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hi ! my name is phantom and im a 5'3 agust d diehard in secondary school. im eurasian and i really like music composition, photography and drawing.

my other blogs on tumblr include: @yoongilyrics and @2am-convictions (fanfic blog). i am also the yoongi admin for @houseofbangtaninternational !

im going to try post my notes and bullet journal spreads here and hopefully it’ll motivate me to write and study more because my handwriting needs jesus. ;;

people who have inspired me to begin this blog include @studykouffee @studybuzz @studyjimin @baby-gloom and @tbhstudying, thank you so much for being so creative. ^^

[photo | left to right: muji dotted plastic pocket journal, bts wings yoongi photocard, french connection SUGAr balm, staedtlr black pigment liner 0.5 + muji 0.5 black gel pen]

(i know im no professional photographer but iphones can only do so much >>)

so back when i was in college, someone in creative writing class with a friend of mine wrote a story. it started out as a simple story of a wedding, and the bride and groom were arguing over infidelity that may or may not have happened and then some weird dude showed up and said some cryptic shit and left.

and then the guy showed up again, much later, at the reception. naked.

and then he ran to the cake. and began fucking it. 

i used to have a printout of the story and i distinctly remember the line “oh my god, he’s fucking the cake!”

the most amazing part is that was written for a grade.

someone wrote this story.

someone wrote this story, where a man puts his dick in a wedding cake and fucks it until he’s had enough, and handed it in for credit. he did not fail the class.

if cake fucker guy can write a story and have faith in it, so can you. believe in yourself.

Hey guys! So as you may or may not know I’ve been really busy dealing with school and music lately, and so it’s been very difficult finding time / inspiration to write fics. I still have 10 requests left to complete; however, I’ve really been liking the idea of where you guys send in one sentence, and I write the next five. It’s a good way for me to get my creative juices flowing, and it’s not time-consuming. I will still be posting fics, but until my schoolwork load gets lighter, they will be less frequent. If you want a little drabble, then please send one sentence in my ask box and I’ll write five more. Thank you guys so much!

Title: burn me, love me
Summary: how can i summary a smut galore
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. 
Prompts: apron, a game of cat and mouse, travels, celebration, welcome home, eyes, cowgirl, virgin, wedding night, hot springs, dirty little secret, lotr, tied up, take it slow, phone calls, in the office, no shame, dominance, anata (dear), jutsu creativity, early mornings, glowing, making a salad.
Warning(s): Heavy smut ahead, though it isn’t always explicit. Some of it is just implied, though not a whole lot.
Comments: Idk I really wanted to do every prompt for this month but I didn’t have the inspiration or time to make a complete story for all of the ones left, so I decided why not pull off tiny drabbles about each of them where I just can start right in the thick of it if I want to?


The warmth on her back isn’t something she expects when she turns around, shoulders slumped in defeat. He had seemed so oblivious, so sleepy in her attempts to get him to notice her lack of attire, but with his hard length digging into the small of her back, she knows now that he had only played pretend. Her breath catches in her throat when his hand runs roughly over her stomach, the burn of desire buzzing through her veins with enough force to have her pushing back against him.


“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice, Sakura?” he whispers hotly, lips brushing against her ear as he trails his fingers heatedly along the apex of her thighs, and into a thatch of soft curls. He cups her heat, and she stiffens, arching against him with the softest moan.

“You wouldn’t react,” she gasps, biting onto her lip. “No matter what I did, you never seemed to realize I was only wearing—”

“I did,” he growls, pushing his arousal against her naked warmth. Hand leaving the space between her thighs, he vehemently coaxes her into bending over the smooth surface of their kitchen counter. She feels him fumbling with the opening of his pants, and shudders in anticipation, burying her face in her arms as he wetly kisses the back of her neck and murmurs gruffly, “I just wanted to see how far you’d go.”

She doesn’t have the breath to say anything more, as she feels him push inside her with insistent force, his lone hand grasping on the material of her thin apron as he bucked harshly against her ass, building up a quick, ruthless rhythm.


a game of cat and mouse

“All day…” she mumbled, burying thin fingers in his hair as she rolled her hips onto his hard, biting onto her lip. “All day you’ve been teasing me…” She gripped him tighter, rising and falling against him a little faster, trembling. “Finding me everywhere. Touching me… Kissing me… Working me up…” Sakura kissed him, raking her nails over his scalp with enough force to have him groaning. “And still,” she panted, picking up the pace of her thrusts and riding him harder, quicker. “Still, you make me do all the work…”

A wicked smirk twitched at his lips, and she felt her heart stutter, throat growing tight as he squeezed the flesh of her ass and gave a rough upward thrust, sending a sharp cry tumbling out of her lips. Her face fell in the crook of his neck when he sharply drove into her again, fingers twisting in his dark locks as he hummed against her ear and whispered huskily, “You’re right. I guess it would only be fair to help you out, then…”


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The man was openly sobbing at this point, his tears mixing with the blood and snot running down the sides of his face. If I had a single shred of remorse left for these sick fucks, I would have probably ended his suffering right there, but that part of me was dead. So I watched. I’m not proud of it, but I watched my brother torture that man. 

I have always been bad
at making decisions
from the small ones
that will fade after a breath
peach or plum
or niether
while I watch the sunrise
to the ones
that will follow me
if only in my heart
do I kiss her
do I run
does it matter
so I stand
until either the wind chooses for me
and I am left to make due
with what I am given
or the opportunity slips from my fingers
and I am left to make due
with what I had before
I know I cannot live spineless forever
but changing
takes deciding to do so
and so I am standing
—  A.O.A.M || Mistakes
My love for you runs so deep
that sometimes I believe
you have actually become a part of me
which I need to stay alive,
like the left wing of my lung
or my blood pumping heart
and I wonder
how I could ever survive
if you leave.
—  // Is there any healing?

I sent you a letter today
written with your favorite pen
you’ll have to excuse the smudges
you know I write with my left hand

I folded the page in thirds and
scrawled your name across the top
I tried not to make it sappy
but once I began I could not stop

I placed it in a bottle and
pushed the cork on tight and
I walked down to the beach
in the middle of the night

I watched it float in the water
before the waves took it away
here’s hoping someone out there
will read the words I had to say

—  Leigh, day 276
  • Character A: So, I know this isn't typically blind date stuff. But do you mind if we stop off in hell for an hour or two? I kind of forgot about this annual Halloween party thingy I have to attend.
  • Character B: It beats what I had planned before this date. So lead the way.
  • Character A: Thank you for being ok with this. Normally my dates run screaming for the hills, and I'm left at the party trying to, expain to some fallen angel why I don't have a date again this year
I have to wonder
just how many days I have left
that I can fill to the brim with dreams
of my own making
days that I can pile high with big fields
full of little flowers
days that I can drown in pool sides
and in stupid little loves
days I can ride clouds so tall that if set on the ground
they would still scrape the sky

I have to wonder
just how many nights I have left
empty enough to sleep
empty enough to fill with anything else
nights that I can cover in a blanket of stars
and enough time on a rooftop to count them
nights that I can paint with bad poems and good music
nights that I can close my eyes when the sun sinks
and not open them again until it kisses my eyelids
—  A.O.A.M. || Empty Summers

✨💕🍇🍊🍃ZESTY BREAKFAST SALAD & SORBAE 🍃🍊🍇💕✨ such an easy way to incorporate more greens into your day! Just as they say you can’t taste spinach in a smoothie, same goes for a breakfast salad! It adds crunch and nutrients and pairs so beautifully with zesty orange and sweet crispy grapes 🍇 I layered baby spinach + one whole orange (half peeled, half left w skin on) + fresh grapes + homegrown dragonfruit (also left half the skin on - doesn’t change the flavour!) & topped it off w candied orange slices + homemade black grape sorBAE (before anything else.. Get it? 😂) 👌🏽✨ entering this into the #bestofvegansaladjar hosted by the wonderful Kim @bestofvegan 💕 I’ve been so inspired by everyone’s colourful creations so I have to thank you Kim for hosting such a creative-thought provoking competition 😘

I don’t have any
It left me the day that you did
So now I just sit here
That maybe
Just maybe
You’ll come back to me
And I’ll write something inspiring
Or at least worth reading
But I don’t see that happening
So I’ll just burn another candle
And have another tea

I guess I’ll just keep writing about what used to be

Thank you Deo

As an illustrator.
As a writer.
As a person.
I say thank you to dapper-deoxys

I been, and still am, insecure about my art. About my characters, about my words, and most importantly about myself. Many of my own illustrations would be left with only a few notes at best, even on my old account. But finding your works has opened my creative flood gates once again. But unlike before, I don’t just see the characters and their world, but I also get to experience yourself. And you try to expose the artist who follow you. I have found friends in this community and helped many with your characters(as Mod Nova for pilot-motivation)

Thank you for putting your ideas out there. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the motivation. Thank you for being yourself. I’m sure many other people feel the same.

i thoUGHT THE ENDING WAS ACTUALLY REALLY FUCKING GORGEOUS AND SO WELL DONE LIKE IT IMPLIED A LOT AND LEFT A LOT UP TO THE IMAGINATION BUT IN THE END HASNT THAT ALWAYS KINDA BEEN A THING WITH HOMESTUCK???? INSPIRING ITS READERS TO BE CREATIVE AND USE THEIR IMAGINATIONS??????? listen maybe i do have the unpopular opinion here but the bottom line is that weve never fucking known what was going to happen but that didnt stop anyone from imagining different scenarios so why should the end be any different?? all hussie did was pass the reigns (horse joke) you guys have all the information you need you can either do something with it or keep on whining that it didnt feel complete.,, your choice

Tammy Talks, a lot

Aah, it’s Monday! My family has left for their own trip so my house is mine again and boy am I glad! The trip was nice as a microwave level cook like me got to eat well but I’m happy to be back and get creative again!

One thing I’d like to say… I left in such a hurry on Thursday that I didn’t have time to say this but… Thank you everyone for your nice messages. I’ve gotten so many messages from people telling me how much they love my works and or how my works have inspired them to draw. Thank you everyone again. I draw for my own fun but gosh darn it’s wonderful I can brighten up so many people’s days with my silly doodles too.

I might also finally star accepting commissions again soon. I think I’ll accept a few paypal commissions and see how interested people are and then decide if I start accepting commissions as my full day job. Be on a look out for that.

Now that I got that said… I’m sure you people are… excited. It’s new week and I did promise something special this week. Yep, the splatoon comic. I have not forgot about it. I just ask… WAIT! Don’t throw rocks yet! I just ask you to be little… just a little more patient with me.

I’m still waiting words from my proof reader who’s going through first 4 pages. I’d also like to make a proper cover and chapter page for the comic which are on my list for today. Meaning… I finally need to come up with a subtitle for this comic. It’s called “Splatoon” but it really needs a subtitle too. 

If you guys have any ideas, feel free to comment here. Again, it’s the story mode from the game starring Blue and Orange, going through the octovalley campaign and saving the great zapfish. 

I also decided that I’ll update this comic in page bundles. Meaning I won’t update this comic every single day but when I do, you’ll get 3-6 (maybe even more) pages at time so each update progresses the story nicely. 

Hope that sounds nice to you all. I am very excited to get back to working on this comic. On my trip I had a time to plan some scenes for the 3rd chapter and I pretty much have the whole comic planned out now. Anyway, I better get some things done and then start working on that cover art. I’m as excited as you guys are about getting the first pages out!

 Everyone stay fresh!

Why do you think it’s okay for you to just walk in and out of my life? If you loved me at all you wouldn’t have left the first time. I know I shouldn’t let you in again, but now that you’re back I’m still hoping you came because you love me, but you’re just going to leave again, aren’t you?
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #68