We just finished watching all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (created by Tina Fey) on Netflix and wowwww, it’s uncomfortably hysterical. 

Having grown up in a cult-like environment, it feels weird to watch the Internet laugh about the oddities of this show while knowing that was actually what my life was like. 

For years, I measured my neckline by four finger widths, doodled end-time charts in my blank books, shunned family members and friends who left our congregation, and felt such gratitude that I had more spiritual light than everyone else in the world. 

I still hum nineteenth century hymns while rocking Amelia to sleep in the nursery. Sometimes it feels like I will never leave that life. 

But watching Ellie Kemper’s character break out of that mindset and explore the world is absolutely fascinating. 

(If you’ve watched the show and remember the episode about Spirit Cycle - well, that was pretty much me. I left Independent Fundamentalism only to fall in love with the patriarchy and completely weirdness of Vision Forum and Visionary Daughters. When you are used to living life by a set of rules, it is really easy to jump on the next bandwagon of beliefs.) 


At the beginning of the week, Amelia’s pediatrician diagnosed her with plagiocephaly. Since she was two months old, I’ve noticed that when placed on her back, she prefers to lay facing a certain way. We’ve tried repositioning her, dangling toys in her face, and holding her differently and it seems to have corrected itself slightly. But her skull hasn’t rounded out completely so her pediatrician referred us to the U of M Orthology center. 

Basically, they place babies in these cute little helmets which help correct their skull formations. For some babies, it is just cosmetic and for other babies it can affect their ear canals (causing more ear infections) and TMJ as adults. 

Obviously, I wasn’t excited to find out that she was going to be in a helmet (the babies have to wear them 23 hours a day for two months or longer and they get stinky and hot) but after I got over the reality of it, I had decided we could either have her helmet painted with Beatrix Potter characters or I could mod podge all over it. Either way, we were going to rock it. 

But at our appointment this morning, we found out that she has only the slightest bit of plagiocephaly and they strongly believe her skull will round out on its own. 

Wooo! No stinky, albeit cute, helmet!

The Saga of Josh and Liam part 6 (nc-17)

allhailthehutch and I have continued the Josh and Liam story with another installment. We have plans to keep this going so we hope you enjoy it!!

Find out what happened before here

A/N: If you’re uncomfortable with gay sex, you don’t have to read ahead.

A sleepy smile creeps on my mouth when I open my eyes and see the back of Josh’s head next to me. Last night was one of the best of my life and I really feel like I’m starting to fall in love with him. I’ve always felt a certain way for Josh, but now I can’t imagine my life without him.

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I have never felt more left out than I do in this period of my life. No matter who I’m around or the environment I’m in, I always feel ridiculed. And when I seclude myself, it doesn’t feel any better because then I just give myself the space in my mind to think about being an outcast. Every position I find myself in becomes uncomfortable. I’m in a rut.

anonymous asked:

(2/2) and she knows I think gender is bullshit. I think she does too but she also thinks trans women should be allowed in female spaces and some other stuff I disagree with. I don't know what to do. Any advice you could give me if possible?


Well, you could explain how FEMALES sometimes need their own safe spaces because we need to be away from males, even if they identify as women. Rape survivors, women uncomfortable with males, little girls, etc, need to have somewhere to be solely surrounded by other females.

But the thing with radical feminism is that you end up cutting alot of people out of your life. Some of them were toxic, some simply caused alot of anxiety and stress. A few months ago, I lost my best online friend. He called me a TERF and never talked to me again. It hurt so bad. But I also felt lighter. No more extreme anxiety.

Try and talk it out with her, but also be prepared for it to not work out. Sorry, I don’t think that there’s much that I can say. I hope I at least helped a tiny bit.

I almost died four times today

The rumors are true….TX drivers are crazies.

But my fourth almost death was after I finished my jog tonight my legs were on fireeeee like they never had been before! Brought me to the ground as soon as I got in the house. I have never felt more proud/uncomfortable in my life! Today I went for a 5 mile extremely muddy hike and let me tell you it was the most amazing feeling in the world! I definitely want to incorporate some biking and hiking into my life more.

Today didn’t hurt like yesterday because I think I kept my mind pretty occupied all day. I cried myself to sleep last night, even on top of the random tears I shed throughout the day. But today I’ve just had too many great things happen to be so sad.

celebration: pushing myself to a breaking point and choosing to focus on the good in life.
tomorrow: building my stamina.