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My name is KØDY GEIST. I’m a product of the 90s, a huge JRPG gamer, and a big fan of graphic novels. Among all the superheroes I read about or watched as a kid, there was always one team in particular that stood out. That team was The X-Men.

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It's Been a Struggle
  • I remember being in fourth grade and looking at celebrities and looking at other people around me and noticing for the first time I looked different. I was bigger, and that made me uncomfortable in my own skin. Back then it shouldn't have been a worry, after all I was just a kid, but as I got older I realized I could make changes in my life, whether it be dieting or exercising, but I never stuck with it. Now it's my senior year in high school and I've never felt more motivated, or more inspired become the healthy girl I knew I could be. It's a struggle, but the rewards in the end will be worth it.

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One time someone wrote a fan fiction about me with someone's OC. It was smut. There was butter lube because of an inside joke and jfc I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life but I laughed my ass off.