The Eleventh Doctor Is Not My Hero

Basically I am a very pissed off Whovian who has seen her literary hero turn into a misogynistic douche under the direction of Steven Moffat. 

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I have feelings about this. He’s so passionate and sincere about what he does, and he truly cares. Not “I’ve said the words ‘I care’ 100 times, therefore that means I care.” Usually you can tell if someone means what they say if they can express it in many different ways, verbally and non-verbally. Saying the words ‘I care’ can let you go a distance, sure, but showing the words ‘I care’ through your actions will keep you there and beyond. Want a great example of that? Watch his panel. He didn’t say the words once, but he didn’t need to. 

Yes, other things exist that make me smile and laugh (I’m only 95% robot), but what sets him apart to me is the fact that he acknowledges that we do the same for him. It’s, again, this genuinely reciprocal relationship we have that makes every time I smile or laugh more meaningful because it feels like we’re in it together and like I’m watching a friend, who I care a lot about, do something they love. It’s hard to explain.

So Sean, you are doing amazing things, and I’m so proud. Please keep being you, and that alone will make me smile :) 

(maybe not laugh because it’d be weird and probably rude if I just laughed at nothing but your existence…)