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Har Har! About the marriage, I actually think Jensen actually went to Jared (not the store) to comfirm the marriage with Elta *Danneels first name* has been legalized, but made it seem as a joke. (Went to the store) To me, "Ready to lock this up?" sounds less intimate and more of a question of business, the way he said he went to Jared afterwards. I'm not on this stuff like y'all are, I'm just a girl who reads stuff but never investigate, but that stood out to me. I would love more insight :)

Hello, sweetheart!

I really couldn’t agree more. Joking about Jared “going to Jared” earlier on gave Jensen the bridge to say this and make it look like a joke. I have no doubt in my mind that what he said was the absolute literal truth concealed as a joke. Jensen had that facial expression he makes when he’s about to drop a bomb.

I can just imagine him and D sitting across each other at a table and her breaking out that question once they’ve set the terms with their lawyers. And him driving home to his sweet Jared afterwards, pretty distraught. No wonder he couldn’t muster up any romantic vibes if any of my headcanon holds true. He really is no good at hiding his feelings (and I love him for that.)

I read some older drops on spn-gossip earlier today and this one drew my attention in particular. Not strictly related to this suspicious statement we’re talking about here, but it certainly explains the salty way Jensen reacts to these wife questions. If it’s true, him and his boy were forbidden to come out and here they are, eight to nine years later, answering questions about how their “wives” were the one.

Thank you for dropping by, dear! If you ever get into an investigative mood, you know where to find me. And well, you know I’m always available for any kind of mood you may have. Have a relaxing Sunday!

Quick update

I’m not dead or disinterested in being active in the fandom anymore (very much the opposite), just very preoccupied with a specific non-undertale project I’ve been working on lately. The new mass effect game is coming out next month, and those who’ve known me on my main know that it’s my biggest obsession besides undertale, has been for the past seven years, and while i have my doubts that this new release is going to be good, i’m participating in the hype while i can and making it a goal to complete this project before march 20th.

If i didn’t make myself clear in the first sentence, I’m not gone, and I won’t be leaving anytime soon. the ut/tail community may have died down, but you can be damn sure my obsessive ass is sticking around just like i did with mass effect. I like it here.

that being said, if you’re interested in keeping up with my current project, i’ll be posting updates and wips on @skelletang. Gonna share some of what i’ve been doing under the cut.

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“Blood On Your Hands”.

I can’t get Jack’s title for the final episode of Detention out of my mind.

I have no doubt that it’s Anti talking to us. So why is there blood on our hands? 

Then I remembered the last time blood was spilled on the channel.

Hard to forget. What’s more is that Anti blamed us for what happened.

You could have stopped me… But you just watched.”

… Is this just a reminder from Anti, that all we can do is watch? I’m not sure.

I’m more curious if the blood will ever wash off.

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

One of Inktoberwatch prompts was Sombra. I really don’t know (maybe Blizzard will let us know coming weekend).


“canon doesn’t say anywhere that terra’s one of the lights”

okey doke

I don’t understand where this fandom mentality comes from that everyone has to like all the characters within a book/series/movie? And people start fighting you if you don’t like one character to the same extent as they do?

Like, be happy that people enjoy their favourite character (or ship). That they are so inspired by them that they write fanfic, draw fanart or develop headcanons for them. They share their love and you can do the same with your favourite characters - that’s the point of fandom.

But attacking other fans because they don’t include every single character for reasons that they are entirely their own? It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. Everyone has preferences and they are allowed to have them.

Seriously, since “Winter” was released, this fandom has become a minefield.
And I don’t mean that the character of Winter changed it, but it’s the tone of the discussions. It’s not so much about respectful, informative discussions anymore. It’s gotten nasty with a few people insulting and bullying other fans for their preferences with a self-righteousness that is seriously uncalled for.

Because now, if you don’t include a certain character, you are called out for whatever inane reason. I once got the question once why I didn’t include a certain ship for a story idea I had. Why is that any of their concern? It’s my story idea, either you like it or not but I’m not playing character bingo and include everyone just because the fandom thinks I have to because they are in the original story. That’s what fanfic is for, to expand on the characters you love, maybe all of them or just one of them, but that isn’t anyone’s business. If I see a story tagged with Character X, I’m not asking the author, “hey, where’s Character Y?” That story isn’t for me, so I move on to stories that are.

Because here’s the thing: No one owes you anything.

No one has to write a fic you enjoy.

No one has to draw a fanart that you can reblog.

No one has to spend their time of the day on characters they don’t like just because they feel pressured to do so.

But: Everyone deserves respect. Or, at least, just because someone has a different opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to insult them. Opinions are not facts.

You don’t have to agree with someone but it’s not too much to ask to treat them with a minimum of respect. Especially over something as personal and random as favourite characters/ships.

For next year, I do hope we leave this kind of mentality behind us, so people can resume creating content they enjoy for people who appreciate it, without being attacked for not doing it as some people might see fit. I’m not naive, I know there will always be drama and shipper wars or whatever. But this year, it was no fun being in the TLC fandom. And I say this especially in regard to the TLC shipweeks.

The creators of shipweeks are putting a lot of effort into it. The fans are putting a lot of effort into their work, too. So, if you are not happy that your character/ship/brotp isn’t as included as much as you would like, create your own content. Spread the love. But respect other people’s choices.

And for every other fan: Just have lots of fun with TLC, with your favourite characters and ships and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t allowed to.

hey guys did u know that archie andrews and jughead jones are in a really supportive & great queer platonic relationship? mmhm yes they are.

and did u know that archie writes songs for jughead, like all the time? u gotta write what u feel. he tries not to get too mushy but every once in a while there’ll be a line that’ll make jughead side eye him a lil bit bit archie will just shrug sheepishly and say “well it was the only thing that rhymed and fit?” sure archie, sure.

(also it’s not like he makes a big deal of his songs for jug, he mostly just records them & will put them on in the background when they’re playing video games and he doesn’t really expect feedback but every once in a while jug will elbow him and say things like “did u just rhyme birds with absurd? sweet” or “that was a sick chord change” soooooo archie knows jughead is totes hearing them.)


Near the end of this video (after the chorus) Daft Punk comes onto the stage via some stairs on their way to their consoles.