The Marauders + Cuddling

Sirius: He always needs attention. Like constantly. So when he’s feeling bad and gets whiny, his friends will always give in. “Moony, come lay with me!” “Jamsie, will you scratch my head?” “Wormy, can I lay my head in your lap?” Sometimes he is the catalyst for cuddling orgies in their dorm, or even the common room. These quickly become famous throughout Hogwarts.

Remus: Pretends he doesn’t need cuddles, but always secretly wants confirmation that his friends still like him. So when he sits just a bit closer to them than necessary, they know exactly what he needs. This always ends with Remus as a little cuddly, sweater-clad, chocolate nomming spoon in one of his friends’ arms. This is especially true after the full moon.

James: Obviously super buff and manly and totally not in need of physical affection, but every time Lily rejects him he comes up to the other Marauders with his head hung low and they’ll take him up to the dorm for an ego boosting cuddle party.

“Why doesn’t she like me? “What’s not to like? I’m good at Quidditch, I have great hair, I smell way better than Snivellus-”

“Course you do, Prongsie, she doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

Peter: Peter has a tendency to eat way too much at every major feast, and always ends up with a stomach ache. His friends quickly discover that the only way to get him to stop moaning about it is to lay with him and rub his stomach, just like his Mum used to. They continue to unashamedly do this through their seventh year.

[Petition to normalize casual friend cuddling, especially among guys]

"I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying."

- Thomas Jefferson