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A lady handed me their baby while they went back to grab something they forgot and I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. The baby started crying and I didn't know what to do. The lady came back and got mad because I must have done something to make the baby cry. The baby was probably crying because I'm a stranger. Don't hand me your baby to hold because I'm not a babysitter I'm a cashier.

Idol Time PriPara 6

The plot this week: The girls go to Danri. Yui kinda makes a fool of herself, but otherwise they have a good time. The end. 

Haha I actually didn’t pay as much attention to this episode as I should have and will probably have more to say later, but I want to get some initial thoughts out of my head so I can sleep better before my night shift.

(But actually, Idol Time is getting subbed isn’t it? So I don’t really need to make the painfully detailed summaries I used to do anymore, do I?)

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So I’ve been pairing up Virion and Cherche in all my playthroughs and it’s only just realised that if it weren’t for grima (and maybe Walhart i guess) Gerome probably would have ended up like this and that is a very disturbing thought. Which i drew. I have never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

Incidentally the quote is from gerome and inigo’s B support. Inigo said it. Not Gerome. Calm down.