I overheard one of the older ladies (in her 50s) at my flamenco lessons today say that “women have forgotten how to dance sensually, All this feminism, look what it’s done!” (she was being very serious)

I fought back the urge to tell her that gurl, being a feminist doesn’t mean that you can’t like pretty dresses, or love your makeup, or like how you look in a tight dress, or know how to shake that arse or jiggle those boobies, or dance sensually to the music.

Feminism doesn’t make women less feminine, or less sensual, or less anything. It’s about equality of the sexes, about paying women what they deserved to get paid, about letting them dress how they want to dress without judging whether their skirt is too long or too short, without slut shaming them or calling them prudes. Feminism is about telling men they’re no less of a man if it’s their wife who brings home the bacon, that they can be dancers and not be afraid of being called a “sissy”, that colours aren’t gender-coded, that a woman doesn’t have to dream of being a princess, that she can be a mathematician, a scientist, a lawyer, a judge… 

It’s not about women wanting or pretending to be men, or becoming more masculine. It’s about letting everyone be who they want to be, freely.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'll forever be mad at the fact that colin farrell never got the appreciation he deserved for his stellar performance as bobby pellitt in the american black comedy film horrible bosses (2011); considering all the effort farrell had put into making his already gross character look even more despicable. the fact that farrell, a devastatingly handsome man, had chosen to make his character look like the human version of a sewer rat, complete with a terrible comb-over, pot belly and an absolutely disgusting personality (all of these being his personal inputs to the characterization of pellitt), only show how serious he is about his work. and yet, despite the fact that bobby pellitt was the literal personification of a trashcan, people loved him, a few probably feeling bad when he was killed. after all this, seeing how he never got appreciated as much as he should have, upsets me greatly. even today.

friendly reminder that the 2015-2016 ‘anime’ arslan senki is actually an anachronistic war classic with over 30+ years’ worth of novel serialization background— it’s been published in the same relative timeline as kentaro miura’s ongoing berserk, to give you a comparison of its sheer expertise in age(lmao). and on the basis of prestige, said novels have been hailed as a domestic favorite in the historical-fantasy literary genre. going on to inspire works like fire emblem: genealogy of holy war—thracia 776 and akatsuki no yona, among others, to implement certain story-telling quirks that it conventionalized in japan.

—as for its sole novelist, yoshiki tanaka? being a prolific household name on the more illustrious side of japanese literature, this man can be proudly coined as the japanese J.R.R. tolkien. latter-day current events has seen his lotr-shahnemeh lovechild series adapted lovingly by the more contemporary hands of fma’s creator, hiromu arakawa … thus drawing open the blinds for international audiences to enjoy his war drama expertise in a modernized manga and anime form.

so … shhhhh. don’t you sleep on arslan senki, now!!  8′^))

I don't even want to want him.

You think it wouldn’t be much easier if I could just stop obsessing?
You think I’d rather keep living a life full of pain like this?
You think it was simpler than the snap of a finger to overcome the shame and confusion of falling in love with a man who’s part of an entirely different generation?
You think I enjoy having to hide this taboo crush from friends, family, never being able to tell anyone who I’m always thinking about?
You think it’s easy to live with the reality that I literally have no chance whatsoever with him because he’s happily married and has never considered/would never consider any sort of attraction to me?
You think it’s fun to have a crush on my former teacher? You think it’s fun to be stuck in the past like this, never being able to move on from high school because of one single person? You think it’s fun to feel pathetic and useless while everyone around me is growing up and living a normal college life? You think it’s fun to not be able to date or find relationships with any guys my age SOLELY because my heart is still so focused on him?

I once enjoyed this. I once reveled in the giddy high I got when I saw him, talked to him, even just thought about him. I once told myself I could sustain this, I could just enjoy it while it lasted and let it die out naturally.
But that’s the thing: it didn’t die out. It still hasn’t gone away. I still feel things I can’t put into words when I think about him. I still want him, but I don’t want to. I want this to end. I’m ready for it to stop. I wish to god I could move on but I just can’t. I even spent a year in another state and guess what? I turned out MORE obsessed with him than ever before.
I’m still entirely in love with him. But I wish it would stop. I wish I could overcome the fear of moving on, but I’m just too scared. I’m too attached to him, and even though he doesn’t know it, he affects my life and my mental wellbeing in ways no one could imagine.
I don’t even want to want him. I’m ready to be done. The pain is too much, the consequences of holding onto him are devastating, my entire life has been completely altered for the worse because of this infatuation I’ve held with him for nearly 3 years now.
And it just won’t go away.
I’m in love with him.

when people shame women who don't want children it makes me so fucking mad

I have been told since I was a child, A CHILD, that I was going to be a mother because it is just expected of me because I am a female. And I’ve never in my life wanted children. I got so tired of hearing “your mind will change when you’re older and more mature and woman-like ” as if it’s a right of passage to womanhood to have a child and you are otherwise not a woman. Young girls are taught more of woman=mother than boys are ever taught that man=father. Even in play girls are taught to play with baby dolls and play house and to play nice and gentle and be nurturing while boys roughhouse and learn sports. They are raising young girls with the idea that children are always a part of the female experience.

Being someone who does not want children myself I have been called a child hater and told that I am less caring and loving than other women, almost as if I am heartless for not wanting to reproduce. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I was 14 when my mom started pressuring me to start thinking about kids in my future. Only 14! And that very next year I found out I was infertile and had no chance of reproduction anyways. I was supposed to be distraught and sad but I was honestly RELIEVED to finally have a way out of the social pressure put on me because it was that bad. I was immediately told about options of surrogacy and adoption. A doctor sat down with a 15 year girl and discussed options for expensive surgeries and expensive surrogacy and the extensive requirements to make me most eligible to adopt. It was shoved down my throat even though I was 15 and uncomfortable and told the doctor that I did not want children.

And yet I still face demonisation for not wanting kids. To this very day. I can’t have kids and don’t want them and unless I REALLY REALLY want kids why would I go through all it would requires for me to be a parent?

I’ve been shamed for my infertility itself!!!! “It’s unnatural” and I am apparently less female and womanly because I cannot reproduce. But women are so much more than reproduction. I’ve been told that something is wrong with me and I am not a woman because I don’t feel the need to reproduce and this is just plain wrong and so many girls are taught this and it is so stressful for them and not healthy. We need to start seeing reproduction as an OPTION not a requirement


Part 5 of I’ll keep believing in you

See: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Even though they explained countless times that they weren’t sent by the Order, Allen still insisted on running off; if not for Kanda, Lou Fa was sure he would have gotten away. In the end, Johnny clasped on a wireless cuff on him and tied themselves together, so Allen couldn’t escape. She didn’t think, oh so innocent Johnny would resort to something this drastic, but indeed, one had to take extra measures to outsmart a cunning con-artist like Allen Walker. With Johnny’s genius, they managed to capture Allen.

If only he trusted them too.

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I need feminism because Taylor Swift gets hate for singing songs that she wrote about her life experiences while no one bashed Robin Thicke for singing about rape.

I need feminism because Selena Gomez can’t even go a minute without being known as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.

I need feminism because Kesha can’t perform at an awards show because Dr.Luke raped her and she didn’t win her trial.

I need feminism because Sam Smith gets hate for loving a man.

I need feminism because woman who have been naked, shirtless, or anything like that have gotten nothing but slut shamed while men get comments such as “HOT! I want to see more!”

I need feminism because people call me a terrorist just because I’m a Muslim. I don’t even wear a hijab. It’s because I’m not white. It’s because I’m POC.

I need feminism because my best friend got detention for wearing a tank top to school while a boy didn’t get called on for wearing a tank top as well.

I need feminism because I can’t walk the streets without being afraid that something will happen to me.

I need feminism because we need equality and fairness in the world no matter what our gender, race, religion, or sexuality is.

I currently have them shaved, but I am a firm believer in shaving only what you feel like shaving. I’m tired of friends and family thinking this is “gross” or “not ladylike”. What the FUCK does ladylike mean? I am a human being that grows hair out of my body(in all the same places as a man I might add), deal with it. No shave, no shame. ✌

The new girl at my job is bi and I told her I’m a lesbian and now we work just the two of us a lot and it’s nice to be around another person who isn’t straight. Today some man was hitting on me while I was making a drink and she was standing by me and when he left we started talking about how annoying and entitled men are she was literally like “they have no shame like they assume you’re straight and interested in them” I was like yeees work! I love not being the only gay person around lmao!


Drunk Bob singing an 80’s love duet with Teddy and desperately trying to get Mort to karaoke

Drunk Linda telling Gretchen and all her gal pals about weird shit Bob does in bed and about that time she slipped him a Viagra and they ended up having to rescue the kids from an old factory…

Tina sneaking a couple shots to seem cool and ends up drunkenly singing to her horses

Gene not knowing that the punch was spiked and drinking three cups before writing dramatic songs on the keyboard

(Louise is smart and doesn’t get tricked by alcohol and instead just stands there laughing at everyone)

Mr. Fischoeder drunkenly petting Bob’s face saying how handsome he is and how it was a shame Bob was straight (“I’m not really”) because wow he was a handsome man

Mort being a REALLY EMOTIONAL drunk and hanging on Teddy slurring how wonderful of a person he is and crying about how good of a man Bob is

Jimmy Pesto mumbling “got some decent kids Bob” before falling asleep halfway through a burger


I mean, along with being bullied at school, i’ve never felt such shame of myself, my body and my being than during sex. This does not mean that there haven’t been very lovely experiences. There have been. But the emotional hurt of it has also been very unique in how damaging it is. Sometimes I still get these flashbacks of those experiences and I’m stunned like it happened just now. I cannot completely understand how much we love sex, unless I start to think of it as some kind of a glue for our post-modern chaos. To say it pretentiously: the last god for the last man is sex.

Sex is an absolutely terrible place to be in at it’s worst. I think sex always skirts with a kind of an area of violence. I don’t like being there, I don’t like to think of it as an instantly emancipatory thing. I don’t like to just accept sex, without thinking about it first. The terrible and dark feelings contained among it.

I feel that I must try to re-think sex, to think it through, to feel it through on my micro-level.

(So I’d rather we just have tea together and talk about our dreams first.)

I love big brother Percy, I think it’s so cute and happy, but I myself am deeply invested in Sally Jackson who finally gets to live for herself again. Sally who, for the first time since she was 20 years old, has enough freedom to put herself first. Who doesn’t have to be in an abusive relationship to ensure the long term safety of her son. Who still worries about Percy because she’s his mom but who also knows that he can take care of himself in a lot of ways. Sally who finally has the financial freedom to pursue a dream she had given up and now gets to reclaim. Sally who gets to fall in love all over again and this time have it last. Sally who sheds the weight of years of abuse and of fear and shame and sadness and finally gets to live her Best Life. Sally who is so perfectly content to watch her son really transition into being a man with this wonderful daughter she never thought she’d have around who is just an amazing young woman. Sally who doesn’t feel the need to have another kid because she’s got two who have survived into adulthood despite it all and a husband she adores who adores her back and that’s enough. 

Sally Jackson getting to focus on being Sally Jackson the person and not the mom of a demigod for the first time in a long time. 

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I keep staring at Lance's welcome home pic of Tom. You can see Lance's contentment and love reflected back at him from Tom. And Tom himself, just sweetly smiling at having his man home. It's such a shame that it'll only last a few days before they have to jet off to separate destinations, but thankfully it'll probably be for less than a week that they're apart. I'm just so happy for them that Lance can now freely live in the UK and not worry about being deported. I'm so excited for the wedding.

Yeah those two, from what we can see, seem very happy and content with one another 😊 ahhh I’m so exciting for them to get married too

When guys get skinny shamed

It is just as wrong as when girls are shamed for being thin. I shouldn’t even have to say this, I seriously am baffled that I have to point this out.
“Cuddling a skinny guy is like cuddling a bag of sticks”
“Skinny guys don’t know how to eat ;)”
“Why would you date a guy that’s skinnier than you?”
“If your man is skinnier than you, you have a girlfriend, not a boyfriend”

How thick headed do you have to be to not understand that your body weight has NOTHING.TO.DO with your masculinity or ability to love and please your partner, and a girl isn’t “dating another girl” by being with a thin guy.

Stop trying to make people feel like shit because you don’t like what you see in the mirror, stop trying to force your preferences for bigger people on others, stop shaming girls for who they love and stop trying to make men feel like they need to change their bodies to be a good lover. You’re just as bad as the people who thin shame women.

We teach girls shame. Close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though being born female they’re already guilty of something. And so, girls grow up to be women who cannot say they have desire. They grow up to be women who silence themselves. They grow up to be women who cannot say what they truly think. And they grow up–and this is the worst thing we do to girls–they grow up to be women who have turned pretense into an art form.

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise, you would threaten the man.

Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?

We raise girls to see each other as competitors not for jobs or accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men. We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.

—  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Love stories end bad, usually… And it seems not even the Inglorium is safe!
Brace yourselves and prepare your hankies because the once believed “perfect krosmic couple” is just an old story by now!

The God of the wildness would have announced the sad news yesterday, in the middle of a divine meeting. The reason of the breakup?

“I’ve got enough of him playing with his dolls along the whole day! I need a man, a real one!” The Goddess of heals and recovery, probably, after being asked.

What a shame for Sadida, who will need, now more than before, someone who heals his broken heart…

Source: Bayard-Ankama book: Le guide du Krosmoz. Merci @darkvladreturn for the pic.

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ONE THING HAHAHHAA oh mir. mirmir. How you play Thor puts marvel to shame. He is legit that god honest perfect blend between mcu, comic & myth, & not one facet of his being is left unturned, unknown or dulled down for consumption.You have honestly given me unfair expectations for all Thors, including comic & movie versions, bc the way I see it, this IS how he is. You are the standard. Every part of his life & culture & thoughts & history & ways are palpable in ur writing, in ur hands he IS alive

[ the one thing ]

(( -squirms-  Man, I started this because I felt nobody, including Marvel, loved him lololol. And here we are, suffering from his greatness daily XD <3 Honestly, I don’t think I would ever have gotten to the point that I feel I know him somewhat, if it weren’t for my partners and people encouraging my brain weirdness. You’re so good at doing that. I still have to process this, I admire you so much youknowdis, so it’s always an emotional roller-coaster to see this from you. 

This Is Not An Apology

This is not an apology
This is not an apology
The words have fought underneath my skin for over a decade
Battling with guilt and conscious 
Tumbling through the mire that is non-existent self esteem
Trapped in the pit of my stomach in a cage of ice cold fear

The fear of being wrong
The fear of being a mistake
The fear of being a disappointment
The fear…of your disappointment 

The words are rattling in their cage so fast they fly to my heart
And suddenly I’m afraid of one less thing
Even though a hundred more fears take its place
But the words are here in my heart now
And nothing ever rang so true
So there’s nothing I can do when they come to my throat-

Do you know the last time I wrote: “I am transgender” was in my letter to you?
Because somewhere between my heart and my throat, shame was born
And I wore it like a shroud

Thumbing through the pages of that old story
Filled with pity for the boy who got uncomfortable at the phrase: 
“I could never tell!”
And thinking: “I’m glad I moved past that”
But the next time you called I couldn’t bring myself to correct you when you referred to me as ‘she
It was easier to let you believe
Even though every time the weight on my shoulders threatened to suffocate me

When you cry over old pictures of the life you always wanted
My body turns to stone
While the molten lava burning in my chest seeps through cracks
Piece by piece, fueled by time and unexpected, unconditional love
Like any other coat
My shroud begins to wear away

It takes one last moment of unwarranted mourning
One last moment of shame
One last moment of fear
And suddenly
I’m free

Your words used to echo in my head as clear as the day you said them
And those days, there never seemed to be enough oxygen in the air 
But for the first time in years, I can say, “I am transgender”
And still be breathing afterwards
I can say “I am transgender”
And not immediately being to self-destruct
I can post a picture of my face online with the tagline ‘trans man’ 
And not worry about who’s going to see it

For the first time I feel honest when I tell that terrified kid in that old story:
“It gets better”
No matter what your mom said
You don’t have to apologize

She should never have made you feel guilty for loving yourself more than you love her visions for the future

This is not an apology
Because I’m not sorry
No one will ever make me sorry again

Because I’m not a vision
Because I’m not a possession
I’m not an idea or a concept
Because I’m a person
Because I’m a man
And my name is