO SHADE 


Not many know about this, but you see, I’m in love with Tamako, my childhood best friend