So I am constantly in awe of the creativity of the rwby fandom, and I’ve become a bit obsessed with OC teams. So this is just a little MV I made to give back I guess? I’m a huge nerd and I make nerdy things sometimes.

It took a long time to make this but it was a lot of fun, and I’d love to make another one someday with even more OCs, if there’s any interest. Anyway, I hope you guys like this, I’m so sorry about the shitty quality but my computer physically could not handle rendering it any better, haha…

(So apparently when I watch it on mobile it looks a little off time and it’s REALLY ANNOYING and then when I watch it on my laptop it’s fine? I have no idea what tumblr is doing just take my trash, followers.Cries.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these amazing people:

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(I'm tennydr10confidential sorry can't ask with that blog) First of all let me say I always love your 12 Days of David Tennant you do every Xmas. And I am really excited to see what you come up with. But if you could and totally up to you but it would be cool to see some sassy David Tennant cos he's quite sexy when he is sassy. Anyway totally up to you, and like I said either way I love your posts regardless. Take care and lots of love *blows kiss*

Awww thank you so much!! I’m so glad you like those sets, I really love making them. I enjoy all of the creative ideas you have for your sets as well! I can absolutely do that for you, if I can’t work it into the main sets. It will definitely be a bonus set.

name: Nico

gender: Male (he/him)

star sign: Virgo
height: 1.69/1.70
sexual orientation: Bisexual
hogwarts house: Slytherin

pokemon team: Valor
favorite color: Red

current time: 10:01 am
avg hours of sleep: 8/7

favorite character: V from MM, Victor and yuri from YOI and Germany from APH. Sorry I can’t choose.
how many blankets: 1
What I’m wearing rn: My pijama lMAO

favorite music: The Neighbourhood, Panic!At The Disco, Lana Del Rey.
song stuck in your head: The beach - The neighbourhood

when did you make your account: 2 years ago??
why did you make your account: I was really into hetalia so here I am
follower count: 823 I dont remember lmao I’m bad sorry
what kind of stuff i post: APH, MM, YOI, HAIKYUU, OSOMATSU-SAN

why did i choose my url: I have no idea but seborga and orgasm fit so well together

I tag everyone, if you want to do it then do it.

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11:10 am. I'm thinking about how I've worked my ass off to get from poverty and high school dropout to two bachelors degrees and I'll never be able to escape being poor and having poor people problems.

Damn, that’s rough. I’m sorry life is treating you like this. You’ve tried so hard and spent so long working on yourself and giving yourself an upper edge. I know this may sound counter-intuitive, but maybe ask yourself what you can give back to the world or how you can contribute to improving society. For example, if you have any idea on how you can help other people avoid being in the same situation you’re in, even an inkling, that can really turn into something huge because this is actually a really big problem that a lot of people face. I’m sorry if this wasn’t super helpful, I hope things start looking better. I know you have a lot to offer the world, and I hope you find the opportunity to do so.

I am literally trash and so excited for Pokémon go

Like how can you not be excited about it:

●It’s literally the first game of it’s kind and a enormous leap in the direction of immersive RPGs (SAO here we come we-hey)

●It’s an amazingly innovative idea, and completely different to the usual “more-of-the-same” pokémon games we’ve been getting since the Gameboy

●It’s gonna turn us into irl pokémon trainers

●What if they modify it in future for things like becoming a pokémon breeder? Or a way for you to actually do the Pokémon league? Or become a gym leader? Or be like a Pokémon centre nurse or Police officer??

●It could be turned into a good way to meet new people with similar interests, since I know I actually find it difficult to meet people into the same stuff as me in real life

●It’s actually probably the best way to get gaming shut ins like myself out of the house, I mean like what better motivator is there than the chance of finding rare pokeymans

●Finally a new game that no one needs to buy a new console for since it’s mobile and most people in general have a mobile phone

it’s gonna turn us into irl pokémon trainers


“What if I just took all the bad ideas I’ve had over the last few months, and put them together into one giant shitpost as an homage to a joke AMV from 2007?” -me, a week ago

Yeah, this is what happens. I am so, so sorry. (except i cut it short because of tumblr’s upload limit, so i actually have plenty of bad ideas left)

This is also my 4000 followers special video! Thank you all so much! I hope you know what you signed up for.

Youtube Link: (x)


Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

[ 00 - 01 - … - Halloween special ]


“Ugh, Dipper, what did you do to upset them this time?”

“What?  I–n-nothing!  They just want me to do the Lamby Dance again! Can’t you just beat them up or suck them into your thermos?”

“You got yourself into this mess, and you’re gonna get yourself out.”


Phanniemay - Secret Trio/Crossover

Somehow, Danny and Dipper are familiar with each other.  Babysitter or just a random ghost he sometimes summons or whatever.  

Either way, Danny’s on the ghosts’ side this round.

making this killed me i have no masking only chroma keyer what death i have experienced.

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I really love your art >///<Your style is so beautiful!! I'm just a beginner, and I am lost in relation to anatomy. I try to make gesture drawings but does not work out. Could you give me some tips on how to really start training anatomy? Thank you, have a great day^^ /sorry for my bad english hehe/

hello anon! thank you so much, i appreciate it a ton :) anatomy is a very difficult thing to draw, i hope you know that. It’s probably one of the hardest things out there in the ‘art world’ (pfft what is this, harry potter?). So please don’t get frustrated if things arent looking right the first time, it happens to everyone and even to artists who have been drawing for years. First we need to look at the whole body proportions before we get started.

heres a rough idea, excuse the terrible sketch haha. Keep in mind its all approximate, every body is different.

so now that we know the proportions, we can move on to gesture drawings!


Ellie Goulding performing @ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 


hell ye dan u own that pink boa scarf

i’m sorry for the hasty appearance of this… i’ve been in an on & off art funk and just decided to draw up expressions n poses that purely make me laugh…n then i was like ‘dan being flamboyant makes me hella happy’ so that fell into this mess as well ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

inspired by this encounter a viewer had with d+p | more phan doodles here

technology.tumblr.com 2.0

Hi everyone!

I wanted to start by saying how incredibly sorry I am for taking months to get this blog back together. I moved to LA, my whole life changed, and it’s my most crucial year of high school. Excuses excuses, I know. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me on here, on @okitsolivia​, or on any other platform. I adore you all, and I could not be more grateful for how delightfully supportive you have been. Enough of that - let’s move on to what’s happening now and in the future.

technology.tumblr.com will be updated three times per week! Guaranteed.  I’ll try to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, but it might be different every once in awhile. I’m a mess, ok? Articles will be a bit broader in topic than ever before. Your faves will still be around (App of the Month, Tech Under $__), but I’m going to test out some new topics over the next few months, including more interviews, content related to digital media and gaming, and investigative style research (Upcoming stories include: Why Video Gamers Deserve Scholarships and Inside Anonymous). I am elated to cover more of the tech world. Let me know what you think of a certain subject. If you love it, I want to write more about it for you. This blog is for us, and I want you to be just as involved as I am.

The other grand change is the addition of a new writer. I KNOW. I KNOW. His name is Austen; he is one of my best friends and an all around wonderful human being. He is enthusiastic about technology, and he provides an entirely new perspective, including his passion for video games and his devotion to Android. Disclaimer: He’s not a social media person. Don’t stalk him online, please. I would appreciate it. He would appreciate it. Just go along with it. I  promise this won’t turn into an Android fan blog; I’m still editing and overseeing everything. 

That’s all I have for now. I’ll see you guys next week (three times)! I hope you are as eager as I am. Ahhhhhhhhh! 


DAVE: hey im gay
JOHN: i’m not so gay!

JOHN: ah man, i wanna fart.
DAVE: i mean truly nothings stopping you
DAVE: especially me because god knows ive tried to stop you and youve let it rip anyways

JOHN: dave, what if i tried to murder you right now?
DAVE: i dont know id probably be upset

DAVE: motherfucking jesse eisenberg jesus christ fuck dude motherfuckin facebook movie bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit
JOHN: i have no idea what we’re talking about right now.
DAVE: god damn created facebook then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit i cant even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just watched this shit fuck jesse eisenberg man
JOHN: dave, you’re scaring me.
DAVE: motherfucking spider-man spider-man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking best friend shit jesse eisenberg
DAVE: im very tired


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer

Dumb Leopika doodle from my twitter. :B

Half of this was inspired by a baby boy I saw at the park some days ago who clearly was having a field day riling up his poor dad. The other half came from gittarakur ’s awesome domestic drabble  <333